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Thread: What You Want to Read and What You Have to Offer

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    The Pearl of the East...


    Type: Original
    Name: Angel Incarnate
    Genre Supernatural (angels/demons), fantasy

    Summary: In a time when angels walk alongside humans, a great theocracy is forged, uniting the whole world under one God. One Religion.

    ...but all great kingdoms are destined to fall.


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    This is a project in the making.

    Name: It's unnamed as of now. Goes by the code-name of Project Plagiarism (as shown in my sig).
    Genre: Uhh', I'm not certain to be honest. I'll hope someone will point out exactly what the genre is, because my mind's on a standstill.
    Rating: As of now, PG-13.

    Storyline: The 4th - and current - draft of the storyline is about a kid (he's 16, but in lack of a better word) who currently attends the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The story will follow this guy throughout his second-to-last year at Hogwarts, struggling with everyday life, studies, love and other usual school stuff.
    As you may have figured out by now, it's more or less a story based in the Harry Potter universe, albeit without the mentioned man himself. The year is 2006 and Lord Voldemort and Harry Potter is long gone

    My story is not like Joanne Rowlings stories. It's not about a single person who does great things, heroism and the like. It's more about the everyday life of two boys at a boarding school, only the school in this case is one where they teach magic.

    Status: Three chapters done, 1st, 2nd and the mysterious X chapter, which I'll put in somewhere in the middle.

    Link: None so far

    EDIT: Decided to take off Chapter X from the site, as it is now a part of the fic.
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    Title:Rise of the Eggman Empire

    Sonic was fighting Eggman in the present (which is 5 years after the current series), and chases down a missile heading for Amy's apartment. But he runs so fast he gets himself sent ten years into the future, where Eggman has taken control. Sonic meets up with a few friends and tries to find a way back, fighting Eggman in the meantime.
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    Oooh, I have some stuffs!

    Name: Shadows
    Type: Poem
    Genre: Trajedy, Hope
    Rating: PG-13
    Storyline: A young boy is taken to a concentration camp during WWII and eventually must face the inevitable. But at the end it carries a message of hope for all those who perished.
    Status: Done

    Name: The Seals of Four
    Type: Original
    Genre: Fantasy
    Storyline: Four seals were put in place after a great war between Heaven, Hell, Earth and the Unknown. The purpose was to separate the dimensions and to stop the flow of magic energy into the dimensions. It was done to ensure the dimensions would live. But the seals have been shattered releasing that flow of energy into the world and making it so anybody can travel between the four dimensions. Now to ensure that the four dimensions do not meet their end and bring on the end of time the seals must be repaired and pulled back together.
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    ideas for new pokemon thread


    Name: Nii-enkai
    Type: original, could be book length
    Genre: Fantasy
    Rating: PG-15
    Storyline: The Humans and Beasts have always co-existed in peace and harmony, but when the Humans develop technology and threaten the animals extinction, tension rises. As the animals hatred toward the Humans increase, creatures from the Outer Dark are created by their own hatred. Soon the world dramatically changes as the Humans and Beasts collide in war, but the creatures from the Outer Dark grow more stronger from every ounce of hatred between the animals and humans.
    Status. Polishing up First chapter. it"ll come up soon.
    PM me for more details
    traveling spriteshop is here!
    PM me for a pokemon you want me to recolor and i'll recolor it just the way you want it!
    New pokemon ideas i'll do too. but not as often.

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    Type: Based On True Events (Half fiction/Half non-fiction)
    Name: The Lives Of Bandmates
    Genre: Music
    Rating: PG-13 (For use of drugs and violence/alot of blood in upcoming chapters)

    Taking Place In: Currently LA, 1989

    Storyline: Carey is a 25 year old girl who wants to start a band but doesn't know anyone good enough to form one with. Carey decides to place an ad in a magazine that says "I'm forming a band known as "Mockery". I members for the band. Women preferred.". After waiting for so long for a call, Carey got what she wanted. But however, this call, was from no woman.........

    Status: Prolouge and Chapter 1 finished, Chapter 2 coming soon.

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    Name: World Vacation
    Type: Based off of events in Kingdom Hearts (you'll understand if you read it)
    Genre: Humor
    Rating: PG - 13 (for mild cursing)
    Plot: The whole thing is based on the adventures of a Lance Soldier and his lance. What kind of unexpected things will happen to these two alone? This fiction also explains the unexplained mysteries of KhII, like, why was there a mess in Beast's room, or were the lock in the underworld came from. Trust me, it's hilarious.

    Link: lol

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    Type: South Park
    Name: SP:Reloaded
    Genre: Humor/Action
    Rating: NR-17, cuz its South Park...

    Note:Something different, instead of all the weird japanese anime and kingdom hearts fics [not de-bunking them, some are very good], its god-down honest South Park. No-one seems to expand from games, so me and Rustybb will, in our shared fic, all about South Park.

    Storyline:Complete utter randomness, but there will be more focus on the smaller characters such as Bebe, Wendy, Clyde etc. The main characters will be: Robert [made-up, from Britain] , Bebe Stevens, Clyde Harris, Kenny McKormick and Pip.

    There will be some essence of following a path which leads to danger...

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    BEHIND YOU!!!!!!!!!


    In Production

    Name : Sharingan Girl: A Naruto Fanfic
    Genre : Adventure
    Rating : PG-15

    Storyline : 20 years later, after the aftermath of Orochimaru and Sasuke's deflectiopn from Konoha in his pursuit to kill his brother Itachi, Team 7 is whole once more, and Kakashi has his hands full with a brand new team, which has on it none other than Sasuke and Saukra's daughter. And from the shadows lurks a dark being bent on revenge.

    Status : 1 Chapters Completed, #2 in writing
    Link :
    Arisawa Tatsuki+ Winry Rockell + Sheska + May= ZOMFG too much awesomess!

    I now can do Screencaps of very good quality! No job too hard! PM for list of available DVD's!

    My Screencap request thread!

    Sharingan Girl: A Naruto fanfic

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    What I want to read...

    Akatsuki fics. :3 Action filled, romance based stories with a nice sprinkling of action. Humour is a bonus. =D

    I'm a fan of close contact fics, and fics that focus on the relationships between the characters in various different situations, and how those relationships are affected. And as I've recently gone incredibly soppy, throw any romance you like at me. I'm not much a fan of lemons, though, unless it's needed in the story. Yaoi, het, crack I don't mind as long as it's well written. Deitobi is one of my favourite couples, as is Kisasaku. xD

    What I have to offer:

    A collection of Naruto fanfics, all Akatsuki based, as well as a couple older original stories.

    Name: Smile

    Type: Naruto fanfic

    Pairing: Deitobi - Spoiler for manga chapter 363, I'm afraid.

    Rating: All audiences

    Status: Complete, oneshot.

    Summary: Everyone has their weaknesses. It's how you deal with them that makes a difference.

    Name: Flight

    Type: Naruto fanfic

    Pairing: Deisaku

    Rating: All audiences.

    Summary of sorts: She amused him, a small bird beating angrily at the bars of her cage.
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    What do I want to read? Fics that are like television shows outtoday, real shows like Lost. An original fic in THAT style is what I'm looking for.

    What do I have to offer?

    I only will post 1/2 of my series here.

    They are

    Genre: Action/Suspence/Mystery
    Rating: PG-15

    Description: Season 2 is about different people who wind up on the same plane. This follows 5 of them, all of whom have had an experience with a dangerous crime family, which hijacks the plane.

    Billy(Premieres this week)
    Genre: Mystery
    Series of One-Shots
    Rating: PG-16 to R(For sexual references and non descriptive nudity)

    Description: A summer camp for teens, a rich one too. 4 teens assume that they will be going for a nice vacation at this place, but with the arrival of a new camper, Billy Hampton, everything is about to change. Whereever this boy goes, death follows him as people mysteriously die. But is he really the one behind it or is there something bigger going on? The first story in a series, Billy!

    I am also working on a NEW series called The Watchers, which is about people who vanished years ago and suddenly begin reappearing, as if they are watching something. Production has not yet started and exact storyline details not yet worked out.

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    The Bearer of the Key
    Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
    Original Story
    click here
    Rating: Probably PG or PG-13 (no swears, but scenes of violence and several scary scenes)

    Description: A young girl named Rebecca is chosen to help protect Earth against an invasion by the shape-shifting Kenonians during the summer between 7th and 8th grade, but is told to tell almost no one that this is happening. As though to make things worse, a notorius thief and mobster breaks out of jail and steals a posession very valuable to Earth's defenders. People begin turning up dead. Bizarre happenings at her school lead Rebecca to believe that one of the Kenonians or a member of the thief's gang is disguised as a student, but she doesn't know which one. She struggles to keep her secret safe and succeed in school at the same time. But then a slip of paper is found in her mailbox at school, written in block letters...

    What I want to read: Originals (Sci-Fi), Harry Potter, Star Wars

    Status: Prologue posted here, more is written elsewhere.

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    What I want to read: Good Fantasy fanfiction... or, I really wouldn't mind reading a good uh, "Historical" fiction. Historical as in, set in the 1800's-1900s-ish complete with romance, scandal, action and secret societies.


    What I have to offer (aka, what I *will* have to offer):

    Type: Original

    Name: The Cape of Glass Flowers

    Rating: PG-13 for use of language, scary scenes and blood. D:

    Genre: Fantasy

    Storyline: Set in modern-day Venice, Italy. Though, most of the setting occurs at nightfall. The story's about a young girl named Emilia Faux,* and her struggles to find her way through a brand new world full of secrets and black societies which she accidentally discovers. Her life in now in danger, and she only has a handful of people she can trust. Or rather, creatures...

    * Her name could possibly change to a more Italian-sounding name. But for some reason, I'm having a hard time coming up with Italian last names. Suggestions are welcome.

    Link: Not here. >>; The release date is next weekend. :P


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    Name: Stories of Henesys - MapleStory's Archer Town
    Type: MapleStory fanfic, series of one-shot chapters
    Rating: All audiences
    Genre: Fantasy, Humor, Adventure
    Link: Fanfic not started yet - I have about a week of planning already drawn up, and I've set the debut date to September 21st, or maybe even sooner.

    Storyline: Henesys. One mention of this town in the vast world of MapleStory would instantly bring up fond memories of earlier days. The people. The markets. The sheer simple look of it. There are memories of the struggles, triumphs, and embarrassing moments that may have just been plain wrong.

    Henesys, situated in the Southern-most area of Victoria Island, is the starting point for all aspiring Archers. Despite the innocent look of the town, it also serves a second purpose. The town is closest to the entrance to the most dangerous place in all of Victoria Island - the dark forest of Sleepywood. Many people from all around the world leave to explore its interior, with very few returning back. Despite this, the spirits and the minds of the people live on.

    Henesys would not be Henesys today without the many people who have contributed something of their own in what is perhaps the largest and most active town in all of MapleStory. The stage is set - the stories of these many people, new and old, of any job or class - must be told.


    This is going to be my first-ever fanfic. I've read many fics (almost none on SPPf though - most were other MapleStory fics and other non-Pokemon related stuff), and I finally had the inspiration to write one. I am not quite sure what this feeling is - I had many, many ideas for possible fanfics, but my ideas for this one were far more fleshed out than all of my previous ideas, so much so that I got to the point where I actually started writing it.

    Oh, and please, don't bother sending me PM's saying 'MapleStory sucks' just for the sake of bashing it. You'll just be wasting your time and my time, and I do not want to see anyone get punished for something as stupid as that.

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    Gonna do this soon. It is a series. This is the first one

    Name:Zant's Return
    Based On:Legend of Zelda:Twilight Princess(after game ends)
    Genre:fiction, adventure
    Storyline:Zant returning from the twilight realm and terrorizing castle town;Link coming and stopping him with the help of the white wolf.

    This is soon to come. This will be my first fanfic. Don't criticize me to much.
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    I'm here arent I?


    I have a fic I'm planning.

    Category: none (but kinda based of Black Hole High)
    Title: Crater High
    Genre: fiction, Mystery, slight (VERY slight) romance
    Storyline: Seth, Blake, and Rei lead normal lives at Crater High until a mysterious student, Maddie, appears. She rarely speaks and her appearence causes crazy discoveries, abnormalmalities, hidden talents, and other stuff that will never make the Normal category. (example a character discovers he/she has telekenesis, another character time travels)
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    Name: Razio's Journey
    Type: Final Fantasy XI Fanfic
    Rateing: PG-13
    Genre: Fantasy, Adventure

    Story: There are many Adventurers in the world of Vana'diel. This is the tale of one of those brave souls. Listen to Razio's story as he tells of his friendships, his trials and his journey across Vana'diel.

    This fanfic has been years in the making...and I'm on my way to finishing it. The first 5 chapters have been greatly revised since i first started. There are 3 waiting for the same treatment with the rest of the 18 chapter tribute waiting to be written. (have no fear future readers...i will finish most this before mid January) I say tribute because most of the content is based on what i did in FFXI. I will provide an appendix at the end of the story to highlight all the allusions. (to both experiences and game-play features i disguised)

    I will update every 2-4 days depending on how many reviews i get.
    As for stuff i like.....well i like everything mostly. so expect a few reviews from me after the semester is over.

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    Name: Return of a Dark Past
    Type: Yu-Gi-Oh GX
    Rating: PG-13

    Basically my own take on the whole Academy set up that I've seen a few good fanfics use on, namely Rising Star to the Heveans and The Infinity Chronicles.

    I have a few chapters of this written out, but I have computer trouble so new stuff may be a while after I get chapter 4 up.

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    Title: End of Existence: Reality
    Type: Original
    Genre: Fantasy/Sci-Fi
    Rating: PG-15
    Status: Prologue completed and all story points certain... Except for names

    Melodus Gaean is on his own, his father died three years ago at the hands of the military, "The protectors of Earth" SOL. Now he's out for revenge and nothing on earth can stop him.

    Or so he thinks...

    Title: End Of Existence: Return
    Type: Original
    Genre: Fantasy/Sci-Fi
    Status: Will Start once "End of Existence: Reality" Reaches Climax

    12,000 years later the year 2012 A.C all is peacefull and the Xenos war has been forgooten by all, However the Enemies of Earth are Stirring once again and war shall soon break out, our only hope lies in the three.

    But will their return save us or will it be our undoing?

    Title: End Of Existence: Meaning
    Type: Original
    Genre: Fantasy/Sci-Fi
    Status: Will start once "End Of Existence: Return" Reaches Climax

    Something has gone terribly wrong, the Eldest and the seraphim are no longer threats to humanity yet now worlds are dissapearing into nothing and a terrible shadow is looming above everything, something has to be done.

    But one thing is for sure, things will never be the same again.
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    Melodus Gaean is on his own, his father died three years ago at the hands of the military, "The protectors of Earth" SOL. Now he's out for revenge and nothing on earth can stop him.
    Or so he thinks...
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    Title: Ibi Fuit Bellum (Latin for There Was War)
    Fandom: Mostly original, with a hint of Final Fantasy
    Genre: Fantasy-Action
    Status: Chapter 1+2 posted here, have chapter 3 on another forum. Will port it here soon (will do another proofread). Chapter 4 is almost done.

    Storyline: Seven years ago in Marina province of Ivalice a boy named Anoah Bervenia got caught up in people still fighting over a past war. He began to connect to others after he had switched sides over and over out of confusion and being lost, and then he had made his way to the land of Rebena. There for almost seven years he lived, until he decided to join the post-war conflict. He wants to find out the reasons behind the war, and stop people from fighting via civility. However, he soon learns that his hopes are nothing but hopeless.

    I am looking for original fics as well, so ya

    Don't get caught up in a lot of fandoms, so original is nice to me.

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    I live in Star Wars.


    Title: Lunar Wars
    Type: Based off of Star Wars (somewhat loosely however)
    Genre: Sci-fi/adventure
    Rating: PG (possibly pg-13 for violence)

    Storyline: 300 years since the fall of the empire, The blood of the Jedi is nearly wiped out. A new dark ruler destroyed a Jedi Temple during a meeting. Only three jedi survived. Tylar Vantarr, Jedi Master, was not at the meeting and escaped. Ekaj Skywalker, the great grandson of Ben Skywalker. The last Jedi is Nalyd Kenobi. He has never used the force, never weilded a lightsaber, and is not an official Jedi.
    Status: Not started yet...
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    Title: Star Fox: Contact
    Genre: Science Fiction
    Rating: R (violence, language, blood and gore)

    Storyline: The Lylat finally at peace after years of war and bloodshed. Now under the the Confederation of the United Planets of the Lylat System, the people are free to pursue happier lives...until they came...

    They came from the depths of space. Little is known about them. They are set to wage war against the Lylatians. They are...the humans.

    It should have been easy. The hairless apes were easily centuries behind the Lylatians in technology and weaponry. It should have been a quick, decisive victory for the Lylat System.

    It wasn't.

    Join the fight to protect the Lylat System as faces old and new rise up to protect the system...or seek to destroy it...

    Status: Final chapter underway.

    Title: My Life as a Teenage Online Bounty Hunter
    Genre: Science Fiction/Comedy
    Rating: PG

    Storyline: Metroid Prime: Hunters, a popular game for the Nintendo DS has been remade for a Wii edition. Two newbie Hunters go online in a quest to be the best. One has some common sense. The other...seems to be slightly retarded. Comedy ensues.

    Status: Second chapter underway.

    I'm not sure if I'm willing to post them here, considering the fanbase for Star Fox seems small here...same with Metroid. Plus, I've posted them at two other places. I really don't know about this...
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    Well...I suppose what I'm planning to do is basically copy one of my finished stories into the forum to see how things go.

    Title: Mage Diaries
    Type: Original
    Genre: Fantasy (unsure of time period description)

    Storyline: When four teenage girls discover they've somehow been blessed with magical powers, their lives only get harder when they realise that at first magic is more of a curse, and then that the Dark Ones want to kill them to gain control over their powers.

    Status: unposted, as of yet, but am intending to put up the (short) prologue and chapter 1 soon.

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    Title: The Days We Used To Know
    Type: World War III
    Genre: War, Action, Romance
    Ratin': PG-13 - R (Nudity, blood, gore, excessive laugauge)

    Storyline: World War III starts and one boy, Brody Kennen decides he wants to join in on the action. Brody and his friends find themselves tryin' to get to safety, not sure if safety is the best place for Brody, he fights along the way. Still decidin' on which life is better.

    Status: All finished. About to post the first chapter.

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    Kingdom Hearts: A New Tale

    I started this story on in July 2006. It's still in progress right now and spans 60 chapters.

    Copied from my profile on
    Launch date: 07/04/06
    Last update: 04/08/08
    • Updated slowly and inconsistently, so my apologies.
    • Rated T.
    • Genre: Action, adventure, romance, fantasy, general
    • Characters:
    + Protagonists - Sora, Riku, Kairi
    + Also featuring - Multitude of Disney and Final Fantasy characters (to stay consistent with the game) / Original Characters (OC)
    • Synopsis: After only reuniting back home in Destiny Islands for less than a week, the trio, Sora, Riku, and Kairi, found themselves not lying on the sandy beaches enjoying the sea breeze, but once again out and about fighting the powers of darkness. The Heartless had only seemed to be defeated, but now they have returned along with the Nobodies. Even though Organization XIII has become a mere memory, its legacy remains... along with Maleficent and her sinister ways. The mystery of Kingdom Hearts still remains unsolved, the knowledge of it unknown. In between, there will be struggles - when friends become once again separated from one another, times when friends seem to become more than just friends. There will be new foes, new allies, along with new worlds, new mysteries, and new findings of what light and darkness really are.

    60 chapters, over 100,000 words archived, equivalent to over 260 pages on Microsoft Word. Currently over 270 reviews already on, so I'm assuming it's good. Well, I like it anyway, thus I'm going to start uploading the story here.

    I'm uploading one chapter a day, and so far I uploaded two to begin.
    I arrange music, check my thread: Here (Check for updates)
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