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    I don't think its anything above what you would get from a Teen rated game. PG-13
    I originally wrote this for English class, but I liked it a lot and felt like sharing it. There’s no back story that’s important, I feel I explained it all in the story, at least anything you need to know. It's not based on anything. If you wanna get nitpicky, I spose I took afew elements from 'Final Fantasy.'
    I probly sound stuck up in this intro, so I’ll just let you get along to it.

    Both Night and Knights Fall

    When did I think? When did I ever think? He asked himself. He lost track, he knew he was flat on his back, he knew he was bleeding. He knew he couldn’t see. Is it too dark? Are my Eyes closed? Am I blind? Am… I dead? He tried to move but he couldn’t tell if he had, he was completely numbed by the chilled winds of the stone castle. “I’m Sorry. I’m sorry I failed, Jade…” He choked out, his voice weak and cracking.

    Footsteps broke the silence. A man approached, torches lighting behind him. He was tall and slender, with long white hair that gave off a silver glow from the fire light. “So, the brave night finally awakens, only to find himself fallen, like a bird with broken wings. I’m afraid, you couldn’t save you canary.”

    The boy, no older than sixteen, forced himself onto badly injured legs, unable to balance without holding onto the wall. “Why? I … my kingdom… never intend to hurt you. I… we… just want our princess back.”

    The man waved his arm and the large hallway was lit, showing both males in their entirety. The man wore a long robe, tied with a ribbon of red, with a long glittering sword at his side. His white hair fell past his back, and blew in the gales that split through the castle. “Every night has its own conclusion, as does every knight. Only a few ever meet their end in battle. Don’t you… feel special?”

    The boy spat and whipped blood from his eyes. “No. I couldn’t protect- save- the princess. My death. My death will be dishonorable,” he whispered. He looked himself over, “I’m not fit to wear this ice blue armor of the Knights of the Everlasting Ocean. Who decided I was a good candidate? I can’t even use a sword, I’m not strong enough. I’m stuck with a flimsy lance.’ He sighed and looked down, there he saw it. His lance lay shattered in a pool of his own blood. He was weaponless, alone, facing the single greatest opponent he would ever face. The boy took his free arm, the one arm not supporting him against the wall, and grabbed onto his helmet, and tore it from his head, letting his red hair fall down. “I never deserved my title, and my blood never deserved to be on your blade.”

    The sliver haired swordsman drew his blade from his side. “All people become poets when faced with death.”

    The young knight braced himself, felt a sharp pain in his chest, and fell to the ground, his face flat on the cold floor witch was being painted by his own blood. “I… apologize.” He clenched his fist, and let out a final shaky breath.

    The man pushed back a lock of sliver hair and walked towards the boy’s body and examined it. He noticed a small piece of parchment in the boy’s hand, he took it, and read it aloud, the words echoing through the empty hallway.

    ”My Dearest Isaac,
    W can escape tonight! I know it! We shall be free from my father! Even if one of us is captured during our escape, or-gods above forbid-killed you must remember…” The man took a deep breath before continuing. “ No cloud, no squall, not locked door or fierce tide shall keep us apart.

    Eleventh Spring, Year Fifty of the Highwind Reign,
    Princess Jade Sky Highwind IV”

    The man crushed the note in his hand and walked away, leaving the boy’s cold body where it lay. He left Isaac to rest, both separated and united with his canary, who sat alone with a similar note…
    From Isaac.

    Sooo.... yeah, I hope you enjoyed it, I know I loved writing it.
    Also, Isaac is probly the most normal name I've ever given a CHARACTER. Ever.
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