Welcome to Explorers of Neopia--also known as the Neopets club! If you are a member at Neopets.com, then feel free to join! This is a club where we can talk about the different pets and certain events going on, like the Altador Cup, or about whatever merchandise you have--or just pretty much anything about Neopets; as long as its Neopets-related, it's allowed! You must first read the rules if you wish to join this club.


1. No bashing or flaming other members.You will be reported to the mods if you do this.

2. No spamming, which includes one-liners. One-liners are not enough in your post and therefore are considered spam unless you can add more to it.

3. ALL SPPF rules apply.

4. You must have an account on Neopets or go on Neopets to join.

5. Use the form to get in.

6. No text chat. it is rly anoying wen u hav 2 reed stuf liek tihs.

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Discussion Topics:

What is your favorite pet and why?
Which team are you rooting for in the Altador Cup?
Do you prefer the older style of Neopets or the newer style (with clothes and backrounds)?

You can answer any of these or make up your own.


To be added here if any is made.