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Thread: Official One Piece Manga Discussion Thread

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    I feel the series is hinting towards it's end with the mention of the 4 red pony glyphs and the events after that happened super fast.

    I also think that the series has a good 5-7 maybe 10 years left in it. But it looks like it's forshadowing its closing end.

    A few loopholes left are:

    Will of D.
    4 Ponyglyphs
    4 Yonko's
    Void Century
    World Government and CP0
    Revolutionary Army
    Black Beard

    I can't think of much unless Oda decides to throw in other things arbitrarily like he always does.

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    Oh geeze, I can see it now. Luffy and Chopper are going to burst out of the wedding cake after eating it out completely hollow during the wedding and ruin some elaborate plan they had to rescue Sanji without causing a big battle (Complete with Luffy and Chopper screaming "WE OBJECT" as they burst out after "does anyone have any objections" questions is asked). Cue Sanji fighting his father and/or the eldest brother (also cue flashback), cue Luffy fighting Big Mom but not defeating her, cue Brook fighting the female Big Mom member from the last chapter, cue Chopper facing the Mink (I'm assuming) on the bird, cue Carrot fighting the Big Mom member with the cannon hat, and I have an outlandish one for Nami. I have doubts that Pudding is as good as she seems to be. I feel Big Mom has provided for her with nothing held back. Now the Strawhats have come to steal her bridegroom away from her and she goes completely mental, cue her fight with Nami just as Sanji fought Absolom in Thriller Bark. I think the other Sanji siblings will get fights, maybe against Pekoms and pedro or maybe even Caesar? The wedding itself should be pretty good. Sanji's brothers as the groomsmen and Lola as one of the bridesmaid?

    A big factor many seem to forget because it's so utterly unpredictable, is who else is attending? We know this is a big deal and that a lot of invitations were sent out so who else is coming? Maybe the Strawhats got lucky and some of their fleet was invited. I can see some of them hearing the news and coming to investigate, and lets be honest the odds are stacked against the Strawhats by a large margin. So I think some new allies from this arc is inevitable.
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