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Thread: May's Crush (PG-13) Advanceshipping Focus

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    Default May's Crush (PG-13) Advanceshipping Focus

    Well, my fic is moving here. Hopefully I can do a daily update, do to it being practically done as it is. If this looks familiar to anyone, please don't spoil it for people who haven't read it yet. This is mostly to expand my audiance.

    Anyway, this is an Advanceshipping fic. Although that is the focus, there are some hints to Contestshipping, Pokeshipping, and even some of the lesser-knowns, like Rocketshipping. I hope you all enjoy it.

    Because I like to know when a large-scale fic is supposed to occur, I planned for this fic to take place after AG182 (Aipom and the King!) So the events toward the end of Battle Frontier haven't occured yet. This is also the warning for those of you who don't want SPOLIERS for the later parts of BF to leave.

    Chapter Index for those who want quick access to the story

    Chapter 1
    Chapter 2
    Chapter 3
    Chapter 4
    Chapter 5
    Chapter 6
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    Deleted Scenes

    Anyway, let's get this show on the road.

    May's Crush
    Chapter One: Confidential

    The sun was shining brightly over the Kanto Region. The sky was a clear blue, not a single cloud in the sky. Four travelers marched on in the cool shade of a cliff face in spite of the late afternoon humidity. The clear sky didn’t stop a certain brown-haired girl from getting her head in the clouds, however.

    “C’mon May! Try to keep up!”

    May was brought out of her daydream by a boy calling to her from further up the road. She looks up to see that this boy with a yellow Pokémon sitting on his shoulder. Next to him was her brother, staring at her from behind his glasses. A close friend of theirs whom they were also traveling with had a concerned look on his older face. The group of them was stopped about ten yards ahead of her, all of them staring in her direction.

    “Honestly,” the boy in the red hat complained as he approached her with Pikachu sitting on his shoulder, “You’ve been a space-case ever since the end of the Grand Festival. What’s up?”

    “Oh, it’s nothing!” May assured him, not making contact with his auburn eyes. She’d always been a terrible liar, especially to her friends. Not looking into his calming eyes makes this easier , she thought. She instead decided to focus on his blue sweat shirt, his baggy jeans, his strong arms…

    May refocused her thoughts on his Pikachu. He beamed a smile at her face with large, dark eyes. The red patches on his face concealed a massive electric charge. He had bright yellow fur, a lightning bolt shaped tail, and-

    “Hello, earth to May?” The boy who owned the Pikachu waved his hand clad in black fingerless glove in front of her face. “Are you feeling alright?” he said as he looked into her large, sapphire colored eyes.

    “Oh, I’m fine, Ash!” May waved her white gloved hand in front of him in an attempt to shoo him off. She turned away from him and looked up at the cliff. “I guess I just feel like I’m being followed, I guess.”

    Her brother walked closer to her, knowing that there was more to this than she let on. “I think you’re hiding something, May. What is it this time? Did you waste all of your money again?”

    “Of course not!” May retorted to her dark-haired brother, “How irresponsible do you think I am?”

    Adjusting his glasses and smiling, he knew she just took the bait. “Oh, I’d say VERY irresponsible. Remember that time your Bulbasaur was eating things and getting lost in trucks back in Hoenn?” he started

    Ash knew where this was headed, so while May and her brother argued with each other, he approached his older friend, who had focused his narrow eyes on a small, yellow device. He pressed its buttons, growled when the outcome wasn’t what he wanted, pressed more buttons and let out a sigh when he had got it to work properly.

    “Did you figure out how to work it, Brock?” Ash asked his friend.

    Brock furrowed his eyebrows. He reached into the pocket in his brown cargo pants and pulled out the manual to the small device. The word, ‘PokéNav’ was written in small letters. “This stuff is just too hard for me to read,” Brock explained. “I figured I’d just play around with it until I figured it out.” He sighed, “This is just like video games. I’m simply no good.” His look returned to cheerful. “I did, however,” he told Ash sounding like he had just achieved a great victory, “get it to display the map.”

    “That’s good,” Ash said, smiling. “Are we gonna reach a Pokémon Center before nightfall?” Ash asked him, “I think May and Max are gonna need to take a long sleep after this one.”

    Brock focused his gaze on the LCD display on the PokéNav. He hit a few buttons and cracked a smile. “There’s a Pokémon Center not far from here. We should be able to see it soon.” Brock told his traveling companion.

    “Aha! I knew it!” May’s brother, Max, exclaimed. Ash and Brock looked over to see Max pointing at his sister’s blushing face.

    “TAKE THAT BACK!” May screamed at him. She clenched her gloved fists and was about to punch him. Max quickly turned in his green sneakers and ran back towards Ash and Brock. He ducked behind Brock’s leg. Brock stepped up to protect Max from his raging sister.

    “Whoa! What’s up now?” Brock said, trying to mediate the situation.

    “Yeah, May,” Ash turned to her, “What’s up?”

    Before she could say, Max interrupted, “May’s gotta crush on a boy!”

    With that, May’s face turned deep red, almost the same shade as the tight zip-up blouse that she was wearing. “MAX!” she screamed, “You’re gonna get it this time!” She lunged at Max, but Ash restrained her by holding her arms from behind, with Pikachu pulling on her red bandana. Brock stood in between Max and his raging sister. ”If Ash and Brock weren’t here, you’d be dead!” she growled to her diminutive sibling.

    “If Ash and Brock weren’t around, would you have met your ‘boyfriend’?” Max taunted her.

    Ash was just about to give in and let the girl tear her younger brother apart when he heard a familiar voice calling from atop the cliff they where traveling next to.

    “I thought that screaming was familiar” the green-haired boy said, looming over the cliff.

    “Who’s that?” Ash said, turning to him.

    “Isn’t that Drew?” Max said, adjusting his glasses.

    May’s disposition changed from anger to surprise as she looked up to see Drew, her rival, looking down at her and her friends. His purple jacket was hanging open, exposing his black shirt and slim physic. “It is Drew!” she exclaimed. “Hey, Drew! What are you doing out here?” she holler at him, “The Grand Festival is over. I thought you’d have gone back to Hoenn by now.”

    “I’ve decided to train in Kanto some more before I head back.” Drew told her, flicking his hair in a showboating manor. “What are you all doing?” he asked her back.

    “Ash is going to the Battle Pyramid, and we’re going with him.” May replied, indicating Ash by pointing at the young trainer.

    “Oh really?” Drew said with a smirk on his face. His green eyes appeared to glow. “Mind if I travel with you guys as far as the Pokémon Center?” He asked them as he let his hand fall along side his green pants. “It’s close by, and I’m staying the night there.”
    “Yes, of course!” May bubbled. Then she realized that she was in front of the rest of her friends. “I mean, if you guys don’t mind.”

    “I don’t mind,” Ash smiled.

    “The more the merrier, as they say.” Added Brock.

    After getting down from the cliff, Drew, along with May and her friends, began walking to the Pokémon Center. Drew asked May what training she has done since the Grand Festival. May shrugged the question off and tried to talk about other things. Before she could change the subject, Brock asked him what kinds of food he fed his Pokémon, noting that at the Grand Festival, they all looked remarkably healthy. Max walked up to Drew and commented on his excellent battle with May, to which Drew thanked the young boy, only to have the brother of May deflate his ego by saying that May was awesome and completely outclassed him.

    Ash found himself glancing backwards at May, who was focused on Drew, who had made himself the center of attention. He looked at her red tennis shoes, and his eyes followed past her short, black socks, up her smooth legs, to where her black shorts and short, white skirt intermingled to give the impression that she, while liked to show off her body, she was also quite modest. His eyes continued upward to her pack that hung on her wide hips and helped accentuate her hourglass appearance. He gazed upon the curves of her body until he found himself looking at her chest. Ash stared for only a moment before he realized what he was doing. He turned his head back around and focused on the road ahead of him. He berated himself for looking at a girl, much less a close friend of his, in such an objective way. He blushed slightly, hoping no one took notice of what had just transpired.

    Unfortunatly for him, Pikachu had noticed him staring at May. Concerned over his partner, Pikachu tugged on Ash’s unkempt, black hair in an attempt to grab his attention.

    “Pikapi, pika pika?” the mouse Pokémon asked him.

    “Nothing’s wrong, Pikachu” Ash smiled, lying to his long time friend.

    “Pi pika chu ka, Pikapi,” he sighed. He looked at him with a concerned expression over his small face.

    “Uh, I dunno, Pikachu.” Ash’s face went from a false grin to a grimace. “I guess I never thought of May and Drew like that before. Max said she’s gotta crush on someone, and she’s happy to see Drew…” he trailed off.

    “Pi pika pi Chuu, Pikapi?” Pikachu asked him.

    “So what if I am?” Ash grunted quietly, so only Pikachu could hear him.

    “Pi pika chu ka pikaka chu Pikachu, pika?” Pikachu said as he cocked his head to the side.

    Ash’s heart leaped up into his throat. Even though he couldn’t understand what Pikachu had just said, he knew his Pokémon had hit the nail on the head. “Yeah, I do.” He cringed at the thought of Pikachu’s response.

    Instead of laughing like Ash thought he would, Pikachu licked his face, causing him to look up at the Electric-Type again.

    “You knew?” Ash asked Pikachu. He nodded. “How did you figure it out?” he asked his Pokémon. Pikachu returned him a knowing look. “Yeah,” Ash laughed, “I guess given how close we are, you know all about my secret, don’t ya, buddy.”

    “Chaa!” He cooed as Ash rubbed his head.

    “But what am I supposed to do about it?” Ash said to Pikachu, thinking. Pikachu got his attention and made some aggressive poses. “You’re right. It’s do or die time. I have to do something about it. I’ll try to find the perfect time tonight. Thanks, buddy.” He said. He rubbed behind Pikachu’s ears again.

    The fivesome arrived at the Pokémon Center. Ash, May, Brock, and Drew walked up to the desk and rung the bell. The Pokémon Center was relatively empty, but that could be understood, because this particular center was quite a ways out of the way. They waited there only a moment or two before the door behind desk opened up, revealing a man in doctor’s scrubs. The dark red hair under his cap floated over his sharp blue eyes. A mask hung over his shoulders and a smile grew on his face as he approached the children.

    “Welcome to our Pokémon Center!” He greeted Ash’s party, “How may I assist you?”

    “No offense,” Ash started, “But I was expecting a Nurse Joy.”

    “I’m not surprised,” the man sighed.

    “What do you mean?” May asked him. “What’s your name?”

    “I’m Doctor Joseph, and I run this Pokémon Center along with my partner, Skarmory!” At the mention of her name, Joseph’s Skarmory waddled through the door Joseph came out of.

    “Skyaa!” it’s shrill voice made Ash and his friends cringe.

    “You mean there’s no Joy?” Brock cried to himself.

    “But, are you even related to any of the Joys?” Ash asked him.

    “Of course I am!” he stood up for himself. “I am the younger brother of the Joy who works in Petalburg City in the Hoenn Region.”

    “Oh! My little brother Max and I are from Petalburg City!” May started to introduce herself.

    “Oh, are you little May and Max, the children of the Petalburg Gym Leader?” He asked, his eyes sparkling.

    “Yeah, have you heard about us?” May asked her apparent fan.

    “My sister talks about your father all of the time!” Joseph explained. “And she says that Norman’s always talking about his children, saying that they went on a journey with a great Pokémon Trainer.” After he said this, Ash stepped up with a knowing smile on his face. “I believe his name was Alf!” Joseph said, smiling. Ash sighed as a depressed look came over his face.

    “Actually,” Ash said, correcting him, “my name is Ash.”

    “Oh, I’m sorry,” Joseph laughed, “Well, anyway, can I help you folks?”

    Ash and May, left their Pokémon with the doctor, except Pikachu, and then went with Max to get some dinner.

    “Hey, Drew” Brock asked him after leaving his own Pokémon with the doctor, “are you hungry? Max and I are going to follow Ash and May and see if they’re going to leave anything for us to eat.”

    Drew shook his head. “Nah, I think I’ll do a little more training. May’s yelling earlier distracted me.”

    “Alright, suit yourself.” Brock shrugged. “See you around Drew.”

    Oh, I wouldn’t count on that, Drew thought to himself smugly.

    He hadn’t really been training. Drew had been trailing May and her friends since he saw them pass a few days ago. He had already acknowledged to himself that he liked May. And he had over heard that May had a crush on some boy. Given how he had been continuously dropping hints at the contests they had competed in, he thought it was a safe bet that the crush was him. He knew that this was his chance. He was done laying hints. This time he was going to ask May if she would like to travel with him.

    To Be Continued...

    There's chapter 1? What did you think? Tune in tommorow for my next installment.
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    Well... better than most stuff here, I'd guess. Second, well, go take a read on your grammar books some more - you messed up with the past/present difference a few times. Also, did you *really* need to write Pikachu's speech with some odd capitals?

    Oh well. Gonna be reading this. Later.

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    Hey! I've read this in! What are you trying to pull,eh?
    If it's a crime to be stupid, you'd probably get the death sentence.

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    Ooooooh! This is good! May x Drew (YAYZ!!!) and May x Ash (YAYZ!!!) Me likie this fic! ...Actually, I like all Contestshipping and Advanceshipping fics and this is no exeption! I feel I have sparked a craze of Unfaitfulshipings. New name for Contestshipping and Advanceshipping in one. Yay. Good story anyway!

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    Hey, not bad. ^^, though, some fixing could be done in the chapter. Make sure that you fix any grammar mistakes in the chapter, but also with the past and present tense. Ok?


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    Hey,awesome, I read this on up to chapter three though) So its good that you're posting it here! ^^ Can't wait for an update because you know how to write an advanceshipping fic!
    ~*Uza-chan's Good bye*~


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    This is really good so far. I'm anxious to find out if it's going to end with Advanceshipping or Contestshipping....

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    Also, did you *really* need to write Pikachu's speech with some odd capitals?
    Pikachu's gotta talk with correct grammar, too! It's his way of saying names. Pikapi = Satoshi = Ash and Chuu = Shuu = Drew. Stuff like that.

    Anyway, onto the next chapter. I believe I've caught all of the grammatical errors in chapter two, but I guess you all will remind me if I haven't.
    EDIT: Oops! Forgot to put the itallics back in!

    Chapter Two: Confession

    After dinner, May went outside and sat out in the cool grass. Ash was out training Aipom, the newest addition to his team, on the other side of the center, and Brock and Max had left to go buy supplies from a mom and pop general store. May spread her legs apart and propped herself up by placing her hands on the ground behind her. She gazed at the round, full moon. How did Max figure it out? She thought. She tried to remember how to conversation had gone in that direction earlier today.

    "All that stuff was a long time ago, Max!” May retorted to her brother’s accusation, “Besides, I’m a much better trainer, now.”

    “Well, there’s been lotsa people helping you.” Max responded.

    May knew this as well as anyone. “Yeah. Ash has been there since the beginning, and Drew has really helped me in my contests. Then there’ve been a lot of my other contest opponents. I’ve probably even learned something from Harley.”

    “Even Harley?” Max was surprised.

    “Yeah,” May laughed, “but he’s not near the top of who I would consider the most influential.”

    “Well, then who is?” Max asked her.

    “Probably Ash and Drew,” May blushed, “they’ve helped me in ways no one else can.”

    “Do you like either of ‘em?” Max asked his sister.

    “W-what?” May was surprised. She could feel her face turn crimson.

    “I bet you have a crush on one of ‘em!” Max accused her.

    “N-n-no I d-don’t!” May cried as she blushed even more fervently.

    “Aha! I knew it!” Max exclaimed. May saw out of the corner of her eye that this comment had gotten Ash’s attention.

    May sighed, again gazing at the full moon. It was a cool night. A gentle breeze blew through her brown hair and flicked it into her face. She brushed it away, and saw the shrubs in the nearby forest moving. She saw something yellow come out of the bush. Ash’s Pikachu had seen her sitting alone in the grass and was running up to her. Oh, no! What if Ash is following it! she thought.

    Pikachu walked up to her. “Pikachu, pika pika chu?”

    “Hi, Pikachu,” May said hesitantly, “is Ash following you.”

    “Pikachu,” He shook his head.

    “Did you sneak off during training?” she asked him. In response, Pikachu widened his face, pulled his ears down, and put on a big, toothy grin.

    “He’s doing a lot of training with Aipom, isn’t he?” May responded, recognizing the Pokémon Pikachu was imitating.

    “Pika.” He nodded. He leapt into May’s lap. May wasn’t startled. It seemed like Pikachu was always spending time with her when he wasn’t with Ash. She rubbed behind his ears just as she had seen Ash do. May smiled as she heard his coo under her gentle touch. She stopped and looked at Pikachu. Pikachu turned and lowered his ears. “Pika pi, Pikachu?” he asked, concerned.

    ”You know I’m feeling down, don’t you?” May asked rhetorically. “I was just thinking about you, Pikachu. And how you seem as comfortable around me as you do Ash.”

    “Pika.” Pikachu responded.

    “But I also remember how sometimes, when you weren’t with Ash, how you’d go out of your way to sit with me, or on my head.”

    “Pika...” he laughed, embarrassed.

    “Well…” May smiled, knowing that Pikachu had just fallen into her trap, “They say Pokémon take on the personalities of their trainers. As well as likes and dislikes.”

    “Pika?” Pikachu choked. Even he could see where this was going now.

    “Well, I just wanted to ask you…” and with that May lowered her head close to Pikachu’s ear and whispered, “Do you know if Ash likes me?”

    Thinking quickly, Pikachu decided to play dumb. “Pika!” It said, rather obliviously.

    May knew Ash, and she knew Pikachu would try to weasel out just like Ash would. “No, you know what I meant!” May chastised him, “I meant does he have a crush on me?”

    Pikachu, flabbergasted, thought about how Ash had instructed him earlier that night.

    ”Okay, Pikachu, I want you to spy on May for me.” Ash told his long time partner.

    “Pika!” he let out a displeased sound.

    “Not like that, Pikachu!” Ash reassured it, “I meant I want you to go and see what kind of mood May’s in, and see if she’s with anyone else. You can sit in her lap and try and get her to talk to you and stuff. Not like hiding in the bushes like some kinda G.I. Jenny.”

    “Pika?” it looked confused.

    “Because if she sees you, she might think of me,” Ash said, blushing slightly, “I want you to try to learn if she likes me back,” His blush deepened.

    “Pika! Pika, pika pi Pikachu pikaka pi pik pikachu chuu?” He continued.

    “Just hop on her head. That should distract her from asking about me again.” Ash explained. “And remember,” Ash continued, “make sure she doesn’t learn that I like her from you. I don’t think she’d think very kindly of me sending you to spy on her.”

    “Pika!” Pikachu raised his hand into the air as if to support Ash’s plan.

    “Thanks buddy,” Ash picked Pikachu up, “I knew I could count on you.” He snuggled Pikachu in his arms and then set him down to go find May. “Now, I gotta do some training,” he said, turning. He reached along side his belt, and pulled a Pokéball out. “Aipom, I choose you!” he called out as he tossed it into the air.

    Pikachu, remembering the instructions, leaped onto May’s head.

    “H-Hey!” May said, laughing. “What are you trying to do, Pikachu?” May rocked her head forward to try to get Pikachu to slip off. Her plan worked, as Pikachu came tumbling down in front of her. His feet landed on her chest, and caused Pikachu to bounce onto the ground flat on its back.

    “Chaa…” it cried after feeling the impact.

    May picked Pikachu up and held him. “Are you okay, Pikachu?” May asked. Pikachu put his hand behind his head in an embarrassed sort of way. He chortled a little bit. Then his ears perked up and its expression changed to serious.

    “Huh?” May was confused, “Is someone there, Pikachu?”

    “May, is that you?” the voice of Drew called out to her.

    “Pika!” Pikachu cried. He squirmed out of May’s grasp and ran past Drew, who was approaching May, to go tell Ash of who had just shown up.

    Drew eyed Pikachu as he scampered away. He quickly put the thought out of his mind, and turned to May. “So, how have you been?” he asked her.

    “Drew, it hasn’t even been that long since the Grand Festival, remember?” May said, standing up to face him, “I’m fine. Just like I was then.”

    Drew coughed. “Anyway, I came out here to find you because there is something I wanted to tell you.”

    “What’s th-“ May was cut off by Drew presenting a rose to her.

    “I’m in love with you, May,” he told her. May blushed heavily and gently took the rose from his hand.

    “I-I-I-I don’t know what to say,” May stammered, surprised that Drew would be so direct with her.

    “Well, don’t say anything yet,” he advised her, “I also have a request to make.” He looked up into her eyes. Her blush thickens when she notices this. “I… would like it if you stopped journeying with Ash and came along with me instead,” he said to her.

    “W-what?” May’s eyes widened at this request. She dropped the rose on the ground. “Bu-but what about Max? Where will he go?” she was startled and stammered out.

    Drew looked into her large, sapphire eyes calmly, “We can talk about that later. I’m not expecting an answer tonight,” he explained, “This must be a lot to take in, and I want to give you a night to think about it. I know you care a lot about your friends, and I wanted you to do what would really make you happy.” May could only stand stunned as Drew turned from her. “I’m going to bed now,” Drew said to her, “I’ll hang around the center until noon. I’ll be expecting your answer before then.” He coolly walked off. May heard the doors of the center open and close. She fell to the ground, he knees landing first there, stunned at what had just occurred.

    Drew… he’s in love with me…? She thought timidly to herself.

    Meanwhile, on the other side of the center, bubbles and stars clashed together on the outskirts of the nearby forest, creating explosions. These explosions brought small flashes, brightening up the sky for a moment. When the air cleared this time, a tired Aipom was panting as Ash’s Corphish lunged at it with a glowing claw.

    “Aipom!” Ash cried to it, “Dodge that Crabhammer!”

    “Eii!” the purple monkey Pokémon leaned back, and bounced up using her tail. Corphish brought its claw down into the ground, missing Aipom completely.

    “Now, Focus Punch!” Ash commanded.

    “Eii-“ Aipom cried as her tail was enveloped in a bright glow. She shouted, “-Pom!” as she swung her tail into in to the crustacean, sending him flying against a tree.

    “Cooooooor…” Ash’s Water-Type wheezed as he sunk into the grass, knocked out.

    “You did a great job, Corphish, return!” Ash told his friend as he recalled the crayfish Pokémon back into his Pokéball. He turned to Aipom, “And you where awesome, too, Aipom. Return.” Ash held up her ball and recalled her.

    “Pikapi!” Pikachu called to Ash as he ran up to his trainer.

    “Pikachu!” Ash turned and picked up his partner, “How did it go? Did you learn anything?”

    Pikachu leaped out of Ash’s grip and pulled his ears down to the sides of his head. His eyes got sparkly and he cooed an effeminate “Chaa!”

    “So you really think May likes me!” Ash excitedly asked him while he blushed slightly.

    “Pika!” he nodded.

    “Well, let’s go talk to her!” Ash was about to run off.

    “Pika!” He halted him. He pulled his ears down in front of his eyes. He flicked them and said, “Pi!” in a stuck up way.

    “What?” Ash was surprised, “You mean Drew was talking to her! Let’s go, we don’t have time to waste!” Ash took off after Pikachu leaped on his shoulder. He ran behind the Pokémon Center to where he knew May was just as Drew had left her to return to his room.

    “May!” Ash called to her from behind the bushes. He stepped out and saw her sitting alone on the ground. Where’d that Drew go? he thought. He walked up to her and extended his hand to help her to her feet. “Are you alright, May?” Ash asked her as he pulled her to her feet.

    May, seeing Ash here, quickly hid her memory of what just happened between her and Drew. “Yeah,” she tried to shake it from her mind, “I was just surprised is all.”

    “What surprised you?” Ash asked her.

    May quickly changed the subject. “So how did your training with Aipom go?” She asked him.

    “It went great!” Ash beamed, “Aipom did really great in a battle with Corphish. She’s a really strong Pokémon…” Ash trailed off. He looked into May’s eyes, and saw those glittering sapphire orbs reflect the moonlight. The pale glow of the moon made her skin glow and the smile on her face of genuine friendship made his heart beat faster.

    “Ash, are you okay?” May asked him as a faint blush came over Ash’s face.

    This is it, he thought, do or die.

    “M-M-May! I-I th-think I’m falling in…love… with you.” Ash stuttered out, his face becoming redder as the sentence went on.

    May blushed when she heard that. “R-really?” she asked.

    Ash sat down in the grass. He sighed and looked at the moon. “Yeah,” he said, his heart beating at a mile a minute.

    “When did it happen?” May asked, sitting down close-but-not-next to him. She tried to hide the rose that Drew gave her behind her.

    “You make it sound like there’s something wrong with me,” Ash scoffed, trying to hide the hurt in his voice.

    “No, it’s not that,” May assured him, moving her hand on to his, “I really want to know. I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings, Ash.” She squeezed his hand.

    “A while ago, I guess,” Ash thought out loud, “I mean, we where always good friends, but I guess at some point, I felt like it was becoming something more.”

    “Go on,” May implored him, giving his hand a gentle squeeze. She liked romantic stories like this, and would often read books about this kind of situation when she wasn’t training for the next contest.

    Ash laid back in the grass. Pikachu sat next to him on the side May wasn’t on. He sat there thinking for a moment. “Remember that island in Hoenn with the Donphan, when Max got lost in the forest. You where so worried about him that you didn’t take the ferry to Pacifidlog. When I saw how sad that made you, I realized that there might be more to our friendship than I thought. I tried my best to comfort you, because I wanted that bright smile of yours to return to that face.”

    “But that was quite a long time ago, Ash,” May said, “Why are you just now telling me how you feel?”

    “When Max said you had a crush on somebody, I was just going to brush it off,” he said, eyes closed, “But then that Drew guy showed up, and you seemed so happy to see him…” Ash clenched his fists, “… I guess that this is the first time I’ve ever felt like I had a chance of losing you.” Ash calmed himself, “I mean, I thought that we’d have a longer time together before I’d have to say anything. I was just putting it off.” Ash sighed, “I never thought anything about what was going on between you and Drew. I thought it was just friendly. But then with what Max said… this is the first time I’ve ever felt threatened about it.”

    “Ash…” May whispered to herself.

    Ash turned to her face. “I know this probably came off as acquired-“

    “Awkward,” May corrected him.

    “Yeah, awkward,” Ash laughed, “But anyway, I feel really mixed up inside now.” He turned serious again, “Pikachu and I are gonna camp outside. I don’t feel like I’d be able to sleep if I was able to look at you. You don’t have to tell me how you feel yet.” Ash stood, walking toward the center’s door. “Whenever you feel like you’re ready.” He glanced back at her and caught a glimpse of the rose Drew gave her. He put the thought out of his mind, and went inside the center to rest his Pokémon and get his sleeping bag.

    “Oh no…” May said to herself, realizing what just happened, “What am I gonna do now?”

    After Ash and Pikachu left, Max asked May where they went. May invented some story about how Ash had heard of a rare Pokémon in the forest and was going to camp out to find it. Max began to get his camping gear together so he could go watch for it with Ash, but May scolded him and told him to go to bed. Max, sulking, obeyed his older sister and went to sleep. May sat outside their room, thinking to herself, both out loud and in her head, about what had just happened.

    “Ash and Drew…” she started to collect her thoughts, “They both are in love with me!” she squealed with joy. The thought of Drew presenting her a beautiful bouquet of lush roses, and Ash taking her hand for a romantic moonlight flight upon his Charizard made her heart flutter, and May giggled like a school girl at the thought of juggling two boyfriends. But then reality set in again. “I can’t keep them both…” she told herself, “It wouldn’t be right to string them both along like that, and then they’d both end up hating me…” The thought of Drew tossing her a dead, dry brown rose and Ash leaving her behind flooded into her mind. She started to sniffle. But how can I choose between them? she thought to herself, They’ve both been so wonderful to me. How can I choose to stay with one and shun the other… “This is so hard!” She cried out, tears running slowly out of her eyes, “Why did they both have to tell me that they loved me in the same day…”

    “Maybe I can help,” A voice said to her from down the hall. She looked up from her lap and saw Brock walking down the hall. She knew he could see the tears in her eyes.

    “Oh, Brock…” she sniffed, trying to hide her tears, “Where were you?”

    “I was reading a story to my little brothers and sisters,” he explained, “My parents are doing great, but they still miss their big brother.” Brock smiled, hoping it would catch and May would smile back. But he saw that in her eyes that she had been crying. “Now let me put my brothering skills to use,” he said as he put his hand on her back. “Why are you crying, May?” Brock asked her, sitting down while holding a can of soda in his opposite hand.

    “Oh, Brock!” May let the tears flow. She leaned over and sobbed fitfully into Brock’s lap. She sat up, still crying. “It’s awful! I have to choose between two people who have done so much for me, and I can’t!”

    “Okay, explain things from the beginning, and then we’ll think about how to handle this.” Brock tried to calm her.

    “Thanks, Brock.” May sniffed.

    “That’s what friends are for, May,” Brock smiled.

    “No, I mean it,” May rubbed the tears from her eyes, “You’re like the big brother I’ve never had. I know I can talk to you and you’ll be there for me. Thank you.”

    Brock blushed with embarrassment. May went over the events of the evening, starting with Pikachu’s appearance to her, going to Drew’s confession and proposition, and finally to Ash admitting his feelings for her, and the dialog they had before he left.

    “Wow,” said Brock, “I never even thought Ash was capable of that. Misty would be surprised.”

    “But I have to pick one now!” May cried to Brock, confiding in him like an older sibling, “If I pick neither, then, they’ll both be heart broken! If I pick Ash, I might never see Drew again! If I pick Drew, I’ll lose out on being with you guys anymore! Ash would be destroyed!”

    Brock sat there for a moment, sipping on his soft drink, immersed in thought. An idea popped into his head. “Hey May, you like the dramatic romance novels, right?”

    May blushed with embarrassment. “Well, I’ve always wanted to be in a romantic situation like that…” she sighed, “… but what does that have to do with anything?”

    “I have an idea, if you want to go along with it…” Brock began to explain.

    To Be Continued...
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    Well... I think Drew's part was sorta rushed. I mean... say it right from the start, like that? Couldn't he have done it without going 0-100?

    Ash's part was at least better written, comparatively. Oh well. Waiting the next chapter *here*.

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    Noooooooooo!!! My two favorite shipping guys confessing to the shipping girl that he likes her!!! And a cliffy?! This is the hard thing about reading these fics and liking two shippings with the same girl. *FR crys* Could I be on the PM list if you have one?

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    I love this fic so far. I first read it on, and it was great (and still is). It's nice to see that you're posting it here, too.

    What can I say? Kudos to you, I don't think I caught any grammar/spelling mistakes. Some parts were a bit rushed, but overall this chapter went smoothly. I actually don't care if it's rushed or not.

    There are very few Advanceshipping fics around, so yours is a real treat. Can you please put me on your PM list, if you have one? Thank you.

    Once again, thanks for a great chapter, and keep up the good work!
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    Another good chapter. Wow, they both confessed on the same day. That must be hard for May... Anyway, if you have a PM list, can I be on it, too?

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    Well... I think Drew's part was sorta rushed. I mean... say it right from the start, like that? Couldn't he have done it without going 0-100?
    Yeah, but I just pictured him takng May by surprise. We'll have some more May/Drew moments in later chapters.

    And I think I can do a PM list... Anyway, next chapter. I honestly don't like the way this chapter ended up, but it allows us to get moving into the better parts.

    Chapter Three: Confrontation

    The next morning, Drew rolled over in his bed and opened his eyes. He saw that there was a piece of paper on the ground near the door that wasn’t there when he went to sleep. Drew rubbed his green eyes to make sure he hadn’t been seeing things. Once he confirmed its existence, Drew stepped over to it in his night clothes, and picked it up to read it.

    “No!’ he said through grinding teeth. “He won’t get away with this…” Drew immediately began getting dressed. Thoughts of Ash and Pikachu flooded his mind, and anger was his emotional response. He quickly got dressed, got his Pokéballs from the Doctor, and ran out into the forest.

    Ash, meanwhile, tossed and turned in his sleeping bag, his sleep tormented by nightmares.

    Ash found himself standing in a wide, grassy field, staring at May and Drew.

    May walked up to him. “Ash, I’ve decided to journey with Drew from now on,” she told him, looking down.

    “What?” Ash exclaimed. “Why?”

    “Because you’re such a loser, Ash-y boy!” Gary’s voice came out of Drew’s mouth, “Why would she want to hang out with you, when she can be with me?” the bad memory taunted him.

    “I’m sorry, Ash.” Tears began to wheal up in May’s eyes. “I didn’t mean for it to go this way.”

    “No!” Ash cried. He reached for his Pokéballs, only to find out he didn’t have them.

    “Give it up, Ash!” Gary-Drew laughed, “You stink, and you’ll never be as good as I am!”

    “I beat you in the Johto League Silver Conference, Gary!” Ash yelled back at him. “And I’ll do it again if you want me to prove it!”

    Drew’s expression changed, “I’ve never been to Johto before, Ash,” Drew said in his regular voice. “Maybe that’s where May and I will go next.” Ash could only stand there stunned as May and Drew departed from him.

    “Farewell, Ash. I’ll never forget all that you’ve done for me,” May called back to him.

    “Smell ya later, Ash!” Drew yelled, again in the Gary voice.

    Ash bolted awake from his nightmare in a cold sweat. He sat up in his sleeping bag and forced Pikachu to roll off.

    “It was only a nightmare…” Ash gave a sigh of relief. He heard the chirping of various Kantonese flying Pokémon. The forest canopy held the direct sunlight from his eyes, but it was easily late morning. He turned to his belongings and saw a sack near his backpack with a note. He crawled over and read it.




    Ash pictured Drew’s face and crumpled the note in his fist. What is he gonna do to May? he thought. Images from his nightmare reemerged from his subconscious. He remembered seeing Drew and May interact back in Hoenn. And he saw Gary and himself in those interactions. He remembered how Gary’s words where like a dagger in his side. Whenever he thought he was doing well, Gary would show up and show just how far ahead of Ash he was. When he saw May trying to play catch up to Drew, Gary was the first thing to hit his mind. Even after defeating Gary and his Blastoise in the Silver Conference, even after putting their rivalry behind him, even after they departed as friends, Ash still remembered how insulting and harsh he was in his first journey through Kanto. And part of that memory would always be with him.

    He roused Pikachu, collected his Pokéballs, put on his hooded sweatshirt, hat, and shoes, having slept in his baggy jeans, black tee-shirt and socks the night before. Stuffing the note into his pocket, he ran into the woods behind the center to a field where he knew his adversary would be waiting for him.

    When Ash arrived, he saw Drew waiting for him.

    “You’re late,” Drew mocked him.

    “No, you’re just early!” Ash retorted.

    “That was the lamest comeback I’ve ever heard,” Drew flicked his hair in Ash’s direction.

    “Shut up, Gary!” Ash yelled at him, his blood boiling.

    “Gary?” Drew looked confused, “Are you sure you know who I even am?”

    Ash growled, “Let’s just get this thing going, okay?”

    Someone stepped out of the bushes between Ash and Drew.

    “I’ll be judging this battle,” Brock announced walking to the side of the battle field.

    “Brock?” Ash was puzzled.

    “What are you doing here?” Drew asked.

    Making eye contact with neither, Brock responded, “As an official Pokémon League Judge, I will remain impartial in the coming battle.”

    “Okay, Brock, what are the rules?” Ash asked him.

    “This will be a Double Battle,” he announced, “Each trainer will use two Pokémon with no substitutions.” Brock turned to Ash, “Send out your first choice.”

    Ash thought for a moment. He wasn’t sure about Drew’s full lineup. He’d have to choose a Pokémon that had a relatively neutral type. His choice was obvious.

    “Aipom, I choose you!” He lobbed the ball into the air. The Pokéball opened and in a flash of light, Aipom, the purple monkey Pokémon had materialized before them.

    “Eii, Eii!” She hopped up and down, her paws up as if her where in a boxing match.

    “Now, Drew, choose both of your Pokémon.” Brock commanded.

    “Alright!” Drew took two Pokéballs from his side and lobbed them into the air. “Go, Masquerain, Roselia!”

    After the balls opened and in two flashes of light, two Pokémon had appeared. A Flying-Bug Pokémon with a small blue body and large, impressive wings appeared. It had large, intimidating eye patterns on its wings. Next to it appeared a smaller Grass-and-Poison Pokémon. His was a small, green, leafy body. At the ends of his arms there were roses, one pink and one blue and one on each hand.

    “Masquerain!” The Flying-Bug type called.

    “Rose!” The Grass-and-Poison type bowed.

    “Now Ash,” Brock turned to him again, “Who will be your second Pokémon?”

    “Why’d you even have to ask?” Ash smiled, “Pikachu, let’s get ‘em!”

    Pikachu leapt from Ash’s shoulder and took his place next to Aipom. “Pika!” he challenged Drew’s Pokémon.

    “Aipom and Pikachu versus Masquerain and Roselia!” Brock announced.“Let the battle begin!”

    “Pikachu, let’s start with Quick Attack! Aipom, cover him with Swift!” Ash began.

    “Roselia, stop Pikachu in his tracks with Magical Leaf! Masquerain, block Aipom with Silver Wind!” Drew retaliated.

    Pikachu charged at Roselia with a blinding speed, but Roselia was firing glowing leaves at Pikachu. Aipom swung her tail and shot a ray of stars at the Magical Leaf, but the Swift attack was stopped by a glittering gust of wind full of the scales on Masquerain’s wings.

    “Pikachu, dodge it!” Ash cried.

    Pikachu leapt into the air, but the leaves followed him and smashed into Pikachu, knocking him backwards.

    “Pikachu, use Thunderbolt on Masquerain!” Ash commanded.

    “Pikaachiiuuu!” Pikachu cried as he unleashed a massive electric charge from his body.

    “Get out of the way, Masquerain!” Drew called to him.

    But before Masquerain could escape, the Thunderbolt hit its mark. “Maaasque!” He cried out, flapping his wings to escape the charge.

    “Roselia, use-“ Drew started.

    “Aipom, Focus Punch!” Ash ordered.

    Aipom was already running close to Roselia, and with that command the hand on the end of her tail began to glow. Aipom furiously punched Roselia and sent him flying.

    “Roselia!” Drew cried to him.

    Roselia climbed to his feet. “Rose!”

    “Pikachu, Thunderbolt Masquerain again!” Ash told him.

    “Masquerain, climb out of Pikachu’s range!” Drew ordered.

    Pikachu unleashed another electric volley at Masquerain, but this time Masquerain had successfully flown high enough to get out of Pikachu’s range.

    “Roselia, Petal Dance! Masquerain, Ice Beam!” Drew commanded.

    Roselia unleashed a flurry of pink petals at Pikachu and Aipom. Masquerain fired a cold, icy ray in the path of the Petal Dance attack. The petals flew through the Ice Beam and came out as small, icy daggers flying in Pikachu and Aipom’s direction.

    “Pikachu! Aipom!” Ash called.

    But by then, the combination attack had already connected. The frozen petals cut against Pikachu and Aipom.

    “Pikachu, get ready! Aipom, send Pikachu flying!” Ash ordered.

    Aipom grabbed a tree branch in her small paws, swung completely around and was about to knock Pikachu in the direction of Masquerain.

    “Pikachu, Quick Attack!” Ash called.

    Aipom smacked Pikachu into the air at the very moment that Pikachu began his Quick Attack. A blazing trail shone behind him as Pikachu flew towards Masquerain.

    “Roselia, shoot Pikachu down with Magical Leaf!” Drew called.

    “Aipom, counter Magical Leaf with Swift!” Ash shouted.

    Roselia launched his glowing leaves at Pikachu, but they where cut off from their target with Aipom’s stars blocked them, causing a midair explosion.

    “I learned that one by watching May battle!” Ash cheered. Images of how his Flygon was defeated by May’s Squirtle in the Kanto Grand Festival returned to Drew’s mind.

    “Masquerain, dodge it!” Drew called to him, gritting his teeth.

    Masquerain flew laterally to dodge Pikachu’s Quick Attack. Just when Pikachu and Masquerain where side by side, Pikachu shot a smile at Masquerain.

    “Pikachu, Iron Tail!” Ash yelled.

    Pikachu’s tail began to glow. Masquerain’s eyes widened. Pikachu slammed his tail into Masquerain, knocking toward the ground.

    “Masquerain!” Drew cried.

    “Pikachu, wrap this one up with Thunder!” Ash shouted triumphantly.

    “Pikaachuu!” Pikachu shot an immense lightning bolt from himself to Masquerain. Masquerain shrilled in pain as both he and Pikachu came plummeting to the ground.

    “If you remember my match with May, then you must remember what happened next! Roselia, take Pikachu out with a Solar Beam before he can get away!” Drew smirked.

    “Roooose…” the small green Pokémon raised his roses into the air and absorbed the sunlight.

    “Pikachu, try to get out of there,” Ash called to him.

    “Pika!” Pikachu flailed wildly to try to get out of the way, but other than turning in the air, he couldn’t do anything.

    “ROSE!” Roselia aimed his roses at Pikachu and unleashed a powerful beam of concentrated sunlight.

    “Pikachu!” Ash cried as the beam approached his friend.

    A loud, popping noise was heard, then the beam came into contact with its target and created a huge explosion. Both sides of the battle waited for the dust to clear.

    To Be Continued...

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    Well... intense. Ash acted as numbskully as he should, and Drew, well... NC. Wonder what happens next...

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    wow, for once a fanfic I have read which I want to continue reading til the end.
    I actually like how so far, it dosen't seem to focus only on 1 shipping, but 2.

    This seems like a pretty hard choice for May, I mean, if I was her, the choice of Ash and Drew must be pretty hard. But Brock's the man with the plan! yay Brock! XD
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    Haha, I think it was great that you had Drew with Gary's voice in Ash's dream. And then Ash called him Gary when they met for their battle X)

    As usual, great chapter.

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    Another great chapter. Funny how Ash and Drew immediately think of each other when they see "your rival" on the note. I thought the battle scene was well written, as was the dream sequence. Wonderful job.

    Still loving this fic! Keep up the good work!
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    Arrow Alot more....

    Wow this is a good shipping fic, Rather then the others who usually ruin it in the beginning but anyways good job, I hope too see alot more from you...
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    Great chapter. The dream Ash had was pretty good. The battle was well described, and it just adds to the suspense to leave it with an explosion as the end. Please write the next chapter soon!

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    This really is very interesting! I'm no Advanceshipper myself, but this story puts a really nice spin on an otherwise-tiresome shipping. Just look at the first page of this forum. ><

    Keep it up! I really am enjoying this story.

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    Wow! Great stuff! I love it how there's both Advanceshipping AND contestshipping! AAAIIEEE! EVIL SUSPENSE-Y-CLIFFHANGERS!! *cough* Anyway...
    I agree with Seijiro, though, that Drew's part was a bit rushed, but the taking May by surprise concept made sense.
    I can't wait for the nest chap! Could I please be on the PM list? (If there is one, that is :P)

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    NC means no comment, right? Heh.

    And for a PM list, I just keep names together on my own, right? I think that's getting started up.

    Chapter Four: Complications

    A gust of wind blew through the field and scattered the dust. In the middle of the field there were two Pokémon.

    Masquerain and Aipom.

    Both were lying knocked out in the middle of the scene.

    “No way!” Drew said, “How did Pikachu evade the attack?”

    In the bushes across from Brock, three sets of eyes watched the battle.

    “No way!” cried a cat-like Pokémon, “Ders no way dat da twerp’s Pikachu coulda escaped dat!” He wagged his tail furiously and dug his sharp claws into the bush he was looking over.

    “Shhh…” his grey-clad partners warned him.

    The blue-haired man looked over at the field. One of his Pokémon, small and pink with wavy black hair sat on his shoulder. She mimicked his crouched posture and his hopeful gaze. “My, those are some powerful Pokémon. Think if we could get them to the Boss!” he squealed. His Pokémon happily mimicked him.

    “James, that what we try every time!” The pessimistic red haired woman told him, “The reason we can’t get them is because their so powerful!” She continued to brush her long, beautiful red hair.

    “I suppose you’re right, Jessie,” James sighed. His Mime Jr. sitting on his shoulder mimed his sighing expression.

    “Well,” the cat Pokémon chimed in, the charm in the middle of his forehead taking a slight shine, “we could always go with the good ol’ ‘wait-till-dey-tire-demselves-out-then-swoop-in-an-grab-em’ plan.”

    “That’s a great idea, Meowth!” James’ eyes sparkled.

    “Mime, Mime!” Mime Jr. mimicked him.

    “Then why hasn’t it worked before?” Jessie sighed, continuing to brush her hair.

    “Oh, yeah…” James was depressed again. Mime Jr. followed suit.

    “Well, if at foist you don’t succeed, try, try again,” Meowth said, trying to rally the troops.

    “Alright, I’m in!” James was happy again. Mime Jr. mimed his cheer.

    “Oh, I guess I am, too,” Jessie sighed, getting tired of brushing, “even if we lose again.”

    “Wooobuffet!” Jessie's blobby blue Pokémon chimed in, after escaping his Pokéball.

    James, Mime Jr., and Meowth all sighed.

    During that exchange, Ash and Drew looked for Pikachu, who had disappeared when the Solar beam attack connected. “Where is Pikachu, anyway? Ash asked, concerned about his buddy’s location. His eyes wandered to the tree where Aipom had been standing and saw Pikachu sitting there, looking as confused as the rest of them were.

    “Aipom must have used her Baton Pass.” Brock said, surveying the scene.

    “Baton Pass?” Ash asked him.

    “It’s an attack that cause a Pokémon to switch places with another of its trainer’s Pokémon. If the user has made itself faster or stronger, like with Agility, then that increase would be passed on to the other Pokémon. Aipom used it to switch places with Pikachu to protect it.”

    “That’s what the popping sound was…” Ash recalled the loud popping sound that he had heard before the explosion.

    Brock raised both of his hands into the air, “Masquerain and Aipom are unable to battle. This match will continue as a single battle with Pikachu battling Roselia. Continue the match!”

    Both trainers recalled their fainted Pokémon. Drew thanked Masquerain for putting up such a great fight, while Ash thanked Aipom for taking the beam for Pikachu.

    “We can’t waste this opportunity, Pikachu! Thunderbolt him!” Ash rallied his partner.

    Pikachu approached Roselia and launched a Thunderbolt. The attack struck the small Grass-Type, but it shook it off.

    “Roselia, Petal Dance!” Drew commanded.

    Roselia spun itself around and sharp flower petals rained across the field. Pikachu tried its best to get out of the way of some of them, but it ended up getting caught in it. The force knocked Pikachu away from Roselia. He landed on the ground with a resounding thud.

    “Get up, Pikachu! I know you can do it, buddy,” Ash cheered his partner on.

    “Pi…ka” Pikachu pulled itself up on all fours. Roselia had a dazed expression on his face.

    That’s right, Ash thought, Petal Dance tires out the user, making it hard to focus its attacks!

    “Pikachu, this is our shot! Take’em out with Volt Tackle!” Ash shouted, forcefully pointing at Roselia.

    Pikachu started running toward Roselia, all the while chanting, “Pikapikapikapikapikapika…”

    “Roselia, finish him with Solar Beam!” Drew commanded, trying to get a counteroffensive underway. Roselia, dazed, raised his roses into the air to collect sunlight.


    A golden aura began to surround Pikachu, and then completely enveloped it. He charged even faster toward Roselia.

    “Roselia, now!” Drew commanded.

    “…pikapikapika-PIK-KA!” he called, tackling into Roselia. The charge surrounding Pikachu was transferred into Roselia. The energy coursed into the flower Pokémon’s body. He released his focus and launched the Solar Beam harmlessly away from Pikachu. The force of Pikachu’s impact caused a small explosion. Pikachu flipped out of the smoke and landed on all fours, panting heavily. Roselia fell out of the smoke and lay there, struggling to stand. Pikachu and Roselia glared at each other, and then Roselia fell backwards, unconscious.

    Brock raised his hand, “Roselia is no longer able to battle! Ash and Pikachu are the winners.”

    “Alright!” Ash ran over to Pikachu and picked him up. He snuggled Pikachu as he laughed. Drew, looking defeated, walked to his beaten Pokémon and picked him up.

    Ash looked up at the clear blue sky. The sun was shining above his head in the bright, sapphire colored sky. Wait, sapphire colored... May! Ash remembered. He ran up to Drew with Pikachu on his shoulder and an angry look on his face, “Alright, I won. Now where’s May?” he demanded.

    Drew looked confused. “Me?” he asked, “I thought you kidnapped her?”

    Ash, surprised, took the note out of his pocket. “But I got your note…” he said, showing it to him.

    Drew glanced over the note. He reached into his pocket and pulled out the note he received. “You mean this one?” He showed his copy to Ash. Sure enough, it was exactly the same as Ash’s – minus the note about his Pokéballs being in the attached bag.

    “Something funny’s going on here…” Ash noted.

    Brock swallowed the lump in his throat. In the bushes behind Brock, two sets of eyes watched with growing interest.

    “May,” Max poked his sister, “what are they talking about? You haven’t been kidnapped.”

    "It's part of the battle, Max," May brushed him off, trying to hear Ash and Drew talking. She had really expected more dramatic speeches from the boys who professed to love her. Something like she had read in the book she had brought with her into Kanto. Drew is probably too stuck on himself to do that, May thought. And Pokémon are always number one with Ash. If he had to choose between any girl and Pikachu, there would be some broken hearts, I'm sure.

    “Well, why are they battling?" Max pestered her further. "You still haven't told me!"

    Brock backed up to the bushes. "May, I think the jig is up. They're getting suspicious," he whispered discreetly.

    "I guess I better come clean, then, huh?" May gulped. May stood up and brushed the dirt off of her skirt and legs. She straightened her bandana and consciously tried to put the cutest look on her face she could muster. “Um, hey guys…” May said loud enough for both of them to hear, blushing and smiling as she stepped out of the bushes.

    “May!” Ash and Drew turned their heads and exclaimed simultaneously.
    Ash and Drew excitedly ran over to May, both relieved that no apparent harm had come to her.

    “I was so worried about you,” Ash said, smiling.

    “I thought you were in danger!” Drew said, also smiling.

    “This is my fault. I’m sorry I pitted you against each other,” May sighed.

    “So you planted the notes?” Drew asked her.

    May blushed and put her hand behind her head in a nervous way. “It was the only the only thing Brock and I could come up with!”

    Ash and Drew turned toward Brock. “You were in on this?” they both exclaimed.

    Brock sweatdropped, “May was distressed about what to do after you both told her you loved her in the same night!”

    Ash and Drew turned to face each other. “You’re in love with May, too?” the shouted at each other.

    “You two were fighting over my sister?” Max was shocked. Ash and Drew blushed.

    “It’s a long story…” May began.

    A long metal arm with a red glove reached down and snatched Pikachu off of Ash’s shoulder. A second came down and grabbed Roselia out of Drew’s arms.

    “Pikachu!” Ash called to him.

    “Roselia!” Drew reached for his partner before he was pulled back to a familiar Meowth shaped hot air balloon hovering in the sky. Both Pikachu and Roselia were placed into tough, clear, plastic spheres. Pikachu tried an electric attack, but it had no effect on his confinement. Holding those spheres and sneering were Meowth and James of Team Rocket, with Jessie standing on the opposite side of Meowth, holding a third, unused, extending arm.

    “Not you guys again!” Ash shouted.

    “Prepare for trouble while your back is turned!” Jessie began.

    “Make it double from the lesson you should have learned!” James followed up.

    “An evil as old as the galaxy!” Jessie lifted her gloved hand into the air.

    “Sent here to fulfill our destiny!” James lifted his. Mime Jr. mimicked this.

    “And there’s me!” Meowth leaped up.

    “To denounce the evils of truth and love!” Jessie closed her eyes and threw her arms back. She started to fall backwards

    “To extend our reach to the stars above!” James caught her from behind with a rose in his mouth.

    “Jessie!” She shouted her name toward the onlookers.

    “James!” He turned his head to face the trainers.

    “And Meowth are da names!” Meowth shouted when he leapt onto James’ head.

    Jessie and James stood up with Meowth standing on their shoulders.

    “Anywhere there’s peace in the universe…” Jessie announced with her hand held high.

    “…Team Rocket…” James added, with his hand held up.

    “…will be dere…” Meowth broke in with his paw in the air.

    “…to make everything worse!” All three of them announced together, pointing at the twerps.

    “Wobbuffet!” Jessie’s Pokémon shouted, raising his hand to his head.

    “Mime, Mime!” Mime Jr. mimicked Wobbuffet.

    “Team Rocket!” Ash, May, Max and Brock shouted at their long-time nemeses.

    “What are you guys doing here?” Drew asked them.

    “The same thing we do every time!” James mocked him back. “We’re here for Pikachu, and this time we’ve got it!”

    “Not for long,” Ash muttered, reaching for a Pokéball.

    “Wait,” May told him, “it’s my fault that Pikachu and Roselia battled anyway, so I’ll handle it.”

    “Wait,” James interrupted. “Do you mean that twerpette got the boy twerps to fight each other?"

    “Oh…” Jessie’s eyes began to sparkle, “That’s so romantic! It must be love!" Ash, May and Drew looked at each other, blushing. "It is! The boy twerps must be in love with the girl! This is just like the book I've been reading!”

    “Wait, you’ve been reading the same book?” May asked her.

    “Do you mean, ‘Gem-crossed lovers’? Of course!” Jessie announced, pulling her copy of the novel out of her pocket.

    “I’m reading that, too!” May pulled her copy out of her fanny pack. The cover had a man in a red tunic with his sword clashing against another, held by a man with a green robe. In the background between the swords stood a princess draped in blue, and hovering over her was the image of an old man wearing a golden crown. The title of the book was embossed in reflective letters on at the top of the cover.

    “I love this novel. It’s so romantic!” May squealed.

    “I know!” Jessie squealed back. “It’s just so wonderfully sweet. I want to be in princess Sapphire’s place and have two men fighting over me!”

    Ash and Drew cringed over the similarity of their plight to what happened in the book May and Jessie were reading.

    “Ruby and Emerald, the two bravest knights in the realm, had fallen in love with the beautiful princess Sapphire.” Jessie started.

    “But just as Ruby and Emerald began to fight over Sapphire’s heart, the evil Count Topaz kidnapped her, and Ruby and Emerald had to put their differences aside to rescue her.” May finished Jessie’s quote of the back cover.

    “That means…” Jessie giggled, “that the two twerp boys really are in love with you, right?” Ash and Drew felt their faces change from flesh colored to red.

    “Yeah, but I couldn’t choose between them…” May looked down, “so I had them fight each other. I was hoping I’d see something in the battle…”

    Meowth whispered to James, "I thought that the twerp woulda ended up with the red-headed Gym Leader girl..."

    "What?" James looked at him, surprised, "I thought she was with that kid from the Orange Islands now?" he whispered back.

    Meowth sighed, "I guess we wouldn't know love if it constantly beat an' belittled us, huh?"

    "I guess not," James sadly agreed. Mime Jr. copied this.

    “Well, you know what comes next in the story…” Jessie smiled at the twerps
    while flexing the extending arm she held, not paying James or Meowth any attention.

    “What? I just got to that part a few days ago, and I haven’t had a chance to read it recently,” May asked her, puzzled.

    Before May could react, the arm that Jessie was holding reached out and grabbed her around her narrow midsection. Ash reached for her hand as she was being pulled away. “May!” he shouted futilely. Her hand was within reach for only a moment, but then it was pulled away quickly.

    “Ash!” May cried out to him, tears forming in her eyes.

    Jessie held May above her head with her restrained in the arm’s grasp. “Well, if you ‘knights’ want to save her, you’re going to have to chase her.” Jessie was giddy with glee as the balloon began to drift away.

    “James, I think she’s cracked…” Meowth whispered into James’ ear.

    “One bad egg spoils the whole carton, I’m afraid,” James sighed. Mime Jr. sighed as well.

    “Fat chance if you think you’re getting away!” Ash tossed a Pokéball into the air, “Swellow, take that balloon down!”

    In a flash, a navy blue bird Pokémon with a red crest and a white underside appeared in the air. His sharp eyes quickly eyed the balloon. “Swell!” He responded to his trainer’s call.

    “Take down the balloon with Aerial Ace!” Ash commanded, more anger in his voice than usual. Swellow began darting through the air, glowing streaks flying around him. He plunged through the balloon. Quickly deflating, the balloon fell into the distance. “Now we gotta- huh?” Ash began before a rumbling came over the forest. Before he could say more, a large purple ship began flying out of the forest near where the Balloon had gone down. It had a large skull and crossbones pattern on the underside. It boasted a face familiar to Ash and propellers where attached to the top, giving it flight capabilities. He gasped as he recalled the shape of the Team Rocket Pokémon he had battled until early in the Hoenn Region.

    “You’re birdie is useless against out Weezing Air-Mecha!” James taunted over the loud speaker. “Now we’re going to take Pikachu, Roselia, and all of you little friend’s Pokémon and there’s nothing you can do!”

    To Be Continued...

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    Wow, unexpected twist. Oh, and the fact that it was taken straight from a book was... well, I'm still giggling. Now the question is: what will happen next? I'm curious!

    (Interesting note: thus far, no missing, despite not being PM'ed.)

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    Wow, I really like it... how Jessie is trying to help May's situation by kidnapping her is funny and the fact that they were talking about a book for so long.

    The TR motto was done perfectly, Like it was taken straight from the show...

    Keep it up.
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    This is the best shipping fic I've ever read. I see you brought the suspense back. Reminds me of myself...

    Anyway, great chapter. Keep 'em coming!

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