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    Default Fizzytopia's Recorded History

    Fizzytopia! Where to begin? Fizzytopia is the capitol of the Fizzy Bubbles universe, which is why it attracts some of the largest crowds out there. Being as important as it is has many benefits to trainers, and pokemon as well. This place has something to do for everyone whether you're into heated battles or just want a soothing adventure. If you're into mysterious places with mysterious things the Deserted Fairground is for you, not to mention the hidden secrets of The Lost City of Sobek or the mysterious tales reported from those who have ventured into the Enchanted Forest. The variety of landscapes also makes this place fantastic for trainers. Can you beat the heat of the Volcanic Islands? And how about the Glacier Islands, where it's so cool it's hot! Fizzytopia offers something for everybody, so what are you waiting for? Come and explore....


    Seaside City:
    On the Eastern Coast of Fizzytopia, Seaside City which has been built up over time, has attracted quite a number of tourists as well as long-term residents. Here you will find many shops, cafe's, hotels and the like but do not wander the streets at night for the tourist trade has attracted thieves to the area. You never know who you'll meet in the dark alleys around town.

    The Town Centre: The busiest part of town, the Town Centre is where everything happens, from trading to auctions, all the best shops with the cheapest and most expensive prices are found here. The place is always a buzz, even at night where the darker side of the town is seen. Be careful though, keep an eye on your wallet and pokeballs at all times, thieves are commonplace here, ready to relieve unsuspecting tourists of their hard earned cash, and sometimes pokemon, at a moments notice.

    The New Fairground: A place of merriment for all, trainers and Pokemon alike. There are multiple rides, such as Ferris Wheels, Merry-go-rounds, and others which make up most of the park, scattered about. Also, there are many game stands, which encourage trainers to try their luck at some games such as the Ring Toss. Also around the Fairground are various food stands, enough to put a smile on anyone's face.

    The Beach: Sun, surf and sand. What more could you want? Relax on the shore of Seaside City's beach, soak up the rays and enjoy your time here. A popular destination for water pokemon, you may also find a few others in the park and along the scenic walk running the length of the beach.

    The River: A winding river miles long, it's gentle water twisting throughout the entire zone and eventually out to the ocean. It's grassy banks are dotted with trees and is a popular destination for picnickers and trainers alike due to the amount of pokemon frequenting it's peaceful shores.

    Hydro-Electric Dam: Relatively new to the Seaside City is the Hydroelectric Dam. Built on the western end of the river to help generate power for the increasing number of people settling here, its rich power source has attracted a large variety of electric pokemon to the area.

    Energos Quarry: An abandoned quarry that contains some kind of ore that seems to attract electric pokemon. Some trainers have reported strange behaviour by their electric pokemon even inside their pokeballs. An electromagnetic field surrounds the whole area making any electronic equipment malfunction while in the field.

    The Deserted Fairground: After many unexplained happenings occurring in this very popular fairground, a devastating fire on the Ghost Train, responsible for the deaths of dozens of children, closed the fairground to the public. The spooky events continued long after, putting a stop to any reconstruction work that had ever been attempted. As a result, the fairground has become a breeding ground for the darker side of the pokemon world.

    The Enchanted Forest:
    Located in the westernmost region of Fizzytopia is the Enchanted Forest. A special place of magic and mystery, the Enchanted Forest is rumored to be older than time itself. The birthplace of life for the past, present and future, many an adventurer has entered the forest in hopes of unlocking the mysteries within but few have ever returned. What has become of them is anyone's guess, are you sure you want to find out...?

    You can access this area by hiking from the Monorail station through the Dead forest. The Monorail station is situated just near the Dead forest.

    The Mystical Woodland: Makes up a good 90% of the Enchanted Forest. It is normally a very peaceful place where grass, bug and flying pokemon thrive but there are rumors of strange and magical happenings in this forest and on special nights, under the light of the full moon, who knows what you may encounter...

    Garden of Iris: This large garden floats high above the rest of the Enchanted Forest. The ground is made up entirely of clouds which magically both supports any amount of weight and can grow many beautiful flowers and trees. It is hidden from view so it is mostly untouched by man. The only way to reach it is to climb up a rainbow that stretches from the ground to the clouds.

    Eyrie Peak: Named after the odd shape of the mountain which from a distance resembles an eagle's head, Mt. Eyrie was feared by many ancient tribes who once dwelled in the forest. Because no humans ever set foot upon the mountain, Eyrie Peak has become a haven for bird Pokemon who have made it their nesting ground. Because of this, the Pokemon who are nesting are likely to be fierce and will protect their young at all costs.

    Intado's Village: The Intado, the only living tribe inside of the Enchanted Forest, are not ones to be messed with but if you enter happily they will treat you with respect. With their primitive pokeballs and fast knowledge of the forest you'll always be granted with amazing battles if you enter their local tribal tournament.

    Dead Forest: The only place that lives in the Enchanted Forest that isn't so enchanting, deadly bugs inhabit this area and poison seeps through the trees harming anyone or anything that touches them. Only the brave dare enter this place and not so many return.

    The Lost City of Sobek:
    Long ago buried beneath the desert sands, the lost city of Sobek was discovered in the desolate central region of Fizzytopia after a ferocious sandstorm uncovered part of an ancient abode. When archaeologists heard of the discovery they flocked from all over the world to examine the area. This city has now become a popular archaeological site which attracts tourists and trainers from across the globe.

    You can access this area from the city by foot or by Jeep from the Monorail station. The Monorail station is just near the excavation camp run by archeologists to explore the ruins. Is rather large and has many people who need errands run. Some small tourist stalls as well.

    The Ruins: The site upon which the ancient city of Sobek once stood. Here you will find many places of interest such as the Pokemon Centre, Research Lab and tourist stalls as well as several interesting excavation sites to explore.

    The Ancient Pyramid: Built thousands of years ago as a burial tomb for the Pharaoh, the Ancient Pyramid is filled with many secret passages, dangerous traps and puzzles designed to protect the Pharaoh's resting place from looters. If this place doesn't kill you, it may just drive you insane.

    The Sphinx: This Sphinx loves riddles so if you don't like them then this isn't the place for you. Answer the Sphinx's riddle and she will allow you entry. Once inside you will be faced with another 12 riddles. Each time you guess the correct answer you advance to the next stage where you will battle for your right to face another riddle. Make it to the end and you will receive great rewards, if you lose a battle or answer a riddle incorrectly you will find yourself back at the beginning...

    The Labyrinth: An underground maze where the bravest warriors were sent in order to prove themselves. It's inhabited by strong pokemon and an unknown mysterious pokemon that is stronger than them all. If the warriors made it out they were celebrated as heroes, if not.... :-(

    The Coliseum: An ancient battle arena, the Coliseum has seen many a warrior fight here in some of the most bloodthirsty battles known to man. Nowadays, trainers come here to battle with their pokemon but it's what lays hidden beneath the arena that makes many a man shudder. The dark and dangerous dungeons have become home to some of the strongest and most bloodthirsty Pokemon alive. Only the bravest of trainers dare to enter....

    The Glacier Islands:
    A chain of islands made up of enormous icebergs set deep in the Southern Ocean. The weather is extremely harsh and if you are not careful you could freeze to death in an instant. But the most surprising, and as yet unfounded, story about these glaciers is that there are rumored reports of a secret area where a mysterious and very strong pokemon resides, sleeping deep within the ice.

    You can access this remote area from the city by airlift (small 3 seater helicopter), Fly or Surf on a Pokémon (It must be big enough), ride the Ferry, or by Sea Plane to Port Republic. A medium-sized port on the main island of the Glacier Islands that moderates all traffic coming and leaving the island. It has few local residents, mostly shop owners and people to do with the ferries. A lot of holiday homes are situated here as well.

    Terror Mountain: Sitting in the centre of the Glacier Islands is an iceberg of monolithic proportions known only as Terror Mountain. Many rumors abound of a ghost town set somewhere within its icy ranges but due to the avalanches common to this mountain, no one has ever returned to verify its existence.

    The Icy Wastelands: A dry region of little rainfall, extreme temperatures, and sparse vegetation. No sand here, only ice and snow for miles and miles. Not the most ideal place for a holiday but whatever floats your boat. Some pokemon roam these plains but for the most part take the surroundings into their personalities; cold, harsh and deadly...

    Glacier City: An oasis in the icy tundra of the Glacier Islands, Glacier City is a technologically advanced area covered by a large, insulated dome where many trainers find refuge from the harsh surrounding environment. It has many attractions including Pokemon battle arenas, Pokemon shops and a hotel for weary travelers.

    Magnetic Island: A lone glacier, one that continuously sails around the Glacier Islands, never leaving it's course. Mysterious....

    Glacier Mines: Set just east of the island chain, a huge glacier, so large that it seemingly never melts, sits sealed to the ocean floor. Enter at your own risk but be sure to bring something warm as it'll get way below freezing as you move further down into the winding tunnels of the icy caverns.

    Mt. Fumi - The Volcanic Island:
    Volcanic Island is a hard, rocky land mass, the remains of a once beautiful tropical island floating serenely two hundred miles off the Southeast coast of Fizzytopia. Two hundred years ago Mt. Fumi which stands in the centre of the island, erupted in a spectacular display of ash, rock and molten lava. Today, very few people are drawn to Volcanic Island which has given Rock, Ground and Fire pokemon a chance to thrive in the harsh environment.

    You can access this remote area from the city by airlift (small 3 seater helicopter), Fly on a Pokémon (It must be big enough), ride the Ferry, or by Sea Plane to Isaman’s Base. A small geologists’ base run by Sir Isaac Isaman which has basic supplies and pokemon healing facilities. Geologists are trying to determine when the next eruption will happen and may ask for random tasks to be completed by you. Warning: Surfing is prohibited due to high acidic levels in the surrounding waters.

    Shale Beach: Shale Beach stretches around the outskirts of the island itself. It's sand is gritty and black, not at all the postcard picture you want to be sending to your friends. If you think you can fish in the water around here you are sadly mistaken, for the ocean surrounding Volcanic Island is so acidic that no sea life can survive for at least a 100 mile radius.

    Fumi’s Walk: A long and winding trail that twists around the volcano. If you think you have the stamina to make your way to Mt. Fumi’s summit you can certainly give it a try but beware, the trail is unstable and the pokemon along here do not like intruders.

    Mt Fumi Peak: The hottest of all places, deadly fire Pokemon breach the edges of the volcano making the heat more intense than the lava inside. If you manage to make it to the top, bring a lot of water you'll -- need it.

    Volcanic Crater: Inside of Mt. Fumi is the volcano's crater. It is hot, steamy and full of lava. While the volcano has been dormant since it’s last eruption the island is occasionally racked with powerful tremors, an indication of the fact that this thing is preparing for another mind-blowing explosion. It is rumoured that immediately after one of these tremors, some of the strongest fire/lava pokemon appear down here.

    Shale Bay: An inlet on the eastern side of the island, Shale Bay is fairly secluded. It is also home to the island's only source of fresh water so pokemon of all kinds are drawn here.

    The Space Zone:
    Far to the north of Fizzytopia is a special research laboratory where scientists, eager to explore new methods of Pokemon training, developed a special space station designed to test a Pokemon's battle reactions in a zero gravity environment. Finding some measure of success in these methods they continued to work in secret, constantly upgrading and adding new features to their space station until they had perfected a way for Pokemon trainers to travel to intergalactic regions. With the new and improved Space Station opened to the public, all trainers need do is step onto one of the teleporters which will transport them to their chosen destination, effectively opening up a whole new universe for them to explore.

    You can access this area from the city by Monorail. The Monorail station is situated just outside of the Research Centre but the trip is rather longer than the others.

    NB: All areas within the Space Zone have a zero gravity environment so you are all covered by an invisible aura which protects you from the heat/cold, allows you to breathe and helps you to move.

    The Sun: The Sun is covered in fire and is unbelievably hot. All the fire, smoke and ash makes it hard to see and the land is far from smooth, making it difficult to navigate. There are many wild Pokemon on the sun as well, most of which know their way around the sun well. Pokemon on the Sun are more nasty and battle-hungry than Pokemon in other areas.

    The Moon: A huge land mass filled with craters, some of which can collapse into underground tunnels dug by Pokemon. The Moon also has the sea of tranquility, which is a body of water 25 American yards wide and runs 200 American yards long. Many pokemon roam around on the moon and are more friendly than in other areas. Occasionally furious ice storms break out resulting in extreme cold and luring many ice pokemon out into the open, most of which are at much higher levels than normal. After the storms have died, many other higher level pokemon also appear before going back into hiding.

    Mars: A large planet with a coliseum for Pokemon battles made out of rock found on Mars. Being a very harsh and arid land not much is found here but Pokemon battling tournaments are occasionally held in the Coliseum. There is also a basement to the coliseum, in which wild Pokemon can be found. They tend to be afraid of humans and will try to run from you, but when forced to fight they can be brutal.

    Saturn: An electrically charged planet. Trainers start on the rings where many electric Pokémon and a few other types can be found. Somewhere on the rings, an invisible bridge leads you to the actual planet of Saturn where more rare electric and other rare Pokémon are found as well as rare items. The bridge, however, is very hard to find, though it may be well worth the effort.

    Sconociuto: Italian for "Unknown." A mysterious planet where anything can happen. More wild than your wildest dreams, stranger than the depths of your imagination. At times, darker than a moon less night -- at times, brighter than a raging inferno -- and anywhere in between. Sometimes, more evil than the evilest minds. Look over your shoulder, ready to run...
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