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Thread: A Wrinkle in Time: The Lost Chapters (Two-Shot)

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    Default A Wrinkle in Time: The Lost Chapters (Two-Shot)

    Rating: PG/PG-13
    Hey everybody! I wrote this these two chapters several months ago for my Reading teacher. She had said that there were a Chapter 13 and 14 to the book "A Wrinkle in Time" As readers know, there isn't. I wrote these to more or less save her. Here it is. It takes place right after the end of the book.

    Disclaimer: I do not own A Wrinkle in Time.

    Chapter 13

    The Calm Before The Storm

    Meg was fast asleep after her many experiences. She was having a strange dream. It was the same dream she had been having since she returned from Camazotz. In her dream, she was riding the winged-creature Mrs.Whatsit on Uriel. After flying to the top of the tall mountain, she felt herself being tessered to Camazotz through the Black Thing.On Camazotz she saw Aunt Beast, the Happy Medium, and Mrs.Which. However, Aunt Beast had eyes, the Happy Medium was frowning, and Mrs.Which was completely corporeal. She then heard the corrupted laughter of the Man with Red Eyes and saw his evil smirk.

    Meg awoke with a start. Her clock read 8:00. It was Saturday morning and nobody was awake yet. She went to Charles Wallace's room, half-knowing that he would be waiting. He greeted her with warm, comforting smile. Meg was happy to see the little boy that she loved, who was no longer the twisted pawn of IT.

    “Good morning, Meg,” Charles said warmly. Meg had told him about the dream, knowing that if she didn't, he would figure it out himself. “Did you have the dream again?”

    “Yes, but it was worse. I felt like the Black Thing almost took me this time,” Meg answered.

    “Maybe some breakfast will help you feel better.”

    “No. After everything you've been through you shouldn't be doing anything like that. How about I make you breakfast for a change? I'll make some nice scrambled eggs and bacon,” coaxed Meg.

    Charles gave in. He was still more tired and weak than usual as a result of being controlled by IT. “Okay Meg. That sounds good.”

    They both went downstairs to the kitchen. Charles Wallace sat down at the table, while Meg turned on the stove. She then retrieved a pan from the cupboard, and the butter, eggs, and bacon from the refrigerator. She placed the pan on the stove and spread the butter around. She then added the eggs and bacon to the pan. As the bacon began to sizzle, the sleepy twins, Sandy and Dennys, entered the kitchen.

    “I smell---,” Sandy started, but was cut off.

    “---something good,” Dennys finished.

    “Meg's making breakfast,” Charles Wallace said, a cheerful tone in his voice.

    “Uh-oh call the fire department!” Sandy said. The twins started cracking up. Unfortunately for them, their mother and father walked in.

    “I guess you two want breakfast with Fortinbras outside,” Mr.Murry remarked. The two instantly quieted down and sat at the table.

    Meg smiled to herself. Home for a week, and her father was already making things better.

    * * * * * *

    By Monday, word had gotten around school that the mysterious Mr.Murry was back. All day Meg was flooded with questions, “Where's he been?” “Isn't he dead?” “Why does he look like a hobo?” “Was he fired from his job or something?” “Was he in jail?”. Meg tried to ignore the questions, but eventually, Snap O'Keefe, Calvin's younger sibling, cornered her.

    “So what's up wit yer Pop? I here da old man is back. I dought he was rottin' in prison or in some govament location.” Suddenly he was picked up by the collar. Then Meg heard a familiar voice.

    “Leave Meg alone, Snap. Between Whippy and Hinky I have enough trouble.” With that, Calvin tossed him to the ground, with athlete's strength. “Are you okay, Meg?”

    “I'm fine. Thanks for the save.”

    “No problem”

    On the way home from school, Meg's feet started to hurt. She couldn't figure out why, since the walk home was so short. She stopped to rest and sat down on a log. While she was sitting, she became aware of another presence. She looked around and saw nothing. “Who's there?”

    “Yes, Who is here,” replied a familiar voice. Mrs.Who and Mrs.Whatsit appeared out of thin air. Somehow, they were different then last week, when Meg had last seen them. Meg jumped up, but the pain in her feet forced her to sit back down.

    “Rest child, for the next test will require much strength,” Mrs.Who said mystifyingly.

    “What test? I know I'm not that great in English, but with a little studying--”

    “Not that test, dear child. She speaks of your final test on Camazotz. It is the challenge to save the planet.” Mrs.Whatsit sounded very stern and serious.

    “I don't understand. What are you talking about? Isn't Camazotz already saved? I thought I defeated IT?” Then she noticed something. “Where is Mrs.Which?”

    “That is why we are here. We know about your dream. The pain in your feet is a result of the dream. It is a curse laid on you by the Man with Red Eyes. As you left Camazotz with Charles Wallace, the Man with Red Eyes managed to break into your mind and cast the spell,” Mrs.Who said with some difficulty.

    “Mrs.Which, the Happy Medium, and Aunt Beast have been kidnapped and brought to Camazotz. When you freed Charles, that is all you did. Camazotz is still controlled by IT,” Mrs.Whatsit finished.

    Once again Meg had to go on a mission. This time she would be saving an entire planet. “But how can I save Camazotz, Mrs.Which, Aunt Beast, and the Happy Medium?”

    “We sent you to Camazotz twice, both times with gifts. Unfortunately this time we cannot. But we will give you instructions. When you get to Camazotz, you will be in a field where the kidnapped ones are trapped. The Man with Red Eyes will be waiting. He will tell you your challenge, and thus it will commence. If you succeed, Camazotz will be free,” Mrs.Whatsit said.

    “Mrs.Which, Aunt Beast, and Happy Medium will also be free. Meg we believe in you. Although Mrs.Whatsit said we could not give gifts, I can still give you this. I will lift the spell placed on you by the Man with Red Eyes.” With that, she hummed, and Meg felt the pain disappear from her feet, and her mind cleared of thoughts about the dream. “Now we must go.”

    “Mrs.Who's glasses activate the tesseract.” With that, Meg was thrust into the dark fifth dimension.


    Chapter 14 is alot longer. I'll post it tomorrow.
    Under construction ^_^;;

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    How dare you not review! Oh well.

    Chapter 14
    The Embodiment of Evil

    Just as Mrs.Whatsit had said, Meg landed in a large field. Meg saw Mrs.Which in a solid, corporeal form, tied to a stake at the edge of the field. Aunt Beast had eyes and was tied to a stake next to Mrs. Which. Next to Aunt Beast was the most shocking of all: The Happy Medium was looking into her crystal ball, but the image was of a shadowed planet, surrounded by dying stars.

    This can't be real, thought Meg. Its impossible. Maybe this has to do with my challenge. Maybe I have to free them, or restore them to their former selves.

    “Neither my dear,”came a chilling voice. Meg knew at once that it was the Man with Red Eyes. “So, you have finally arrived. I expected you to return here much sooner.”

    Meg tried to become angry, to overwhelm her fear. But, it was no use. She spoke, “What is the challenge?”

    “Why are you in such a hurry?” His words were the exact opposite of his eyes. While his words were colder than ice, his eyes were hotter than the sun.

    “I have to save my friends and this planet. Let me begin the challenge now!” Meg started to become angry. The Man with Red Eyes was stalling her challenge. Meg wanted to run over to him and punch him as Charles Wallace had done days ago.

    The Man laughed maniacally. “If you truly want the challenge to commence, then it will.” Suddenly, the sky filled with black clouds, and a red light begin shining next to the Man with Red Eyes. Meg was terrified and nearly started to cry. Then, a creature began materializing in the red light. It seemed to be a baby, but it wasn't an average baby. It stood approximately 3 feet tall and wore a black diaper and a black cape. Its eyes were redder and hotter than the eyes of the Man with Red Eyes. It had long pointed ears that were very sharp. They looked sharp enough to cut through an alligator's hide. On the baby's chin, was a short, pointed beard, that looked almost as sharp as its ears. In its mouth was the sharpest and scariest thing of all: a full set of needle-like vampire teeth.

    Meg screamed. This creature was the embodiment of evil, the manifestation of darkness. The creature began laughing but its laughter produced a sound too cold and despicable to describe in words. Meg was paralyzed with fear. Her heart was leaping out of her chest. In contrast to her heart, her lungs felt flatter than they had been on the two-dimensional planet. Meg was so utterly shocked that she nearly felt herself drifting into an unconscious state. Just as her eyes were closing, she heard a reassuring voice in her head.

    Don't give up Meg. Calvin, Mrs.Whatsit, Mrs.Who, and I are rooting for you. We believe that you can save Camazotz. After all, you saved me.

    Somehow, Charles Wallace had telepathically communicated with Meg. His
    words saved Meg from falling unconscious. Now she had newly found courage.

    “Alright. I'm ready for my challenge,” Meg said bravely. Laughter came from the baby once more. Then the Man with Red Eyes spoke.

    “Meet the Red Eyed Baby, Margaret. He is a part of IT, in demon form. IT has made clones of the Red Eyed Baby. The cloned Red Eyed Babies will rain from the sky. Your challenge is to catch all of them without getting cut by their ears. If you are cut by the ears, you will be injected with a poisonous substance. At first your vision will cloud. Then you will see illusions. Eventually you won't be able to see at all. If enough poison gets into you, you will die and become a zombie slave of IT.”

    Now Charles Wallace's words seemed useless. Meg tried to stay calm and be brave. She gulped hoping she could swallow her fear. It was no use. This time she had no reassuring words. Some of the people she loved and cared about were somewhere across the universe, and the rest and trapped in this field. Meg felt herself losing hope. She felt all her positive emotions being drained from her. Without failing the challenge, Meg was becoming a zombie slave of IT. Her mind was going blank.

    “Meg, no!” came a voice. “Do not give in to IT!”

    “I know you can overcome IT and its minions!”

    “Remember what you have that IT does not!”

    Meg felt herself regaining control, and her life and energy returning. She looked in the direction the sound had come from. The three trapped ones were voicing their encouragment to Meg. “Aunt Beast! Happy Medium! Mrs.Which! You're all okay.” She realized that Aunt Beast no longer had eyes and the Happy Medium was staring at a bright planet in her crystal ball. However, Mrs.Which was still slightly solid. “Mrs.Which, how did you speak so clearly?”

    “In my tangible form, I can speak more easily as a result of being completely in one place.” As she spoke she began to dim to an outline of her former self. “Yoouu musstt noott giivve upp hoppe Meg. IT hass farr tooo muucch poweerr for you to givvee upp noww. Ii givve you thee gifft of resstoredd hoppee.”

    “My dear Meg, don't forget that you are a light for others to see,” said the Happy Medium. “I give you the gift of light shining in the dark.”

    “Little one, I love you very much. I know that you have the power to save this planet. I give you my love and protection, and I increase the strength of the other gifts you received.” Aunt Beast said.

    A mist started to surround Meg. Vapor forms of loved ones on Earth appeared one at a time. First, Mrs.Whatsit appeared and said, “I give you the ability to stay calm,” and she disappeared. Then, Mrs.Who appeared and said, “rAe Bawe cepAu,e? Russian. Where is your heart? I give you the ability to use your heart,” and she too disappeared. Next, Charles Wallace appeared and said, “I give you the ability to think before you act,”and he disappeared. Finally, Calvin appeared. “I give you courage. Good luck Meg.” He disappeared as the mist surrounding Meg evaporated.

    “You can no longer run and hide, Margaret. The challenge begins now, or you forfeit yourself to IT,” said the Man with Red Eyes, interrupting the moment of tranquility.

    “I am completely ready at last,” Meg said in a steady voice. This time she truly was ready. “Let the challenge begin.”

    The Man with Red Eyes snapped his fingers, as lightning appeared in the sky and the roll of thunder was heard. A Red Eyed Baby Clone began falling from the sky. The Man shouted, “Begin!”

    The Baby was falling toward the center of the field. Meg ran toward it, with lots of time to spare. It landed gently in her arms and evaporated into red smoke. Two more babies began falling, one slightly before the other. Meg ran to the first one, caught it, and as it turned into smoke ran to the second one and caught it. This seemed to be easy.

    Meg went from catching three, to four, to five, and so on. However, the more babies that rained at once, the more difficult it was to catch them. Meg wished she was an athlete like Calvin. As Meg was catching her 100th baby, its ear cut her arm. This time it turned into purple smoke, and flowed into her cut. The Man with Red Eyes giggled with pleasure. Meg's vision started to blur. Suddenly, Meg called out, “Time out.”

    The Man with Red Eyes looked surprised. However, he snapped his fingers and the Baby Clones stopped falling. “Yes?” he asked impatiently

    “How many Babies are there?” Meg asked in a tired voice. She was beginning to wear out.

    “Oh, just 250. You only have 150 left,” the Man said casually.

    Meg groaned. 100 was hard enough. 250 might as well have been a million. Meg knew she wouldn't be able to hold out that long. Magically, her doubt disappeared. Mrs. Which's and Mrs.Whatsit's gifts had helped her to calm down and give her hope. However, none of her gifts could restore her energy. Then Meg remembered. I have Aunt Beast's protection. I also have Happy Medium's gift of light shining in the dark. Then she had a negative thought. My blessings can't save me forever. Eventually I'll have to face this challenge with nothing but my instincts. As if I have any. At least for now I can still use my gifts to help me.

    “Time in,” Meg said unenthusiastically.

    The Man snapped his fingers and more babies started falling from the sky. Meg ran around and caught all of them. The difficulty kept increasing. Meg was cut three more times by time she was up to baby number 186. She could barely see. She kept thinking she saw her mother and father, but because of Charles Wallace's gift, she ignored them.

    Meg was very weak by time the 197th -209th babies were falling. 7 of them touched the ground and exploded into a dark navy cloud that covered the field, limiting Meg's vision even more. Her eyesight started darkening around the edges. Meg, however managed to catch 17 more babies after dropping 10 more, and 8 more cutting her.

    Meg's vision was reduced to a mere speck. She sensed an eerie calm around her. “What has happened?” asked Meg, directing her question in the direction she thought the Man with Red Eyes was.

    “I've done a time out. I have to let you know, if you don't catch the rest of the remaining babies, you will become a zombie slave of IT. I'll give you 3 minutes of freedom before you fail the challenge.”

    Meg caught her breath. My luck has run out, thought Meg. I've used all my gifts. I'll have to focus now if I want to save the planet. I need to think about something that will help me succeed. She thought and thought until she came up with the perfect thing to think about.

    “Your three minutes are up Margaret. Time to seal your fate.”

    The last six babies began falling. Meg ran over to where the first was falling, and caught it. She did the same for the next three. The last two were more difficult. She couldn't completely sense where they were. She caught the first one. The second nearly hit the ground, but Meg kicked it into the air and caught it. Then she breathed a sigh of relief, thinking her challenge was over.

    “Well done, Meg.” He giggled loudly and snapped his fingers. The field and sky cleared of the clouds. Meg's eyesight returned to normal. She straightened her glasses and looked at the prisoners, expecting them to be free. They weren't so she turned back to the Man with Red Eyes.

    “Why aren't they free? I passed the challenge,” Meg said with annoyance in her voice.

    A sinister smile spread across the Man's face as the Red Eyed Baby started cackling with laughter. “You must still defeat IT. I will allow you the freedom of one prisoner. Choose wisely.”

    Meg looked at the three. She knew she would feel safe with Aunt Beast, but she wouldn't be able to help defeat IT. She was caught between Mrs.Which and the Happy Medium. Which one would be more helpful?

    Meg thought for a few minutes and finally decided. “I choose............”

    “Go on,” said the Man with Red Eyes evilly.

    Meg took a deep breath. “The Happy Medium.”

    The Man with Red Eyes frowned and the Red Eyed Baby stopped laughing, both knowing something Meg didn't. The Man clapped his hands and the Happy Medium was free. She ran over to Meg, holding her crystal ball. She then placed it on the ground and embraced Meg.

    “Dear, I'm glad you're alright. I was very worried about you,” said the Happy Medium joyfully.

    “I'm glad you're alright, too.” Then Meg cut to the point. “I chose you because you can use your crystal ball to see how to defeat IT. I know you don't like to look at bad things, but you can make the image appear in my mind. I know you can't see the future, but I think if we both try, we'll be be able to see how to defeat IT.”

    “I don't know, dear. But we can try.” She clasped her hands together, and began focusing on her crystal ball. Meg followed suit. An image began to form in Meg's mind. It showed IT and..........instantly Meg knew how to defeat IT.

    “I've got it!” Meg cried out. She then ran over to the Red Eyed Baby and picked it up. “Mrs.Which, try to tesser me to the dome building where IT is.” The Man with Red Eyes screamed, “NOOOOOOOO!!”

    But Meg felt herself and the Red Eyed Baby transported to outside the dome-shaped building. The Baby was screaming and struggling. Meg ran inside to see IT on its dais. She was protected from IT's control because she held the Red Eyed Baby, who was a part of IT. She ran to IT, and sliced it with the Baby's ears. Then she struck IT with the Baby's beard. Finally, she used the Baby's teeth to strike the final blow.

    A white light filled the building as it began to collapse. The light spread through the skies of Camazotz, bringing with it the planet's former glory. The buildings changed into their original forms, which were unique houses of many colors. CENTRA:L Central Intelligence changed into a shorter, golden building that appeared to be a hybrid church/ retirement home/ homeless shelter/ community center. When the light had spread to the whole planet, a set of rainbow rings that rivaled Saturn's rings appeared.

    Meg was standing on the rubble of the dome shaped building that once housed IT. She looked around at the beautiful planet, completely free from the Black Thing. Then, Mrs.Which, Aunt Beast, the Happy Medium appeared in front of her. She gave them a group hug.

    “Well done child,” said Mrs.Which. Her appearance then changed slightly. She became a solid form. Her hair changed to an auburn color as her pointed hat disappeared. She gained a sparkling, white dress. “I was a star that fell to the original Camazotz. I brought the planet to life. Eventually the Black Thing came, and took over. I was forced to flee. A few trillion years later, a brave hero from Earth found himself on Camazotz. A mission was organized to save him and the planet. Mrs.Who, Mrs.Whatsit, and I were chosen. We first went to Earth to find the ones that would help us. It took us one Earth year to find the correct people. We went to Camazotz, where an ally was lost, and another was found. There was a retreat to Ixchel. Soon after, the lost ally was once again found. Then a brave girl saved the entire planet of Camazotz.”

    Meg was speechless. She was surprised and happy at the same time. She felt Aunt Beast's tentacles around her. “Well I think it's about time we all go home,” said the Happy Medium. “Mrs.Whatsit is waiting for us at Orion's Belt.”

    “Let us go now,” said Mrs.Which. Then Meg was pulled into the tesseract. Meg's bad feelings during tessering were no more. This ride through the fifth dimension was smooth sailing. Meg was pushed out of the dimension gently.

    Meg looked around at the familiar planet. Mrs.Whatsit and Mrs.Who ran over to them.

    “You've returned! Meg you did it!” said Mrs.Whatsit trying to hold back tears of joy. She embraced Meg for a long time before letting go. Mrs.Who did the same.

    “We must be on our way back to Earth now,” Mrs.Whatsit said urgently. “Mrs.Who's tesseract can only serve as a space wrinkle, and not a time wrinkle. Meg's family is very worried about her.”

    “Would you like anything before you go?” asked the Happy Medium.

    Meg was famished but answered, “No, thank you,” Meg said politely.

    Mrs.Who said, “ let us be off then.” Once again, Meg was pulled into the fifth dimension. This time was much quicker. She landed on Ixchel with a thud.

    Aunt Beast gave Meg a hug before saying, “Goodbye Meg. Have a safe trip home.”

    “I must be going home from here as well,” said Mrs.Which sadly. “Goodbye Meg. Thank you for everything. I'll miss you.” A tear slipped off her cheek as she disappeared into the tesseract.

    “Time to get you home, Meg,” Mrs.Whatsit said as she started to disappear. Mrs.Who disappeared too, first her body then her glasses. Then Meg felt herself disappearing too.
    * * * * *
    Meg arrived home at midnight, during a full moon. She had said her goodbyes to Mrs.Whatsit and Mrs.Who and thanking them for everything they had done and helped her do. She then ran into her house to see her parents, the twins, Charles Wallace, Calvin, and Fortinbras waiting for her. They ran to her with greetings, questions, and ultimately a group hug. Meg told them everything. The whole time, Sandy and Dennys were rolling their eyes, not believing a word she said.

    “What was that thing you kept thinking about while you were catching the Red Eyed Babies? That thing that helped you survive?” Charles Wallace asked curiously. Meg then turned to Calvin and said, “You.” Everyone was very surprised. Meg took Calvin's hands, and looked deep into his eyes. Then he kissed her, and they both kissed passionately for a few minutes until...

    “Ahem,” Mr. Murry said slightly annoyed, but slightly amused. They stopped kissing and started to laugh. Nothing was really funny, but everyone started laughing anyway. Everyone was just happy to be together.

    The End
    Under construction ^_^;;

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