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    Default Armored Clone (Rating: R)

    Rated (R) for blood and gore.

    Anyway, this is a remake of my very fanfic posted on this site (very old ; no longer available for reading, sorry).

    Those who have read the original will notice many changes to the fic ; the plot has been altered in order to make it a full chaptered fic rather than just an one-shot. It will also include many more characters and some roles have been swapped.

    Yes, I do too many R-rated fics. Oh well...

    Note that the prologue is quite NOT kid-friendly and the main reason why this fic got the dreaded "R" as its rating. You have been warned!

    ================================================== ========
    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++
    ================================================== ========

    "So... you are the Legendary Pokemon of Darkness... I am disappointed."

    He stood fearlessly before the massive figure of the Legendary Pokemon. His blue eyes were as colder than even the coldest of frozen winds, the blue glowing lights speaking of the stone of which the figure's heart was made of. A shapeless dark burning liquid made up the featureless face of the Pokemon, a hat-like white flame on top of the head giving the monster a perfectly grotesque appearance.

    Its higher body was slightly humanoid, the two huge shoulders connected to arms that ended with clawed hands. The lower body was seemingly non-existent, the lower form of the monster being a shapeless yet large mass. The whole body was made of pure dark blue shadow flames, the only thing remotely physical about the creature being a blood-red necklace with a glowing red gem encased in the middle of the cursed artifact, which never left the creature's non-existent neck.

    This creature was Darkrai, the Nightmare Demon which held the Essence of all Darkness. Within this monstruous monster, all negative feelings took a physical form under the form of Shadow energy.

    He was the sole being who controlled the flows of Shadow energy, the source of all Darkness, the demented ruler of all destructive forces.

    ... until recently, at least.

    Mewtwo, the one who summoned Darkrai, stood before the Legendary Pokemon.

    This was an event unheard of, a moment which was deemed impossible, a great distortion of Fate, an offense to all laws of Nature...

    For Mewtwo could also control the flow of Shadow Energy. Already, many, including the original Mew, from which he was cloned, considering him the Legendary Pokemon of Darkness.

    Looking at him, it was not hard to guess that he was worthy of the title.

    Cold purple eyes which burnt with the same glow that the Shadow energy within his body, long horn-like ears that pointed backward, a semi reptilian cat-like head and head, an armor-like chest with incredibly skinny arms that ended with three-fingered hands that had huge, round fingers and opposable thumbs, a lower body that expended into unnaturally huge thighs, the belly and tail purple while the rest of the body remained white, somewhat short legs that ended with incredibly long rabbit-like yet also dragon-like feet with large ruing talons, a long, thick articulated tail that ended with a sensitive tail tip, and a huge vein that connected the back of his head to his back...

    The creature was devilish in appearance, its gaze was terror-inducing, and its aura was every bit as powerful as its non-physical counterpart.

    Two creatures holding a connection to the Darkness... however, there can be only one Legendary Pokemon of Darkness, only one Dark Lord, only one Devil Pokemon. Both were convinced they were the one.

    Mewtwo saw Darkrai as foolish, an unworthy fool who acted as little more as the delivery boy for HIS essence and HIS immortality. Darkrai, after all, was little more than a raging beast. Darkrai was unable to logical thought, only able to think of the destruction of everything, including its own allies and itself. Such a foolish beast was not fit to be the ruler of all Darkness. He, Mewtwo, would put the Dark Power to much better use than in meaningless, worthless random rampages.

    Likewise, to Darkrai, Mewtwo was just another insect to crush, another obstacle in his mad quest to destroy the entire Universe and every single life-form, including itself. Everything and everyone must be destroyed, nothing must exist. Mewtwo was just another target. He will disappear soon, like all the others. The fact that he was talking about being the one who should have his power is non-sense. Death is his only destiny, as is the destiny of everything else, which he despises. He hated everyone and everything, including himself, and wished to destroy everything and to die. For he is destruction and he shall consume everything, absolutely everything.

    "You're not even going to ask me why I summoned you?" asked the twisted Mew clone, in his deep, low-pitched voice.

    Darkrai screamed at the top of its non-existent lungs, throwing itself foward at incredibly speed. "DIE! DIE DIE DIE DIE!!! AAAAARG!!!" roared the monster in unthinking rage, a real hurricane of Shadow energy following it as instantly, the flower field was consumed, all of the plant life reduced to ashes within seconds.

    Mewtwo had already teleported high above Darkrai as he struck thin air. Such a predictable assault. The cat Pokemon sighed loudly as the massive energy tempest raged below. "I can't believe that YOU are a Legendary Pokemon. You are nothing but a mindless weapon..." commented the clone.

    The Nightmare Demon Pokemon was enraged to see that it had struck nothing but air. Hearing Mewtwo's words, it only aggravated him. He turned to the sky and pointed both hands at the annoyance. "DIEDIEIDIEDIE!!! SUFFER! SCREAM! DISAPPEAR! DIIIIIE!!!"

    But once again, the massive blast of energy stuck air and the one who wished to gain Darkrai's power teleported below. "The one who have no soul... IS LOST!"

    Darkrai turned to roar at the opponent... only to see the cat pointing both hands at him as he unleashed an attack of his own. Mewtwo could not produce Shadow energy for he did not have the Essence and as such, his attack had much less raw power... but his attack was more focused, more precise, more stable and as such, deadlier. Darkrai was sure, for a moment, within his demented mind, that was safe. After all, he IS the Legendary Pokemon of Darkness. His own power will not hurt him!

    But the Shadow energy formed a beam of an unknown nature that enveloped him whole and as his shape was torn apart, he stood corrected. The necklace fell several meters further, the flames that made up Darkrai scattered everywhere. Almost instantly, the flames reunited under the necklace and Darkrai reformed himself, fulminating in rage that he could actually be hurt by such a weakling and by a weakling that had used HIS own power against him to make matters worse!

    The non-physical abomination, its rage burning ever more and more brightly, charged foward to try and land its vile claws oozing with dark energy into the cat's face... but he only teleported away, laughing. "YOU DAMNED FOOL! STOP MOVING!!!"

    Mewtwo, confident, teleported behind Darkrai for another surprise attack. This was too easy. Darkrai was so predictable that a simple pattern was all that was needed to defeat him. He brought his hands together to strike again...


    Mewtwo's eyes widened in surprise as he felt raw, intense pain go through his whole body. Darkrai had moved at lightning speed, turning back to him and blasting him raw Shadow energy. Although Mewtwo was very resistant to Shadow energy through his nature, the amount of Shadow energy was so great that his nervous system was overloaded, his body shaking from fear and his skin seemingly melting and burning from such a sheer amount of Dark Power coursing it.

    Then, the monstruous foe charged foward. "DIE DIE DIE!!! DIIIIE! DESTROY! DESTROY DESTROY DESTROY DESTROY!!!" screamed Darkrai as his claws raked through Mewtwo's flesh as if it was only butter.

    The psychic Pokemon, taking ahold of itself, knew it had to act. Darkrai was a monster of pure rage, of pure negative energy. Unless he got out of range, the monster will attack until he is nothing but ashes. Gathering his powers despite the pain and the claws tearing through his armor-like chest, Mewtwo teleported away from the monster.

    Mewtwo breathed heavily, grasping his injured chest as Darkrai, caught up in his madness, struck at thin air not realizing the target was gone.

    Mewtwo could taste his own blood and he knew the damage had been considerable. He couldn't afford to make too many mistakes like this one. He brought his hands together and gathered the excess of Shadow energy still in his veins, converting it with his psychic powers into energy which he used to boost his body's regeneration process. Within an instant, his wounds closed and he stopped bleeding, feeling rejuvenated.

    As if on cue, as Mewtwo finished removing his injuries, Darkrai finally realized he was striking air and turned back to him, sensing the destruction he caused being unmade. "HOW DARE YOU?!? I DESPISE YOU!!! I HATE YOU!!! DIE! DIE DIE DIE! I WILL KILL YOU!" screamed the monster. While the monster taunted, Mewtwo brought his hands together, preparing himself... "KILL KILL KILL KILL KILL KILL!!!" roared the creatures of flames as it charged foward once again.

    This time, the cat blasted himself above the monster's head as it was about to strike and took advantage of the hurricane of Dark Power which his foe always produced when he charged foward. Closing his eyes, Mewtwo allowed the rage to flow into his body and, burning with hatred, became one with the current.

    Darkrai faced Mewtwo, fulminating... but then, his own hurricane caught up with him... and the monster felt himself being pushed, his power weakening and pain flaring up in his mind as the hurricane, now a genuine hurricane of wind, threatened to tear apart his figure. Yet, he was a Legendary Pokemon for a reason and survived despite the absolutely insane, building-tearing winds that slammed into his back.

    The suffering was now reaching its peak... and so did the rage. Mewtwo was landing countless hits on him and yet, he had only struck the insignificant insect once. This filled with Darkrai with absolutely incredible rage... and this time, the rage became so great that he did something Mewtwo had not expected.

    Darkrai screamed, as usual... but he did not charge toward Mewtwo. Rather, he slammed his hands into the ground and Mewtwo saw massive columns of purple energy, like tentacles, emerge from the ground. Mewtwo was caught off guard... but he wasn't going to let this get to him as the tentacles extended to strike him. Mewtwo easily grabbed into the first tentacle and then, taking control of it, used his powers to nullify the assault...

    ... but as the tentacles were stopped, Darkrai had no remained iddle. Mewtwo smirked as he stopped the last tentacle... only to feel sharp pain as Darkrai grabbed into him and then, in a mighty scream of rage...


    ... pulled on his left arm, ripping it straight off his frame! Shocked, an illusionary, incredible pain slammed into his brain as his left arm was just no longer there. Blood pouring from the hole where his arm was once connected to his shoulder, the cat fell as his psychic powers went unstable due to his mental surge of suffering.

    Darkrai took advantage of this in his rage to dive into Mewtwo as he fell, driving his claws into his chest and beginning to spin, like a drill. A disgusting sound was heard and Mewtwo gritted his teeth as the monster effectively begun to drill into his flesh, sending precious crimson liquid flying everywhere, tainting the area in red.

    Fortunately, when physical pain reach its peak during a survival situation, the nervous system is numbed down by hormones. The pain instantly vanished, Mewtwo gained back his concentration. At this rate, he had about two seconds left to live... and as such, gave it his all.

    As Darkrai lost his balance and slammed into the ground, his form going splat and covering the area in black, it became obvious that Mewtwo had succeeded.

    Feeling incredibly weak yet still alive, Mewtwo closed his eyes and slowly, the gapping holes in his shoulder and chest were closed. Likewise, his body processed a good portion of the water in his body at lightning speed to replace the important amount of blood lost. Thankfully, although his lungs had been sliced open, they were repaired easily enough. The heart was intact, Darkrai had missed it.

    Mewtwo was worried now. He had underestimated his foe's raw power and how, despite its rage, it still had a relatively limited ability to think. Although his powers were greater than Darkrai, his type and ability to produce Shadow energy gave him the edge. The brunt of his power was useless against Darkrai and the Dark God could produce its own energy for use in his moves while he had only limited amounts of it.

    Things were getting ugly... and he knew that now that Darkrai sensed his soul, he will not leave until he has killed him. Going back to his castle would be useless as Darkrai would easily track him down.

    With one less arm, it would be hard to pull off attacks as well as before... but he needed to end this. This fight couldn't drag on any longer. He had to finish this now...

    Darkrai was pure Dark Power... thus, if only he could control HIM... yes, most definitely... this is probably foolish but it have a good chance of working... he hoped.

    Mewtwo closed his eyes and as Darkrai reformed, he felt his own flames beginning to turn purple as Mewtwo attempted to take over his body. Darkrai felt unspeakable anger. This was the worst insult ever! This worthless mortal... was trying to make use of him as if he was just a collection of dark flames!

    Darkrai roared and charged foward one last time, as his body pulsated and pained so much from Mewtwo's grip...

    Then, he roared and tried to bring his clawed hands down on Mewtwo's throat but he had lost control over his body, his eyes widening. For a second, Mewtwo's gaze... spoke of victory and confidence. Humiliated and enraged, Darkrai couldn't believe it. He was not going to let this happen!


    He could not strike Mewtwo... but his body had incredible momentum and Mewtwo did not stop him from moving, only took control of it. As such, he slammed himself right into Mewtwo. With Mewtwo turning him into Dark Power he could use, the tackle had not caused any damage... but still, Mewtwo still was mortal and his body reacted on its own, causing him to be startled for a fraction of second, his controlling grip weakening for that single moment...

    It was his chance. Darkrai bit into Mewtwo's neck with all of his strength. Surprise overcame the cat and the control grip was lost, allowing the Legendary Pokemon to turn back to his normal color, to gain back control over his body, and to reform. Mewtwo made a step backward, closing the wound on his neck with his powers... only to receive a mighty uppercut from Darkrai, knocking him down. Once down, Darkrai dived at his foe and plunged his claws into his chest...

    He clawed once... twice... three times... and again... and again... and it was bloody, squishy... and the more Mewtwo bled, the more he wanted to kill him.

    Then, Darkrai felt something snap... and Mewtwo no longer had the energy left to regenerate. He stood there, trying in vain to protect his face with his sole remaining arm, panting in exhaustion, his soul screaming in denial and protestation against his obvious loss.

    "Yo... you are... no... nothing bu... but an unthinking beast..." whimpered the once mighty psychic Pokemon. "I... I am the Dark Lord... not you..."

    "I AM THE DARKNESS, FOOL! DIIIIIIE!!!" screamed the monstruosity as it slashed at its opponent's face, causing it to turn to the side and then, with one swipe, pulled on the vulnerable vein behind the air...


    ... and broke it. The cat Pokemon's eyes widened and he begun to convulse violently as its blood poured out both from the cut vein and from its mouth...

    Darkrai stood there for the short three seconds that it took for Mewtwo's brain to run out of oxygen... and Darkrai stepped back as finally, the cat rolled back on its back and went limp, the heart slowing down until it stopped, the brain having choked not too long before the heart completely stopped.

    Darkrai had won over Mewtwo and shown him he was the sole, the true Dark Lord... but of course, he didn't cared. He only wanted to destroy everything and consumed by pure rage, charged toward the horizon, toward the nearest life-form... only to vanish as soon as he had appeared, now that the source of the power that had summoned him was gone.

    Slowly, darkness came as the sun fell, dusk coming... and a full night passed...

    Somewhere else on the Newborn Island, the scientists had detected, from their research center, the anomaly. As dawn came, a team was dispatched to investigate...

    The humans found a strange Pokemon's corpse lying down in the middle of a field that was covered in Shadow energy radiations. The body itself was overloaded with the deadly, corrupt energy. They decided to bring back the body for analysis...


    __________________________________________________ _______________

    What? Did I REALLY kill Mewtwo? Those who have read the original fic will know the answer.

    For the others...

        Spoiler:- Read At Thy Own Risks!:

    Have a nice day, everyone!
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    Interesting... I think it was probably better than the original (since, at the very least, the reason why Mewtwo faces Darkrai is better than the original one).

    And gah... Mewtwo's in a pretty bad shape. Wonder what the scientists will do to him... Oh well. Besides the typical grammar mistakes/flair (depending on who you ask), it's good.

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    Well that was certainly...interesting, to say the least.
    The two 'Dark' Legendaries (or so you think of Mewtwo) duke it out, and the one left standing is the true Evil Legendary. Interesting...

    Anyways, so far, this is nothing...astonishing or really impressive. It's written in the same style as you usually write in, which, might I remind you, is usually a bit lacking in description. I had no idea where it was taking place until you suddenly mentioned a field of flowers- I had originally pictured something on top of a rocky cliff where there were dead plants strewn about, large clouds hanging in the sky, painted red and gold from the setting sun. Hence the importance of description.
    And I had no idea whatsoever as to what any of the attacks looked like, and I could not for the life of me imagine properly Darkrai slashing through Mewtwo's chest- try using stronger words that will help with visualization and leave a bigger impact on the reader.

    Admittedly, the way you described Darkrai was very interesting, and quite well-done (kudos on that- it was quite original, even though, but for Mewtwo, it was just packing detail upon detail. Try to show us what they look like instead of just bluntly saying it outright. Integrate it into the story, so you can describe the characters while having them do things.

    The way you portray Darkrai is also interesting- I doubt many people would think of the Legendary as being a soul-less, mindless killing machine. =P
    And well, how often would one imagine Mewtwo wanting so badly to be the Ebil Legendary of Doom? Of course, I find his motives a bit...odd, and though Mewtwo can be cocky, I don't know if he would really do something like challenge this Legendary. At least when he fought Mew it was because he wanted to prove something...but what is he trying to prove, here?
    But then again, this is typical Zerodius Mewtwo, so one can expect any character to be twisted and demented in this fic.

    The grammar was also rather iffy in a lot of places. It's understandable if it isn't perfect, seeing as English isn't your first language, but you don't need to be afraid of Microsoft Word. I swear, it's not going to bite you, so you can use it without fear.
    *shrugs* At least it's understandable, even if the word choice is a bit vague sometimes. Though I guess that falls more under description.

    Ah, but anyways, it's got my attention, at least for now. Though I don't see why you'd have to spoil it and tell us if Mewtwo's alive or not. And I do wonder what's going to happen when these scientists find Mewtwo...but who are these scientists? I mean, do they belong to Team Rocket? Does that mean this is pre-Mewtwo Strikes Back?
    All well, I suppose only time will tell...or maybe Zerodius will. Meh, I dunno…but I will stay posted.

    EDIT: W00t, that makes 1100 posts!
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    Whoa...that is some intense stuff. Darkrai killed Mewtwo...thats not good. And those scientists...I wonder what they'll do to Mewtwo...I'll have to wait for Chapter 1

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    I liked it a lot
    Darkrai is an interesting charactor
    I liked how all it wanted to do was Destroy everything
    It's concept of how thing should be is interesting
    I can't wait for the next chapter

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    Thank you for the reviews!

    Anyway, I know that the motives were not explained in the prologue. It is normal, since they are explained in this chapter.

    Also, Mewtwo did not want to become the Legendary of Ebul... but well, I'll let the first actual chapter speak for itself.

    Maybe that there is such confusion because the fic's first chapters are a bit of an introduction experimentation ; the setting is described once the first action scenes at the beginning are done.

    Starting from chapter 2, the fic will be in regular, described style however.

    ================================================== ========
    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++
    ================================================== ========

    Drifting through the endless darkness...

    In a way, he was disappointed he had lost. After all... ever since he had found out through vigorous experimentation that he could control the flow of Dark Power, he had been convinced that he was the Legendary Pokemon of Darkness, the true master of all Shadow energy.

    However... he had always been troubled by how he could control it and yet... not create it. What do this meant? That he was not the Legendary Pokemon of Darkness? That was simply a very powerful Dark One, a mortal?... and nothing more?

    Yes, Darkrai was born with the ability to process negative feelings into Shadow energy... but he misused this ability. Darkrai... was totally possessed by hatred. He was soulless, only thinking of destruction.

    Wouldn't he be a more fitting master for this power? He would use it to remodel this world, to bring a balance between Light and Darkness, to shatter the hypocritical illusion that taints this world, and to bring a new era... an era of true peace...

    ... but NO! Of course, Fate had to get in the way, as usual. Born as a weapon... was this all he would ever be? A mortal weapon? A twisted imitation of the Goddess with the power of the Dark Lord within him?

    Such disappointment... but it wouldn't matter anymore for he knew that he was dead. His heart had slowed down and soon, it would stop completely.

    He was not born naturally. He was created out of nothing with the DNA of Mew as a base. He did not fear the Darkness and the Emptiness.

    Born from nothing, he would now return to the nothing and let it wash away his pain, sadness, disappointment, and despair...



    "What is it?"

    "I think... maybe... wait a minute... No, this is..."

    "What? What's so surprising?"

    "There are life readings!"

    "What? It looks pretty dead to me."

    "... Professor! There's something inside of it! Something... alive!"

    "WHAT?!? Then what are you waiting for? Get it out of there!"


    "This is... rather interesting, don't you think?"

    "Yes. We never saw a Pokemon like this before. In fact... its DNA sequence... and the appearance... could this be the Legendary Pokemon?"

    "Seems so... but still, don't you think that some of its details are rather... odd? It doesn't exactly seem... natural."

    "Bah! Must be your imagination. I mean... who would go around and clone that Pokemon? Samples of its DNA probably don't exist anywhere in this world! No... I think that it's the genuine thing!"

    "Maybe... but the legends did not speak of it being inside of... well... you know."

    "I know about your suspicions... and personally, that body is a Mew-send. It's exactly the same type of technology we are working on..."

    "So you mean that..."

    "It's exactly the missing puzzle piece we were looking for. We already had a prototype using Deoxys's DNA... but it was always too unstable and furthermore, even through cloning, we couldn't create a suitable host. This is an unique opportunity!"

    "You are right. Well... shouldn't we get to work?"


    "Sir! I think we finally did it!"

    "The prototype is stable?"

    "We believe so. It's now ready to be installed."

    "Great. Compatibility tests?"

    "Estimated at sixty percents. It's low but it's the highest we could get with the host."

    "I see. Well... begin installation! Monitor it closely!"


    Out of a sudden, a blinding, burning light pierced through the Darkness and he opened his eyes, a sharp pain raking through his body. Grey everywhere, distortions, horrible faces, a feeling so strange he could not describe it...

    Where was he?!? What had happened?!?

    He couldn't help it. The emotion was too sudden and powerful. He panicked.


    "SIR! There are problems!" yelled a voice... a human's voice. His fear grew even more as shock set in.

    "What?" the figures begun to move. He still couldn't see their faces and frankly, he didn't care. He was somewhere near humans were... he had to get out of there.

    "He went awry! He's rejecting the armor!" rejecting the armor?

    Mewtwo was completely horrified as he became aware of his surroundings. Cables were connected to his body, now reddish orange and deformed, as he was within a glass capsule. Outside, humans in white coats were running around in a high-tech laboratory. He could feel needles and various pincers piercing through his skin.

    They were... experimenting on him. This body... what happened to him?!? WHAT HAPPENED TO HIM?!?


    A mighty blast of psychic energy illuminated the room and the capsule exploded, sending pieces of glass flying everywhere. The humans dived toward the floor in a desesperate attempt to protect themselves as the misshapen creature collapsed out of the machine.

    Pain racked his nerves all over... and then, a feral scream escaped his throat as he felt his heart exploding, his very skeleton breaking apart as his vision blurred and divided itself.

    Disoriented, no longer able to make the difference between what was real or not, completely terrorized, he went toward the light. A hard surface got in the way but he pointed at it with both arms and blasted the obstacle to pieces. Yes, light! Light!

    WAIT!... both arms?

    Stopping out of the window, he looked down at his hands... and a second, greater shock shook him. Not only did he have both of his arms intact... but his hands... they were no longer like before. In fact, they felt so very tiny... and well, his arms WERE tiny. Much tinier than they should be... and the fingers, they were so small. Most of all, his body was light blue rather than white.

    A deafening alarm echoed and he knew he had no time to reflect on what had happened. He had to escape and he had to escape now. He didn't know where he was... and frankly, in his current state, he didn't really care. He just blasted himself with his powers, flying through the air as fast as he could. He felt so weak... and the air... he felt the air in ways he had never felt before. He felt so... so... naked. What was that all about?!?... why was everything so tall... so menacing... he was so scared... how did this happen?... what happened to him?!?


    The leader of the scientists and one of its colleagues watched the blue cat Pokemon zoom off and disappear into the horizon...

    "Don't bother issuing the order." stated the leader of the scientists as the colleague was about to press a button on a remote. "But... the Pokemon..." he protested.

    The leader made a gesture and the fellow scientist fell silent. "Trying to catch up with it is a waste of time and resources. It is an exceptionally powerful and fast Pokemon, catching it would require too many resources and considering its powers, it would be an extended pursuit. We shall use the samples we gathered to create a clone of this Pokemon, instead... one which will be compatible and obedient. It will be much easier than trying to catch and tame the original."

    "I see... you are right, professor. We will begin to repair what the Pokemon broke and resume the project." replied the colleague.

    "Excellent." replied the leader, satisfied of how it had turned out. Both scientists returned within the research center... the time had come to complete the project...


    Newborn Island... a tropical island located in the far south of Kanto...

    Deoxys, the Legendary Pokemon of Space, was rumored to have been sighted on this quiet island... and instantly, the island became the center of attention for many.

    Tourists came in hope of seeing Deoxys while trainers arrived with their teams of Pokemon to try and track down the shape-shifting Legendary Pokemon. For a time, the island was no longer so quiet...

    However, as the months passed, no traces of the mythical Pokemon were found. It turned out that the sighting rumors were only rumors after all... and soon, the island returned to its original calm, only a few peace-loving Pokemon occupying the area...

    ... that is until an extremely rich man, Ferdinand Lovenburg, decided to hire a team of Pokemon experts. The ambitions of this man were not to catch the Pokemon... but rather that the team would find DNA of the Legendary Pokemon and then use it to develop a bio-armor technology for use on regular Pokemon.

    Using this technology, a perfect Pokemon would be created... the perfect gift for his grandson, Jackson. Finally, he would come up with a truly gift... and one related to his grand-son's interests...

    The humans quickly arrived and within a month, a small HQ was built at the edge of the island. Instantly afterward, they began to investigate. While for many months, the humans found no trace of Deoxys...

    ... until they found it. It seemed that, indeed, Deoxys had been there. While there were no visible traces, he had indeed touched many objects of the island and left DNA samples around.

    The DNA samples were incomplete at best... but after much decoding, analyzing the different obtained samples, the full code sequence could be found. It took more long months... but it was done.

    But then, there was a wall of sorts... No matter the technique they used, no matter how modified was the DNA... all hosts on which they tried out their new bio-armor technology rejected the armor prototypes violently.

    The scientists begun to wonder if it could be done... until it happened.

    A mysterious Pokemon who was emitting an abnormally high amount of Shadow energy radiations arrived to the island and then, after gathering much Shadow energy, opened a gate of sorts, summoning another Pokemon, who had an even stronger reading... in fact, it was the strongest Shadow energy reading they had ever seen in, like, ever.

    The two Pokemon fought, reducing the center of the island in a radioactive wasteland... and the summoned Pokemon emerged victorious. With its summoner dead, the gate that had fueled its existence vanished and the Pokemon returned whence it came.

    It was then that the scientists went to investigate and found this strange dead Pokemon.

    Bringing it back to base, they thought it was just a really strange dead Pokemon... but further analysis shown that it was actually the Legendary Pokemon, Mew, within a suit of armor of the same type they were trying to create!

    Little did they know that what they thought was Mew was, in truth, Mewtwo, the clone of Mew.

    Thanks to Mewtwo, the scientists made incredible breakthroughs... but when they tried to surgically add their armor prototype to Mewtwo, he violently rejected it and emerged from his coma. Disoriented, the clone escaped...

    It was too bad really... but the scientists are confident.

    "Alternative Armor Mew Number Two"... Alter-Mewtwo.

    A second Mew in an alternative armor... such would be the fruit of their project.

    A stable bio-armor technology... and a cloned Legendary Pokemon for their client. One thing is sure... they will have earned their disgustingly fat pay!

    Mewtwo is drifting, confused... where is he going? Stripped from what he thought was his body for long years, he flies, disoriented and scared, trying to find his way back to the safety of his mechanical castle, he didn't knew where he was going and frankly, no longer cared.




    In a seemingly condemned world, souls seek out the cure to a terrible Poison and end up finding more... much more. Truth can be painful, sometimes.

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    Whoa... quite a mess-up, this is. Also... funny how ironic this situation is...

    I wonder what happens next, as well. But... for now, something peculiar: you got quite less mistakes on this chapter. Cool.

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