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Little Fox: Abra disappeared in a small flash of blue light as he Teleported into the fiery tree. A few seconds later, he teleported down holding a Caterpie and a Wurmple. He set them down and teleported up again as Scyther jumped down, a Metapod and a Weedle pressed together against his chest with his blades, set them down, and flew up. This continued until both Pokemon were on the ground, panting from the effort, many Grass and Bug Pokemon in front of them. Houndour, recovered from the tree incident, trots up. She and Scyther tense, preparing for battle, but both stop as they realize the Grass and Bug Pokemon were still in danger. Scyther loaded several of the Pokemon onto Houndour’s back, who runs away in the distance. Suddenly the tree, weak from the flames engulfing it, falls right on Scyther, crushing and scorching him. The Grass and Bug Pokemon run around in panic as the fire spreads on the grass. What will you do now?
OOC: sorry for the lack of response..vacation ><;; And by the way eon >>; Just to tell you..my abra's a female (I believe Oo; I'm probably losing my mind, of course..). xD;

And I dunno if pokeballs can be destroyed, and I haven't found any evidence to support or go against it, so let's say they can't okay?

Roxanne gasped and watched in horror as the tree fell onto the Scyther, pinning it. She could see that it was obviously going through excruciating pain, so she made a quick decision. She pulled out a pokeball from her pack and called down to the Scyther. "Scyther! I know you don't want to be caught, but I promise that after this I will let you go if you wish! I need to get you out of there, and the only way I can do that is if you stay inside this pokeball! I'm pretty sure they can't be destroyed, but it's all I can come up with right now!" She couldn't tell whether the scyther had agreed or disagreed to her plan, but she couldn't risk being wrong and leaving it there to die, so she threw the pokeball at the scyther.

She then quickly called out Krystal again and called Abra back, giving it a potion to restore its strength. "Krystal! I have an idea to stop the fire from spreading. Can you use your ember to create a back fire to literally 'fight fire with fire'? Let me hurry and make a circle of dirt.." Roxanne trailed off, quickly making a circle of dirt around the fire, ensuring that it could go no further. "Okay Krystal, Now!" she shouted. Krystal let a burst of ember fly from her mouth, creating a backfire to hopefully stop the fire.