Title: Turnabout Fix
Fandoms: Wreck-It Ralph, Ace Attorney & Frozen
Rating: PG
Notes: Ever since watching Wreck-It Ralph in the cinema, I've always wanted to write an Ace Attorney crossover for it but didn't have a good idea for it. But after playing Duel Destinies and seeing Frozen I had some fic ideas that I thought were too good to miss. This also includes Frozen as well as Wreck-It Raph and Ace Attorney. The usual disclaimers apply and everything belongs to Disney and Capcom respectively

Chapter One
The prince seemed like a nice guy. He was a programmed to be a typical prince charming that you find in fairy tales. He paid for Felix's drinks at the bar, and invited him Nintendo's servers to have some good old fashioned pokemon battles. Felix thought he had a great day out and didn't suspect a thing. The prince went on about his tragic past and how his older twelve brothers used to bully him to madness. The prince also told Felix about a lost opportunity to marry a beautiful princess but it fell through because of her evil snow queen sister.

Felix felt sorry for the guy. His instinct drove him to help; he was the hero of his game. The prince asked Felix to accompany him in his quest to get his princess back. The prince explained that Felix's hammer could help him win back the girl he loved. They went to Arendelle but the prince showed his true colours. He knocked Felix out cold and snatched his golden hammer.

Felix had no choice but to report the prince to the police. The police promised him that Felix would get his hammer back in no time. Felix returned to his game, empty handed, but received a lot of support from the residents. A day had passed since then, but Felix was still down in the dump. When the arcades were closed, Calhoun ordered her troops to find the hammer. Then he heard the news. He had hoped that the prince would return the hammer and get professional help for his problems. Unfortunately, fate had different ideas.

"There's been a murder in Arendelle," Felix announced. The residents in Niceland all gasped in unison. The very word murder sent a shock to the metagame. Everyday was normally the same, Ralph would go on a rampage and Felix would fix the damage. Arendelle was a kingdom in a game called Frozen, which was based on a very successful movie. Everything was all wireless nowadays, but there was still a special niche for the arcade games to shine. However, without the hammer, Felix considered himself screwed. He had other hammers, but none were as good as his trusted gold hammer. He knew that the police wasn't going to give his hammer back straight away as it would be used as evidence.

"Who was murdered?" Ralph asked.

"It was some prince," Felix replied. He lowered his head. "The same one who stole my hammer. I didn't quite catch his name unfortunately."

"They should find your hammer then."

"I hope so," Felix said as he lifted his head up. Suddenly Niceland was surrounded by cops and a man in a white suit with brown hair and orange shades marched towards Felix and presented him a golden hammer in a plastic bag... covered in blood. Bobby Fulbright was engraved on his ID badge along with a golden symbol.

"Is this your hammer?" Fulbright boomed as slammed the bag in Felix's face.

"Well yes it is," Felix admitted. He stumbled and Fulbright grabbed him by the arm and handcuffed in. "Hey I didn't do anything. This is a great big misunderstanding."

Fulbright yelled at the top of his voice: "You're under arrest for the murder of Prince Hans Of The Southern Isles. IN JUSTICE WE TRUST!"

Calhoun intervened and aimed her gun at the police who dragged Felix away. She glared at Fulbright and the gun slowly turned towards him. As stepped forward and growled, "Why don't you pick on somebody your own size?"

Caught off guard, the police attacked Calhoun from the back and was also handcuffed. Fulbright raised his fist in the air."YOU ARE ALSO UNDER ARREST FOR ATTEMPTED ASSAULT! IN JUSTICE WE TRUST!"

"In justice my ***!" Calhoun roared as Bobby Fulbright and the police took her and Felix away into a police car. Ralph was having none of it. He stomped over to the car and the floor rumbled. The car drove off, but Ralph kept on chasing them. He might be slow, but he wasn't going to give up. He was a bad guy, but he wasn't bad enough to let an innocent man get charged for murder.

"You're not getting away with this Fulbright," Ralph promised.


The police began going round in circles whilst trying to shoot Ralph away. The bullets simply bounced off Ralph's bulky build, but his speed harshly fell. Eventually Ralph tripped over and banged his head against the building which made the roof fall on top of his head. By the time Ralph regained conciousness, Fulbright and his car had left the game.

"What shall we do?" Mary shrieked as her hands covered her cheeks and her body trembled.

"Don't worry," Gene, the mayor of Niceland took centre stage. He stood up tall and looked at the stars. "At times like this there is one person we can turn to."

"Who me?" Ralph asked.

"No," Gene snapped. Ralph just happened to be under the very star that Gene was looking into. "Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney! There are so many ruthless prosecutors. We need Phoenix Wright to save Felix and our game. Imagine if he's found guilty? We could be homeless for good." Gene pointed at Ralph. "You better go and find Phoenix Wright and while you're at it, I will speak to the cloning services."

"I'll do it!" Ralph vowed. "I'll make sure Felix's name is cleared. I'll find this Phoenix Wright." He managed to get up, but his body was in agony. Even though the bullets bounced off him, they still left him with major pain. However, there were more important things that needed to be done: he had to get Phoenix Wright to clear Felix's name.