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Thread: Official One Piece Manga Discussion Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cutty View Post
    I thought the chapter was okay, now I'm beginning to think the arc is a bit rushed like some ppl said.

    It doesn't make sense for her to take that long to express her anger.
    I assume guests w/ no power or whatsoever will pass out if Mom screams w/ fully charged Haki.
    Oda has said that he wanted to end WCI, go through the Reverie and begin Wano in 2017. Considering we're at the end of May.. He'll need to hurry up if he wants to make good on that promise.

    This entire event is taking place in a matter of seconds and what we're seeing from different characters is probably happening parallel to each other as opposed to chronological. Which means that an entire chapter can cover just as little as a few seconds, while we see different characters interactions (Sanji, Luffy, Bege, Nami&Co, Jinbe, etc).

    Quote Originally Posted by Darthlord7 View Post
    Big Mom's past and Elbaf? Hell yeah!
    Basically the proof that Oda's out of time in terms of islands we can visit in the current storyline. Outside of Usopp at the EoS, I think this is the only time we'll see Elbaf.

    Quote Originally Posted by CyberBlaziken View Post
    Isn't Smoothie supposed to be one of those that are top in the chain of command? How is she herself not getting involved...
    Yes. She's a woman. It's Oda.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Reloaded View Post
    There's an absolute zero percent chance Big Mom will actually be killed. Not from a plan this bad, one that's only worked because of luck. Not when her crew has had such a poor performance outside of Cracker and Katakuri and the people that beat down Luffy and Nami way back when after Cracker got his as* handed. Not with only maybe 2-3 feats from Big Mom herself.

    Gastino has a better chance of joining the crew than Big Mom dying.
    He does. Mostly because the Strawhats are the safest crew for him to join after the fall-out of this arc. Both BM and Kaidou will be after him, and Bege won't have the might to protect him, nor is he capable of protecting himself. Strawhats makes the most sense, and he's already being whitewashed so it has a good chance of happening.

    Quote Originally Posted by CyberBlaziken View Post
    Thing is, we know for a fact that BM will recover from her shock. And it will happen with Luffy showing her the reassembled photo of Caramel.
    We don't know for a fact, but it's very likely. Why would Luffy show her the reassembled photo? He showed her a broken photograph to make her tumble and shout, he isn't going to put it back together for no odd reason.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mrs. Oreo View Post
    Well I did read something about Oda wanting to begin the Wano arc this year, so I guess he could be rushing this arc to get to that. But at this point in the series I'm not even that excited for Wano or seeing the Strawhats challenge Kaido's crew.
    Yup, he even wanted to clear Reverie. So what I'm expecting is for Wano to start as late as possible in December and that Reverie will be about 12 chapters or shorter, which would mean it would stretch from about Late September/October to Mid December. Which gives Oda a couple of months to wrap up this fight and the fall-out from this arc. It can be doable, but I'm not expecting Oda to be able to clear that much ground in a year to be honest.
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    Big Mom destroyed the whole village due to the lack of that semla snacks for a week as a kid. It was also good to see why BM appreciates sister Caramel that much. Nice to get a mention of Dorry and Broggy too and see Hajrudin as a kid.
    One of the greatest moments in anime history!

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    A deranged overgrown child who was unbelievably dangerous at birth, and Caramel knew better than to intertwine. Smart woman.

    Inb4 people start claiming big meme is just misunderstood lol.
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    Quote Originally Posted by phanpycross View Post

    Original meaning: Deus Ex Machina

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    So Mother Caramel is actually enabling Linlin by not punishing her. Interesting how Whole Cake is all about Luffy and friends trying to kill a mentally ill old woman...
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    Well then this confirm BM is a human after all... well since Whitbeard was also a big human...

    Seeing this I think here she killed Mother Caramel and forgot about it after snapping out of her rampage, but she does subconciously knows and that is why she weakens every time her portrait is damaged...

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    Wow Big Mom looked so much better as a kid hee hee, plus I liked how the giants were all tolerant of her up until she went on her hungry rampage.

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