Disclaimer: I don’t own Pokemon or Drew. If I did own it, CS and AAML would be a canon. Drew and May are so kawii together.

Summery: May and Misty are twins living on the street. When they were offered to go to Drew and Ash’s house to save May’s life, Misty and May learns not everyone is selfish and mean. But when Drew and Ash are forced to marry two mean girls, what will May and Misty do? Read and find out. Misty’s P.O.V. Drew and Ash are brothers but aren’t blood related.

Rating: T to be safe


Chapter 1: Meet Drew and Ash

I hate this, being treated like dirt. May and I understood why we were treated like this. I mean come on, May and I had to eat and drink, right. So what if we stole a few things, May’s getting sick but we don’t have any money. “Misty, what are we going to do?” May asked, snapping me out of my thoughts.” Huh, what are you talking about May?” I asked, puzzled.” I can hardly walk alone without falling every 2 minutes, I hardly ever eat and I’m burning up. I’m afraid I might have phenomena. If I do, what will happen Onee-chan?” I was about to answer when suddenly some mud splattered me with mud. My back was so dirty it stunk and now it was worse. What else could go wrong? Unfortunately everything went wrong. Two kids our age ran past us and pushed May and she started to cough worse than before. Then it started to rain and May had fallen unconscious.Then a limo came down the road as I was trying to help May up. A window rolled down and I saw a boy with raven black hair and black eyes looking at us.

” Hi there, would you like some help.” He asked, looking concerned.

Then another boy with green hair and eyes muttered.” Ash, open the door and help them in the car okay.”

” Gotcha bro. My name is Ash and this is my brother Drew.” I glared at him as he and his brother helped May and me into the car.

” Why are you helping us?” I asked in a angry and confused voice.

“What, we don’t get a thank you for helping you and your friend.” Drew asked, looking at May.

I followed his example and looked at my sister. “No, and she isn’t my friend, she’s my twin sister, but I was born about two hours before her and she calls me onee-chan because of it.” I explained bitterly.

”Well, what are your names?” Drew asked, irritated.

“Fine, our names are Misty and May Waterflower, you happy now?” I said bitterly.

"Whatever." Drew said flatly.

"Listen, if you don't like me and May then why did you help us in the first place?"

"Uh... Misty, please calm down, we helped you because you and May were looking so sad and heartbroken and-" Ash started to say.

" Oh, so it was pity was it." I shot back angrily.

"Shut the ****in' hell up, Misty you should know better." May had woken up and started to cuss thanks to a headache she had and our bickaring(is that you spell? i can't spell to save my life.).

"Fine, May."