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Thread: New to the forums.

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    Cool New to the forums.

    So I couldn't find a introduce yourself thread so if there is one make sure to post me a link to it.

    Hi there, I'm just a normal person who likes to collect Pokemon Plushies to share my love for the franchise. I watch the anime, play the video games, and I use to collect the trading cards but for some reason to me the TCG isn't worth it to me anymore. I guess it's because I don't really have a friend to play the TCG. I love to post pictures of my Pokemon Plushies so if your really interested in collecting Pokemon Plushies, I think you might find me quite interesting!

    Sometimes when I'm bored I bring one of my Plushies with me even though I'm 17 and my parents finds it really strange and immature.

    Add me if you like!

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    Hai Der! |3
    We don't bite, unless you want us to :3

    Swallow all your doubt, Make your lust cry out,
    I will help you swallow your hesitation, You'll trust me...
    Cause you yearn with greed, Though your heart may bleed,
    Will we fade away from this world, with no hope to hold onto?

    - My latest Pokémon Platinum E4 Rematch Team -

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