Oh, not that many people will read it, but there was at least a little interest at the SSB shipping thread, so what the hell. Here's the first LinkxPit entry I did for 1sentence at LJ. It think it's the first LinkxPit fic ever in fact. Oh, that'd be cool! So yeah, here are 50 (mostly) unrelated sentences. There's a bit of religious talk (Pit is an angel after all), and there's some one-sided MarthxLink (my second fave SSB couple). I know Marth isn't confirmed to be in Brawl, but I'm hoping/pretending he is. So... Here we go!


by taitofan

Rated PG-13 for yaoi and technical crossbreeding

Disclaimer: I am not Nintendo, nor am I the creators of Legend of Zelda, Kid Icarus, or Super Smash Bros. The lack of yaoi in the games should make that obvious.

Author’s Note: When Pit was first announced for Brawl, I immediately started brainstorming his soul mate. Link was the first one to spring to mind. The couple became like a disease, hitting me hard and fast. Now it’s my OTP! And since no one else will write it, I decided to take the challenge. Please note that Pit wasn’t given much of a personality in Kid Icarus, and since I refuse to go by that horrid 80s cartoon, I just used my imagination. Hopefully I’ve done them justice though, especially since it’s my first time writing for either of them. Please give me feedback though, because there are four more sets coming!

1sentence challenge: theme set Epsilon

Flames do nothing but make me laugh, although I'll listen to any CC you have. Please read, review, and enjoy! Finished 09-24-06


01. Motion
Link was so caught up in watching Pit go through the graceful motions of his attack that he didn’t even notice the arrow until it had it him square in the leg.

02. Cool
Pit watched from the observation deck as Link sent Yoshi flying off the stage with a well-placed bomb, and everyone around him could tell that he was thinking about how cool his boyfriend was.

03. Young
Young Link made gagging noises when he caught his older self and the angelic newcomer making out behind a tree, and he couldn’t help but wonder if he’d really like that mushy stuff when he grew up.

04. Last
When Zelda dutifully informed her best friend of a certain angel’s crush on him, Link wondered why he was always the last one to know these things.

05. Wrong
Pit knew that it was probably wrong—downright sacrilegious in fact—for an angel to fall in love with another male, but when he looked at Link, he couldn’t quite bring himself to care.

06. Gentle
Link’s hands were deadly when holding a weapon, but when he was exploring Pit’s body in the dead of night, there was never a more gentle touch.

07. One
Pit and Marth’s gazes met from across the room, each silently promising the other that he would be the one Link noticed in the end.

08. Thousand
There were a thousand words Link could use to describe Pit, but not one on its own seemed to do the boy justice.

09. King
Pit watched Marth flirting with the hero of time, but he wasn’t upset—Marth might be a prince, but Pit was the king of Link’s heart.

10. Learn
As it turned out, Link hadn’t quite mastered his bow and Pit still had a lot to learn about his swordplay, but it was okay—they could teach each other.

11. Blur
The entire thing was a blur—one second Pit was innocently practicing his moves and the next Link had him pinned to a tree and was kissing him soundly.

12. Wait
Link and Pit silently waited together until their next match, simply enjoying the other’s company.

13. Change
When Link realized that dropping hints wasn’t the best way to get Pit’s attention, he changed his tactics—in the end, kissing him out of the blue turned out to be a much better plan.

14. Command
Pit had that ethereal beauty that commanded attention when he walked into a room, and Link most certainly was not immune to his charms.

15. Hold
Pit grabbed hold of a hammer and whacked Marth clear into the sky—that’d teach tiara-boy to flirt with his boyfriend…

16. Need
Pit came to Link’s room late one night, need shining clearly in his eyes, and who was Link to say no to such a pretty face?

17. Vision
When Link looked at Pit, the old clichéd phrase “vision of loveliness” immediately came to mind.

18. Attention
Link had to admit, kissing him like that was a very good way for Pit to get his attention.

19. Soul
Some of the humans assumed that by loving Link, another man, Pit was damning his soul to hell—but they weren’t angels, so they really had no right to make that assumption.

20. Picture
The girls giggled something about the two of them being “picture perfect”—Link, having known Zelda since childhood, merely rolled his eyes as Pit blushed hotly.

21. Fool
Cheesy, clichéd line or not, Pit simply had to comply when Link whispered in that tacky accent, “Kiss me you fool.”

22. Mad
When Pit’s eyes watered and he bit his lip in that adorably pathetic manner, Link found it very hard to stay mad at him.

23. Child
“Stop acting like a child Marth; Link is my boyfriend and there’s nothing you can do to change that.”

24. Now
Pit was right, Link was his boyfriend now, but that didn’t mean that Marth had to like it…

25. Shadow
When he smiled softly like that, Link knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that he loved Pit more than life itself.

26. Goodbye
Pit dreaded the day the tournament would end and he’d have to say goodbye to the hero who’d captured his heart.

27. Hide
Pit tried to hide under Link’s bed sheets, but it didn’t much matter since Zelda had already seen them—and she kind of wished those sheets hadn’t been there.

28. Fortune
“Oh, come on Pit, I paid a fortune for this!” was to no avail; there was no way Pit was letting Link put that into him.

29. Safe
Pit knew that it would probably be safer to ignore Link and his lofty plans for their future together, but what fun was life without taking a few risks every now and then?

30. Ghost
There was a ghost of a smile on Link’s face before he closed the gap between himself and Pit and brought their lips together in a passionate kiss.

31. Book
The feelings they had for each other could be read like an open book, much to Zelda’s amusement and Marth’s disappointment.

32. Eye
“Link, my eyes are up here,” Pit reprimanded in an amused tone when the Hylian hero’s gaze wandered a bit too far down during their conversation.

33. Never
Pit never thought he’d fall in love with anyone, considering his profession and such, so it was no surprise that he was more than a bit confused the first time his heart sped up when he looked at Link.

34. Sing
Jigglypuff’s song put Link to sleep, so Pit rolled his eyes and rushed in to save his lover from a pink puffball.

35. Sudden
It wasn’t a sudden thing where their eyes met for the first time and they were in love; rather, Link and Pit slowly got to know each other and one day decided that being more than friends sounded like an excellent idea.

36. Stop
Part of Pit’s mind yelled “Stop!” when Link began disrobing him, but it was quickly overshadowed by the rest of him, which begged and pleaded for the Hylian hero to hurry up.

37. Time
He was the hero of time, he saved the world, he rescued princesses—and now it also seemed that he fell in love with angels.

38. Wash
All of Link’s other tunics were in the wash the day he came to his fight dressed in lilac, but that didn’t stop Pit from laughing at his flushed lover.

39. Torn
Link’s brain was torn between Marth and Pit, the two men who obviously loved him, but his heart only held those feelings for a certain winged boy—now he just had to realize it.

40. History
The last time Link thought he’d found the right guy it ended up being Zelda in disguise, but he didn’t think history would repeat itself with Pit.

41. Power
Whatever Link lacked in brute power he made up for in stamina—something Pit learned the hard, though very enjoyable, way.

42. Bother
Though some might find someone falling asleep on their shoulder a bother, Link thought it would be a shame to wake up Pit when he looked so peaceful…

43. God
“Won’t your God be upset if you’re with another guy?”—probably, Pit figured, but that was just too bad, wasn’t it?

44. Wall
Link figured he should concentrate more on the match and less on Pit once he ran headfirst into a wall.

45. Naked
Link hadn’t thought that Pit could get anymore angelic than he already was—until he saw him naked that is.

46. Drive
Pit eyed the battlefield wearily as the cars—the words “metal deathtraps” sprung to mind—drove by, but the knowledge that Link would be fighting as his partner made him forget all of his apprehensions and get ready to kick some butt.

47. Harm
It was ironic that Pit had no desire whatsoever to harm Link, considering they were in a battle tournament and whatnot.

48. Precious
Everyone had one precious person in their life that they’d protect under all costs—for Pit, it was a Hylian hero who didn’t need any protection, but appreciated the sentiment nonetheless.

49. Hunger
Zelda noticed the hunger in Link’s eyes every time he looked at Pit, and quite frankly, she thought it was about time he made a move on the angel boy.

50. Believe
“Believe me Marth, if I catch you flirting with Link one more time, you’ll find that sword of yours shoved up someplace most uncomfortable.”


That's the longest entry I've done for that com yet (almost six pages)! I really like how it came out though. Zelda as a fangirl amuses me, and Marth gives some yummy angst.

Now, if you all could be so kind as to review and tell me how I handled my OTP, I'd appreciate it. I do have four more to write after all~ ;3