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Thread: Fizzytopia's Recorded History

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    Default Fizzytopia's Recorded History

    Fizzytopia! Where to begin? Fizzytopia is the capitol of the Fizzy Bubbles universe, which is why it attracts some of the largest crowds out there. Being as important as it is has many benefits to trainers, and pokemon as well. This place has something to do for everyone whether you're into heated battles or just want a soothing adventure. If you're into mysterious places with mysterious things the Deserted Fairground is for you, not to mention the hidden secrets of The Lost City of Sobek or the mysterious tales reported from those who have ventured into the Enchanted Forest. The variety of landscapes also makes this place fantastic for trainers. Can you beat the heat of the Volcanic Islands? And how about the Glacier Islands, where it's so cool it's hot! Fizzytopia offers something for everybody, so what are you waiting for? Come and explore....


    Seaside City:
    On the Eastern Coast of Fizzytopia, Seaside City which has been built up over time, has attracted quite a number of tourists as well as long-term residents. Here you will find many shops, cafe's, hotels and the like but do not wander the streets at night for the tourist trade has attracted thieves to the area. You never know who you'll meet in the dark alleys around town.

    The Town Centre: The busiest part of town, the Town Centre is where everything happens, from trading to auctions, all the best shops with the cheapest and most expensive prices are found here. The place is always a buzz, even at night where the darker side of the town is seen. Be careful though, keep an eye on your wallet and pokeballs at all times, thieves are commonplace here, ready to relieve unsuspecting tourists of their hard earned cash, and sometimes pokemon, at a moments notice.

    The New Fairground: A place of merriment for all, trainers and Pokemon alike. There are multiple rides, such as Ferris Wheels, Merry-go-rounds, and others which make up most of the park, scattered about. Also, there are many game stands, which encourage trainers to try their luck at some games such as the Ring Toss. Also around the Fairground are various food stands, enough to put a smile on anyone's face.

    The Beach: Sun, surf and sand. What more could you want? Relax on the shore of Seaside City's beach, soak up the rays and enjoy your time here. A popular destination for water pokemon, you may also find a few others in the park and along the scenic walk running the length of the beach.

    The River: A winding river miles long, it's gentle water twisting throughout the entire zone and eventually out to the ocean. It's grassy banks are dotted with trees and is a popular destination for picnickers and trainers alike due to the amount of pokemon frequenting it's peaceful shores.

    Hydro-Electric Dam: Relatively new to the Seaside City is the Hydroelectric Dam. Built on the western end of the river to help generate power for the increasing number of people settling here, its rich power source has attracted a large variety of electric pokemon to the area.

    Energos Quarry: An abandoned quarry that contains some kind of ore that seems to attract electric pokemon. Some trainers have reported strange behaviour by their electric pokemon even inside their pokeballs. An electromagnetic field surrounds the whole area making any electronic equipment malfunction while in the field.

    The Deserted Fairground: After many unexplained happenings occurring in this very popular fairground, a devastating fire on the Ghost Train, responsible for the deaths of dozens of children, closed the fairground to the public. The spooky events continued long after, putting a stop to any reconstruction work that had ever been attempted. As a result, the fairground has become a breeding ground for the darker side of the pokemon world.

    The Enchanted Forest:
    Located in the westernmost region of Fizzytopia is the Enchanted Forest. A special place of magic and mystery, the Enchanted Forest is rumored to be older than time itself. The birthplace of life for the past, present and future, many an adventurer has entered the forest in hopes of unlocking the mysteries within but few have ever returned. What has become of them is anyone's guess, are you sure you want to find out...?

    You can access this area by hiking from the Monorail station through the Dead forest. The Monorail station is situated just near the Dead forest.

    The Mystical Woodland: Makes up a good 90% of the Enchanted Forest. It is normally a very peaceful place where grass, bug and flying pokemon thrive but there are rumors of strange and magical happenings in this forest and on special nights, under the light of the full moon, who knows what you may encounter...

    Garden of Iris: This large garden floats high above the rest of the Enchanted Forest. The ground is made up entirely of clouds which magically both supports any amount of weight and can grow many beautiful flowers and trees. It is hidden from view so it is mostly untouched by man. The only way to reach it is to climb up a rainbow that stretches from the ground to the clouds.

    Eyrie Peak: Named after the odd shape of the mountain which from a distance resembles an eagle's head, Mt. Eyrie was feared by many ancient tribes who once dwelled in the forest. Because no humans ever set foot upon the mountain, Eyrie Peak has become a haven for bird Pokemon who have made it their nesting ground. Because of this, the Pokemon who are nesting are likely to be fierce and will protect their young at all costs.

    Intado's Village: The Intado, the only living tribe inside of the Enchanted Forest, are not ones to be messed with but if you enter happily they will treat you with respect. With their primitive pokeballs and fast knowledge of the forest you'll always be granted with amazing battles if you enter their local tribal tournament.

    Dead Forest: The only place that lives in the Enchanted Forest that isn't so enchanting, deadly bugs inhabit this area and poison seeps through the trees harming anyone or anything that touches them. Only the brave dare enter this place and not so many return.

    The Lost City of Sobek:
    Long ago buried beneath the desert sands, the lost city of Sobek was discovered in the desolate central region of Fizzytopia after a ferocious sandstorm uncovered part of an ancient abode. When archaeologists heard of the discovery they flocked from all over the world to examine the area. This city has now become a popular archaeological site which attracts tourists and trainers from across the globe.

    You can access this area from the city by foot or by Jeep from the Monorail station. The Monorail station is just near the excavation camp run by archeologists to explore the ruins. Is rather large and has many people who need errands run. Some small tourist stalls as well.

    The Ruins: The site upon which the ancient city of Sobek once stood. Here you will find many places of interest such as the Pokemon Centre, Research Lab and tourist stalls as well as several interesting excavation sites to explore.

    The Ancient Pyramid: Built thousands of years ago as a burial tomb for the Pharaoh, the Ancient Pyramid is filled with many secret passages, dangerous traps and puzzles designed to protect the Pharaoh's resting place from looters. If this place doesn't kill you, it may just drive you insane.

    The Sphinx: This Sphinx loves riddles so if you don't like them then this isn't the place for you. Answer the Sphinx's riddle and she will allow you entry. Once inside you will be faced with another 12 riddles. Each time you guess the correct answer you advance to the next stage where you will battle for your right to face another riddle. Make it to the end and you will receive great rewards, if you lose a battle or answer a riddle incorrectly you will find yourself back at the beginning...

    The Labyrinth: An underground maze where the bravest warriors were sent in order to prove themselves. It's inhabited by strong pokemon and an unknown mysterious pokemon that is stronger than them all. If the warriors made it out they were celebrated as heroes, if not.... :-(

    The Coliseum: An ancient battle arena, the Coliseum has seen many a warrior fight here in some of the most bloodthirsty battles known to man. Nowadays, trainers come here to battle with their pokemon but it's what lays hidden beneath the arena that makes many a man shudder. The dark and dangerous dungeons have become home to some of the strongest and most bloodthirsty Pokemon alive. Only the bravest of trainers dare to enter....

    The Glacier Islands:
    A chain of islands made up of enormous icebergs set deep in the Southern Ocean. The weather is extremely harsh and if you are not careful you could freeze to death in an instant. But the most surprising, and as yet unfounded, story about these glaciers is that there are rumored reports of a secret area where a mysterious and very strong pokemon resides, sleeping deep within the ice.

    You can access this remote area from the city by airlift (small 3 seater helicopter), Fly or Surf on a Pokémon (It must be big enough), ride the Ferry, or by Sea Plane to Port Republic. A medium-sized port on the main island of the Glacier Islands that moderates all traffic coming and leaving the island. It has few local residents, mostly shop owners and people to do with the ferries. A lot of holiday homes are situated here as well.

    Terror Mountain: Sitting in the centre of the Glacier Islands is an iceberg of monolithic proportions known only as Terror Mountain. Many rumors abound of a ghost town set somewhere within its icy ranges but due to the avalanches common to this mountain, no one has ever returned to verify its existence.

    The Icy Wastelands: A dry region of little rainfall, extreme temperatures, and sparse vegetation. No sand here, only ice and snow for miles and miles. Not the most ideal place for a holiday but whatever floats your boat. Some pokemon roam these plains but for the most part take the surroundings into their personalities; cold, harsh and deadly...

    Glacier City: An oasis in the icy tundra of the Glacier Islands, Glacier City is a technologically advanced area covered by a large, insulated dome where many trainers find refuge from the harsh surrounding environment. It has many attractions including Pokemon battle arenas, Pokemon shops and a hotel for weary travelers.

    Magnetic Island: A lone glacier, one that continuously sails around the Glacier Islands, never leaving it's course. Mysterious....

    Glacier Mines: Set just east of the island chain, a huge glacier, so large that it seemingly never melts, sits sealed to the ocean floor. Enter at your own risk but be sure to bring something warm as it'll get way below freezing as you move further down into the winding tunnels of the icy caverns.

    Mt. Fumi - The Volcanic Island:
    Volcanic Island is a hard, rocky land mass, the remains of a once beautiful tropical island floating serenely two hundred miles off the Southeast coast of Fizzytopia. Two hundred years ago Mt. Fumi which stands in the centre of the island, erupted in a spectacular display of ash, rock and molten lava. Today, very few people are drawn to Volcanic Island which has given Rock, Ground and Fire pokemon a chance to thrive in the harsh environment.

    You can access this remote area from the city by airlift (small 3 seater helicopter), Fly on a Pokémon (It must be big enough), ride the Ferry, or by Sea Plane to Isaman’s Base. A small geologists’ base run by Sir Isaac Isaman which has basic supplies and pokemon healing facilities. Geologists are trying to determine when the next eruption will happen and may ask for random tasks to be completed by you. Warning: Surfing is prohibited due to high acidic levels in the surrounding waters.

    Shale Beach: Shale Beach stretches around the outskirts of the island itself. It's sand is gritty and black, not at all the postcard picture you want to be sending to your friends. If you think you can fish in the water around here you are sadly mistaken, for the ocean surrounding Volcanic Island is so acidic that no sea life can survive for at least a 100 mile radius.

    Fumi’s Walk: A long and winding trail that twists around the volcano. If you think you have the stamina to make your way to Mt. Fumi’s summit you can certainly give it a try but beware, the trail is unstable and the pokemon along here do not like intruders.

    Mt Fumi Peak: The hottest of all places, deadly fire Pokemon breach the edges of the volcano making the heat more intense than the lava inside. If you manage to make it to the top, bring a lot of water you'll -- need it.

    Volcanic Crater: Inside of Mt. Fumi is the volcano's crater. It is hot, steamy and full of lava. While the volcano has been dormant since it’s last eruption the island is occasionally racked with powerful tremors, an indication of the fact that this thing is preparing for another mind-blowing explosion. It is rumoured that immediately after one of these tremors, some of the strongest fire/lava pokemon appear down here.

    Shale Bay: An inlet on the eastern side of the island, Shale Bay is fairly secluded. It is also home to the island's only source of fresh water so pokemon of all kinds are drawn here.

    The Space Zone:
    Far to the north of Fizzytopia is a special research laboratory where scientists, eager to explore new methods of Pokemon training, developed a special space station designed to test a Pokemon's battle reactions in a zero gravity environment. Finding some measure of success in these methods they continued to work in secret, constantly upgrading and adding new features to their space station until they had perfected a way for Pokemon trainers to travel to intergalactic regions. With the new and improved Space Station opened to the public, all trainers need do is step onto one of the teleporters which will transport them to their chosen destination, effectively opening up a whole new universe for them to explore.

    You can access this area from the city by Monorail. The Monorail station is situated just outside of the Research Centre but the trip is rather longer than the others.

    NB: All areas within the Space Zone have a zero gravity environment so you are all covered by an invisible aura which protects you from the heat/cold, allows you to breathe and helps you to move.

    The Sun: The Sun is covered in fire and is unbelievably hot. All the fire, smoke and ash makes it hard to see and the land is far from smooth, making it difficult to navigate. There are many wild Pokemon on the sun as well, most of which know their way around the sun well. Pokemon on the Sun are more nasty and battle-hungry than Pokemon in other areas.

    The Moon: A huge land mass filled with craters, some of which can collapse into underground tunnels dug by Pokemon. The Moon also has the sea of tranquility, which is a body of water 25 American yards wide and runs 200 American yards long. Many pokemon roam around on the moon and are more friendly than in other areas. Occasionally furious ice storms break out resulting in extreme cold and luring many ice pokemon out into the open, most of which are at much higher levels than normal. After the storms have died, many other higher level pokemon also appear before going back into hiding.

    Mars: A large planet with a coliseum for Pokemon battles made out of rock found on Mars. Being a very harsh and arid land not much is found here but Pokemon battling tournaments are occasionally held in the Coliseum. There is also a basement to the coliseum, in which wild Pokemon can be found. They tend to be afraid of humans and will try to run from you, but when forced to fight they can be brutal.

    Saturn: An electrically charged planet. Trainers start on the rings where many electric Pokémon and a few other types can be found. Somewhere on the rings, an invisible bridge leads you to the actual planet of Saturn where more rare electric and other rare Pokémon are found as well as rare items. The bridge, however, is very hard to find, though it may be well worth the effort.

    Sconociuto: Italian for "Unknown." A mysterious planet where anything can happen. More wild than your wildest dreams, stranger than the depths of your imagination. At times, darker than a moon less night -- at times, brighter than a raging inferno -- and anywhere in between. Sometimes, more evil than the evilest minds. Look over your shoulder, ready to run...
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    Feera is congratulated as he is the first to enter the brand spankin' new zone of Fizzytopia... A world of wonder! =P

    He send out Lotad, and takes a look at some signs, before he decide where to go. He look up, and sees the road leading to the River, and decides that he will head there. He takes Lotad in his arms, and off he goes!
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    I'd like to continue from Glacier Islands...

    hitmon, neopolis3 - [You don't have to travel together, I just put you in the same update to save time]
    As you move your steps towards the terror mountain, you are amazed; almost a little scared of how big it really is, when you get up close. As you walk, the trail begins to twist and turn, and you are faces with a choice. A fork in the road. There are three paths to take, the first leads to the side of the mountain, it is impossible to see more than 50 feet into it. The second road is probably the one you were headed for, as it goes up the Terror Mountain. The third path is a good one in this cold, as you can see a hot spring on the side of it! Which path will you choose? What will you do?
    Ian looks at the 3 roads. "3 ways we can take, Tempest..." Ian points at the first path. "That's dangerous, I don't think that's a good choice." He faces the second path. "That might get steep, but it's safer then the first road." Then he looks at the third and final path. "A hot spring. Looks nice, but... I don't know. Tempest, what do you think?" Ian asks the little Trapinch. "Trrrapinch..." Tempest looks cold, even though he's wearing a coat. "Oh, fine... Glacy, it's up to you." Ian throws one of his PokéBalls, releasing Glacy, his Snorunt. "Snooorrrunt!" Glacy happily exclaims. The Trapinch walks up to Glacy, trying to greet it with a friendly bite. "Stop that, Tempest, you're scaring her!" Ian quickly says, pushing Tempest away from the scared Snorunt. "Glacy, you are adapted to this climate, you must know where to go. Which path to choose?" Glacy looks around for a couple of seconds, and then quickly takes the middle path. "Good! Come on Tempest, let's follow her!" Ian says to the little Trapinch, and they both run after Glacy.

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    Trick enters Fizzytopia with his Cacnea and Snorunt and they decide to go to the Deserted Fairground.

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    Kassie approached the glacier Islands glad for a change in scenery, Letting out her Horsea Marina, her only current water type, she asked it for it's opinion on where to go, Horsea pointed it's mouth towards Magnetic Island and the two of them headed there.

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    I'm choosing not to restart my adventure in the Glacier Islands. Also, I apologise for the length...

    "Fizzytopia...?" Jeremy frowned at the description in the tourist's guide. "Who the hell makes up these names, anyway?" "Naaat... u?" "Nah, I don't think it's that extreme. I suppose it's for marketing reasons..." "Na tu." Hania sighed and went back to rocking on his trainer's shoulder. Jeremy continued to study the tourist's guide, and after finding no interesting places to train, began looking over the map of Seaside City when he caught sight of something very interesting...

    "Plagued by thieves, hmm? I wonder... maybe the Dog's* got some information on this place. I better ring him up."

    After two rings, a young female with a faint British accent answered. "Who are you?" "The password's "Night of the Living Dead." This is Vagabond Aeon, I need to speak to the Dog." The woman muttered something and said, "one moment." After a short wait, a man with a heavy Native American accent answered.

    "Ah, Jeremy, it's good to hear from you again," Watchdog said. Jeremy chuckled. Dog had NEVER used his first name before; this was something of an honor. "Well, I see you finally learned my name. But, yeah, it's been too damn long." "How is the spirit warrior** doing?" "He's fine. He's asleep on my shoulder. Ah, listen, I'd like to get down to business. You have any information on a place called... Fizzytopia? Specfically, a place called Seaside City." Dog went silent for a moment, and Jeremy thought for a second that the connection had dropped, but then Dog said, "I... do not believe that I have any contacts in that area. Nor do I believe I can provide information on criminals in the area."

    Jeremy frowned. Some hunter. "Can't you get anything from the port authorities about marine activity to and from this place?" Dog replied, "I will try. But I make no promises." "I'm not asking for any." Dog started to say something but was cut off by what sounded like his assistant and the barking of his Arcanine. "What...they find you!? Dog! Answer me!" It was no use; the connection dropped. "Damn... stay alive, you three." He hoped it was a false alarm, Dog was a little paranoid and this wasn't the first time he had done this. Still, he decided there wasn't anything he could do for Dog. He would let Dog handle his own affairs and continue his tour of Seaside City.

    After grabbing a sandwich, Jeremy headed towards the Town Centre...

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    A motor-boat zooms across the polluted water towards Shale Beach, the black shoreline coming closer and closer. The boat eventually comes to a stop on the beach, and Adam jumps out onto the gravelly shore. He is soon joined by Cinder, and the two consult a map of the island.

    "Hmm... how about Shale bay? Aquarius can help out there as well, and there should be plenty of battle fodder for ya," asks Adam thoughtfully.

    -"Whatever, as long as I can battle more than that Horsea I'm fine," answers Cinder as he walks along the black beach.

    So, with that the two head off for Shale Bay, leaving the poisoned sea behind them.

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    I shall continue with my adventure

    ZJ - Hearing your answer, the boy becomes enraged.
    "Well that's easy for you to say, you haven't had a single pokemon stolen yet!" he shouts, clearly very angry.
    A few of the people walk up to ou, wondering what is going on. A tall boy begins to speak.
    "Take it easy now, Cal. You know the risk for avalanches here is very big. We have to be quiet. Also, they could have spies anywhere near... We wouldn't want them on us, would we?" He turns to you, and looks at you a few seconds. The girl begins to speak
    "We haven't introduces us, have we? I'm Jelena, and it's a pleasure meeting you" She says, and beams at you.
    "This is Sean, our leader", she adds, and points at the tall boy. "And that was Cal, as you've heard" She say, and looks worryingly at the boy that was shouting at you only moments before. Then, the tall boy begins to speak
    "You might, or you might not know. We are the RescueRangers. We are 30 qualified Ranger, who work for the Glacier Islands police. We're here to put a certain group behind bars. They've been kidnapping pokemon, and demand ransoms. Then an evil, well, doctor some may call him, but I'd call him a maniac, has escaped from a prison. We believe he found his way to these scum. We've gotten reports on mystical men doing things in the middle of the night..."
    As he stops speaking, a boy comes riding down the mountain, on a Rapidash. Two girls run up to him and help him down the horse, and soon, he is speaking with Sean. After about half a minute, Sean begins to speak, more loudly this time.
    "We have located the bad guy's base, now get packing! We are leaving in 15 minutes!" Everyone gets busy on the spot; they start running around with things, shouting to each other. Then Sean turns to you. I like your attitude. You can come with us if you want. If so is the case, then you will be travelling with Jelena here. I think Cal is a bit to hard on her..." He says, and you notice Jelena beaming at you again.
    She literally drags you over to her pokemon, and the Rapidash seemed to be hers too. She releases two pokemon, a Glalie and a Piloswine!
    "Meet my friends!" She says, and then looks at you. "Can't you release your friends too? I'd like to meet them all!"
    What will you do?

    "OK!" Beaming, Zora reached for the remaining balls on his belt. "You've already met Pineco Tropius and Piloswine, so Vulpix, Slowqueen, Wooper, come on out!" Their three forms appeared in bursts of Red, or in the case of Slowqueen, Blue, light, and cried out happily. The two ice pig's nuzzled against each other, while Vulpix wandered up to Rapidash and started chatting. Wooper meanwhile, thanks to her handy insulating slime, was the only one not afraid to go near the frigid Glalie, and proceded to jump happily on it, trying to keep her balence as the disgruntled Glalie rolled about trying to throw her off. Laughing at his Pokémon's actions, Zora continued "I've been travelling with all of them for ages. Piloswine was the first Pokémon I ever owned, Pineco the first I ever caught. The rest I just picked up throughout my adventures. They're all great battlers too, and I have faith in them being able to handle anything that we might come across. I've taken on much tougher opponents than mad scientists before." Delving into his backpack, Zora pulled out a jet black thick metal ring. "Know where this comes from? Entei. I've met him, and defeated him. Well, with a little help from a couple of other people." He finished sheepishly.
    After this, Zora turned back to Cal. "Please don't make assumptions about me. I've been through more than you could ever imagine. Of course I know what it's like to lose a Pokémon. I also know what it's like to find one again, and if you'd like to experience that feeling as well, I'd appreciate it if you could be a bit more civilised. Right, so, which direction are we heading, and would it be better for Tropius to fly or walk?"

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    Tom take shis first steps in Fizzytopia, with his pokemon in their balls for a while. After checking a sign for a little, he decides to head to Hydro-Electric dam. It seems like a nice pllace to train, and the Space Zone is pretty far away. Taking a running start, he heads off toward adventure.

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    Will smiles contently as he enters Fizzytopia with Flurry, his Sentret, hanging onto his left shoulder. He and his Pokémon look around, trying to decide where to go.
    After a short Jeep ride from the Monorail Station, the pair find themselves at The Lost City of Sobek and decide it would be a perfect learning experience to check out The Ruins.

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    Stacey enters the world of Fizzytopia with a smile on her face, her mind filled with thoughts of adventure and new pokemon to battle and capture ... and of the person who named this world (interesting name ). Looking at her surroundings, she finds her self located at Seaside City. Taking out her map, she ponders where to start. Being the indecisive person she is, she struggles ... slightly!

    "Ergh, this is harder than is sounds, I have an idea, but I better see what Impish thinks" she thinks out loud. She unhooks the lone pokeball from her waist and throws it up into the air, where it bursts open spewing white light on to the ground. The light forms into the shape of the small purple ghost pokemon Sableye.

    "Sableye sable", Impish the sableye exclaimed happily, glad to be free of the small object. "We've arrived in Fizzytopia Imp" Stacey happily said to her pokemon, "where do you wanna start?" Impish jumped up onto her shoulder to get a better look at the map, digging his small purple claws into her exposed flesh. He stared at the map, and suddenly pointed a purple claw at The Deserted Fairground, turned to grin at Stacey with an exclaimation of "Sable".

    Stacey laughed, "I knew you'd want to go there, be just like home for you, somewhere spooky. Maybe we'll find some pokemon to battle and capture, eh Imp"

    Impish jumped off her shoulder and cackled mischeviously, before they both set off towards the Deserted Fairground

    <That was a mouthful eh >
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    Smile The Space Zone, The Moon.

    GM gasped as she found out a new area had appeared, with many diffrent places to go. "Wow..." She murmered quitely, just loud enough for Enterna, her Chikorita to hear, as she studied the map. "Well," GM raised her voice a little, getting Enterna's attention, "I don't know where to go yet. There is so many places!" She finished off her sentence.

    "How about you go everywhere?" Enterna tried to be helpful. "Well, you know we can't. I mean, look at all the places!" GM showed her Chikorita the shiny brochure, containg a map inside it. "Hmm... Guess we can't." Enterna stared at the map for a long time.

    "One of the star places I do like is... The Spaze Zone. I was choosing out of The Moon and Saturn. I think I'll go for The Moon," GM said.

    She had always, always wanted to go to Space, since she was a little girl of 5. She had listened to her father's stories of how he had gone on diffrent planets; he was after all, an astronaut. She had been facinated by them, hanging onto every word her father said. He had taken pictures for her to see what Mars and Saturn were like, and also the Sun and the Moon. He knew about diffrent stars and told her what happened to him when he got lost in Space and couldn't find his crew. It hurt GM to think about her parents, but she felt that she needed to go to Space, to continue her father's job.

    She couldn't believe it. She had acutally got the choice of going to Space. She whooped in delight, and the two of them continued to get to the Moon, far above them, in the sky blue sky.

    She finally reached the Space Centre, a few hours later. Seeing a man dressed in a white lab coat, she hurried over to him. He was typing information on planets and inserting various pictures of them. He jumped when GM tapped him on the back.

    "Hello, I am Proffessor Michael, and would you like any help around this lab?" he strechted out his arm for a handshake. With his other hand, he went through his untidy mop of brown hair. He had brown eyes and was young - still in his twenties. GM took his hand and he gave her a handshake, nearly pulling her arm off. "I didn't want to interrupt you..." GM began. "Oh not at all, not at all, don't worry. What was it you wanted?" The Proffesor swung round on his chair, closing down the things on the computer. "Well..." GM tried to continue. "You can call me Michael or Mike. I don't like the Proffesor stuff. It gets on my nerves." He said, interrupting her again. "I just wanted to say that I'm sorry for interrupting you from your work, but I came here to go to Space. You obviusly have teleporters, right?" GM asked, starting to get annyoed by the interruptions.

    "Yup, right. I've been working here for the past 15 years. I know everything." He led GM over to a group of Teleporters. "Where would you like to go?" He asked. "I was thinking... The Moon," GM anwsered. "Right. The Moon. Please step inside one of the Teleporters as you shall be transporting to the Moon, soon. Inside the Teleporters, at super speed, while you are going to the Moon, they will make a bubble round you so you can move and breathe. Everything Ok?" He asked, filling her in with information.

    "Everything fine." Replied GM, although it wasn't. It was her first time and she felt excited, yet nervous; if something went wrong, she would probably be stuck in space forever and... She tried not to think about those things and thought about the good side of it, like meeting new Pokemon and while teleporting, seeing millions of stars whizzing past...
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    Brook - Totodile, Lv.27Aether - Pidgeotto, Lv.25

    Zeus - Flaaffy, Lv.24 Classicle - Pachirisu, Lv.11 Misdreavus, Lv.28
    Credit goes to Tori845.

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    Jon stepped off the Monorail, and out into the sandy chaos that is The Sphinx. With his Lotad, Taro, and Magnemite, Yakisoba at his side, they made their way to the structure known as The Sphinx.

    "I'm very excited! This place is supposed to be famous for riddles! I love riddles... though Jen never thought I was any good... But that's only because he made really stupid riddles! I'm sure we'll be fine!" Jon shouted above the heavy sand, smiling without thought. His two pokemon, one at each shoulder, looked at each other, heavily concerned, agreeing with Jen at the horrible skill level Jon had in most things. The troupe of great oddity headed onwards, Taro falling asleep on the way, while Magnemite frantically tried to zap the sand that flew at him from every direction.
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    Uuh going off topic i think theres a mistake on the opening post, it called the city "Seaside" at first then continues to call it "Sunnyside" .. i think the second one is correct?

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    I'm going to start again, without Being in G.I.

    As Tom stepped in to the Enchanted Forest, he took time to observe his surroundings.

    "I think I shall go to the Garden of Iris; it sounds interesting" Tom thought to himself, as he perched on a low branch.

    "Okay; Lets go! This should be fun......"

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    Stuart walks into Fizzytopia and sees thousands of signs pointing in every direction. Completely confused Stuart looks around to see any sign of any trainers around.

    "Hello anyone there?" Stuart shouted in the hope of finding someone.

    Having failed Stuart decides to go to the Garden of Iris in the hope of finding pokemon, friends and maybe other trainers.

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    Amadeus and Nidoni enter Fizzytopia. Amadeus was amazed at the size of the place. "C'mon! Let's go to the Garden of Iris!"
    The two ran up the rainbow to the clouds.

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    I'm gonna end my current GI Adventure and start in the Fizzytopia (Spaze Zone).
    Wayne was amazed to see such a crowded place, which was called Fizzytopia. "Ok I guess I'll look into each one of my choices." After a few minutes of devating himself about where to go he decided. "I guess Saturn in the Space Zone is the obvious choice to start my adventure." He then started to go towards his destination, Saturn in the Space Zone.
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    Stepping foot in Seaside City of Fizzytopia for the first time, Stephen sighs as he looks at his map. Where to go first, he wonders. After a few minutes, he lets out his Pokemon, and asks them if the Deserted Fairground sounds good. Greeted with a chorus of Pokemon cheers, Stephen heads off...
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    Here is my last repost in teh Glacier Islands.

    Originally Posted by Waterlight
    [CENTER]Waterlight's group.Rekkuza: As you finish up the battle, the woman sighs in relief, and drags herself up.
    "How dare you, you brute!" The woman screams at the Horrified man, who had by now escaped to a boat, which was slowly departing. What shall you do?

    Rekkuza gives a chuckle at the woman warding off the man. Rek then made his way over to the woman. "I'm sorry he had to do those things." Rek couldn't think of the words. "Well, if you are alright, I will be getting on my way..." Rekkuza started, next he would venture more into the vast area.

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    "Another new land, another new adventure eh Maku?" Shobu said to his trusty Pokemon, Maku the Makuhita. Maku nodded.

    Shobu squinted at the map, and decided that he will go to Saturn, the ringed planet.

    "What do you say Maku?" asked Shobu. Maku nodded.

    The duo went to Saturn, wondering about two things. One, what type of space suit will they be wearing. Two, what adventures await them.

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    Waking up from a long sleep on the trip to the Space Zone, Kauser79, with Mudden on his head, went to see the scientists. "Hello," he said to one of them. "I'm Kauser, and this is Mudden. we thought there would go to the Sun to find some easy bait for Mudden." "Oh, hello! I'm Darwin. Step on the space over there and I'll transport you to the Sun." With that, Kauser travels hundreds of light-years away to the star that all the planets orbit.

    OOC: In your updates, you can call me Kauser or K79. Or just Kauser79.

    Credit goes to Seel Dingo for the Shiny Swampert Kirby! Thanks, Seel Dingo!

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    Sighing, TEal begins on one more journey..

    Taking off towards the final frontier, Space.

    "I guess Saturn will be our first stop Crius, Pheobe...slowpoke..."

    THe three pokemon and their trainer set valiantly off towards the electrically charged planet, in order to train against some Electric pokemon.

    "Battle time!" cried Crius, his hunger for battle growing. With a nod, his blood lust subsided for a moment, and thus they landed on Saturn

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    It did not take much thinking before I decided Tatu and I will head off to the Enchanted Forest. I turned to Tatu who was perched on my shoulder and said, "I don't think it is a good idea for you to be fighting anything that you do not have a specific type advantage over." Hearing this Tatu turned away in shame. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean it like that. I'm sure you will do fine." Together Tatu and I walked off to the Enchanted Forest, our confidence already shaken.

    Not too long after we started walking I became worried about some of the directions. “You can access this area by hiking from the Monorail station through the Dead forest.” Would Tatu and I be safe walking through such a horrible place with no fighting experience? What happens if we get lost? I kept my worries to myself, but Tatu being part psychic, picked up my nervous vibes and started shaking on his perch.

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    Chase entered Energos Quarry with his pokemon by his side. Saur and Char walked quickly with him and King struggled to keep up. Fang ran ahead, barking loudly, and Kosmos sat quietly on his shoulder.

    The group walked down from the city and into the quarry. there was a strange magnetic field which made the air in the area feel weird. Kosmos seemed to detect something from the energy.

    "Let's try and find a pokemon," said Chase. He returned all of his pokemon to their pokeballs and continued travelling through the quarry.

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