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Thread: Once More With Reeling! (467)

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    The episode was alright. May's Combusken evolving was a minor plus being that her combusken was totally useless. The contest portion of the episode was nice too, Ash did some really great skills with his pikachu and same with May and her pokes. They're just so awesome :3 <333

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    This episode was good. It was cool to see May and Ash enter a contest together. It was great to see Combusken finally evolve into Blaziken and learn Blaze Kick. It was cool to see Eevee use Dig+Shadow Ball combo for the Appeal Round, it was very creative. The Sceptile vs Blaziken battle was even-matched and very cool to see.


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    Weird animation. Ash somehow is able to tie up with May in a contest battle. Nothing to see here.

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    This episode is wierd! Really I mean it, this is one of the weirdest episode I seen in a long time. So let get started on the reveiw.

    So we start our episode with Ash and the others talking about going back home after having a good adventure in the Kanto region. I do like this over the fousedness of Os gang going home because it was their choise of going and not something stupid. I guest Pokemon learn it lesson last time to not be that emotional. I might want a chill tone to them leaving then a sappy one.

    In the town that they were in a festive was happen and May see that there is a Pokemon Contest as the big main event. She want to enter it, but Ash want to enter as well. This is the first time that Ash is doing something never thought of doing. He reason of entering is to have fun and maybe give May a good bye battle after she leaves for Hoenn. I think this a good way to send are two main charater off.

    Team Rocket are in this episode because they are the villains and want to steal Pokemon. Oh course!

    Ash enters his Pikachu for the appeal stage and Scepitle for the battle stage while May enter her Eevee in the appeal stage and Combusken in the battle stage. Wait a minute, Eevee and Pikachu? Combuskin and Secpitle? Ether they are making refences to the game or I'm just crazy.

    May's Eevee uses Dig and Shadow Ball to make fireworks for the crowd and their May fans in the stand cheering on May showing that May has made a big impact in the Kanto Region Pokemon Contest. While Ash uses Pikachu's Quick Attack and Thunderbolt to turn them into ring then using Iron Tail to bounce them off. I think this was the most creative think I seen from Pikachu in a long time. It is really cool that Ash can think this up on the fly when this is his very first contest that he has entered. I think the writers could made Ash intressed in Pokemon contest after entering one. Would it be awesome to see Ash learning a different style of battling and becoming even a better trainer. I know that this will be in Dp line of work, but there could have done this more with Ash and he could have done more then Pokemon battles.

    After that Ash and May let Combuskin and Scepitle get out of their Poke ball to hype them up for their last battle. It intressing they look like they really fired up to battle each other after all the thing that they did in this season. Team Rocket were stealing Pokemon on a float using a Magikarp net launcher. Wow I never though I would say though words in a sentence? And Ash and May are going to team up to save the Pokemon and stop Team Rocket. Team Rocket caputes Pikachu with their net. Combuskin uses his Mega Kick to cut though the net while Secpitle uses his Pound attack to make them land back to their trainers.

    Then all of the sudden, May's Combuskin evolves into a Blaziken. WHAT!!! This is one of the weirdest evolution for a main charater I have ever seen in my life. Why did Combusken evolve now of all times. But I can say during his battles in the contest in this season I can said that he need to evolve. And this makes May the only female companion to get a new Pokemon before leaving for her own adventures. Blaziken learns Blaze Kick after evolving and I have the chill when Jessie said this "What of hunk of a Pokemon" that wasn't need dub.

    Ash and May start their last battle and I got to say that this battle is alright for its time. It had alot of action and it was enjoyable most of the time. It was wierd that May didn't make that many command for Blaziken, but it was awesome to see the fire type jumping and dodging most of Ash's Scepitle attacks. To me it looks like Scepitle was winning because it evolved before Blaziken and much more experence in battle then he was. I did like that this is the second time that Ash's Pokemon went into it's ablity. It was the second time that this happen since Ash face off with her Dad Norman. We end on a cliffhanger. This episode gets a 7.5/10

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    Default "Once More With Reeling!"

    After the events of the last episode, Ash(Who just beat the Battle Frontier) and May decides to enter the Terracotta Pokemon Contest. In the first round, May did her contest appeal with Eevee.....and I thought she did great. Eevee used a combination of Dig and Shadow Ball to create fireworks, which was creative in my opinion. Ash and Pikachu's performance was good too, I liked the combination of Quick Attack and Volt Tackle and Thunderbolt. It's the first time Ash entered a contest....and he did very well in the appeal round.

    Both May and Ash were qualified and made it to the next round. Then they were having a short break before their match. During the
    break, Team Rocket managed to steal Ash's Pikachu and some other trainer's Pokémon with a Magikarp Laucher. Ash and May tries to stop them with Sceptile and Combusken. Eventually they manged to rescue the Pokémon.....but all sudden Combusken evolves in Blaziken!! After Combusken evolved into a Blaziken, she uses Blaze kick and sent Team Rocket flying.

    Later Ash and May finally begins their contest battle. May and Ash chooses Blaziken and Sceptile respectivly. Both Pokemon put up a good battle. After hitting each other with Powerful moves like Leaf Blade, Bullet Seed/Flamethrower,
    Blaze Kick, both Pokemon seemed worn out. Sceptile uses Overgrow to heal himself, on the other hand Blaziken also heals herself by using Blaze. Then Blaziken uses Overheat and Sceptile uses Solarbeam, causing a big explosion and ending this episode with a cliffhanger.

    Overall, great episode. It's cool to see Ash entering a contest for the first time. Both Ash and May's Contest appeals were pretty creative, especially Ash's. It's cool how Ash could think up a creative appeal when this is the very first Pokémon Contest he entered. Team Rocket was annoying as usual, as usual they tried to steal Pokémon. May's Combusken evolving into Blaziken was cool, but the evolution was really unexpected. Ash and May's Contest battle was impressive. In fact, I enjoyed this battle way more than Ash and Misty's boring battle in the Whirl cup tournament. It was cool how both Blaziken and Sceptile gave it their all in the Contest battle.
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    Who knew something as small as finding out who won a (non-official) contest could be made out to look so dramatic?
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    May's Eevee's Dig and Shadow Ball appeal was kinda predictable in my opinion, and Team Rocket's ship and net scheme had me rolling due to how basic it all was. I cheered when May's Combusken finally evolved after so long and I thought that Sceptile activating Overgrow and Blaziken activating Blaze was a good way of boosting the battle's climax.

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