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Used the forum search tool to look for anyone bringing this up, I don't THINK anyone has.... (101 pages is a lot to read through.)

I don't mean to be disrespectful but, why not have a Sub-Forum devoted to talking about using cheating devices, so that people can still discuss it, but away from those who don't want to seem like "cheaters."

I understand that cheating is bad because it creates the "why work for something when you can just cheat" mentality. But sometimes it can be used to see things that were programed into the game but never implemented, like the Celebi Event in pokemon Crystal or the shiny Celebi in all the generations 3 and up. Cheatcodes can be great for discovering the hidden content of games.

It really doesn't make sense to not talk about it. After all, we're allowed to discuss/use glitch abusing, and that can be just as game breaking as cheating. It's not as if cheating devices are illegal and could cause Nintendo to sue us.
Cheating devices are technically against the Nintendo terms of service, and if you tell Nintendo you use one should something go wrong, it voids the warranty.

Cheating is wrong and is destroying the Pokémon co