Okay, I'll join in the fun.

Title:Starbolts Chronicles
Type: Original ficition based on superheroes
Genre:Action/Adventure/Romance/Drama. Everything you expect from a current comic.

Link: http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=171283

Storyline: A series of one shots 14 pages each with some in the first person. Each one shot except one takes place after Starbolts: New Beginnings. And each story will tie into the eventual sequal called Starbolts: Angelic Destiny. The basic plot is that after the aftermath of New Beginnings, the heroes and heroines reflect on what happened and get ready for the future.

Also, there will be oneshots starring characters from all over the universe . The characters Power Shot, Eternal Daydreamer, Nylf and Brian Powell made will be in it.

Status: Issue 1 of the Project Sola limited series has been posted with more to come. After, there'll be other stories.

I would like to read action/adventure stuff. Some realism, too. Sci fi stuff is interesting and I use that in my stories. I also like original works because you can play around with it more.