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    Default chapter 4- The LIfe before Hoenn part 1

    ok people here is chapter 4, sorry it is in parts again, it will be in roughly 3 parts this time. really sorry, if you don't want to wait check the story out at
    Please RxR as always, no flaming


    May and Drew had just made it out of Ilex forest and arrived into the green meadows in front of them. These green fields would lead the two travelers to their next destination, Goldernrod City. Just barely, May and Drew could see the tops of a few of the buildings in Goldernrod.
    "Oh my god" Drew exclaimed "No more trees" he said with a relieved tone.
    "Well duh, we are out of the forest" May said matter-of-factly poking her tongue out at Drew.
    "That is not the point, we have seen nothing but trees for at least the past few days" Drew said annoyed.
    "That's because we were in the Ilex forest dummy" May teased, then ran off into the meadows ahead. Up and down the hills and meadows the brunette went. May was enjoying the freedom of running and skipping with out the hazard of trees coming into your way.
    "Hey wait up" Drew yelled running after the joyful coordinator girl. May did not stop running. She continued running her way through the fields carelessly. Drew continued the game of Cat and Mouse with May, chasing her up and down the hills, just as she had ran up and down those hills before him.
    "Maaayyyy…" Drew whined still chasing after the crazy brunette.

    May eventually came to a stop at the top of a hill. Partly because she needed to catch her breathe, and the other because she was waiting for the ever slow Drew to catch up. May stopped and stared into the distance. The outlines of Goldernrod were more defined; May could see more houses and buildings

    May continued to stare into the distance still waiting for the green haired boy to make his ascent up the hill to her. May had closed her eyes, taking in the sounds of the area around them. She heard the occasional Rattata and Meowth rummaging through the fields for food, but that was about it, apart from Drew's footsteps and breathing.


    May had just stopped suddenly and looked around the meadows. She looked really cute just standing like that, like an over curious Skitty, wondering everywhere. Making my way up I felt a slight breeze that brushed against my skin and began making May's hair dance slowly and smoothly and lifted her skirt weakly, but May didn't seem notice.


    May was unintentionally making Drew stare in wonder at her, making blush slowly creep onto his face but left as soon as Drew reached the top of the hill.
    "I see you decided to stop, tired already?" Drew mocked walking up to May's side.
    "Nah, I just decided to wait for you, since you were so slow" May said casually still with her eyes closed. Drew chuckled.
    "Really, I would have thought you'd be tired" Drew told her.
    "Nope not tired at all" May stated and then continued walking her way to Goldernrod City, going down the hill she was atop of. May turned around to face Drew, when she got to the bottom of the hill.
    "Come on Drew" May yelled out, and continued walking towards Goldernrod.
    "Coming" Drew said softly.


    May and Drew had made it to Goldernrod, and were making their way to the pokemon centre.
    "Oh my god, girls Drew's here" squealed a flock of fan girls.
    "Here they come" Drew sighed, stepping back a few steps. The flock of crazy Drew-obsessed fan girls swarmed over to Drew like a magnet. The green haired boy was surrounded by fan girls from all directions.
    "Oh my gosh, it's you Drew" squealed one fan girl
    "Will you be my boyfriend?" pleaded another
    "Will you kiss me?" asked another.

    Drew couldn't tell which girl was saying what, they were all squealing around him. While May stood there on here own waiting for the crowd to disappear. She didn't look like she cared but on the inside she did.
    "Ok, girls, I have got to go now" Drew insisted, pulling himself out of the crowd.
    "May, let's go" Drew insisted and grabbed May's arm and ran off to the pokemon centre.


    "That was too close" Drew panted, as he was half falling on the floor in the pokemon centre from exhaustion from running.

    The pokemon centre had pale green tiles stuck into the ground all around and light yellow painted walls. On one side of the pokemon centre there was a line of green coloured video phones, for trainers and coordinators or travelers to use when ever they wanted. There were maroon polyester covered seats and couches around the room in various places as well the usual front desk where you would usually find Nurse Joy.

    "Whatever" said May, trying to catch her breathe. May the turned to the front desk where Nurse Joy was and walked up to the nurse.
    "Hello Nurse Joy, could you take care of my pokemon and let them rest a bit here?" May asked "O and could I also get registered for the pokemon contest and I need a room for two until the end of the pokemon contest" added May.

    Nurse Joy looked up from here desk where she was writing something and looked at May cheerfully.
    "Sure I'd love to. Give me your pokeballs first and I'll put them away to heal your pokemon" said Joy cheerfully receiving May's three pokeballs. Joy stood up from her chair and went to the back to put away May's pokeballs and came back quickly.

    "Now let's get you registered for the pokemon contest, I'll need to see your contest pass and could you fill out this form for the contest" asked Joy handing May a sheet of paper with various question and details May had to fill in. May opened out her bag and took out her contest pass so Joy could scan it onto the computer and then started filling the signing in sheet.
    "Here Nurse Joy" May said giving her the sheet and receiving her contest pass back and the key to the room her and Drew would share.
    "Be back later to pick up your pokemon and enjoy your stay" Joy told May.
    "Sure" May replied walking up the green tiled stairs to the room she was given.


    May had just registered for the pokemon contest, got us a room and gave her pokemon to Nurse Joy for her to heal. She seemed to have ignored me about the comment I made on my fan girls. But, I really don't care.

    Just like May, I went to Nurse Joy to register for the pokemon contest and get my pokemon healed. In and out, I was done and registered for the pokemon contest.

    "Joy, what room did May just get" I asked Joy.
    "Room 248, you staying with her?" Nurse Joy inquired
    "Yea I am, thanks" I say to her and leave to find the room I was going to stay in.


    Two four five, two four six, two four seven ha! Here it is; room 248, my room. I opened the pastel green door to find a reasonable sized room with a bunk bed, with a wooden chair and mahogany desk and a dark green couch. On the desk was a simple bed side lamp and pieces of paper and a pen. Like the rest of the pokemon centre there walls were painted a light yellow but instead of the green tiles on the floor, there was a light cream coloured carpet. Next to the door to the room was another that lead to a bathroom.

    Averting my gaze to the bed I see May leaning on the head of the bed closest to the floor with an Mp3 in her hands and earphones stuck into her ears. The beds have green coloured sheets and the frames were made out of wood. May's eyes were closed and legs were tucked up near her body. She didn't even acknowledge that I stepped into the room. Her black back pack was lying next to her with it opened up.

    "Hey May" I greet her.
    "Hey" she said looking up at me.
    "You want to train now? The contest is in a couple of weeks you know" I ask her. Turning off the Mp3 and taking the earphones out of her ears she looks at me for a second and then puts away her Mp3.
    "Sure why not, I have just got to go down to Nurse Joy to get my pokemon" May tells me putting her back pack on to her back loosely and makes her way to the door.
    "See ya" May says going out of the door.
    "May I am going to train to" I state.

    May left the room we were staying in and made her way down the hallway with me following her after I closed the room door. Going back down the green tiled stairs case, we do not speak a word.


    "Nurse Joy are my pokemon ready to be picked up" both coordinators asked at the same time. Joy sweat dropped for a second, because they both asked the same question at once.
    "Sure are, I shall just go get them" Joy excused herself. "Here you go" Joy said handing back May and Drew's pokeballs.

    "Thanks" May said then left to go train.
    "May, wait up" Drew whined "Thanks Nurse Joy" Drew said to Joy putting his pokeballs back on his belt and chased May to where ever it was she was going to train.


    May and Drew had started walking around Goldernrod to find a place to train. There were buildings all around the city, big and small, it would have been rather confusing had May not known about Goldernrod before.


    "May come on honey, we have got to leave now, we're going to the Hoenn region" called out May's mother.
    "Coming" called out the younger brunette.
    "Mommy, why are we leaving?" asked little May.
    "To start a new life" replied Caroline.
    "But what about big brother Mommy? Will he come to?" asked the innocent May. (A/N: I am making it that May has an older brother that Max doesn't really know about, because when he was like 3 years old and May was like 6; yea I know they are only 2 years difference in the really thing, but not in my story; their older brother by the name of Shaun, died in a freak accident no one knows about, when he was like 18; it's complicated, but it will eventually clear up)
    "No sweetie, he will stay here" said a sad Caroline.


    "Hey Drew, I hope you don't mind, but I want to train on my own for a bit. I am going further up the north of Goldernrod, there is a park there, and I was going to train there" May excused herself starting to walk off towards the park.

    "Can't I just go with you to the park up north just train in a different spot" Drew pleaded.

    "Fine" May said as she waited for Drew to follow her.

    All around them were mostly buildings, shopping complex, Business buildings, and home appliances; there was everything you needed in Goldernrod. Goldernrod had changed a lot from what May had remember but still had the same old pathways routes, roads, that May would travel around with her family.

    May and Drew were getting closer and closer to the park, up ahead of May and Drew, there was a sign that read "NORTH PARK". They had arrived. The park was massive. On one side of the park there was nothing but bare land with tones of trainers practicing on it, with all different pokemon. On another side, there were numerous trees that made up a small forest.

    There were park benches and bins at every turn you took at the park. In the centre of the park was a big pond with water pokemon swimming in it. A path way stretched through the park and around every corner to connect the park with a lot of the roads from Goldernrod.

    "Ok I am going to train over there in the trees area, you can train where ever you want besides there okay" May asked trying to get rid of Drew so she could train.

    "Yea whatever" Drew flicked his hair and walked off to some place where he wanted to train.


    I thought I would never get rid of him; anyway time to train with Blaziken. I walked over to the trees area where I said I would be. There was nothing special about this area; it was just more away from fan girls and spectators, and it looked like an easy spot to train as well.

    "Blaziken let's GO!" I yell throwing out Blaziken's pokeball.

    Blaziken flew out of its pokeball and stroke a star-shaped pose. "Blaze" was all it said.

    "Alright, Blaziken, you know what to do, swift and ember, then go into a spin" I instructed and Blaziken obeyed its orders. Blaziken added its own move into the routine and jumped into the air. Stars and embers were shot from Blaziken in all directions, making the stars shine a bright orange glow.

    "Good, now finish up with Sky Upper Cut and hit all the stars" I tell Blaziken. Blaziken's fist glowed brightly as it powered up for a Sky Upper Cut, then it spun around and attacked all the stars making them explode into sparkles every where.

    Blaziken came back onto the ground and stood in one spot silently back in the star pose it started off in.
    "Excellent Blaziken, you did an excellent job" I complement Blaziken.

    Again and again, Blaziken and I perform our routine and practice it as much as we could. Blaziken was getting better and better; especially its aim on the stars. Blaziken was able to hit all the stars in one swoop from Sky Upper Cut.

    "You did amazing today Blaziken" I congratulate Blaziken. "You deserve some good rest" I tell it returning Blaziken returning it to the pokeball it emerged from, at the beginning of our training.

    "Better find Drew, and tell him I have done for today" I mutter to myself and went around the park looking for Drew.



    May had literally ditched me to go train alone. I was hoping that I would be able to train with her, to check out what her routine would be like, but I guess that wouldn't happen.

    It took me a bit longer to find a good training spot but I eventually found a pretty quiet spot to train that seemed to be clear of any trainers, so it would be okay to train in. Where I had stopped was a bit close to the pond. There were water reeds growing where I was and that grass around the pond was pretty wet.
    I started training Absol with different combinations experimenting on the best move set. We tried so many times to get a combination right, that by the time I had figured one out it looked like it was late afternoon.

    "OK, Absol, let's GO!" I shout at Absol.
    "Ab" Absol said stepping forward once again to practice the routine.
    "Alright Absol-" I was stopped.
    "DREWWWW! It's you!" exclaimed a rather crazy girl as she started running towards me. I assumed she was one of my fan girls. She was blonde haired, with blue eyes, she had a side fringe, and her hair was about shoulder length. Part of her hair was in a simple clip that kept the hair to one side. I didn't get to see the rest of her because almost immediately she glomped onto me sending me backwards, and making me fall down onto my back.
    "EEEEEEE" screamed the blonde girl as she fell back with me.

    This random blonde haired blue eyed girl who just glomped me was now on top of me in, what could be the worst position. There we were lying on the ground, with her head under my chin, her left leg hitched up to my left hip, while I was in the most uncomfortable position with this girl on top of me and I am struggling to breathe because she is on top of me. My hands and arms seemed to hug around her, with my hands touching her lower back, and my legs were far apart.
    It might be a bit hard to explain to some one why we were in that position, especially if she said something totally different to what I would say. We laid there for about 5 seconds before my brain decided to kick in, and register that she was on top of me.

    "Get off me" I said in an annoyed tone taking me hands of my back and using my elbows to lean on to look at her. I mean how dare she just glomp me without my consent.

    "Whoops, sorry" she says innocently looking into me, her face only centimetres away from my face. The blonde starts getting up, she for some reason puts her knee in between my legs, her hands move towards my head, and she presses down on her hands; slowly this girl gets up.

    "So, who are you?" I ask getting up myself. As soon as I get up I look at her in the eye while brushing the dirt off my clothing.

    "Me? I'm Becky, and I am like your number 1 fan" squealed the girl called Becky. Since I finally look up and down her, I see that she is wearing really short black shorts which have pockets on each side of her body. The black shorts are accompanied by a white belt that is tied up instead of using a buckle. Her top is just a simple apricot singlet shirt that has small pink flower buttons going down the chest of the shirt in the centre. To finish the attire off she has many bracelets that chime when hit on each arm and hoop earrings.

    "Right; and I assume since you are my biggest fan you want something from me?" I ask Becky.

    "You bet" started Becky "Ok, I want like an autograph in my autograph book, and then a like want a kiss from you on the lips, real passionate if you know what I mean "she said to me winking "And the like finally you will be MY boyfriend for like forever" Becky finished.

    "Ugh, another one of these fans" I thought looking at her weirdly.
    "Alright, Becky, I will give you an autograph later I am training right now, but the other two, no way, not in your life" I state.

    "OMG! Drew your pokemon is heaps strong, you're like the best" Becky said looking at Absol starry eyed.
    "Can I watch you train? Please? Pretty please with cherries on top" Becky begged fluttering her eyes.
    "Fine, but don't get in my way" I say to her so I could continue with training. I turn back to face Absol and get ready to start training. Becky goes down to sit on the grass right neat where I was standing with Absol and watched my every move.

    "Drew" called a voice. I turn around to see May standing there, "what is she doing her" I wonder.
    "Hey May" I greet. Becky stands up and walks over to me and May.
    "Oi, you, Drew was like about to like train, so like don't interrupt, and like f--- off" Becky interrupts "Plus why would he be speaking to a you?" Becky questioned.

    "Oh, sorry, you are?" May ask politely turning to Becky.
    "The name is Becky or Bec; now stop talking and leave; Drewsy needs to train" Becky says.
    "Drewsy? DREWSY?! Great I got myself a nickname, ugh!" I thought unhappily.
    "Ok, right, sorry Becky, I am sorry for interrupting Drewsy's training but I just came to see Drew and tell him I am going" May informed.
    "Why would he need to know, your plans? You are nothing special" says Becky

    At that point, I could swear I saw something inside May rip into pieces and was ready to tear apart Becky from limb to limb, but she didn't. That really amazed me. She brushed it off. May left waving her hand up in air.

    "Ok, see you later May, bye" I wave to her as she starts to leave the park back towards the pokemon centre.



    "Ugh, what was with that Becky person? she was really weird" I thought walking back to the pokemon centre and out of the park.
    I was a little annoyed that Becky just kept throwing insults at me for no reason.
    "It has been a while since I have walked these streets" I mumble to myself waking past the biggest department store in Goldernrod. Looking around I see more new buildings, then there were last time, more and more houses all around.

    According to mom and dad, we still owned our house in Goldernrod, just in case we wanted to move back to Goldernrod, and the Johto region, or that the gym in Hoenn didn't go as well as planned, but my parents didn't want to come back, not now not ever. But I did.


    The younger May was now on her way, moving to Hoenn, pleading to go back to Johto where she belonged.
    "Mommy, please can we go back?" pleaded the young brunette.
    "No sweetie, we are going to start a new life in you life here, it will be an experience" said younger Caroline kindly.
    Little May didn't know much better, she believed her parents.


    I believed them, that it was just to start a new life, but it wasn't always for the best. I was so alone in school, and in Hoenn. I know now that, Mom and dad just moved to Hoenn to escape Johto, they didn't want anything to do with Johto after the accident with Shaun.


    It had been almost 5 years since Shaun had passed away but she still didn't want to move on, even though it appeared she didn't even care when Shaun left the world and left her, she never cried, never mourned, never whimpered with the lost of her brother.

    Shaun was her best friend, and he left. May was the closest to him, and he was the closest to her, Shaun never left may alone for long, and he was always there for here But he promised that he would stay, but he lied, he promised he would always be there for her, but he lied, he promised everything would be okay, but again he lied, she hated him for it but missed because of it. Tears starting trailing down May's cheek slowly, the brunette trying hard to keep the tears from coming down.


    May arrived back at the pokemon centre with stained cheeks and blood shot eyes; her heart had given in and she cried all the way back to the pokemon centre.
    May walked into the pokemon centre and up the green tiled stairs to her room she was staying in. Slowly May passed the rooms before she arrived at her own. Quietly May unlocked the door to her room and threw her black back pack onto the olive green covered bed she was in earlier and went into the bathroom in the room to wash her face and get a drink.

    The bathroom was small in size but big enough to fit a bathtub and shower and a basin with a mirror in it. The bathtub extended to wall from the door to the other side of the bathroom, above the bathtub there was a shower head and taps. On the opposite side of the bathtub was the basin, which like the mirror stretched from the wall with the door to the opposite wall. Above the basin the mirror sat. In between the bathtub and basin, opposite the door that lead into the bathroom, there was another door leading to the toilet.

    "Splash, splash, splash" May let the cool water just soak into her face and wash away the stains. May felt much better now, she looked better too. Looking into the mirror, May could see her eyes were no longer puffy or red and the stains on her cheeks were gone. May smiled, she looked better then she did before. May was calmer then before, and decided on going down to get a drink from the pokemon centre cafeteria. May walked out of the bathroom, back into her room and picked up her back pack then left her room and locked it.

    May walked down the stairs quietly and started to move towards the cafeteria when Drew walked into the pokemon centre.
    "Hey May" Drew called out. May froze at the sound of his voice, and the fact that he had called her. Reluctantly May turned around to face Drew.
    "Hey" the brunette said as calmly as possible. Hoping that he wouldn't notice the fact her eyes were still slightly red.
    Drew looked directly into May's eyes, he saw the sapphire coloured eyes had dulled and there was no life in them, the only other colour he could see was a slight bit of red.
    "What's-" Drew was about to ask May what's wrong but he got interrupted by a piercing voice.
    "Drewsy where are you?" Asked Becky as she walked into the pokemon centre. Shifting her eyes around Becky had spotted Drew. "There you are" Becky screamed with glee.
    "What are you doing with that freak again? You can do so much better "Becky asked Drew. Drew turned around to see the blonde girl running up to him.
    "I just am" Drew said
    "But you could be with me" Becky insisted.
    "Well if it makes you feel better, I am going to the cafeteria anyway, so good bye" May waved off as she sped into the cafeteria for a bottle of water.


    May went into the cafeteria and got a bottle of water from a vending machine and made her way towards the buffet table.

    The room was coloured the same as the rest of the pokemon centre, green and yellow. There were tables and chairs set up all around the hall. May saw a whole lot of food lined up in rows, tonight it was buffet night. May walked back over to the food and grabbed a plate and went over to the spaghetti. First she scooped out a couple of scoops of noodles and then went the meat ball sauce and scooped out some over her plate of spaghetti.

    "Yum" May thought as she made her way to a table which already had cutlery on it. May sat down on one of the chairs near a table and started to eat some of her spaghetti and meatballs. Slowly the brunette twirled her fork in the noodles and scooped out some bringing the food to her mouth. Just as the food reached her mouth Drew came into the cafeteria and walked up to May.

    "What was with you before?" Drew asked.
    May looked up at Drew and let her spaghetti fall down the fork back onto the plate.
    "I don't know what you are talking about" May lied. Drew raised an eyebrow at her.

    "I don't believe that, you were fully out of it, not to mention there was red in your eyes" Drew said matter-of-factly.
    "I was just thinking, and what do you mean by red? A flame?" May started to play dumb.
    "You know what I mean" Drew said starting to get annoyed and looked down at her.

    "Hey Drew" greeted Becky sending a death stare to May. May didn't look up at Becky because she was about to eat some spaghetti but she felt a shiver go down her spine as Becky sent her a death stare. May hadn't eaten anything since she gotten into Goldernrod, and was hungry but now she had lost her appetite.
    "Ugh too many interruptions" May thought as she was once again stopped by some one while trying to eat.
    "What are you doing here, stalking Drew I assume?" asked Becky
    "I just came here to eat, if you have not noticed" May replied pointing down to her plate of spaghetti.
    "Ahh...Right eating carbs, that'll make you fat, well not that you aren't fat already" Becky mocked.
    "Look, I just came to eat, I don't care about carbs or anything because technically all foods no matter what you eat will have carbs in it" stated May.
    "Whatever, you're still going to end up fatter and uglier then before" Becky insulted.
    Drew could see that May was becoming annoyed even if she didn't show it, he ought to know when she is annoyed for all the times he has bugged her. He was about to stop Becky when May stopped this little argument herself.

    "Ugh! If it makes you feel any better, I will stop eating, doesn't matter anyway I have lost my appetite" May yelled at her normal tone and picked up her plate and tossed the spaghetti into the bin and put the plate onto a stack for dirty plates and left the cafeteria.

    Drew watched May walk out of the cafeteria and up the stairs to their bedroom.


    May walked up to her room and placed her bag neatly down on to the floor next to her bed. She flopped onto the bed and sighed, "Why that week, why not the week before? Why not the week after?" She questioned. May was referring to the death of her brother, the anniversary was on the same day as the contest, it would be hard to do some stuff then, every year on that day, she felt the world against her, and the beginning of if was starting to show with Becky just appearing out of now where. Bad carma? May be just bad luck, or something worse like that.--

    The door to May and Drew's room opened.
    "May" Drew whispered as he turned on the light expecting to see May there. May turned her head up.
    "Yea?" May replied.
    "Are you ok?" Drew asked.
    "Yea I'm fine" May said fake cheerily, but not sarcasm.
    "You don't look fine, what's wrong?" Drew questioned.
    "Nothing" May lied, there was something, she was upset.
    "Really? Then why were you crying before?" Drew badgered.
    "I wasn't crying" May insisted.

    There was silence between the two of them; it stayed quiet in the room until May's stomach broke the silence. It made a loud grumbling sound, May was getting hungry.
    "Why don't you come down to get something to eat with me, I am sure you are hungry" Drew offered.
    "Sure" May said kindly, and got up from the bed and walked out of the room with Drew. Going back down the stair case and into the open space; there were no sights or sounds of Becky. She was hopefully gone.

    May and Drew made their way back to the cafeteria and grabbed a plate of spaghetti each. Slowly the two ate the plates of spaghetti, twirling their forks into the plate of spaghetti. Soon the spaghetti was finished and the two coordinators made their way to their rooms to retire for the night. Quickly May and Drew fell asleep.


    A chestnut haired, sapphire blue eyed girl is walking out of the gymnastics dome (A/N: Yea I don't know if May does gymnastics, but she is now) , after a full day of training with her coach. She was 6 years old, but still very talented. Younger May wanted to continue gymnastics the rest of her life, her brother loved to see her perform and that was the main reason she would continue gymnastics just to make her brother happy, but she also wanted to become a pokemon trainer like her Shaun. Shaun was a pokemon league champion, he won every battle with amazing talent, like his father the Goldernrod City gym leader would usually.

    Shaun, like every other day May had gymnastics training came to pick his little sister up with a smile on his face and a small bouquet of flowers. He would always bring flowers, usually bright red roses. May loved roses every time Shaun had bought them for her. May ran up and hugged her brother. Shaun was tall; from May's point of view; and masculine, his hair was a dark brown with a slight tinge of oranges and blacks. He was wearing simple clothing today, a white t-shirt with 3 different coloured thin stripes across the chest horizontally and plain black pants. His shoes were black trainers.

    "Hiya Shaun" May sad cutely looking up to her older brother.
    "Hey May, how are you?" Shaun greeted as he picked up little May in his arms and gave her a big hug.
    "I am good" May said with a big smile hugging her big brother back. May received the bouquet of flowers from Shaun as she was put back down onto the ground.
    "Come on lets go" Shaun said to May as they started waking their way down the road back to the Goldernrod Gym to say hi to their father and then go home.


    Quickly the two passed the gym and said hello to Norman and then left for home.


    "Hey mom we're home" Shaun called out to their mother who was in the back preparing dinner.
    "Hey Shaun, hey May- I am in the kitchen" Caroline called out.


    May and Shaun were playing in the North Park of Goldernrod. May was it and was trying to get Shaun in a game of tag. Running around the park the two played there for hours. Suddenly there were a few gunshots and Shaun looked around to where it was coming from. No one was around, but crowds were running from the park.
    "BANG, BANG, BANG!!" more bullets were being fired. May started running up to Shaun.
    "What's going on big brother?" May asked scared cuddling into Shaun.
    "I don't know May" Shaun said leaning down to May so he could carry May.
    "I'm scared, what is going to happen?" asked an even more frightened May then before.

    "Don't worry, it will be ok, I'll be here no matter what. I won't leave you, I promise" comforted Shaun. Picking up May Shaun carried her out of the park while running.

    "Altaria come on out" Shaun called as he released the blue and white bird pokemon from the pokeball. Its wings were fluffy and soft as it flew right in front of Shaun.
    "Take May home and get her out of here" ordered Shaun as he put May on to Altaria.
    "Wait big brother what about you?" asked a concerned May.
    "I'll be okay" Shaun reassured "Altaria get her out of here" commanded Shaun again. Altaria started flying higher and higher but May wouldn't have it and started to pout.

    "Altaria go back, we have to get big brother" begged May
    "Altaria keep going" shouted Shaun
    "Go back" pleaded May
    "Go home" Shaun ordered again.
    The poor bird pokemon became very confused going back and forth and decided to please both and went up higher, so May wouldn't get hurt, but they could still she Shaun.
    All of a sudden dark silhouettes of 3 men came out of the shadows and shot at Shaun, the first two missed, but the last hit right on the mark. The bullet went straight through Shaun's heart and blood splattered everywhere.

    "SHHAAUUUUUUNNNNNNN!" May screamed from above. The men heard May's scream and started firing at her and Altaria. Altaria immediately knew what was happening and used protect so it and May would be safe, then flew down closer to Shaun, eventually reaching the ground. May jumped off Altaria and ran straight to Shaun.
    "Wake up big brother, wake up!" May pleaded as she shook the dead body. Her hands were becoming covered in blood as she continued to shake Shaun. He was dead.


    "SHHAAAUUNNNNNN" May screamed sitting up in her bed. May was panting hard, her eyes looked scared and terrified; May was covered in sweat and seemed to be still trying to figure what was going on.
    "May, are you alright?" Drew asked concerned as he jumped down from his bed and turned on the lamp. Slowly Drew moved towards May and sat on her bed.
    "Yea, I'm fine, just a bad dream" she said still scared. May looked on the clock in their room, it read 3 am.
    "May, you don't look ok, why don't you go back to sleep?" Drew suggested.
    "I don't feel like going to sleep, I'll stay up for a bit" May insisted.
    "Ok, but try and get some sleep" Drew said trying to comfort May.


    She must have had a pretty bad dream. She was stirring all around in her bed. Wonder what she was dreaming about. Morning will come son; that should ease May's mind. I jump back up to my bed and attempt to sleep, but it is proving difficult.
    Soon I heard a whimper and May started shuffling in her bed.
    "May you sure you are ok?" I ask her looking down at her from my bed.
    "Yea I am fine" stuttered May.


    Morning soon arrived and May became more relieved as she got out of her bed to go have a shower. While Drew was still was asleep. While May was in the shower, some one was knocking at the door.
    "DREWSY!!! I am here!" called out a voice from the other side of the door. Drew shuddered in his sleep, he knew who it was, the green haired boy didn't really want to answer it, who would have thought, a girl like her up that early.

    Drew got up and jumped off his bed and went to greet the person at the door. Slowly Drew opens the door. Opening the door it reveals a flirting blonde. Becky greeted him with a glomp like she did yesterday, but this time Drew was prepared sort if and held her back.

    "Hey Becky what are you doing here?" Drew asked.
    "I asked Nurse Joy what room you were in and I came to say good morning to you" Becky said innocently.

    Just then the door to the bathroom opens to reveal May standing there with everything like it was the night before except her hair was wet and she smelled and looked nicer.
    Becky was the first to react like to this situation.
    "What the f--- is this freak doing in here? Are you like stalking him or something?" Becky asked.
    "No, I do not stalk him, this is my room, I have been paying for it" May said casually coming out of the bathroom moving to her bed.
    "Then why is Drewsy here?" Becky asks turning to me.
    "Because Drewsy and I have been traveling together, and we are friends" May said a matter-of-factly while she was putting on her trainers.
    "How are you, a friend of Drewsy's?" Becky asked May.
    "Don't ask me, ask him" May said pointing to Drew, Becky immediately glares at the poor green eyed boy.
    "Well because she is" Drew answered simply.
    "Wha?" Becky asked dumbstruck.
    "Well, while you two sort your problems out I have got places to be, things to do" May said as she headed for the door.
    May turned around when she was at the door.
    "By the way Becky, if you think I am fat then you must be obese" May teased.
    "Ouch! Score one for May" Drew thought as May waved bye.

    It took a bit longer for Becky to process what May had just said, but when she finally did she was about to insult May when Becky realized May had left.
    "How dare she call me fat, and how dare she leave before I insult her back" pouted Becky.
    "Get back here you" Becky called running after May, and Drew ran after Becky.

    Drew followed Becky out of the pokemon centre to find that May blended in with the crowds around them. She was no where in sight. How could she have disappeared so quickly? Drew was betting that she doesn't even know her way around this place; she will be really lost now.


    I got my revenge on Becky, hope she realizes never to mess with me. Those two would eventually find me but in the mean time, I am just going to look around Goldernrod for a while, I wonder how much has changed, because it has been like ages since I have been here.


    May seemed to walk around for a while before passing by her old house. There was no change. The two story house appeared to be stopped in time, as well as moving with it. The house it self had not actually changed, the roof was still the same old terracotta tiled and coloured roof.

    The bricks were still smooth and a very light creamy colour. The windows seemed a bit dirty, but they were still the same shape, some rounded and others square or rectangular. Curtains from the inside were down and covering what was inside. The plants, flowers and trees were all dead outside of the house, the only thing left were the pots they were in or the flower beds.


    May was eventually found in an ice cream shop in the main shopping district.
    The door opens with Drew and Becky stepping into the cool shop. The two wait for May to receive her ice cream and turn around to face them.
    "Okay that's $4.50 for that miss." Says a man at the counter of the ice cream shop as he and May exchange money for ice cream.
    "Thanks" May says as she receives the ice cream she ordered. Turning around May saw a very annoyed Drew and an extremely ****** Becky.

    "Hiya" May greets cutely.
    "Where the heck have you been?" Drew asked.
    "Nice way to greet people Drew, but I think you might want to work on it" May mocked.
    "Right, now, where were you?" Drew repeated as the three walked out of the ice cream shop into a random but nicely placed park. (A/N: Goldernrod has a lot of parks XD )

    "Places, let's see, I went to the other side of the shopping district, looked at some homes randomly, and went here" May listed while licking her ice cream.
    "Right… I bet you got lost" Drew mocked.
    "You loose that bet then" May said matter-of-factly.

    "Really? Then how did you get around this big place without getting lost?" Drew inquired.
    "I have my ways, for one the pokenav" May stated.
    "Ahem" Becky butted in, obviously not liking being ignored.
    "Yes?" May asked bluntly.
    "I am sorry but it's so unlike you to carry or use your pokenav" interrupted Drew.
    "Your point is?" May questioned.
    "How the heck did you get around?" Drew asked again. (A/N: yes Becky is still there, I am juts ignoring her right now…hehe >3 )

    "If it makes you feel any better, I know my way around Goldernrod ok" sighed May "that would explain why I was able to find my way to the North Park so easily yesterday, if you recall" May said matter-of-factly.
    "Well you could have told me in first place, then I wouldn't of had to attempt to find you all day in this massive city, thinking that you would most likely be lost" Sighed Drew.
    "Well can we please go back to the pokemon centre, now? After looking for you, I am getting pretty tired" Drew pleaded.

    "Go ahead, I am going to look around a bit more" May said finishing her ice cream.
    "Oh no you don't, you're coming back with me!" Drew insisted dragging May along towards the pokemon centre.

    "Get off" May snapped "I am not some little kid! I know this city well enough to not get lost in it, and I will make my way back on my own, so leave me alone!" May yelled stopping Drew from dragging her back.
    "May! Come on it's late, I mean look up at the sky, it's pretty late" Drew said pointing up at the sky. It was starting to get darker, with only the slightest tint of colour from the sunset left.

    "I don't care, I know my way around, don't worry, I will just be a little longer" May said calmly.
    "If you are going to be a little longer, then I will come with you" Drew suggested.
    "No I will be fine without you" May insisted.
    "I insist I come"
    "No-" May got interrupted by Becky.
    "Why do you want to go with her anyway?" Becky questioned, seeming a little jealous.
    "Because I am curious to see where she wants to go" Drew replied smoothly.
    "Why aren't you curious to where I go?" Becky asked
    "Because you follow me around like a Poochyena on a leash" Drew said matter-of-factly.
    "OMG! Drew you are so smart!!" Becky squealed randomly and glomped onto Drew.

    Slowly May was making her escape from the green haired boy and the blonde girl.
    "A little more, just a bit more, slowly, slowly" May thought edging away from the two. The brunette had made it at least 5 meters away from Drew and Becky when she accidentally stepped on a stick, causing it to crack and make a large cracking sound emitted from May. Immediately Drew and Becky look up from their conversation/ hugging session to May who was beginning to feel a little nervous.

    "MAY!" Drew shouted "Get back here" Drew said pointing to the ground near his feet.
    "Never!" May hissed at him and started running off.
    "May" Drew whined, "Come back" he pleaded chasing after the brunette.

    The three chased after each other down the streets of Goldernrod, going down one street and up the next the trio eventually passed by May's house. May didn't intentionally run into this house or direction, if anything she was going to avoid it as much as possible while she was here, but it was inevitable, the house caught up with her and she found it.
    May slowly slowed down before the house and stared at it in awe.
    Drew eventually caught up with May, stopping where she had stopped, and looked at the house the brunette was staring at. It didn't seem that special to him, nothing fancy about it, the house was in tact while the garden wasn't.

    "May?" Drew looked at her with concern.
    "Oi May" Drew called to her waving his hand in front of her face.
    "Huh?" May asked looking at Drew.
    "You know the people who live in this house or something?" Drew asked after Becky finally caught up with May and Drew.
    "Can you guys not do that? I am not made to run that long" Becky whined who finally caught up with May and Drew.
    "Yea sure" Drew replied.
    "Well I guess you could say that, Drew" May said walking away from the house towards the pokemon centre.


    May and Drew arrived at the pokemon centre moments later after they had gone by Becky's house and parted ways there.
    "So May, who lives in that house?" Drew asked as they walked into the pokemon centre.
    "Just some people" May said glumly.
    "Well I am going to bed, I am a little tired right now" May yawned as she retired back up to their room.
    "Ok May, good night" Drew waved off.
    "Night" May yawned again as she walked up the stair case.
    May unlocked the room to their door, and went straight for her bed. May didn't bother placing her bag down on the floor and just tossed it onto the head of the bed next to her pillow. May sat down on the bed and took off her trainers and socks then sank into the covers of the bed.


    Younger May is being escorted back to her home while her parents take care of all the business, after the murder of Shaun. The murderers were never caught, and seemed to vanish into thin air. It was decided that Shaun's pokemon would be kept with Norman and Caroline in their pokeballs, or however else they choose, but they are not to be used in formal battling ever again, unless to help some one, they weren’t their pokemon after all.
    May watched her mother and father as she was driven away back home to where a babysitter was waiting for her to arrive back home.
    "Hello May" greeted the babysitter. She had long, purple hair that was tied back into a ponytail. She was wearing simple jeans and a white t-shirt.
    May looked up at the babysitter, looking like she was about to cry, wanting sympathy, she was on the verge of tears when the baby sitter picked her up and carried her into the bathroom to be cleaned up.

    Fifteen minutes later May was cleaned up wearing a fresh set of clothes. She was placed down in front of the TV and left there to watch it. May didn't feel like watching TV and walked up stairs to her bedroom. May was getting really tired and wanted to sleep, but her head just wouldn't allow it, the little girl was still taking in what had just happened with her brother. She was twisting and turning but never actually slept.

    May was upset with the death of her brother, and tears were once again forming. Tears were now pouring out of her eyes, forming rivers down her cheeks.
    "May where are you?" called out the babysitter. The babysitter was worried she had lost little May while she was fixing dinner.
    "There you are" the babysitter said relieved to find May in her room. May looked up at the babysitter with tear covered eyes.
    "Ok enough with the crying, what has happened has happened and tears don't solve anything" the babysitter said bluntly.
    "But…" whined May.
    "No buts" scolded the babysitter "Crying is weak; now stop it" said the babysitter harshly.
    "Come it is time to eat" ordered the babysitter as she picked May up and took her downstairs to eat.

    May eventually stopped crying after 3 or 4 more times of the babysitter scolding her, telling her to stop crying and that it was weak. May wanted to cry, but she didn't. The little brunette figured if she didn't cry, she wouldn't be weak, and if she wasn't weak she would have made her big brother happy.

    She never really intentionally cried again. (A/N: Ignore all times May has cried in the series please, I am trying to create something here)



    Well there is part 1, tomorrow part 2 is going to be up,

    I hope you lied it so far,


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    Dolphy-chan, watch what you say about brunettes!!! Not all of us are cazy! *Crickets crirp* ...Okay, maybe I'm crazy too but that's not the point!!!

    Enough ranting...for now. That was a good chappie! A few spelling errors but other thn that, good description and you could really feel what they were about.

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    I was suprised May didn't do anything to Becky... Good chapter. But I hate Becky. Get rid of her.

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    Default chapter 4- The Life before Hoenn part 2

    sorry for not updating earlier, I kept forgetting, but here it is, chapter 4 part 2, 1 more part to this chapter.


    Two weeks later the contest was beginning in Goldernrod finally, all coordinators were getting in last minute practice before the show began. May was practicing extra hard since her and Blaziken changed their routine a bit, but it was still the same format.

    "Welcome ladies and Gents to Goldernrod city's pokemon Contest" welcomed the contest MC Vivian, who was still wearing her pink and rose attire. "I am Vivian your host, and these are our Judges; First Mr. Rauk Contesta, head judge; then we have My Sasuko, head of the pokemon fan club, and then finally Goldenrod's very own Nurse Joy" introduced Vivian. The crowd begins to cheer loudly.

    "In this contest coordinators will be competing for this lovely ribbon and a chance in the Johto region Grand festival" Vivian held up a ribbon that was a simple pink polka dots on a white background.
    "Now finally let's start things off with May, this will be May's second contest in Johto so make her feel welcome" Vivian said as she introduced May.
    May came out of the contest arena entrance with a pokeball in hand.

    "Blaziken let's go; swift then fire spin" May pronounced throwing out Blaziken's pokeball into the air. The blaze pokemon came out of the pokeball shooting Swift into the air above it in a amazingly straight line while Blaziken landed on its feet. Then it started up Fire Spin which made a fiery twister around the stars. When the fire spin stopped all you could see is the stars glowing bright red instead of a bright orange.

    "And straight in to the appeal round May and her Blaziken go, showing a beautiful display of control with fire" Vivian states.

    "Ok Blaziken jump up high, above the stars and use Sky Upper Cut on the stars" May commanded. Blaziken obeyed quickly and jumped into the air and head down to the stairs head first with its fist glowing a bright blue while hitting the stars. Blaziken was heading head first into the ground.

    "Blaziken finish it with Flame thrower" May ordered. Blaziken shot out flames from its mouth which acted as a safe landing for Blaziken giving it enough time to jump in their air when close enough to the ground using the flames as a spring. Blaziken landed back onto the ground in the same position it began with at the beginning of the appeal.

    "That was an amazing way to start off this contest, let's see what our judges think" Vivian said turning to the judges.
    "Nicely done a little cliché with swift and ember, but you didn't use ember and that created an amazing new effect" Contest said.
    "It was remarkable" Mr. Sasuko complemented.
    "An amazing start and a dramatic finish, well done" finished Nurse Joy.

    "Now let's see your scores" Vivian said moving onto the t next part of the appeal round for May.
    "Seven point eight, 7.6 and 7.9 which will give you a score of 23.3, a good solid score to begin with. Next up contestant number 2 Seth" Vivian said as May left the stage.
    "You did well Blaziken, return" May said to her Blaze pokemon as it went into the pokeball.
    May walked back to the back stage room where the other coordinators were. Most of the coordinators were talking to people a couple were shoving tongues down each others throat, and then there was Drew trying to avoid Becky shoving her tongue down his throat.

    "Freak, you did crap, I don't see why Drew would travel with some one so weak, when he'd be better off with me" Becky "greeted" May
    "You are entitled to your own opinion" May tells her as May finds a seat to sit on. May sat down eventually near the lockers and clasped her hand around her locket. Being in Goldernrod for so long was getting tough on May knowing what had happened here in the past.

    "Next up is Drew" called out Vivian's voice from the television that was placed in the coordinators room.
    Drew walked out of the backstage room and towards the stage to perform.

    "Absol let's go" the green haired boy called out. Absol was flung out of the pokeball and made a strong stance in the centre of the stage.
    The appeal was over and Drew and Absol took a bow before Absol was returned into the pokeball.
    "Excellent appeal, let's see what our judges thought" said Vivian.
    "Well done, excellent appeal" complemented Contesta.
    "Remarkable" cheered Mr. Sasuko.
    "Nice performance" commented Nurse Joy.

    "Let's see your scores" said Vivian as she waited for the scores to be shown. "8.9, 8.8 and 8.7, that gives you a total of 26.4, good solid score" congratulated Vivian "Now let's move onto our next contestant, Becky" Vivian introduced.
    May and Drew froze as soon as they heard Becky was in this contest.
    "She was in the contest? How? When?" May and Drew thought at the same time.


    "Bella go!" cried Becky as she threw the pokeball into the air.
    "Azu" chimed a little blue mouse as it bounced out of the pokeball. The pokemon was a dark blue all over its body. Its tail moved from its back in a thin zig-zag line and ended in a ball under the blue mouse. It had little round ears and two white dots on each cheek. The blue blob had no arms, but tiny, rounded feet. It was an Azurill.
    "Awwww" cheered the audience who were immobilized with Azurill.

    "Ok Bella use Bubble" squeaked Becky.
    Bella obeyed and shot little bubbles out of its mouth. Soon bubbles of all sizes surrounded Azurill. Azurill became big eyed and started to stare at the bubbles with amazement. It was rather cute.

    "Now Bella use tail whip and it the bubbles" shouted Becky
    Bella obeyed once again and wagged its tail around the bubbles and hit almost every single one of them.

    Again the audience fell in love with the little Azurill as it attempted to hit all the bubbles.
    "What an adorable performance" complimented Vivian.
    Bella and Becky finished the performance off with Bella bouncing around the room and finally landing into Becky's arms.

    "Let's see what our judges think" Vivian exclaimed pointing to the judges.
    "An interesting performance" said Contesta. (A/N: interesting isn't always good XD; )
    "Nicely done" complemented Mr. Sasuko.
    "Cute performance" exclaimed Nurse Joy.
    "Let's see your scores now" Vivian said looking at the judge's panels to see Becky's scores.
    "8.0, 7.9 and 8.1 that gives you a score of 24" calculated Vivian.
    "Next up we have Jake" Vivian introduced as Becky left the stage.


    "Drewsy how do you think I went?" squealed Becky as she entered the coordinators room.
    "Nothing special, your scores were a pity vote in my opinion" Drew said casually.
    "Well at least my score was better then freak from red over there" Becky said matter-of-factly pointing to May "You here that, I beat you, give up in this contest and it will be so much better for you" teased Becky looking down on May.

    "Oh no, you beat me…what will I ever do?" May asked sarcastically "There is only 7 points difference from your score and my score by the way"
    Becky's jaw dropped, May didn't even flinch at the second she was insulted about her coordinating skills.
    "Seven points could be enough to stop you from going into the preliminaries" Becky stated.
    "She's right you know May" Drew said siding with Becky. "You're siding with her? You argh" May screamed in her head. The brunette looked up at Drew and Becky; she looked like she didn't care about contests anymore.

    "Well, you win some you loose some" May sighed as she got up from her seat. She didn't appear to care; by the way the blue eyed girl was acting.
    "I need some air" announced May as she walked out of the room head high and into the hall that lead to the front doors. May needed a break from all of this, so she headed outside because it was much quieter than inside.


    "And this is the girl you travel with?" Becky questioned back inside the coordinators room. "I don't see what is so great about her; she is never around you from what I have seen in this city, she is terribly weak with her pokemon and performs crap as shown from her score and she doesn't even care about contests" Becky stated.
    "You should travel with me, I am the opposite of her; always around when needed, strong and I care about contests" Becky suggested moving closer to Drew.

    "Yea, right" Drew said sarcastically. Unfortunately Becky took the answer literally and started bouncing around the room, like her Azurill was in the preliminaries. Soon the preliminary round was over and a short break was made for trainers to get in some extra practice or get their pokemon ready for the next round, if they made it.


    May was still sitting on a park bench outside the contest dome when the preliminary rounds had finished.
    "May" squealed a high pitched voice. It was Becky. May turned around to see that it was Becky, but she wasn't with the green haired boy she was stalking. May was kind of shocked to see Becky out here without Drew and the fact Becky called to may using her name not some other thing was really surprising as well.

    "Hello Becky" May greeted as nice as she could.
    "You should come inside now, they are about to announce who enters the secondary round" Becky insisted walking up to May.

    "Yea coming" said May to Becky as she got up from where she was sitting. The two girls walked back into the Contest dome where Vivian was just about to announce the people going into the next round.

    "Welcome back ladies and gentlemen to the secondary round. We will now announce who will be in the next round" Vivian announced as four pictures appeared onto the monitor above her.
    "Drew, Becky, May and Seth will be going onto the next round" Vivian announced. "Now let's see who will be facing off against each other 'Vivian said looking up towards the big screen.

    On the screen, you could see the four pictures. First battle was between May and Becky and the other battle was between Drew and Seth.
    "There you have it folks, the first battle has been decided, and it will be a battle of fire vs. water, which one will win" Vivian exclaimed. "Will Becky and May please come out" Vivian asked as May and Becky came out of the coordinators room and onto the battle arena.

    "Good luck" Becky said nicely "By the way, Drew is traveling with me now, not you" Becky said running off through the hallway.

    "Wha?" May was dumbstruck. Drew wouldn't ditch her right? He wouldn't, would he? Maybe she was holding the talented male coordinator back; like she thought she did with her brother. May wouldn't stand for this, Drew would NOT travel with that b----- if she had anything to say about it.

    Some how May would have to show Drew in this next battle that she was better than Becky, some how there has to be a way; just so he wouldn't travel with the blonde. May really hated traveling alone, she said to herself to justify her actions.
    May arrived at the battle arena to be greeted by hundreds of spectators, the judges, Vivian and a mocking Becky. Slowly the brunette looked around the room as she made her way to her side of the battle field.

    "Here it is ladies and gentlemen, the first battle of the semi-finals, pairing off between May and her Blaziken vs. Becky and her Azurill, with fine minutes started up on the clock begin!" Vivian announced as Becky and May threw out their pokeballs.

    "Come on out Bella" squealed Becky. The little blue mouse pokemon bounced out of its pokeball and landed in front of Becky facing May with a confident smile.

    "Blaziken, take the stage" May said proudly, she had to win this or at least tie some how, so Becky couldn't win. The blaze pokemon flew out of the pokeball and landed strongly on the ground ready to fight this little blue stress ball.

    "Blaziken lets start this off with swift" May pronounced starting off first.
    Blaziken immediately shot glowing stars from out of its mouth and aimed it at Azurill.

    "And a strong start from May" Vivian exclaimed.

    "Bella counter with bubble" Becky commanded.
    "Becky counters with bubble will that be enough to stop swift?" Vivian questioned.

    Bubbles were flying out of the little blue mouse and were aimed for the stars. Unfortunately the stars pierced through the bubbles and still kept going on to Azurill. Azurill got hit and Becky's points drop slightly because of it.

    "Aww" Vivian sighed "Bubble didn't stop the fast approaching swift, and Bella got hit; Becky's points will take a small toll for that" commentated Vivian.

    "Oh yea? Bella use water gun" retorted Becky.
    "Dodge it Blaziken and then leap over to Azurill, grab its tail then send it flying with Sky Upper Cut" May shouted.

    Blaziken obeyed, and dodge the water gun quickly and then leapt over Azurill to quickly grab the tail and threw it up into the air giving Blaziken enough time to hit Azurill with Sky Upper Cut.
    "May comes back strong" Vivian exclaimed.
    "Bella don't give in, use water gun to bounce off the wall safely" Becky shouted. Bella shot a water gun straight at the wall it was heading into and made the landing softer for it.
    "And quick recovery from Becky, May's points will have to suffer for it" Vivian commented.

    "Don't let it recover fully, Flame thrower then double kick Blaziken" ordered May.
    Blaziken shot an army of flames towards Azurill, Bella saw it coming and waited for it's trainer to make a command.

    "Stop that flame thrower Bella, Water pulse" yelled Becky.
    Azurill did as it was command and shot a water pulse attack right in front of the flame thrower, some how both attacks were evenly matched and created and explosion on contact. The blast sent Bella and Blaziken backwards towards their trainers.

    "Blaziken" May shouted with concern.
    "Azurill roll out!" shouted Becky from the other side of the field. The little blue ball shot back at Blaziken hitting it the first time and second time leaving Blaziken defenseless.
    "Blaziken, can you get up?" asked a very concerned May

    "Blaze" it nodded slowly getting up.
    "Good, try double team then flame thrower" May suggested.
    Blaziken once again obeyed and created multiple copies of itself; surrounding the entire field, each one moving incredibly fast. Azurill became confused to which one it should hit and stopped the roll out attack. Then all the Blaziken started up a flame thrower attack and aimed it at Azurill, the little mouse had no where to go and was hit.

    "Can Bella still stand after that last attack?" Vivian questioned leaving the entire room in suspense.
    "Bella get up" pleaded Becky "please get up" begged Becky. Azurill was up, but struggling, it was getting weak.
    "Can you keep going?" asked Becky. Azurill nodded and started glowing white.

    It was evolving. Slowly the small little Azurill changed into a more rounded, bigger body. The ears grew bigger, and the tail bell grew smaller, hands grew from each side of the pokemon and the feet became longer and less rounded. When the light finally dimmed, it revealed a Marill.

    Like Azurill the body of Marill was a constant dark blue colour. In the centre of its large and rounded body was a white circle indicating its stomach. The inside of the ears were red and the white dots on the cheek were gone.

    "Oh my, this is a first in any pokemon contest I have been to, a pokemon has evolved in front of our eyes" Vivian exclaimed.
    "Alright Bella, let's start a new beginning and win this, cover this field with water, use surf" Becky said triumphantly. A wave started brewing up behind the newly evolved Marill as Marill started up the surf attack.

    "Stop that surf Blaziken, use flame thrower full power!" May said quickly. Blaziken once again shot flames from its mouth and this time aimed it at the wave that was beginning to rise. The heat from the flames evaporated the water making the wave crush behind Marill and it Marill instead of Blaziken.

    "A strong counter from May, using Flame thrower to stop that wave" Vivian exclaimed. Even though May had made amazing comebacks, she was still losing this battle and with only one minutes remaining she didn't know if she would be able to make a powerful comeback, Blaziken was getting tired and was getting worn out; but so was Marill; she'd have to finish it with one attack.

    "With only one minutes remaining, can May make this battle turn in her favour?" asked Vivian expectantly.
    "There is no way" Becky said confidently "Bella finish it off with Hydro Pump"

    Marill shot out a strong long lasting blast of water from its mouth and aimed at Blaziken.
    "Blaziken, block with over heat" May commanded, this would be the final move.
    Blaziken shot its first overheat and the strongest ;for the battle; at Marill, the two attacks collided with each other competing with strength, but eventually Blaziken's over heat attack gave in and died down.

    "Damn Blaziken's attack failed and hydro Pump is still going" May gritted her teeth. May lost points for the stop of the attack.
    "Blaziken jump up to dodge the attack" May commanded.

    Blaziken jumped up into the air; at least 4 meters; and dodged the attack just in time before it hit its mark, Blaziken didn't suffer any damage to its body at all. The hydro Pump was still going after Blaziken dodged it, and Marill was trying to aim for the dodging Blaziken, but soon it lost its balance and the hydro pump went shooting for May. Blaziken couldn't stop the attack because it was too far to help her out, and the attack was still pretty strong.

    May just stood there in shock as the water came rushing towards her; she was going to get hit. Her legs wouldn't move, but she was telling them to move. She was in shock and scared, the brunette couldn't and wouldn't move.

    "May look out" shouted Drew from inside the coordinators room and started running towards the stage.

    May heard Drew's call (A/N: some how don't ask me how) and immediately jumped into the air gracefully. May was at the height her Blaziken was only seconds ago, but safe. Drew came running out of the hallway into the battle arena expecting to see an injured and soaked May, but he didn't, the green haired coordinator looked around the room to see May half way up in the air and going into a flip.

    May somersaulted in mid air and landed on her feet near Vivian. The audience was stunned at May's talent, some guessing that it was just luck. The battle clock had stopped and Becky had one.

    "There you have it, the first match of the semi-finals is now finished, and the victory goes to Becky and her Marill" Vivian said still a little speechless at May's little performance.

    The crowd went silent and all eyes were on May, except Becky and her Marill who were celebrating their victory. May felt all eyes on her and shivered; the brunette could feel blush approaching onto her face and decided to head back for the coordinators room where there would be less stares, hopefully.

    Slowly May made her way back to the coordinators room, passing the audience, the judges, Vivian and a quiet staring Drew while she was at it. Blaziken followed its trainer into the coordinators room not that amazed that May could do such a thing. Slowly the audience got back with reality and look off into the direction May went.

    Drew slowly got himself back into reality and chased after May who was already back inside the coordinators room. Drew was at the door of the coordinators room when his name was called out for the second match. Drew vs. Seth. Drew hesitantly walked back onto the battle stage ready to battle with his opponent.


    "And with fine minutes on the clock, the battle between Drew and Seth shall now begin" announced Vivian.

    "Absol let's go" shouted Drew as he threw out Absol's pokeball.
    "Let's go Ralts" shouted Seth as a white body and faced pokemon appeared out of the pokeball. It was a pretty small pokemon; on the top of its head was a green army-type helmet with a red horn pointing out of the front of the helmet.

    "Absol faint attack then crunch" Drew commanded.
    "Ralts Calm mind" ordered Seth.
    Ralts stood in the middle of the arena waiting for Absol to attack. Soon Absol hit with faint attack and then crunch attack and Ralts was knocked out.

    The judges had the x's marked on their panels and indicated that Ralts was no longer fit to be in the battle, it was over.
    "That was a quick battle" Drew thought "Now I will face Becky…ugh!"
    "And with minutes to spare, Drew will move onto the final round" Vivian announced. "Will Becky and Drew please come to the final stage for the finals" Vivian called out.


    I can't believe Blaziken and I lost to that b---- from hell, Becky. So what if she had the upper hand in type advantage, Blaziken has beaten tones of water pokemon without getting any serious damage like it did in this battle, damn her and that petty excuse for a Marill.

    I hate her; I can't believe Drew would ditch me for her. I hate him! Damn this world! Can't it just give me a break? Why would Drew ditch me anyway? Am I holding him back? I can't be, he would still be here anyway at roughly the same time if I wasn't there. He can't do much until the contest starts, and we have been here for 2 weeks so I can't be holding him back right?

    That sniveling, conniving b----, I bet she was lying, Drew wouldn't ditch me. She probably just said that so I would get distracted in the battle. That has to be it, though I have to give her credit for thinking up something like that.

    Drew was battling Becky now, there would be no doubt that Drew would win, I mean, there I no way he could to her the way he battles.


    Back in the battle arena, the crowd is going wild at the announcement that the battle has begun.
    "Absol start this off with Quick attack" ordered Drew. Absol darted forward towards Marill at amazing speed.
    "Dodge it Bella" retailed Becky.
    Marill attempted to jump out of the way, but it wasn't fast enough and got hit with quick attack. Marill fell to the ground and Becky's points dropped.
    "Bella get up" whined Becky.
    "Absol finish it off with thunder" ordered Drew. Sparks were raging up from Absol as it powered up for a thunder attack. Absol charged up and ran towards Marill.
    "Bella GET UP!" shouted Becky at Marill. But Marill couldn't, it was to exhausted from the previous battle it just had with Blaziken, it just couldn't get up. Marill laid down on the battle arena waiting for the attack to hit.
    Thunder hit directly on the mark, Marill was sent flying back to Becky. It was beaten.

    The x's appeared again on the screen and Marill wasn't allowed to fight anymore.
    "And there you have it folks, the judges declare Marill unable to battle anymore, so this year's winner for the Goldernrod contest goes to Drew" Vivian concluded.


    I knew he would win. Becky lost but she still adores him fluttering her eyes at him constantly, and throwing tones of compliments to Drew. That prep I hate her argh! Damn her.

    Drew walks back into the coordinators room where I am with Becky on his arm. He hasn't looked at me yet and I look down at my pokeball holding Blaziken, I just can't make eye contact with him, I don't know why, I just can't. I look more focused on my pokeball than anything else. It sounded like some one was walking over to me, and I assumed it was Drew.

    "You didn't like my performance?" he mocked.
    "What are you taking about?" I ask dumbly


    "Ignore her Drew, she is just upset she lost" mocked Becky "Anyway, where are we going to next Drewsy?" Becky asked changing the subject.
    "Why don't you choose" he suggested sarcastically"

    "Really Drewsy? Ok then, how about we go to…" Becky paused for a moment to think. She obviously didn't take or notice the sarcasm in Drew's voice. Neither did May.
    "He…he…is actually going to travel with her, I thought she was just lying, he is going to travel with Becky" May stuttered in her thought, very shocked at Drew's response.

    May felt like the inside of her heart was ripped into shreds and tossed into some bin; that stung.
    "The closing ceremony is about to begin, will all coordinators please come to the front stage" announced Vivian.
    "Well we better go up" May assumed as she got up from her seat and walked to the front stage to see Drew get the Goldernrod ribbon.


    There you have it, part 2. I shall be putting part 3 up tomorrow, I promise.

    I hope youl ike it


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    I know just how Drew must feel. Nobody understands my sarcasm and it gets annoying. My heart bleeds for May, taking it litrall and thinking Drew doesn't like her. And I wish Becky a slow and very painful death. Hopefully by Flygons to symbolise me. DIEDIEDIE!!!

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    Default chapter 4- The Life before Hoenn part 3

    Sorry for the late update, here is the finla part to chapter 4, enjoy



    So I was just the disposable Drew used until he found another person to travel with eh? Well by all means Drew take her with you and leave me behind, I should have known he wouldn't want to travel with me, without getting something in return. That no good, lying, little simpleton. I hate him.

    The ceremony has started taking place; all the coordinators are standing around the judges, Vivian and Drew, congratulating him on his easy victory. Everyone in the audience is cheering for him, everyone except for me; I just smiled at his little achievement for a moment then walked back to the coordinators room while Drew was being presented the ribbon.

    Back in the coordinators room I quickly pack up everything I own and start to walk out of the contest arena back to the pokemon centre. I was able to disappear pretty quick and got back to the pokemon centre pretty quick. I walked up the green stair case again for the final time and walked into the room I had hired for Drew and I.

    Inside I got out my wallet and took out 500 poke dollars. That should be enough for the accommodation for the past 2 weeks. I bury my wallet back into my bag and left the money under a note on the wooden desk that says:
    There is money underneath the note. Use it to pay for the accommodation, I told you I would pay for it,
    See you around, May".
    I quickly left the room and go downstairs to the video phones. I needed a place to stay for one last night, so I was going to call mom and ask her to send me the key for our old house.


    "Hey May, where'd you go?" Drew asked as she arrived downstairs.
    "Oh, I had to check something out" lied May "I'll meet with you in the cafeteria later, I have to call mom and tell her everything is ok with my journey"

    Drew nodded and left May to go to the cafeteria for some food.

    May slotted her phone card into the money slot so she could call her mom and then pressed the appropriate numbers to call.
    "Ring, Ring" The green phone made the usual ring sound before some one answered. On the screen on the video phone there was a little Pidgey that was saying "Calling, calling" while flapping its wings up and down, around the Pidgey the screen was covered with a light aqua blue colour.

    The aqua screen son changed when May's mom answered the phone. May's mom was wearing her usual outfit and her hair was orange which seemed to grow a bit since May last saw her mom.
    "Hey sweetie, how are you? How's the journey coming along?" greeted the orange haired woman.
    "Hey mom, I have been good, journey is going great, got a new pokemon and a new ribbon" May informs her mother.
    "That's good" says Caroline.
    "Mom, I actually called so I could ask you something" May told her mom getting straight to the point.
    "Yes, what is it sweetie?" asks Caroline.

    "I wanted you to send over the key, I need a place to stay tonight, and I wanted to check out our house, plus most of the furniture is still there" May said.

    Caroline realized immediately what her daughter wanted, and was taking a while to figure out an appropriate answer. The orange haired women took her time to answer but when she had figured an answer she decided to send the key over the phone.

    "Fine, but please don't loose it" said Caroline.
    "You know I wouldn't loose something like this, if it makes you feel better, I will put the key with my locket" May informed waiting for her mom to send over the key by phone. (A/N: I don't know if they could send stuff over by phone, but now in my fan fiction they can ^_^ )

    Slowly the key was sent over by the phone and May received it. Showing her mother that she wouldn't loose it, she got out an old gold locket that was heart shaped and on a gold chain and slipped the key on the chain though the whole of the key.

    The key was now on the chain. May grabbed both ends of the chain and guided it around her neck to the back where she clipped the chain in place so it wouldn't move.

    "See mom, I won't loose it" May tried to convince her mom.
    "Good to hear from you like always, but I had better go; I have got to cook dinner" said a relieved Caroline.
    "Ok mom, tell Dad I said hi, bye" said May as the phone screen went dark.

    The phone beeped for a moment and then spat out May's phone card from its slot.

    May walked away from the video phones and towards the doors of the pokemon centre. Walking her way back, she saw that the sky had gone dark and street lights were beginning to illuminate the darkness.

    May walked out of the pokemon centre without any interruptions from anyone and made her way to the house she used to live in; in the dark.


    May sure is taking her time to talk with her mother. I would never talk that long with my parents, even if my life depended on it. I better go check on her, see how much longer she has to go with her conversation.

    I walked over to the wall of green video phones to find May missing for the spot she was sitting in. maybe she had to go to the bathroom or something, so I had better check our room. I ran up the green tiles and up to our room. I storm into the green decorated room to find that no one was there. There wasn't even May's back pack there, so I couldn't assume she went to the toilet.

    I look around the room for a second to make sure my eyes didn't play some trick on me, and May's bag was actually there. There was no black pack, only the beds, the couch, money, the desk, the chair. Hang on…money? That wasn't there before. What the heck would a bundle of money be doing on the desk, maybe contest prize money, but I had already gotten that prize already, maybe adoring fans?

    I walked over to the desk where the money was. On top of the money was a folded piece of paper, I had to assume it was a note from some one, either addressed to me or May. I opened up the little piece of paper to find that the note was from me. It read:
    There is money underneath the note. Use it to pay for the accommodation, I told you I would pay for it,
    See you around, May.

    It took me a while to register what the note had read but eventually my brain turned on again and the note was registered into my mind. My jaw dropped.
    What? Where the heck is she? Where the heck did she get the money from? Is she ditching me?

    I have got to go find her, she has got to be somewhere in this city. Ugh! This is a really big city; it will take me ages to find her. Better start now.

    I walked back down the green stair case and out of the pokemon centre to look for May. Ok where could she be? Shopping district? Nah, the shops are closed at this hour. North Park? I don't think she would have walked that far at this time of the night. Ice cream Parlor? It's closed. Some other park? I don't know any other parks argh!

    I had better just start searching the city, and ask people if they have seen a young blue eyed, brunette girl with a red bandanna on her head. I ran towards the rest of the city searching high and low for May.



    I finally arrived back at my house, and I was able to go back home inside. I walk up the hill that the two story, cream cricked, terracotta roofed house was on. I arrive at the front door of my house. I take the key off my neck and insert it into the handle of the door, slowly twisting it, the door unlocks and I open it. Waking inside the house, I see nothing has changed, surprisingly there appears to be no dust or anything, like it was cleaned regularly. I dump my back on the white tiled entrance and walk around the house.

    We left in such a hurry that most of our belongings and bits and pieces were still there. I am glad to see the place my heart was closest to hasn't changed. The family room is still the same, everything I remember is still in it, the couches are still in their original position, and they were futons with the frames were out of wood while the mattress thing was a light apricot colour.

    The coffee table is still in the centre of the room on top of a flower decorated red and orange rug. The white tiles from the entrance continue into the living room and though out the whole house. The television at the opposite end of the living room to the couches.

    I walk into the kitchen though the lounge room to see the chairs we sat on at the dinner table as we left them, all over the place. The kitchen bench was clean and still shined a tanned colour. Everything was cleaned in the kitchen, not a drop of water, not a sign of dust or dirt.

    I walk up to my room which was the furthest to the kitchen and my parent's room, but was at the front of the house; upstairs. My room door was opened and showed a bit of my room. I always kept everything in my room so neat while Shaun was the messy one. His room was still in way we left it, the same it was when he woke up that morning before he died. Mum and dad never wanted to touch the room, said it was the only way to remember him. That is why they never sold the house.

    Getting closer to my room, there is a mat outside my room that has pink frills all over edges with a torchic in the middle of it firing embers out of its mouth. How ironic that this pokemon was my first pokemon. My room was mainly Torchic, Combusken and Blaziken orientated. There were a few Skitty plush dolls around my room and Beautifly decorations but that was all.

    My curtains were a light orange and bright red colour that spread across a massive window. Like I said before tiles were all over the house even the rooms. On my floor there was my favourite circular rug, it had pink hearts embedded all over it with the rest being white.

    I was happy to see my room and stuff again. I missed it a lot.


    May had spent the rest of the night at her house just going around and looking at everything.

    Drew was beginning to worry about where May would be. He checked all over the city, but no one had seen May. The brunette wasn't in any restaurant, wasn't at any park, wasn't even on the road for Drew to see.

    Drew had given up looking for May and figured that the next pokemon contest, he would find the brunette and have a little talk with her. Drew sat down on a park bench outside the ice cream shop. He had to rest for a moment and closed his eyes. He was attempting to figure out where May would be.


    "MAY!" Drew shouted "Get back here" Drew said pointing to the ground near his feet.
    "Never!" May hissed at him and started running off.
    "May" Drew whined, "Come back" he pleaded chasing after the brunette.

    The three chased after each other down the streets of Goldernrod, going down one street and up the next the trio eventually passed by May's house. May didn't intentionally run into this house or direction, if anything she was going to avoid it as much as possible while she was here, but it was inevitable, the house caught up with her and she found it.
    May slowly slowed down before the house and stared at it in awe.
    Drew eventually caught up with May, stopping where she had stopped, and looked at the house the brunette was staring at. It didn't seem that special to him, nothing fancy about it, the house was in tact while the garden wasn't.

    "May?" Drew looked at her with concern.
    "Oi May" Drew called to her waving his hand in front of her face.
    "Huh?" May asked looking at Drew.
    "You know the people who live in this house or something?" Drew asked after Becky finally caught up with May and Drew.
    "Can you guys not do that? I am not made to run that long" Becky whined.
    "Yea sure" Drew replied.
    "Well I guess you could say that" May said walking away from the house towards the pokemon centre.

    "That's it" Drew thought aloud. "She is probably at that house she was staring at, she said she knew people there"

    Drew ran through the streets of Goldernrod to arrive at the cream and terracotta house.


    May had better be here, or I will look like a weirdo appearing at some one's house randomly.
    I walked up the drive way towards the house and arrived at the door. I knocked on the wooden door and waited for an answer. No one came to the door.



    I was peacefully watching TV when some one knocked at the door. Who would be knocking at the door this late at night? I get up off the futon I was sitting on to go check who was at the door. On my side of the door it was painted a light orange colour with a couple of the locks on the side of the door.

    I looked though the peep hole in the door to find Drew waiting for someone to answer the knock. What was he doing here? Was he here looking for me? Why would he be looking for me though? Should I answer the door?

    I decided to be civil person and answer the door as nicely as possible. Slowly I unlock the door, and then twist the door handle to open it.

    "Hiya Drew what are you doing here?" I greet.
    "Funny" Drew mummers "I should be the one asking you that question; what are you doing here?" he asks me.
    "Hey, I asked the question first, now you answer first" I retailed.
    "Fine, I am here looking for a brunette, with blue eyes and a red bandana on her head" Drew says matter-of-factly.
    "Wow, isn't that amazing, I fit that description of the person you're looking for, perfectly, funny eh?" I say dumbly.
    "Yea, funny thing is I am looking for you" Drew says seriously.
    "Now why are you looking for me?" I inquire.

    "Oh no you don't; you answer my question now, what are you doing here" Drew asks.
    "I am here, because I was bored of the pokemon centre" I say simply.
    "Would one more day have killed you?" Drew mocks.
    "You never know" I say
    "So who's house is it?" Drew asks
    "Some one's" I answer.
    "Well duh, but which person owns this house, I want names, how do you know these people" Drew demanded.
    "It's my house"


    There was silence between the two for about five minutes before Drew broke the silence.
    "Your house? Then why did you call your mom before?" Drew asked
    "Because my parents live in Hoenn, but this house is ours" May tells him
    "I thought you always lived in Hoenn" Drew said.
    "No, I lived in Johto, Goldernrod until I was five or six" May said glumly.
    "Can I come in?" Drew asked.
    "If you must"
    Drew stepped into the house quietly as May closed the door.
    "If you lived in Hoenn, why is there all this furniture here?" Drew asked wondering around the house.
    "Because we left so suddenly, we only took the necessities, we didn't really want to leave but we had to" May answered.
    "Why'd you leave? This is a pretty cool house, and this is one of the best cities, there would have been no reason to leave" Drew asked.
    "I don't want to talk about it" May answered as she walked into the kitchen to prepare something to eat for Drew and herself, it was around dinner time anyway. (A/N: There was fresh food that magically appeared in the middle of now where, that's where May gets the safe food if you are asking)
    "You fine with macaroni?" May asked hoping to change the subject.
    "Yea that's fine" Drew replied as he continued to look around the house.


    This is a pretty big house May has here, I don't understand why May and her family left. I wonder why May doesn't want to talk about.

    Every room is huge, but my house still is slightly bigger. I walked upstairs to what I would assume the bedrooms. Upstairs, there were three rooms; one for her parents, one for herself and one for her younger brother Max I would assume. I walked past a double door room, which I can safely assume is her parents. I wasn't curious about that one, but I was curious about the one with the Torchic covered, pink frilled mat in front of it. I would assume it was May's.

    Getting closer to the room I pushed the door open to the already opened room. Inside it mainly Torchic, Combusken and Blaziken orientated with cabinets, bed covers and even the bed covered in the three fire pokemon. There were a few Skitty plush dolls around the red covered room and Beautifly clips on the red and orange curtains. On the floor there was a circular rug, it had pink hearts embedded all over it with the rest being white.

    Cute room, suits May a lot. I make a step inside the child's room and walk over the to the bed side table which had a Beautifly shaped lamp and a heart shaped photo frame. The picture inside the frame is of a younger May, in what looks like a leotard for ballet or something like that, with a bouquet of roses in tiny hands. Behind her on his knees is an older man, he looks about 18 or 19, hugging May. He had dark brown hair with bits of black and orange making an appearance through the brown locks. He was wearing a dark blue jacket that was unzipped, and underneath was a white shirt.

    Wonder who he is? I'll ask May later. I walked out of May's room and walked back towards the stairs. I passed another room, which I was assuming was Max's so I decided to take a look inside it, curious how that little boy half my size, works, he gets really annoying.

    I walk inside the room stepping slowly so I don't trip over the stuff on the floor, how can anyone live that way?
    I start looking at picture in a frame next to the bed when May calls me.
    "Drew, if you want to eat something I suggest you come now" May called out.
    I continue looking at the picture to find out it is another picture of that guy and May, close to the one in May's room but this one May is higher up and he is carrying May. May is in another leotard and is carrying more roses.
    "Drew" May calls out again. I hear her coming up the stair case and running past the room I was in, only to slow down again and walk back to the room I was in.
    "Get out" she yells at me.
    "Please get out of this room" she repeats angrily.
    "Yea I will get out" I say quickly so I don't get hurt by her.
    "Thank you" she says to me kindly.
    How can any one be that nasty one minute and nice the next?
    Both of us walk back down stairs to the kitchen where two bowls of macaroni and cheese waited for us on the tables. We sat down quietly and ate the food May had prepared.

    It wasn't that bad, I have to admit, I thought she said she was bad at cooking, this is pretty good.
    "So May why didn't you want me in that room?" I ask her
    "It was my brother's" she replies
    "My older brother, Shaun"
    "Is he the guy in the pictures in your room and his room?"
    "I have never seen him before, how come he was never at the contests you were at in Hoenn and Johto?" I asked.
    "Because he's dead" May replies
    There was quiet once again between the two of us, but soon May broke the quiet.
    "Don't bother saying you're sorry for asking, or anything, I am over it, but my parents just don't like people in his room, so I respect their wishes" May said glumly.


    Soon the two coordinators finished their meals and May cleaned up the food, and mess they had made eating dinner. It remained quiet all night. After May cleaned up the kitchen, Drew and May moved into the family room, and just watched TV quietly. Finally May broke the silence between the two.
    "If you wish, you can stay the night here" May said nicely "Before you start your journey tomorrow"
    "Don't you mean our journey?" Drew questioned.
    "No your journey" May said.
    "It was still our journey last time I checked" Drew stated.
    "But you and Becky said you were going to travel together alone" May said pessimistically.
    "You honestly think I would travel with her?" Drew inquired.
    "I didn't think you were when Becky told me, then you said in the contest hall that you would Becky decide your next destination, so I believed it" May said truthfully.
    Drew chuckled at the last statement May made. It was funny because he wasn't traveling Becky, even though he said it-it was sarcasm, but May still believed it. The green haired boy turned to face May and looked her in the eye then he placed his hand on top of hers.
    "May I was being sarcastic, I didn't mean anything to Becky when she asked me to travel with her, and I am traveling with you and only you" he said kindly. May blushed at that last statement Drew made. Her face became a crimson colour and the brunette attempted to hide it from Drew, but it didn't work and he saw the bright red. Again Drew chuckled at May.
    "You know, you sure are gullible" Drew mocked.
    "Shut up!" May retorted.
    "So how did you din me anyway?" May asked trying to change the topic. Drew leaned back onto the futon and then looked back at May.
    "I thought of al the places you could be, but you weren't at any of those places then I remembered you stared at this house for a while, so I guessed that you might be here" Drew told May.
    "I am curious, you know today in the contest?" Drew started.
    "How did you do jump that high up, flip and then land on to feet without any damage?" Drew asked.
    "Just lucky I guess" lied May.
    "So I guess then in all those pictures with you in a leotard, it was for ballet?" Drew asked.
    "Err…I am getting pretty tired, I am going off to bed ok?" May stuttered and went up stairs to her bed. "You can sleep on the futon" May yelled out from upstairs.

    May skipped into her room and snuggled into her bed comfortably.


    Poor May, she lost a brother and from what I would gather from the pictures they were extremely close. Man I wouldn't wish that on anybody, May has suffered a lot, I wonder how he died, he must have died at a young age, and there are no older pictures of him around this place.

    Man it must suck to be in May's position for the last couple of months. So far she has been kidnapped, and caged, endured numerous insults from Becky, lost to beck in the contest, been a place she loved the most but had to leave, me badgering her all the time wondering what is up with her wonder how she gets through all of this. I haven't seen her cry once; go insanely crazy at Becky or anything harsh.

    Man this futon is uncomfortable, I hope May doesn't mind but I am moving up to her room, I got my sleeping bag here, I can sleep in that.


    Drew dragged his sleeping bag up the stair case and towards May's bedroom. Slowly he opened up May's bedroom door to find the room dark and May asleep. Quietly Drew placed his sleeping bag on the ground and wriggled into the bag. Soon he was asleep and dreaming peacefully.

    Hours, minutes, seconds had passed they two still remained asleep. Until a piercing scream coming from May woke Drew up.
    "NOOO! HELP!" May cried in her sleep. Drew bolted up and looking at May, she was struggling in her sleep,
    "Probably a nightmare" Drew assumed, quietly Drew crept out his sleeping bag and walked over to the restless May.
    "Wake up May" Drew shook body lightly in the hope she would wake up. May didn't wake and she kept struggling in her sleep.
    "May, wake up" Drew tried again, now shaking her slightly harder. Still she didn't wake up. May started screaming louder in her sleep.
    "MAY" Drew shouted.
    "STOP!" May screamed as she woke up from sleep and sat up. May began panting hard and was sweating. She was scared.
    "May? You ok?" Drew asked concerned.
    "Damn, this dream again, it's your fault" May yelled as she punched the bed in front of her. Tears were begging to come out but May wouldn't let them come out.
    "May, you ok?" Drew repeated. May finally realized Drew was in the room with her, he had just seen her scream, punch and kick in her sleep.
    "Yea I'm fine" May lied.
    "You want to talk about it?" Drew asked.
    "No, it's my problem, just a simple reoccurring nightmare; I can deal with something as simple as that" answered May. Drew raised an eyebrow of concern at May, she just had what sounded like a terrible dream, that seems to be happening over and over again, but she didn't want to talk about it?

    "They may be your problems, but sometimes it is easier to solve them when you tell someone" May said trying to comfort the brunette.
    "No I will be fine" May insisted.
    "Just talk about it; it will feel better after woods" ordered Drew.
    "It is okay to talk about it even cry May; so just tell me what happened, there is probably a reason for why you are having the same dream over and over again" Drew said trying to convince May to tell him.
    "NO! NO! I don't need help, I am fine" lied May but her heart gave in and bursted into tears. The crying brunette lunged at Drew and the green haired boy fell backwards; Drew landing on his sleeping bag and against the wall of the room.
    May was in Drew's arms crying her heart out. Her cheek and ear was on his chest just under his chin, while her body lay flat on his. May's legs may next to his as her body moved to the side of Drew's. The brunette's fist clenched into a ball, clasping Drew's black shirt, bringing him closer to her.

    The greened haired boy sat there cuddling her, trying to comfort her. May didn't say anything, and just cried constantly like wanted to do when Shaun got killed.
    May started murmuring something into Drew's shirt that sounded like he promised he'd never leave me but he left me, he promised everything would be okay but it wasn't okay, that liar, why won't he come back, he didn't come back. You left me.

    Soon may fell asleep in Drew's arms. Drew hadn't fell asleep yet and felt May fall asleep when she stopped crying, and started breathing rather calmly.


    May tried to resist crying but failed and ended up crying. May lunged forward to me, making me fall back onto my sleeping and slide across the floor to the next wall. She cried pretty hard getting harder as time went along.
    "He promised he'd never leave me but he left me, he promised everything would be okay but it wasn't okay, that liar, why won't he come back, he didn't come back. You left me" she cried into my shirt.
    I guessed she was referring about her brother, his death must have been pretty hard on her, something tells me she didn't show that she didn't show any emotion when he died.

    May's crying started to die down, and she fell asleep in my arms. It would be best if she were in her own bed to sleep instead of the floor. I picked up May bridal style and started carrying her over to her little bed. Man she is pretty light, with the amount of food I have heard she eats; I would have thought she would be much heavier.

    She was pretty easy to carry too. I placed May onto her bed and was about to let go, but May's grip on my got tighter and wouldn't let go, picking her up her grip got looser so I tried to put her down again, but like the previous time her grip got tighter.
    "May" I whined I was tired, and I needed sleep now. I decided to do the only thing I could do, I carried myself with her onto her bed and slept with her on top of me, in her bed.

    We slept together like that for the rest of the might, without any disruptions. May's dreams didn't occur again for the rest of the night, it was nice and quiet and calm.



    well there you have it, chapter 4 is up and viewable, I hope you liked it.


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    Awesome, as usual! Flygonrulz, I agree with you. Becky deserves a death by your Flygons and my Psychic and Bug types!
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    ...SHIPPY!!!!!!!!! YAY! I loved this chappie so much! May. And Drew. Sleeping. Together...ULTIMATE SHIPPYNESS! Although I've seen it before, it never gets old and you wrote it rathar originally. KEEP IT UP!!! Or face the wrath of the Flygons of dooooooooom!!!!! XD

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