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    This club is about Dragon Cave- if you don't know what it is I'll explain it to you. Simply put it's another pet site. And the eggs require views to hatch. To little and the eggs die. To many and the eggs can die. There are sites and such for posting eggs and etc, but many I found are inactive or require constant tending outside of a couple of places, but even so it can still be a bit of a stretch.

    Then ofc, there are signature rules. You can only have 3 images- but you can have up to 7/9 hatchling/eggs; 4/3 and 5/4 combinations. So to help keep mods happy and to help people hatch their eggs if all they do is come to SPPF, I am making this club.


    1: Please PM or VM me or any co owners I promote to ask about joining, it will keep the thread mostly clean. And show that you will follow rules.

    2: Please only post your own eggs/hatchlings. Unless you have permission to be posting the eggs or hatchlings from other people. If it is found you do not have permission or you are doing this maliciously, you will be removed from the club and reported to the DC site.

    3: Don't just beg for clicks, click the others who are in need.

    4: Don't beg for eggs/hatchlings, I don't know how to gift and if you really want one, then for the moment go to the DC forums and check for threads such as the giving tree.

    5: Discussion of Dragon Cave dragons are allowed, such as what is your favorite, how long you had to hunt for a paticular egg/hatchling, how many times you tried for an Alt, or giving out general tips and advice.

    6: Do not just post once with your eggs or hatchlings, I don't want this club to turn into an egg/dragonspam thread. Yes it's main point is to help hatch and grow dragons, but just posting your eggs makes it seem you don't care about helping others.

    7: Please try and keep all eggs and hatchlings in one post- if they've all grown up or you feel people aren't going to click them, then you may take them out of your last post and put them in at the bottom of your newest/next post, to keep multiple egg images running around and possibly obtaining more clicks than is wanted.

    8: When a dragon does mature, again please remove it from your post.

    9: As I said, no spamming, please.

    10: Don't beg to be a co-owner, it's my right to choose who gets to be a co-owner/helper, as is increasing your rank.

    11: Have Fun!

    Possible Events;

    When and if we have enough people, it might be possible to gift/breed certain dragons for others. But as I said before, do not beg. When we get enough people and if the majority agrees, I will make a list, for those who have dragons they are willing to breed, and of what. And then another list of people wanting an egg/hatchling, or two. Two is the maximum you can ask to recive, and after that you go on the Waiting list, which is the time limit untill you can ask to be put back on a requesting list, so others are given a chance to recive an egg also.

    Lineage Dragons; I've heard of the 'Dorkface' line and others wanting to do lineages and even having whole threads about it. When we have enough people I will allow discussion of people possibly doing this, you can ofc register on the DC site if you feel you aren't getting enough people and take the ideas there too.

    Oneshots, short stories or art, of or about your dragons: Possible little contests that might crop up. If allowed by mods in their respective sections.

    And possibly more, don't be afraid to make suggestions.

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    Hatchling :Been around the club a while:
    Dragon :Been around the club a while:
    Dragon Keeper :Owner: :Co Owner:

    Member List;

    Yami Ryu :Dragon Keeper:
    suicune lover :Egg:

    Scroll Links
    If want/don't want your scrolls listed, say so in pm, vm or post.
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    This is part bump, part reservation of the 'first post', so that way I will not have to edit my main post with for events, egg lists, gifting lists, lineage ideas and etc/so forth, leaving the first post nice and clean.

    So for future events, as said this is a reserved post.



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