Just saw it and it was alright.
Cyber is right the goodbye was lame. Misty also appeared in the chronicles but they gave her a proper goodbye. As cyber mentioned already ash and brock had tears in their eyes when misty left. They gave her a song remembering her time with Ash and how she'll miss him and stuff. They concentrated more on Max. He was very sad about leaving, my japanese is extremely limited but from what I can make out it seemed like Ash told Max to become a trainer and then they can battle someday. That got Max excited and when him and May are on the boat I think he tells her something about wanting to battle Ash sometime in the future. They also mention Brock while there on the boat.
Pikachu was sad also, it looked cute like always.

The animation was nice. Elekible knew Protect and thats what it used when pikachu tried to attack it with Volt Tackle. Protect just knocked it back and a thunderpunch sent pikachu back down to the ground. They were pretty high up in the air. Elekible used its antenas on the back to jump like Ash would have bayleef use vine whip to jump.
After the battle gary says he's going to shinou and I think tracy and oak want him to stay more longer but he refuses. He also says something to Ash after the battle about the battle frontier then he says something about shinou. Like I said I dont understand Japanese but it was probably something along the lines "go to shinou and become stronger".
I really want someone to translate the stuff that was said in this episode. Like May's dialogue to Ash about leaving and Gary's conversation with Ash.

Overall it was good but like I said before the goodbye was just lame.