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LordAndrew: Magmar points to a narrow path, but then shakes its head. Interpreting this as a warning of the danger, you tell it that you'll be OK. You walk along the edge and toward the path. You turn sideways, and edge slowly down it, Plusle following. You keep your eyes on the cave, not wanting to look down. You reach the cave, and walk in. Plusle follows. It's very dark within, and you can't see at all. Magmar scampers in after you, and grabs you by the shoulder. It turns you around, and pushes you toward the entrance. Bewildered, you break free, and walk toward it. But suddenly, the light from outside is blocked out. A large boulder is rolled in front of the cave entrance, blocking escape. You suddenly realize Magmar's warning must've meant that you shouldn't have come here. You hear distinct growling noises around you, and know you're not alone. What will you do?
"Show yourself foul creatures! Plusle, get ready to fight!"
Looking around, seeing only darkness, Andrew feels a small fear of panic inside himself.
"... Plusle? Where are you at?"
Still scared, Andrew starts slowly moving around in the cave, still weary of the ongoing noises..