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    Quote Originally Posted by Wednesdayz View Post
    So was Mother Caramel actually Big Mom'
    I dunno if she was her mom, but I think it's just as likely that she might've been her sister or friend. I think that her absence could've been what made Big Mom become such a tyrant and we might get to see Big Mom be redeemed if we get her full backstory soon. ^^

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    Quote Originally Posted by CyberBlaziken View Post
    Putting 10 bucks on Luffy messing up the plan because of his entrance.
    I honestly hope that he jumps out of Capone's attire.. I mean abusing Capone's ability is literally the best way for the Strawhats to make one hell of a distraction out of seemingly nowhere.

    Quote Originally Posted by Wednesdayz View Post
    So was Mother Caramel actually Big Mom'
    Don't be too shocked, but the last theory I read about was that Shakky - the madam from Sabaody Archipelago - is the Mother Caramel figure. I'll just dot down the highlights of the theory:

    1. The Spiders Web:

    Shakky wears a T-shirt with a spider. Big Mom is named Charlotte Linlin. If Shakky is "Mother Caramel", it may not be a literal mother, but more a mentor-figure. In the novel Charlotte's Web, the spider is named Charlotte and is the mentor-figure to a piglet with moodswings. Who resembles a pig with moodswings: Miss Piggy, Big Mom, an overweight, moodswing-prone glutton. Also, Shakky is obsessed with reading newspapers and the idea that knowledge = power, a notion that Big Mom adhere's to as well. Could be a general thing, but if Shakky was Big Mom's mentor-figure, then that might be one of the lessons that rubbed off on Big Mom. For one, Kaidou definitely isn't in the camp that knowledge = power, he's more the "power = power"-type of guy.

    2. The Unknown Ages:

    Shakky reveals she is a former pirate, having quit being a pirate 42 years ago. Meaning that she is probably quite a bit older then 42, since she was reknown and even Garp chased her around - but is very keen on keeping her age a secret towards Luffy. We also don't have a clue on Big Mom's age. What almost coincides however is that Big Mom has taken 43 husbands. Let that sink in for a while. Big Mom has 43 husbands, and Shakky quit the piratelife 42 years ago. IF Shakky is a motherfigure to Big Mom, then she could've been witness to marriage #1, and thought that Linlin would be fine now that she was married and thus retire from pirating - and BM has taken a husband every year since..?

    3. The Physicality of Their Bodies:

    Shakky is probably 60+ years old. She was a reknown pirate 42 years ago, you don't become reknown and get chased around by Garp unless you're at least an adult. So I'm putting her at a minimum age of 60. HOW DOES SHE LOOK LIKE SIXTY?! Even more so, there's a page in the manga where we flashback to 22 years ago, and she practically looks the same!!! It's just not natural and I'll get back to this. Big Mom on the other hand, has 84 children. She must have something related to her age as well. Considering her connection and historic beef with Giants, there's a good chance that she is a small or half-blood giant. Giants have a longer life expectancy that regular folk and we don't know if it is common for Giants to give birth to a single child or more (Lola and Chiffon are twins, i.e.), which could explain why Big Mom has 84 children with 43 husbands, while also taking note that Big Mom discards her husbands after well.. use.. like Pound. There's also the connection to the novel of Charlotte's Web. If in this story Big Mom is the representation of Wilbur the Pig, then it needs to be said that Wilbur was the runt of his litter. What if Big Mom was the runt of her "litter", and therefore smaller then the regular Giants? This could explain her disdain for her own species as she could've been thought of as an outsider for being so small for a "true Giant". Maybe a marriagepact between her and Odin (or whoever Loki's father will be) went sour because she was so small compared to other Giants? It's pure speculation, but it would explain her disdain for Giants and why she got as upset as she did when Lola refused to marry Loki. This marriage, aside from giving her the mighty forces of Elbaf, would've been her way to get back at being rejected as a youngster. Lola stripped her of her "look at me now!"-moment.

    As for Shakky being at least sixty years old and still looking like how she did at 38, well.. there's a legend. A Japanese legend about a spider-creature. A spider-creature, that's really, really old.. and disguises itself as a beautiful woman with a spell to lure in wayward swordsmen. Shakky's married to Rayleigh, a swordsman. If Shakky's character is based on this myth, then that would explain why she has been looking the same for the past 22 years, and doesn't want to dish out her real age.

    That leaves just two questions:

    1. Why on earth would she be named "Mother Caramel". Well.. I don't know, but Shakky looks suspiciously like "shake".. Could well be "Caramel milkShake".. Considering the naming pattern that Big Mom has resorted to for her children, could it be that she nicknamed her mother-figure after a sweet beverage as well? The theory also notes that Big Mom could've taken the name "Charlotte" from her as well, as Shakky's family name isn't given at the moment, but I don't know the added value of that piece of speculation.

    Edit: I'll just post the link..

    Now for my own speculation, where will this lead:

    2. It's Luffy's job to smash the photograph that Big Mom holds really dear. In the recent chapter, the photograph is shaded so we don't learn the identity of Mother Caramel yet, which in itself is highly suspicious and makes me wonder why Oda doesn't want us to know quite yet/builds suspense, as if we know her already. Like how we know Shakky and more importantly, how Luffy knows Shakky. The assassination is on a very tight schedual once Sanji dodges the bullet. What happens when right before Luffy smashes the picture, he recognizes Shakky's image and stops moving. That will cause the plan to fail immediately and mayhem to ensue. Unless Luffy says something like: "I know her!", and Big Mom doesn't lose it..

    Quote Originally Posted by Mrs. Oreo View Post
    I dunno if she was her mom, but I think it's just as likely that she might've been her sister or friend. I think that her absence could've been what made Big Mom become such a tyrant and we might get to see Big Mom be redeemed if we get her full backstory soon. ^^
    She's mentioned to be Big Mom's "Life-saver", so I don't think the "mother" is to be taken literal.
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    Katakuri's design is a good mix of edge, and sheer badass!

    It's great.
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    Quote Originally Posted by phanpycross View Post

    Original meaning: Deus Ex Machina

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    I was wondering why the chapter felt a little short, but then realized we got 3-4 double page content.

    Katakuri kinda reminds me of Zabuza.

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