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Thread: Fizzytopia's Recorded History

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    OOC: I'm going to start all of my adventures all over again...

    Stepping into the biggest Pokémon land he had ever seen, Batesy saw a sign with all directions.
    The ones that intrigued him most were The River, The Deserted Fair Ground, and The Hydro-Electric Dam.
    Picking one of them at random, Batesy decided to head to the Deserted Fair Ground. Maybe he might find something there. He hoped it'd be more profitable than his adventures in the Cloud Garden...
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    A few minutes after Haku heard of the enchanted forest in Fizzytopia he was already intrigued and curious to enter the forest."It sounds awesome don't you think Sefi," replied Haku to his only companion, a male corsola. "Hm.... lets go check the Garden of Iris first, it sounds so lovely," Sefi, nodded and stayed close to his trainer's leg, just in case somebody or something came near him. "Sefi, I've told you before there's nothing to be afraid of people or other pokemon, I know you'll get used to them and even have friends," replied Haku at his nervous pokemon as they headed to their new journey.

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    (Starting my adventure over)

    Gamer C enters the wonderful region of Fizzytopia, yearning for adventure. Taking a look at a pamphlet describing it and all its areas, he wonders where to go. He skims through the names of the areas and suddenly does a double take on one of them. The caption that catches his eye is entitled "The Lost City of Sobek". He peruses through it's description and spots a caption about a Labyrinth. Gamer C's obsession with mythology kicks in, and he heads toward the monorail station in the city, planning on catching a jeep to take him to the Lost City of Sobek, and its mysterious maze known as the Labyrinth...

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    Wll let's head to the Volcanic Crater.*Torchic and Torkoal appears out of their pokeball*Who said you can go out of your pokeballs?Meh oh well you guys should feel like home here.I hope we can enocounter some steel types.Torchic you have to fight fire types for now.But i wonder what to catch,a steel or rock.Well who cares*goes to Volcanic Crater*
    We can go to more then 1 one right?if yes then i like to continue my Glacier Islands too.if no, then i will stay with this.Do i have to put in my last post there to here?
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    Dark Fire walks into Fizzytopia, and is quickly blown away by its magnifisence. Walking around the place with his Torchic between his legs he begans wondering where he should go.
    "So many places, where to begin?" The Torchic began chirping and ran to the right. "I guess we're headed this way then." Dark Fire quickly cathces up to his pokemon, picks it up, and continues running. Off towards The Mystical Woodland in the Enchanted Forest.
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    off topic: don't know if anyone updated me in glacier islands, was off forums for a while, so I'll just restart.

    Ice Tyranitar decided first off to use a rare candy on his Snow Ball. he then took a glance at his map. pondering where to go for a second, he decided to go to the hydro-electric dam.
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    *Ending Glacier Islands Adventure*

    Jeff walks down the gangplank of the ferry, looking up at the wisps of smoke rising from the giant volcano. "Inferno and Chloe should fit right in," he mutters, thinking of his Vulpix and Growlithe. He reflexively tugs his hood down over his head again, making sure his long Pokémorph ears are hidden. Not everybody who Jeff has met has been accepting of his unusual features. Amid the other people exiting the ferry, he examines a digital map on his small laptop. "Ooo!" he says to himself. "Wild Pokémon in Shale Bay? That's where I'm goin'!"
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    Sheer steps into FizzyTopia, and is amazed at the sheer, colossal size of the place. Everywhere you could want to go was here. The Space Zone, the Volcano Zone, everywhere! Sheer even saw a sign pointing toward the Glacier Islands. Sheer scanned the signs, looking for a good area to travel to. His eyes landed on the Hydro-Electric Dam, and he immediately decided that would be perfect. Sheer loved Electric Pokémon, and he could probably find a fair few Water Pokémon there as well. Sheer set off in the direction of the Dam, ready for what awaits.

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    I'm ending my Glacier Islands adventures

    Leta and her murkrow Tera walk into Fizzytopia and see a sign with alot of places to go.After a moment of deciding were to go they decide to travel in
    The Mystical Woodland in the Enchanted Forest.


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    Where to go? Catherine thought to herself as she looked at the large map of Fizzytopia. There were so many cool plasses to check out. Where to go? She let out a sigh. There were somany places to go but she would have to chose but which one. Catherine thought about how to chose and then it came to her iny miny miny mo. Ok it was not the best way to decided but she was out of ideas. When she was finished with iny miny miny mo her finger had landed on The Ruins. She smilled thinking that it might be fun to go there who knew what would happen. She folled the map up and she was now on her way to The Ruins.

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    Ben arrives in Fizzytopia,Gazing around the huge city, He gasps in amazement at the Sheer number of things Perscribed on a large billboard.He reaches for Dyrim's pokeball, and depresses the release button, Letting the little fire-spitter out. They both scan the many things to do, then, they both point at the lost city of sobek.Laughing, Ben picks up the little magby, and runs off towards the monorail station to get a jeep to Sobek.


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    Eon sighed as he arrived at Seaside City, looking at all the hustle and bustle around him. Eon shook his head in dislike. The sooner I get out of here, the better, he thought to himself. Taking out a map, Eon scanned it until he found what he was looking for: The Enchanted Forest. High above it, in the sky, was the mystical Garden of Iris, a large garden atop magical clouds. He smiled to himself. He had always wanted to find this place, ever since he had heard it from a stranger long ago. Scanning the map again, he saw the other areas in the Enchanted Forest: Intado's Village, Eyrie Peak, and the Dead Forest, all surrounded by the Mystical Woodland. After taking a few minutes of planning, Eon decided to trek through the Mystical Woodland until he found the Intado's Village. Someone there might be able to help me get to the Garden of Iris, Eon thought to himself. Well, better get going. Eon shook the thoughts out of his head as he began the long journey.
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    As Jon Walks into the Place known as Fizzytopia, he sees a place his Scyther jumps 4 joy to see!!

    Scy-Scyyytherrr!!! Says Jon's Ever growing Scyther

    Alright Scyther, I said, If you want to go to the Shale Beach so bad, then we'll go...

    Scyyy-y-yyyther! Shouted Scyther as he was as happy as ever.

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    ROBEAT contuines in GI

    Originally Posted by Waterlight
    Waterlight's group.

    !すげい!: As you approach the boy, he and the Machop suddenly disappears. Shellder hops away, through rocks, too small for you to fit through. It appears that you are trapped. What shall you do?

    "wow" Rc exclaimed as he saw the boy disappear,
    "hmm... this looks like a time to search around for signs or things "
    rc said as he let out his cydaquil , and his newly traded sycther. lets go look for clues he said ,"cydaquil make this room bright enough so that we can move the rock that the shellder went through."

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    Eyrie Peak: Named after the odd shape of the mountain which from a distance resembles an eagle's head, Mt. Eyrie was feared by many ancient tribes who once dwelled in the forest. Because no humans ever set foot upon the mountain, Eyrie Peak has become a haven for bird Pokemon who have made it their nesting ground. Because of this, the Pokemon who are nesting are likely to be fierce and will protect their young at all costs.
    Firstly, before I begin, I'm going to say that Sheer Cold was a great ZA, and I don't mean to offend him by restarting.

    Joshua approached the map of the surrounding area. He was, admittedly, slightly sceptical about coming to a place known as "Fizzytopia".

    He looked long and hard at the map, and couldn't make up his mind. So, he decided to let his Pokemon decide.

    First out was Hayley, his Trapinch. The antlion Pokemon's first reaction was to look around for something to bite. But, upon finding nothing, she looked at her trainer. Joshua wasn't entirely sure whether she looked at him as a trainer, or as food.

    Next up was Melissa, the Spinarak. The green spider, upon release, used her String Shot to climb up on Joshua's shoulder. She sat comfortably, and began to look over the map. Melissa was one of Joshua's most loyal Pokemon.

    Next came Jamie, the Mudkip. The blue mud fish Pokemon stared around, and smiled at all the water. He walked over, and began to look over the map for an area full of water for them to explore. Joshua knew he really needed to make it up to Jamie for not taking him to any water rich areas before.

    Finally, Joshua released the newest addition to his team. The red light vanished, and Elsie, the Murkrow appeared. The black raven Pokemon stared up at Joshua, questionly. Before Joshua could say a word, Elsie flew up, and perched on Joshua's other shoulder.

    "So guys," Joshua directed them all to the map. "Where would you like to go?" Melissa's response was to launch a String Shot at the Mystic Woodlands. Jamie posted anxiously at the Beach, and Elsie leant over and pointed her beak and the Eyrie Peak.

    Joshua noticed Hayley's disdain for these areas, and thought about the three. "I really do owe it to Jamie to take him to a watery area, but I should also let Elsie have a choice. She's new, and the area she's chosen would be great for her. Plus, Hayley has some killer moves to deal with bird Pokemon," he thought to himself.

    "Jamie, Melissa, I'm sorry, but we're going to Eyrie Peak!" Joshua announced. He was pleasantly surprised when Jamie and Melissa didn't object. In fact, they raced off, leading the way.

    "Hey, wait up!" Joshua yelled, scooping up Hayley, and with Elsie perched on his shoulder, he raced after the eager Mudkip and Spinarak.
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    As I step into Fizzytopia I look around me and spontaneously break into song.
    "Step into a world of Imagination, Its Fizzytopia!"
    Okay, that's the end of my outburst people are starting to stare at me.
    Looking at my Handy Dandy Tour Pamphlet, I find the Volcanic Islands, and especially Mt.Fumi, catching my eye. Oh great. To get there I have to have a pokemon that knows fly and I don't have one. Looking again at the pamphlet, I realise that I can also get there by ferry or sea plane leaving from the city. My path decided, I headed into the Seaside City. Hopefully, I could find one of those two methods of transportation there.

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    I restarting my 'adventure' from the CG

    Walking into Fizzytopia, Elizabeth stopped to look at her surroundings. It was very busy with many people. Elizabeth was reminded of her old home in the city, with cars, pokemon, many, many people... but then she remembered why she was here. Calling out both her Pokemon, Blaze the Cyndaquil and a Delibird she got in a trade, she started wondering where to go.
    "So... Blaze and Delibird... where do you want to go?" Elizabeth asked her Pokemon.
    Blaze sat there for a moment and started to head towards the Eastern coast of Fizzytopia. Soon enough, the Delibird followed silently. When Elizabeth and her Pokemon reached the river, Elizabeth asked,"So this is where you want to go?"
    Both the pokemon replied and Blaze jumped once. The River streached for as far as Elizabeth could see. She decided to start looking for a water Pokemon since it would be good to find at least on water type. So Elizabeth started down the river with her Pokemon following, awaiting to see what happens next.

    I'll change the color later, I guess X_x

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    After taking an extended absense from the Fizzy World, Dennison sets off to Eyrie Peak of the Enchanted Forest.

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    Berig smiles as he get off the boat and lands on Mt. Fumi. Releasing his Pokemon Machop, Numel and Horsea, he begins walking up Fumi's path...

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    Slowly walking the streets of Seaside City and taking in the sights, AA stops to take a rest, sitting on a park bench and pulling a map of the area from her backpack. Studying it for a few minutes she thinks it will be a nice change to do something different so she studies the map a little further, planning out a travel route before returning the map to her bag and rising from the bench. Taking a pokeball from her belt she releases Charmander, smiling at him when he appears, his wide with wonder while he surveys his unfamiliar surroundings. "Do you feel like keeping me company on our trip to the Hydro-Electric Dam?" she asks him, already knowing his answer. With Charmander excitedly agreeing, AA begins walking, "Lets go then," she replies, while Charmander walks happily beside her, his eyes darting back and forth while trying to take in all of his wonderful new surroundings.

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    I saw someone saying that Fizzytopia wasn't a good name. *Shoves thermal detonators down their throat* Don't mess with me, or Delta squad, AKA, my pokemon team. Or the Fizzytopia name. Anyway, back to the real thing I'm supposed to be posting. I was gonna do a big huge opening post but my illness, laziness, is preventing me from doing so.

    Entering Seaside city, Minty releases the pokemon that are currently with him, Torch the Blaziken and Zephyr the Swablu. Both pokemon streached their arms, legs, wings and talons respectively since they had been in their pokeballs for nearly the entire trip to Fizzytopia.

    "Why are me and Torch the only pokemon you ever have with you? You do have more you know."

    "Yeah but Bane and Granite are in the daycare 'cause they're not as strong as you two. I've got Voltorb too but he's kinda stuck in the middle of a trade. It must be quite boring in that trade machine with nothing to do. Anyway, that can't be helped, what I'm saying is that you two are the only ones that are able to be with me at the moment."

    While Zephyr was listening to Minty, Torch was sneaking up behind her. Getting in position, he let out an extremely loud "Blazikennnnn!" It scared her so much that she fell out of the sky. Out of the sky and into a muddy puddle on the ground. When she realized where she was she found herself completely covered with mud and dirt.

    "Ahhhhhhh! Dirt! Dirt! Get it off, get it off! I need to be clean, clean I tell you! The River, I can clean off at The River! Lets go!!!" she screamed and quickly flew off in the direction of The River.

    Minty had heard that Swablu had a thing about being clean but didn't think it was this bad. Grabbing the laughing Blaziken, Minty dragged Torch off in the direction Zephyr had flown, making sure he could still keep in eye contact with her.

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    Note, I am starting from here, not contuing from Glaciar islands.

    Heading toward Volcanic islands with tons of water, like the guidebook said,Alex was ready to start his adventure with his trusty treeko,Grassy

    WHY did you have to pick the place with gazillions of fire pokemon? You know I would'nt last a seconed!

    "Thats why were going tooShale bay, too catch a water pokemon and a rock or ground pokemon or something like that to take on the fire pokemon, dumbhead"

    Ohhhhhh. I can beat the living heck outta' them, lets get movin' toward Shale Bay!

    Grassy and Alex walked for what seemed like miles toward Shale Bay, with high hopes of catching some new pokemon....

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    Nathan, hoping to fulfill his dream of becoming a Psychic/Ghost trainer, starts off with his first Pokemon Ghostly the Ghastly at the Deserted Fairground.

    "Come out Ghostly," Nathan says, "Which part of the Deserted Fairground should we go to?”

    Ghostly licked the top part of the map showing he wanted to go to the northern area of the Deserted Fairground where the Ghost Train crashed.

    "Ghostly you know that map isn't clean, actually it's very dirty so why did you do that?"

    Ghostly made a rude face at Nathan, implying that the map tasted like chicken.

    "Enough arguing, let’s go," Nathan said, then muttered under his breath,” Hopefully some Pokemon on the Ghost Train will straighten you out.”

    The duo set off into the unknown land of the northern area of the Deserted Fairground, and hoped for the best.

    PS: Is this okay?
    I claimed Zangetsu from Bleach as moi bishie

    Looking for a fanfic about Chase and Larvitar from a few years back, it would mean alot to me if you could tell me the exact title or author (or even better a link to it). Thanks

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    ok this is a bit crazyy in opion putting it all in q1 thread but you guys no better

    Intado's Village: The Intado, the only living tribe inside of the Enchanted Forest, are not ones to be messed with but if you enter happily they will treat you with respect. With their primitive pokeballs and fast knowledge of the forest you'll always be granted with amazing battles if you enter their local tribal tournament

    walking into the village will looks around wow he thought looking but

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    The tension was high in the packed traffic jam. Two drivers were shouting out of their car windows at each other. The streets were brimming with busy entrepeneurs, rushing from one meeting to the next, and shopaholics, dashing from one store to the next to try and catch the lastest bargain.

    "Is the the normal way of life in Seaside City?" thought Jonny to himself as he stepped off the crowded bus and onto the street. Despite the oceanic scenery, the city ave a whole new meaning to the term bustling metropolis. Jonny knew that he would never get any training done in this city. Having only just began his journey in the Fizzy Bubbles league, he wanted to get off to the best start that he could, understandably.

    There was a small stand nearby with a small red book titled "Fizzytopia: A Newcomer's Guide" Flipping through the pages, he looked for somewhere that would be a little quieter and a little more tranquil, but nothing was jumping out at him. Energos quarry looked a little too dangerous. The deserted fairground appealed to him, but he didn't think that his newly-acquired buddy, Charmander, would be up to defending them both if the rumours he'd heard about menacing Pokémon living there were true.

    "The beach," he thought. "It's not too far away, and there are sure to be some wild Pokémon or Pokémon trainers there."

    Dreading the thought of weaving through the busy pedestrian traffic to get there, Jonny knew he had to be determined. Closing his guidebook, he began heading for the sandy shores or Fizzytopia.

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