Okay, here's my full opinion.

First off, we've never heard pokemon, aside from Meowth and certian other pokemon, actually speak English before, so it is no wonder it was a little wierd to all of us.

In specials such as this where there are only pokemon, I've been begging for either having all the pokemon speak english or give us subtitles. They finally get around to doing so with this, and I like it!

I hope this does become a mini-series, and with the "to be continued" at the end, we know there's a good chance of that.

I have to say that some of the items that will be featured in the games will be pretty impressive. If it wasn't for the fact that it was the effect of the seed he ate, I'd think that Squirtle was using an illegal Agility for crying out loud! LOL!

A specially designed twig that actually HURTS Steel types? There's something for ya! ^_^

If this does become a mini-series, I'm watching it until it ends. ^_^

I don't mind the name Team Meanies too much. With the fact it was a kid's show, I was expecting something not that good. I also go with a fact that bad guys go with bad names! LOL! So I'm okay! ^_^

This is a good show. I like it. End of story!