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    OK, so I know that isn't the best title for it. It was hard to think of a suitable name for my fanfiction. It was either that or A Journey through Johto, and I tell you what I chose sounded better to me. I am going to rate it PG, for now, it may move up in further chapters, but right now I am not to sure.

    May Maple has been travelling with friends for her first two years of travelling and coordinating, but what happens when Ash, Misty, Brock and Max ant to go to the battle region, but she doesn't? She decides to make a journey all by herself. Unfortuneatly she doesn't know where to go, until she stumbles across something about contests. There are contests in the Johto region. This is where her Journey begins. What pokemon will she catch? what ribbons will she obtain? What's with all the damn questions? Read and find out.


    Her name was May Maple; she was 13. Her hair was a Chestnut brown parting on each side of her head, while her eyes shined brightly of sapphire blue. She was excited to be on her way to the Johto region. There at Johto she would be able to prove to the pokemon world that she was Top coordinator. Johto region had recently started holding contests and their grand festivals were apparently ones not to be missed. She was not one to miss out on such an opportunity. It took a lot for her to convince people she should go there and not to the battle region (A/N: I couldn't think of a name to call a battle region…all the good ones were taken ^^; )


    The gang had finally arrived at Ash's home town, Pallet Town. On their way there, they caught up with Misty, who was finally relieved of her gym leader duties, for a couple of years. So she decided to join the gang again and travel with them.

    Eventually they arrived at Ash's house. After dinner they were deciding and where they should go off to next.
    "So, Brock any ideas of where to go that don't include massive amounts of pretty girls?" asked Ash, the word don't being emphasized. Brock just sweatdropped. They were now getting serious. Brock looked though one of his guide books and found something.
    "Well, we could go to the north of the Kanto region. It says here there is a region made specifically for battling". Brock said while pointing at his guide book. Then he looked at May with a sad face "Unfortunately there are no contests in that region, May" he finished. As soon as this was heard, she became upset, but didn't show it, so she tried to think of ways to avoid the battle region. She didn't hear the name of the region since she seemed to let her mind wonder and zoned out a bit.

    It started getting late, so the gang decided to head off to bed. May was the last go of to sleep. All she could think about were ways to avoid the battle region. No ideas came to her head. She was upset about that. If none came then she would HAVE to go to the battle region, and do nothing but battle. Then she decided to go through Brock's guide book and se if there was something in there for her. She kept searching and searching.

    It was getting really late, then she had come across something that had interested her. It was an advertisement about contests, and apparently the best contest there ever seemed to be, the contests were held in the Johto region. The contests hadn't started yet; they were waiting for the New Year to begin which wasn't far away. One month to be exact. She had two days to convince her parent and friends to let her go the Johto region to compete in contests and get herself there and registered before the competition. After all, she did need the time to get there.

    It was easy with her parents, they agreed seeing as they wanted her to do something with pokemon, and they knew Max would be okay since he and Raltz would be together. (A/N: remember in one of the episodes Max said he would be with Raltz when he became a trainer, well now that Max is a trainer he has Raltz)

    However her friends and brother weren’t as easy. They wanted her to come, but eventually they gave in and let May go off to Johto. Max wasn't too happy about that, but then he remembered that he was going to the battle region with his friends so it would be all good.

    May and the gang said their goodbyes. Soon they were off in two separate directions…


    May decided that she would only bring her Blaziken, it was classified as the "Blaze pokemon. It had powerful claw-like fists, its feet and legs were covered in feathers of red and orange. The beak and head of Blaziken was red and its chest of feathers were a white-creamy colour. (A/N: it evolved from Combusken, I don't like Combusken that much) and Wartortle. Wartortle was classified as the "turtle pokemon". Its body was a dark blue, while its shell was red colour on one side and on the other was a yellowish colour. Its tail was a light blue and the ends of the tail were in coils. (A/N: it evolved from Squirtle). May could see the outlines of New Bark town. Where she would be able to register for the Johto contests. So she set off to New Bark town to register for the Johto contests.

    Finally she had arrived at New Bark Town. She immediately went to the pokemon centre to register and let her pokemon rest. Before she had left Pallet Town she asked if her mum could send over some new clothes for her journey.

    She wanted to look a bit different from her previous journeys. Makes a new impression you know. She was wearing her usually red bandanna with a white pokeball print on it. She now had a red singlet top on with a torchic print in the top centre of it, this was accompanied with a black mini skirt (not a tight one) and her black bike shorts underneath the skirt. Her gloves were replaced with white sweat bands which had black and red stripes across it in the middle. Finally, she replaced her yellow fanny pack with a black back pack. Her outfit was finished off with her black and red trainers (A/N: like the ones she wears with her usual outfit only replace the orange colours with black) and white ankle socks.

    She went over to Nurse Joy and left her pokemon there to get some rest and have a check-up before the beginning of the contests and the rest of her journey.

    The best thing she thought this journey was, no one here knew any gym leaders from Hoenn, she would be able to make a name for herself, finally, without being known as Norman's daughter.


    So, what did you guys think of it? my first fanfiction. I accept any and all comments, critiques and reviews. It probably wasn't that good any way. Chapters are coming up.

    I'm a Chikorita fan
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