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Thread: Official One Piece Manga Discussion Thread

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    Really i haven't watched the episode yet but for SABO i will do it.

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    This week's chapter was pretty good. Seems like Doflamingo knows a big secret of the Celestial Dragons and Mariejois, and the Ope Ope no Mi is apparently highly desired. Corazon looked cool in Law's flashback as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by seosmoindia View Post
    Really i haven't watched the episode yet but for SABO i will do it. has weekly episode updates for One Piece (along with other anime shows) every Saturday if you want to try there.
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    Finally starting to get back into watch it on a semi regular basis. One Piece is one of those few series where I absolutely love it, yet when there are parts that I don't like or I just simply don't care about and they tend to go on for a while, I'll just stop keeping up with it and just look to recaps for info. I didn't do it too much before the time skip yet now I find myself doing it alot. I started watching the Fishman Island Arc, lost interest in the story then just waited until Punk Hazard. Started watching the Punk Hazard Arc, lost interest then waited until Dressrosa. Now I've picked up on Dressrosa so I hope I can still be interested all the way through and not just just stop caring half way through.
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