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    Quote Originally Posted by Kazuki Mirai View Post
    I just want this arc to be over soon. As much as I want to see Doflamingo get decked, it sure takes a long time to get there. I fear if this plot structure carry onto the next arc. :/
    Hmm.. To be frank, it's still going to easy at the moment.. Zoro is standing his ground against one of DD's top commanders.. Which is weird.. It needs to get down to the gritty stuff.. It feels too light. It feels as if DD is the only challenge left to face, while Pica, Diamante and Trebol should be incredibly strong as well. They're not getting down to it.. -.-
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    I agree that the Dressrosa arc has overstayed its welcome, but I'm sure this is the last time we have to sit through a drawn out arc.
    Dressrosa's main problem (as stated above) is basically nothing is happening and or moving at snakes pace. The Law flashback didn't exactly help either, don't get me wrong I loved Corozan! But outside of backstory it really didn't hold my interest.

    Hopefully Bellamy's death and Machvise's defeat will speed things up.
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