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I think VB restrictions may not allow this to change. Plus I only need to log in to the forum once, but then I do have "Remember Me" ticked. (I do have to insert my password every time I access "Mod Control Panel", however that is down to the what I can do there.) For appearing Logged in, I don't think so, if we don't know that you're actually online or no,t for an hour after you "leave" is real problem for modding.

(Ok, If you don't hit log out, the forums will "assume" you are still online for ten minutes until after you leave.)

As of 5th Gen, we've got 348 Fully evolved Pokémon to cover. Doing 1 per week, we've got enough to take just over 6 and a half years in one. We've just at 106 POTW, covering I think 115 Pokémon out of the 348 count so far. We've got between 36 to 50 more POTW before we move on to Gen 6. (We started the January after Black & White Launched in Japan. )

We choose the Pokémon for each week by a random number generator, and we've also got a list of "Special" Pokémon that we've held back for event related news.

Also, Look at the 4th gen, and you'll see that some "lines" are not covered at all.

The Good news is that, we can "double" up Pokémon, we've even done two themed "1 Pokémon per day".

The Bad news is that I don't really contribute for it all, and you may want to look here: http://www.serebiiforums.com/forumdi...-Collaboration
I knew it was decided by a random number generator, I just thought more 5th gen pokemon should be covered. Thx for clarifying though and doing all the maths.

Finally, thx for the link. I like who the next POTW is.