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    1. Keep pictures 200x200 pixels or Smaller.

    200 * 200 is a damned big file, you don't need anymore than this, and you are being given TWO of these images. As long as the two edges do not exceed a total of 200*200 the picture is fine, anything exceeding it will be removed.

    You can, use both your image files to make one large image, by using both images right next to each other.


    If you have an image that is too big, and have no way of resizing the image your self use these tags to force it down in size

    [img200] image link [/img200]

    Since this only shrinks one edge, and not both, I suggest you use some kind of screen grab (Print Screen on PC, Shift+Command+3 on a Mac) to check the actual size of the image as it appears.

    On a side bar, the following image (and other similar ones) must use the [IMG200] tag because the exceed the pixel size limit (the following example was posted using the [IMG200] tag):

    2. No more than 3 outside pictures.

    Images that you add from the archive, such as episode guide images, or sprites from the avatar list, will not be counted in this, as they come directly from the site server anyway. These 3 outside links obviously make up your image and banner limit.

    NOTE: Using the same image more than once in a signature counts as using multiple images. The same image twice counts as two images, for example. Simply put, you have as many images in your sig as you have [img] tags.

    2a. Give credit where it is due

    Art theft is no longer tolerated on the boards. If you have images in your signature that you are taking from web-sites, that are not made by yourself, you must give credit to whoever created them. This includes any images that have been made for you in the Fan Art forums.

    3. No more than 6 links. (Does not includes Forums ones)

    Having too many links wont get your sig deleted, but you will receive a PM warning you to change it. If it's not changed, then it will be edited and random links removed until there are only three. This includes using pictures and banners as links.

    You are allowed 6 links, but an unlimited amount of or Serebiiforums links. Just don't go overboard and abuse this.

    4. No more than 1 banner in a signature, no bigger than 468x100 pixels.

    As long as the total number of pixels does not exceed 46800 (the multiple sum of both standard edges) the banner is fine, anything exceeding it will be removed. In the case of having no other images (i.e, no 200*200 images, no sprites, etc) you can have another banner. But only one.

    To surmise:
    • 1 banner, 2 images - OR -
    • 2 banners, no other images

    When does an image count as a banner?

    An image counts as a banner when it's over 40000 pixels big (multiply the sum of both edges) and has a ratio of at least 2:1.

    All images under 40000 pixels will not be counted as banners, no matter which ratio they have.

    Excessively long banners, that try to exploit a 'loophole' by having a tiny height and massive length, will be removed under the rule of stacking (horizontal stacking).

    5. No signatures with MORE THAN TWENTY (20) purely capital letters; no text berating any person or any site or anything.

    Insulting a member, group of members, moderators, admins, the webmaster, whatever, will get your sig removed and depending on the severity, a warning.

    Adding to the rule of not having purely capital letters, you may have only uppercase letters as long as the total number of letters is equal to or less than TWENTY (20) characters. What I mean is that if you have uppercase text WITH some lowercase ones, it's fine in terms of the text. However, if you happen to want only purely uppercase letters, it will now be fine up to TWENTY (20) letters. Numbers, symbols, punctuation do not count.

    6. A limit on colour.

    If you can't find a colour that's right for you use this HTML True Type Colour Chart.

    Use a maximum of FIVE colours, and remember that not all colours are visible on all styles. The default colour counts as well.

    7. No ridiculous size of text.

    Size 1 - This is allowed.
    Size 2 - This is allowed.
    Size 3 - This is allowed.
    Size 4 - This is allowed in a very small amount, such as a name at the top of your signature.
    Size 5 and above - This is not allowed.

    8. No more than 8 smilies or forum avatars

    If you want to put smilies or avatars in your signature, you need to find their exact URL and use IMG tags to put them in. You are limited to a total of 8 COMBINED (for example 4 smilies, 4 avatars). If you want to list more than one team, then do it the old fashioned way. Make a banner or write their names down.

    9. No images saved in bitmap (BMP) Format. No large animated GIFs

    Bitmaps are massive files, and on dialup, a killer in loading time. Please save any images you intend to use in your sig as JPEG, PNG or GIF. Programs such as Paint, which save jpegs as low quality, should use PNG format instead.

    Large animated GIFs, approximately 500k or above, will also be removed. This includes those rip-offs from anime which are very common in signatures. This also means that a total amount of animated gifs cannot reach over 500kbs. If you are unsure, find out the file size of each gif and add them together. If it's over 500, then it's too much.

    10. No unnecessary stacking

    By this we mean putting lots of information in your signature, with lots of space and new lines so it spreads out and fills lots of space needlessly. Put small images next to each other one one line, and don't make lists when you can use commas to separate words in a sentence.

    The maximum height allowed is 420 pixels (based on a screen resolution of 1024x768); this should allow plenty of room for whatever you place in your signature. Reference:

    This now also includes horizontal stacking. This basically means lining up long image next to each other one one line, or trying to exploit a banner loophole to create an excessively long banner. Signatures that cause the forum screen to scroll across unnecessarily will be deleted.

    11. Only one spoiler is allowed in your signature

    Also, keep in mind that anything under the spoiler counts as adding to "stacking," so if your signature is over the height limit with the spoiler clicked/opened, it's still against the rules.

    12. If you are unsure, CHECK FIRST

    Use the Signature Check Thread stickied in the Newbie Lounge to get a confirmation of whether your signature is OK or not; that way you can avoid getting it deleted. But if your signature is rule-breaking and you ignore an authorised checker's proposition twice, it will be removed forcefully.

    13. What will happen to your signature when you break these rules

    Strike 1 - Partial signature deletion where the part breaking the rules is deleted, and a warning will be issued.

    Strike 2 - Complete signature deletion, second warning.

    Strike 3 - Complete signature deletion and a week ban.

    Further breaking after the ban will result in longer bans.

    Everybody please make sure you read the rules, and take note of the changes that have been made.
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