(Please pardon the long title, it is subject to change).

As you may or may have noticed, Non-Pokemon fics seems to be less active than it could be. Well, let’s face it, compared to Pokemon Fics, this place is a wasteland. Not that it isn’t to be expected, this being a Pokemon Forum, but for those of us who don’t write Pokemon Fics, or for those who do both, I’m seeking to get some more activity in here.

So, the purpose of this thread? Well, in Pokemon Fics, you know going into it that everything written there is going to be based on or involve Pokemon in some way another. To some extent, you know what to expect. In Non-Pokemon fics, you don’t know what to expect. Of the billions of books, movies, television shows, video games, and comics, all of them are crammed into this one forum. With a standard showing of about twenty threads a page, you come on looking at, at the most, twenty different examples of those aforementioned billions of possibilities. And that’s assuming none of those twenty threads are based on the same thing. And there’s no telling if anyone will be interested in any of these fics, solely based on the subject matter the fics are written about.

So in this thread, people can find out just what kind of non-Pokemon fics others are interested in reading. An author wanting to write a fic about ‘The Matrix’ can make a post inquiring if anyone who frequents this forum is interested in it or would want to read a fic about it.

Likewise, anyone can make posts telling others what kind of fics they would like to read. Maybe someone would like to read a Star Fox fan fiction, and in this thread, they can say so. Perhaps even give a comment or two on what specifics they would like to read.

Furthermore, people who have a Non-Pokemon fic in the works or have one in their mind, they can post it here (with a brief description of the idea or work in progress) to see if it peaks anyone else’s interest. And yes, advertising a fic will be allowed in this thread, so long as it has a link to it, and a few details perhaps about the genre and what the fic is based on (or if it’s an original fic).

My main hope for this thread is that people can interact and find out just what other people would like to read. I don’t intend it to become something where people will think “well no one wants to read a Metroid fic, so I guess I can’t post one,” nor do I want this to turn into any sot of mandatory guideline or anything. But perhaps someone is browsing through the tread and sees a couple people interested in writing a Star Fox fic and will think ‘hey, I like Star Fox… Hmm.. This gives me some ideas.”

Another goal is to sort of build a sub community within the Non-Pokemon fics section; people with similar tastes or those who write fics of the same game/movie/whatever can share possible ideas and discuss concepts and such things (note, any plagiarism/stealing of ideas will invoke some serious wrath).

You may be thinking “this could go in the authors’ café” and that is probably true. In fact, there may be some other threads like this one in there. The Authors’ Café, though, is mainly dominated by Pokemon, and this has at least a marginally different goal.

So, I encourage all Non-Pokemon fic scribes and readers to come forth and say what they’d like to read, what they’d like to write, and find some fellow fans of everything non-Pokemon.

Rules for Posting:

General rules really, no double+ posting, no spam, flaming, et cetera. I’m pretty serious about the concept of the thread and I’ll be monitoring it closely. If you don’t like someone’s idea, that’s fine, but unless you can be civil and constructive about it, don’t post at all.

Questions about this thread are permitted here, but I’d like to see more of the posts outlined in the description than anything else. Feel free to PM me with any questions are concerns, and if I feel the answer could benefit everyone, I’ll add a FAQ.
Also, if you do find someone to chat with, swapping ideas or discussing a certain fic topic or whatever, please take it to PM. This thread is here to plant the seeds of such conversation, but once it actually arises, I’d like for the thread to not be bogged up with it. Swap instant messenger screen names or PM each other so that the thread isn’t commandeered.

I think that’s all for now. Hopefully it works out and makes the Non-Pokemon fics forum a more active and communicable place.