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    Hi! Welcome to the Japanese Language Club! Just to let you know, you don't have to know any japanese at all to visit or join! All that's required is you follow the rules and have fun!


    With a combination of my great interest in the japanese language and taking notice of the wide use of it here at Serebii's forums, I decided to create a club where members (and visitors) can come in, ask questions, talk, and just have fun!

    What Members Can Do

    Well, I actually have several ideas in mind. So, instead of typing out a jumbled paragraph, I'll list out some examples of club activities:
    1. Give help, advice, or even lessons to help other people with japanese.
    2. Have discussions about cerain aspects of the language (for example: what romanji you prefer, your thoughts on kanji representations, pronunciation/phonetics, etc.).
    3. Translation requests (doesn't have to involve Pokemon).
    4. Discussions in japanese (english translation may be required).
    5. Club stuff (banner(s), improvement suggestions, etc... you know, "stuff").
    6. and More!

    What Visitors (non-members) Can Do

    Visitors will be allowed to post a reply requesting a member to translate something to or from japanese. If it has already been translated, a member may kindly reply with a URL that links directly to the translation in question. Please do not be shy asking questions. Just as visitors are required to be nice, so are the remembers. Of course, we're nice anyways .

    When asking a question as a visitor, please include the following in your post:
    I'd really appreciate it if someone could please translate this for me:

    [Insert URL/text to be translated here. Please note that japanese characters currently do not work on the forums.]

    [Insert any additional information here.]

    Thank you!
    Besides that, visitors may ask about the club itself if they have any questions about what we do and, of course, request to join!


    These rules apply to everyone:
    1. As always, follow all forum rules.
    2. No swearing (not even "light" swearing, please). If a japanese translation includes any, just place a simple remark like "[bad stuff]" in place of it.
    3. Be courtious to everyone (both, members and visitors, alike).
    4. Have fun!

    If you break a rule (which I hope won't happen), you will receive a warning (depending upon severity). If you accumulate five warnings, you will be banned (probably one week, depending upon severity). If there are any further problems, the owner/co-owner(s) will have to decide what actions to take.

    How to Join

    All you have to do is just ask and an owner/co-owner will gladly "officialize" you .


    Members (in order of joining)

    • LegendaryArcanine: Owner
    • Haruka: Co-owner
    • Mega Trickster: Co-Owner
    • Pressure Gamer: Great Member
    • Shadow Ichigo: Great Member
    • Baashamo: Great Member
    • Flare: Great Member
    • Angel-FoX-crescent: Great Member
    • Crystal Clair: Great Member
    • Spookz: Great Member
    • Jinchuuriki Hunter: Great Member
    • Hikui: Great Member
    • Polyphonica Trance: Co-owner
    • Mira: Great Member
    • ~*Mudkip Fantastic*~: Great Member
    • Misty-Fan-Forever: Great Member
    • Pika Hikari KT: Great Member
    • Haritoise: Great Member
    • GoldenHouou: Great Member
    • Kyogre Master: Great Member
    • Vixie: Great Member
    • Princess Ketchum: Great Member
    • SilverVappy: Great Member
    • Deputy55: Great Member
    • Frankie-chan: Great Member
    • Pokemaster394: Great Member
    • Kasumi: Great Member
    • Kez: Great Member
    • Edamame: Great Member
    • Yami Ookami: Great Member
    • ¤Umbreon¤ : Great Member
    • Shuko: Great Member
    • Flamegon: Great Member
    • Pochaki: Great Member
    • Insecure_fool: Great Member
    • Ludicolo Master: Co-Owner
    • Lemurian: Great Member
    • Casey4637452: Great Member
    • Hikaru: Great Member
    • Pikachu Masta: Great Member
    • Hitokage: Great Member
    • Mitchlord: Great Member
    • Pamizard: Great Member
    • Kawaii*ninja: Great Member
    • Light Venusaur: Great Member
    • Caseydia: Great Member
    • LostFreak815: Great Member
    • Dojo: Great Member
    • Pikabolt: Great Member
    • Lenneth: Great Member
    • Zero X: Great Member
    • JONNO.FRESH: Great Member
    • Evilchibi_pichu: Great Member
    • Acheront: Great Member
    • Sunkern: Great Member
    • Hrist[ALT]: Great Member
    • Ropa-to: Great Member
    • Red_Latias: Great Member
    • Negiman: Great Member
    • Pokepal: Great Member
    • DarkBlaizeken: Great Member
    • Hinata-Chan: Great Member
    • MarshtompMan: Great Member
    • Dominoes: Great Member
    • Shoujoai-fangirl: Great Member
    • Miltonic: Great Member
    • Shiny Bashamo: Great Member
    • ChaosCorruption: Great Member
    • Mirai: Great Member
    • Roses_108: Great Member
    • SugarFairy: Great Member
    • JET_ALONE: Great Member
    • Denjuu: Great Member
    • Aruseus41293: Great Member

    Co-Owners' Area
    Below are/will be a link to a post for each co-owner of the Japanese Language Club. Each co-owner will manage one post which will be used to act as their own connection to maintain the club. Each post may contain announcements, updates, club activites, new members, etc. or any other club-related information. Members are encouraged to view these posts every once and a while to keep up with any club information not maintained on this main post.

    Haruka's Area

    Mega Tricker's Area (not up yet)

    Polyphonica Trance's Area

    Ludicolo Master's Area (not up yet)


    1. "Hello" by LegendaryArcanine (credit appreciated): Part 1 + Part 2
    2. "Sky" by LegendaryArcanine (credit appreciated): Part 1 + Part 2, Note: Each image counts as a banner
    3. "Nihongo" by Misty-Fan-Forever (credit appreciated): Full Banner
    4. "Nihongo no Kurabu" by Crystal Clair (credit appreciated): Full Banner


    1. "Sen, Sen, Sen, Thousand, Thousand, Thousand" by MarshtompMan: Here

    Club Activity Ideas

    1. Design club banner(s)
    2. Fan art (includes calligraphy)
    3. Create japanese lessons
    4. Build japanese reference section
    5. Have fun
    6. and More!


    Sunji no Hitokoto ("Word of the Moment")
    Here is a compilation of all/most of the sunji no hitokoto that members have contributed while posting here at the Japanese Language Club. As more posts are added, this list will be updated occasionally. Thank you, everyone, and I hope you enjoy reading through them! Just click on the link below to view the compilation.

    Sunji no Kanji ("Kanji of the Moment")
    Sometimes pictures are the best way to learning a language (and many other things, too). They help the concept of words and phrases connect better and, well, are usually a lot more fun! Sunji no Kanji, or Kanji of the Moment, are pictures done by members that include a, or sometimes many, kanji. They're either then explained in english or visually by a picture in the background (or something similar). Thank you, everyone, for your contribution and I hope you enjoy!

    Online Dictionaries/Translators

    Japanese Lessons

    6. (with pictures)

    Japanese Practice



    1. (music)
    2. (anime stuff, dictionary, kanji guide, and more)
    3. (Nintendo of Japan Website)
    4. (Official Japanese Pokemon Website)
    5. (Pokemon Anime Website)
    6. (Pokemon Movie 10 Website)



    Any information here shall be accepted by you with your own discretion. Although we'll try our best to be accurate, all information is "as-is" with no guarantee what-so-ever in any way, shape, or form.
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