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    Goin' Graveler: Walking up the slope of Mt. Fumi, you and your Pokémon begin to notice a disturbance beneath the ground. It quakes and trembles. At first, you think an eruption is happening. But, seconds after you think this, the ground bursts apart in front of you. An Onix snakes its way out of the broken earth, and roars at you. You stare around, bewildered, for an explanation. You spot a sign, and make out the words, "WARNING: Wild Onix abundant. Enter at own risk!" You are in Onix territory, and they don't like intruders. This is probably a guard from the main clan, sent ot chase you away. Your Pokémon assume battle stances, but you aren't sure yous hould battle. This Onix looks tough, and there's plenty more where this one came from. Maybe you should try a different route......What will you do?
    Berig looked at the Onix hesitantly, then back to his Pokemon. They all nodded confidently, so he decided to have all of them try. He shouted out his commands, "Machop! Low Kick! Numel! Growl! Horsea! Bubble!" as his three Pokemon leapt into action. He looked back at the giant rock snake glaring at them, sweat dripping down his face, as he hoped the battle went well, and they were able to avoid the rest of the Onix clan...
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