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Thread: Suggestion Thread

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    Hello there, long-time visitor, first-time poster here

    I'd like to suggest something for the site: More info for attacks. Let me explain:

    You know the section about the Fairy-type in the X & Y page? There are charts for Damage Given and Damage Received. I would like to see such charts in the attackdex. For instance, when clicking on the Fire-type attack list, there would be 2 charts at the top of the list: a Damage Given chart and a Damage Received chart. Yeah, I know that most people know these already, but it's always a plus to know these right away.

    So yeah, how about adding a Damage Given/Received chart for each type on top of each attack list?

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    Lightbulb Battle Tree Trainer Class

    A suggestion for the Sun and Moon Guide, in particular for the Battle Tree Trainer Catalogue:

    How about adding the Trainer Class near to each of the Trainer Names? This would allow the use of Battle Tree Trainer Catalogue even to foreign people (like myself) who have different Trainer Names in their game, or at least to simplify the research.

    I'm personally working on this and for the moment I was able to catalogue 136 trainers on 190. I tried to start a discussion on "Pokémon Sun & Moon Discussion", in which I will create all the list of trainers, to allow people to participate to this project, but, as I saw, a mod has to approve my thread first.

    EDIT: this is what i've collected until now

    Abby******************** Punk Guy
    Abel********************* Gentleman
    Aino********************* Veteran (F)
    Alice********************* Sightseer (M)
    Alwyn****************** Youth Athlete (F)
    Arnold***************** Black Belt
    Atalanta************* Dancer
    Ayden***************** Youth Athlete (M)
    Beatrice************** Rising Star (F)
    Benjamin*********** Worker
    Benji******************** Police Officer
    Bette******************* Ace Trainer (F)
    Boris******************** Black Belt
    Brady******************* Youngster
    Bruce******************* Golfer (F)
    Bryson**************** Black Belt
    Buddy***************** Youth Athlete (M)
    Cadel******************* Scientist
    Cal************************ Scientist
    Calder***************** Firefigther
    Calliope************** Golfer (F)
    Camber****************************** Firefigther
    Candy****************** Veteran (F)
    Carrie****************** Dancer
    Chen******************** Sightseer (M)
    Christian************* Sightseer (F)
    Christopher****** Rising Star (M)
    Christy**************** Madame
    Chucky**************** Black Belt
    Colby******************* Pokémon Breeder (M)
    Conley**************** Office Worker (M)
    Dan********************** Worker
    Danby***************** Pokémon Breeder (F)
    Darrel****************** Office Worker (F)
    Dhemiathena*** Veteran (F)
    Dennis**************** Collector
    Dolly******************** Rising Star (M)
    Dominica************ Office Worker (F)
    Donny***************** Madame
    Dooley**************** Veteran (M)
    Dustin***************** Punk Guy
    Dylan******************* Punk Guy
    Dyson****************** Bellhop
    Erix*********************** Rising Star (M)
    Etta********************** Punk Guy
    Eva*********************** Punk Girl
    Ezra********************** Sightseer (F)
    Fernanda*********** Backpacker
    Gabriella************ Youth Athlete (F)
    Gertrude*********** Pokémon Breeder (F)
    Gilroy****************** Bellhop
    Gracie***************** Madame
    Granville************ Ace Trainer (M)
    Gwenny************* Backpacker
    Haley******************* Aether Foundation (F)
    Harding****************************** Office Worker (M)
    Hart********************** Sightseer (M)
    Harvey**************** Aether Foundation (M)
    Hashim*************** Ace Trainer (M)
    Heidi******************** Aether Foundation (F)
    Helen****************** Preschooler (F)
    Henry****************** Gentleman
    Hilaro******************* Youth Athlete (F)
    Horace**************** Ace Trainer (M)
    Ignacio**************** Veteran (M)
    Ikram******************* Gentleman
    Inez********************** Lass
    Iniko******************** Black Belt
    Isaac******************** Youth Athlete (M)
    Izel*********************** Pokémon Breeder (F)
    Jana********************* Office Worker (F)
    Jo************************** Dancer
    Joaquin****************************** Rising Star (F)
    JT************************** Worker
    Julien******************* Cook
    Kass********************* Punk Guy
    Kiernan****************************** Pokémon Breeder (M)
    Kikujiro******************************* Veteran (M)
    Larry******************** Cook
    Lea*********************** Ace Trainer (F)
    Leena****************** Youth Athlete (M)
    Levi********************** Ace Trainer (M)
    Lori*********************** Pokémon Breeder (M)
    Lou*********************** Police Officer
    Luke********************* Aether Foundation (M)
    Mardea****************************** Youth Athlete (F)
    Marianne*********** Rising Star (F)
    Marsha******************************* Rising Star (F)
    Max********************* Youngster
    Mechabob******** Gentleman
    Moe********************* Golfer (M)
    Munin***************** Ace Trainer (M)
    Myrna***************** Punk Girl
    Napoleon********** Youngster
    Naya******************** Preschooler (F)
    Niara******************** Preschooler (M)
    Noah******************* Cook
    Nobunaga********* Collector
    Omar******************* Worker
    Patrick***************** Golfer (M)
    Paulo******************* Janitor
    Perri********************* Pokémon Center Lady
    Placido**************** Veteran (M)
    Presta***************** Firefigther
    Priya******************** Veteran (F)
    Rada******************** Pokémon Breeder (F)
    Raz*********************** Ace Trainer (M)
    Reina******************* Preschooler (F)
    Rendor*************** Police Officer
    Rico********************** Preschooler (M)
    Robin******************* Youngster
    Robyn***************** Scientist
    Sam********************** Collector
    Samantha********** Lass
    Savir********************* Office Worker (M)
    Scoop****************** Punk Guy
    Sika********************** Janitor
    Skip********************** Worker
    Stein******************** Scientist
    Stellan***************** Hiker
    Susanna************* Golfer (F)
    Sylvia******************* Ace Trainer (F)
    Tamah***************** Ace Trainer (F)
    Tasanee************* Dancer
    Thamina************* Youth Athlete (F)
    Tivon******************* Scientist
    Tony******************** Cook
    Variel******************* Dancer
    Victor****************** Preschooler (M)
    Vivek******************* Hiker
    Winnie**************** Office Worker (F)
    Xaden***************** Janitor
    Xenophon********* Veteran (M)
    Xio************************ Veteran (F)
    Zed*********************** Punk Girl
    Zeno******************** Golfer (M)
    Zero********************* Bellhop
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    Please can the Alolan forms and the original forms have separate Pokedex pages? It looks awkward and a bit mishmash atm.
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    I was trying to not spoil info about US/UM, but you have a GIANT spoiler on the top of the site...... It's a little too late now, but I'd suggest changing it until at least the game comes out :'(

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    Quote Originally Posted by ST4RF0X View Post
    I was trying to not spoil info about US/UM, but you have a GIANT spoiler on the top of the site...... It's a little too late now, but I'd suggest changing it until at least the game comes out :'(
    These are Pokémon that will be used in marketing, they're everywhere so it's not really a giant spoiler

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    Any chance of the weight mechanics page being updated? It's still missing a mention of Sky drop which has Targets weighing 440.9 lbs. (200 kg) or more (after applying effects such as Heavy Metal and the Float Stone) cannot be lifted by Sky Drop, causing the move to fail.

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    I think the Super Smash Bros 64 section needs to be completely redone, with some pages being broken or not working. Could use more images, too.
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    Would it be possible to expand the Festival Plaza page to include details on what the Cafés do? Now it just says "Makes a pokémon more friendly" or "Raises the base HP stat" but the page doesn't state how much happiness points are given, or how much EVs are given or taken. Also, for the lottery shops and the haunted houses it isn't shown which facilities are exclusive to which versions.

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    When practical could the pokeride page be updated for ultra sun and moon? it still lacks sharpedo and machamp like the sun and moon page has. Perhaps even a link to the Ultra Wormholes page given that its slightly similar.

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    cross post from mistakes thread

    "You're still missing the QR codes for the Partner Pikachu giveaway. They're like the Magearna QR codes. They're region locked, but otherwise universal and reusable, so they should be featured in that article along with Magearna's.
    I was able to retrieve mine with the codes hosted by Project Pokemon:

    In the side quests section you're missing an entry on the poke ride parade in the Hao'oli City mall. This is an event that must be done before the Bewear event and rewards 5 great balls. It can only be done during the day.

    For the Bewear costume parade event, you should note that it can only be done during the day and only after the poke ride parade has been done.

    The Pikachu Wedding event is currently using the wrong image.

    There's something regarding the item buyer daily event that needs to be looked into. Namely, how and when he appears. It's once a day, true, but he's not always there right away I think it might be time based and likely real-world time as opposed to in-game time. He's always sown up at in-game nightfall for me, but the image in your article shows him in daylight. For me he usually shows up close to 10am real-world time (I'm playing Ultra Moon).

    Your section on the fortune tellers lacks details regarding star levels and is missing phrases from the Pokemon House tent (this issue is present in the Sun/Moon festival plaza section as well, not just Ultra Sun/Moon)
    data on this has been collected here :

    You also forgot to mention the event at Hau'oli Cemetery involving the lady with the Machamp pokeride visiting her husband's grave."

    Edit: I found another side quest not mentioned on the site. off the coast of route 14 on the landing for the small island with the TM a swimmer is being attacked by three Frillish. after capturing or defeating one of them they flee and the swimmer rewards you with a Destiny Knot. It occurs to me that as this occurs on the same route as the Ultra Sun exclusive Sandyghast quest this may be exclusive to Ultra Moon. We would need a Ultra Sun player to confirm this. I've also noted that the image for the Pikachu wedding has been properly updated.

    Edit 2: I found another 2 on Route 15's northern shore. There's a little boy who wants to show you his sand castle. It turns out to be a Sandyghast (I know, real shocker). After capturing or defeating it the boy turns out to be an illusion and you find a stardust where he once stood. At the other end of the beach there is a man with a Starmie obsessed with staring contests. The man wishes to head home but his Starmie won't leave until its winning streak is ended. I haven't yet done this one as it requires you to have a Pokemon with the normal move tickle. As such I don't yet know what it rewards.

    Edit 3: Found another. This one involves a grunt by the pool in Po Town. After you beat Guzma this grunt will confide in you that he can't perform the Team Skull pose. overhearing his desire to leave two more grunts arrive and challenge you to a battle. Once defeated the first grunt interrupts them and in an outburst performs the pose. For hearing him out he gives you a Full Restore.
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    Side quest that isn't included for USUM: Actor Meredith. You fight her once on each island (Melemele Meadow, Royal Avenue, Ulu'Ula Meadow, Poni Meadow) with her using that island's Oricorio each time. When you defeat her at Poni Meadow, she gives you the TM for Swords Dance.
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    Can we have pokemon's that get fused have a link to the page though their pokedex page. For exapmple Zekrom could have a link to Kyurem. The reverse exists but I think this would be an effective idea for pokemon like this. There's only 4 pokemon that would have one. (Zekrom, Reshiram, Lunala & Solgeleo)

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    Besides adding the entries for RBGY and GSC, could you include the abilities of those Pokemon as they would appeared transferred to 7th gen (i.e. Sun and Moon)?

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    For all of the different Pokedexes (For all of the different regions) you can list pokemon by stats. Is there a reason that Gen III does not have the option to list pokemon by stats, only by EV yield. I'm referring to pages like this:

    Another thing I'd like to point out from this page is that the gen 7 pokedex is not accessible using the navigation bar at the top of the page that I linked above or for Gen V (It is linked for Gen I and II)

    Sorry if my English is unclear, let me know if I need to clarify anything I said above
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    Don't know if this has been suggested or not but do you think there could be more ways of introducing an incentive scheme for the Serebii Discord?
    Currently there are (from what I've seen); Serebii, Serebii Staff and Serebii Helpers.
    The first two shouldn't change for obvious reasons but people who are contributing to the chat and keeping up a consistent activity could be rewarded with a tag like "Chat Contributor" or something named similarly.
    Not sure if Serebii Helpers falls into this category but from what I've seen it's only one person at the moment.

    Apologies if this has already been discussed.

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    Missing Archived News
    Here are some that I found that weren't listed here. ^^

    I can't help but dig up the past.

    I could leave it at that, buuuuut... I always enjoyed it when my members tried to help me out, so I'll try to do that for you, too. ^^
    (September also seems a little broken)

    How you could fix these files
    Well that took longer than expected! Little did I know, this was written in HTML 3.2 and uses HTML tags that could otherwise not be used anymore, or in a different manner. Took a while to figure out your style, but hey, I think I got it! *sweat*



    I think the two of us, including any website developer here, know from experience what a nightmare it can be to locate an error within hundreds of lines of code. *sweat*

    Anyways, hope that helped in some way. ^^ If that didn't work, then send me a PM or let me know here, and I'll look into it again. ;D
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