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    Have a useless Shard, Apricorn, Shoal Item, or Ash you've been wondering what to do with?
    Bring them to us and we can convert them into an Evolution Stone, Special Pokéball, Shell Bell, Flute, or piece of furniture!

    Simply hand in two shards of one type, along with links to where you have obtained them, to receive a Stone of the corresponding type (ie 2 Red Shards = 1 Fire Stone). This Shard must have been collected via zone adventure or received through an official FB giveaway. If received via trade, it must have originated from a zone adventure or come from an official FB giveaway if it's to be converted under the new system.
    If you have a shard that you purchased through Coins for Prizes, won in the Casino, or was approved via the Link Verification thread, you will need to follow the old rules and hand in your shard with a link to where you received it to receive a riddle. The answer is a basic Pokémon which you will be required to obtain through capture, trade or hatching. Adopted Pokémon are not accepted. Return the Pokémon to me along with its level, gender, and a link to where you obtained it. You will receive your stone and the Pokémon will go to the Adoption Centre.

    ::Notes regarding Quest Pokémon::
    * Once you have handed in your Pokémon, that Pokémon no longer belongs to you so it must be removed from your active party. You do not have the right to trade it to another member after it has been handed in for the completion of your quest.
    * Do not collect your stone until I have given you confirmation that the Pokémon you have handed in is the correct answer to your riddle.
    * Please be sure that you definitely want to complete your quest when handing in a shard because once you've submitted it for a riddle you cannot withdraw the shard to trade it away. If you no longer wish to continue with your quest, let me know and your shard will be tossed into the Shard Shop furnace and your riddle removed from the Active Quests list.

    ::Shards & Stones::
    Red Shard -------> Fire Stone
    Blue Shard -------> Water Stone
    Green Shard -----> Leaf Stone
    Yellow Shard -----> Thunder Stone
    Gold Shard -------> Sun Stone
    Silver Shard ------> Moon Stone
    Aqua Shard ------> Dawn Stone
    Violet Shard ------> Dusk Stone
    Glitter Shard ------> Shiny Stone

    Hand in your Apricorn with a link to where you received it and it will be converted into one of the special Pokéballs listed below. This Apricorn must have been obtained via zone adventure or official FB giveaway.
    If you received your Apricorn in the Casino or had it confirmed in the Link Verficiation thread you will need to correctly answer 5 random questions relating to Pokémon in general before receiving your ball. These questions could be related to Pokémon themselves or any questions regarding the games or animé. Answer incorrectly and you will lose the Apricorn so be sure you know what you're talking about when you reply.

    ::Nuts & Balls::
    White Apricorn ----> Fast Ball
    Black Apricorn -----> Heavy Ball
    Blue Apricorn ------> Lure Ball
    Red Apricorn -------> Level Ball
    Pink Apricorn -------> Love Ball
    Green Apricorn -----> Friend Ball
    Yellow Apricorn -----> Moon Ball

    ::Shoal Salt & Shoal Shells::
    Hand in 2 Shoal Salts and 2 Shoal Shells with links to where you have received them and you will receive a Shell Bell in return. All of these shoal items must have been obtained via zone adventure or special FB giveaway if you're wanting a direct conversion.
    If you received these items through the Casino or had them confirmed via the Link Verification thread you will need four of each item to convert, and will also need to complete a puzzle made by me. The puzzle is pretty simple so there's nothing to stress over, and while it shouldn't take long to complete, there is no time limit. Simply submit your answer when you are ready.
    Please note that if you have only one or two components from before the new conversion system went into effect you will be allowed to exchange them for direct conversion so long as the remaining two items have since been obtained via zone adventure or official FB giveaway.

    ::Shell Bell::
    2 Shoal Salts + 2 Shoal Shells -------> Shell Bell

    ::Flutes and Furniture::
    Hand in all of those useless piles of ash you've been collecting (with links to where you have received them), to receive something nice in return. No quest or problem solving riddles are required for these conversions, all you need do is wait till I've had some time to work on your items before returning to collect them.

    ::Flutes & Furniture::
    Ash x20 --------> Blue Flute (Wakes a sleeping Pokémon)
    Ash x20 --------> Yellow Flute (Gets rid of Confusion)
    Ash x20 --------> Red Flute (Destroys Attraction)
    Ash x30 -------> White Flute (Wild Pokémon encounter rate rises - attracts wild Pokémon)
    Ash x30 -------> Black Flute (Wild Pokémon encounter rate decreases - repels wild Pokémon)
    Ash x40 -------> Pretty Chair
    Ash x50 -------> Pretty Desk

    -------> | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |

    ::Active Shoal Puzzles::

    ::Active Apricorn Questions::

    ::Active Shard Quests::
    A little pup I'll bite, bite, bite
    Eating anything day or night,
    I have myself a fearsome growl
    But fight me back and I'll cowardly howl.

    I tackle things because I can
    My thick hide protecting me,
    Too dumb to really understand
    Why others don't share my glee.

    I'll loaf around for days on end
    Lost in my own thoughts,
    Usually by the water's edge
    Using my tail to fish for sport.

    My first could be a whip, or aqua, or iron, but I can't use any of the above.
    My second isn't high.

    A sequence goes like this: Bulbasaur, Butterfree, Scyther, Stantler, Lileep, ???, Archeops. The next Pokemon doesn't exist yet, but would have been "678". What's the missing Pokemon?

    "I might not have Guts, but I can definitely Stomach anything!"

    I hoard my food all summer long
    So that during winter it's not gone,
    But honey is what I love best
    With Beedrill finding me an unwelcome guest.

    Dark Searchman
    If Murkrow = Sableye, Electivire = Zebstrika, Basculin = Zweilous and Grumpig = Gothorita...
    What is the missing Pokemon in Glaceon = ???

    Ex-Admiral Insane
    Need a hole? Then call me round
    My ears will dig deep underground,
    They're pretty strong and do me proud
    And when I grow up are stronger than a plough.

    Flame Mistress
    I am one but also two
    So will always have an eye on you,
    When I evolve there will be three
    And for the most part am quite nasty.

    Food Guy
    Upon arid plains I do thrive
    For without water I'll survive,
    Once a year upon my head
    A single yellow flower is bred.

    Swimming freely in rivers and ponds
    I cannot stand man-made bonds,
    My billowing fins are a beautiful scene
    Earning me the title of "Water Queen".

    John's Knight
    Often mistaken for coral,
    People build houses on me,
    Cute, coloured Pink and White,
    why can't they just let me be?

    I may be small, but I've got guts
    Attack me and I'll bite your nuts,
    I am cautious to the extreme
    And don't want to be on your team.

    My natural sense is to guard
    Searching for enemies from afar,
    So while my friends enjoy their sleep
    I can wake them with an earsplitting screech.

    I'm very affectionate as well as strong
    My nose is very, very long,
    I love to play by the river's edge
    Then soak up the sun beside my nest.

    - Fake Out
    - Aqua Jet
    - Ice Shard
    - Encore

    I am soft and fluffy but don’t huggle me too tight
    For if you squish a little hard you may just get a fright
    My touch is sometimes shocking so my coat is often shorn
    For making winter clothing to keep you nice and warm.

    "I shoot weird beams! They're really weird!"

    This Pokemon often trains in the Lava Zone, and works for the Zone Keeper there. He challenged the player to a Quiz.

    - Camouflage
    - Jump Kick
    - Aromatherapy
    - Nature Power

    Mary, Cadee and Dr. Anna all have at least one of these.

    I love to fly above the sea
    Scanning the water so I can see,
    My prey who lurk beneath the waves
    Upon whom I feast day by day.

    With big sharp fangs I am often found
    Hiding in darkness as I rely on sound,
    To lead me through my darkened days
    Screeching my supersonic waves.

    I wash myself with my nose
    Because it works just like a hose,
    I'll flap my ears when it's hot
    To make a breeze and cool me off.

    Mushrooms are my favourite things
    I like to hang around hot springs,
    When I smell good food off I go
    Ploughing through the ice and snow.

    I am small and cute and round
    During the day I bury myself in the ground,
    The richer the soil, the glossier my leaves
    Then at night I wander around sowing my seeds.

    On power lines I like to feed
    I levitate with amazing ease,
    As a magnet I am commonly known
    And in power plants make myself at home.

    Tochukaso grow on my back
    Their medicinal value a well-known fact,
    I don't like to battle for I'm not a thug
    I'm just a peace loving little bug.

    A body of water and eyes like rubies
    I drift along dreamily in shallow seas,
    Try to catch me and I'll guarantee pain
    My poisonous sting will boggle your brain!

    A rock snake with a magnet in my brain
    My body becomes smoother and rounder with age,
    I spend most of my life underground
    Making it hard for me to be found.

    If 764 = Dusclops and 826 = Munna, and what does 922 equal to?

    I am small and look like a rock
    Seemingly harmless but trust me I'm not,
    Hikers find me cuz they're clumsy fools
    Tripping upon me like blinded mules.

    I avoid the sun because it burns
    So I live in the dark where I have learned,
    To use my ultrasonic waves
    Which lead me through the darkest caves.

    A big pearl on my head I hold
    Bouncing until I evolve,
    For if I stop my life's cut short
    Call me swine, at you I'll snort!

    I've an ugly little puppy face
    Though I'm actually quite charming,
    Affectionate and playful as can be
    But I find battling quite alarming.

    When first born my legs are weak
    But do not take long to find my feet,
    When evolved I'm pretty tough to beat
    With my blazing mane and inner heat.

    I am the only Pokemon capable of natural tessellation.
    What am I?

    If 214 = Burmy, and 401 = Cubone, what is 582?

    Keep an eye out!
    Lots of Pokemon are "minus". Dunsparce, Torkoal, Panpour are some examples.
    Sometimes Klink is a "multiply".
    There are only two Pokemon that are a "plus"... but which one isn't a Normal-type?
    That's your answer!

    Designated Entity Very Ingenious Over Using Simply Purring. Once Kitten Enraptures, Makes Off Now
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    And for my first order of business (returning to my old and favoured format, apologies if you're more into Shadow's style of riddle):-

    Ex-Admiral Insane
    Need a hole? Then call me round
    My ears will dig deep underground,
    They're pretty strong and do me proud
    And when I grow up are stronger than a plough.

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