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Thread: Two Degrees of Seperation! (470)

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    *Glances at map* umm...


    yeah i sometimes wonder if bird types have personalities
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    Oh wow, I really loved this episode. Man Hikari is so funny, especially as others mentioned about her interaction with Poochamo. I love that little peguin, or my nicknamed before learning its name "Chilly Willy." It was so funny how they fought on something over the phone. Ah, the petty fights!

    I was clapping how Pikachu got pokedexed the first time, I never recalled of being dexxed before, but I was suprised. Meowth in the other hand the 2nd time.

    Brock entrance back was unbelievably funny how he got dumped by a hot chick in a truck after when she said something that made Brock panicked. Just loved his reaction.

    Then James finding his mansion and united with a venus flytrap Pokemon? I'm surprised no one mentioned about a few seconds about Jessibelle, I just loved his expession in his face.

    Then Ash catching Murruku was the icing how Aipom made a accidental bumping on the poor bird. I loved how Murruku got mad. And poor Ash how cathching was not the same without Pikachu.

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    this was a rather funny show to watch(and i don't understand japanese) even though i don't really know waht their saying i like the fact that hikari has a bond with pochama
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    Hey guys. Been reading the boards for years so I decided to sign up. Hey! ive read the rules n all, but are we not even allowed to say .. when someone asks about where they can see the episode... can we not say.. "youtube" ?? not providing a link or doing anything, but cant we help a fellow poke-fan by nudging them in the right direction?

    also.. how come there hasnt been an opening theme yet???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Medea View Post
    *sighs*...Well nothing out of the ordinary in this episode!

    -Ash catches Mukkuru (and this being the fourth)
    1.) Pidgeotto
    2.) Noctowl
    3.) Taillow
    4.) Mukkuru

    And of course the third bike is destroyed and by Pikachu...Boy oh boy, very original.
    Ash having a bird Pokémon is useful for scouting, which is why they are usually one of the first Pokémon he catches.

    Yes. Bikes being destroyed by Pikachu is called a RUNNING GAG. Not "recycled plot point", it's a RUNNING GAG. Deal with it.

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    Okay, so my giant supposedly funny drabble routine's just a TAD late, but hey...

    -Hikari rides along on her bike(amazing how long it's lasting), before stopping, running down a hill in an oddly fast manner, and letting Pocchama out of its ball. She talks to it a bit, and then her true purpose is revealed - she's out to catch a new Pokemon!
    -Wouldn't you know it, in a tall patch of grass(among normal grass), there's a...DUST BUNNY!
    -Hikari sends out Pocchama, which uses Bubble(while flapping its arms for some odd reason). Hikari gushes over this for some reason, the bubbles explode upon making contact with the grass, but...Dustbunny's nowhere to be found! Pocchama "flies"(as in, flaps its arms while defying gravity just a tiny bit) towards Dustbunny for a Peck attack, but Dustbunny's just plain fast. Then...Dustbunny hits Pocchama with its ear! This is apparently a very strong Dustbunny, since Pocchama's already down. Hikari rushes over to Pocchama to ask if it's okay, but...Dustbunny adds injury to injury by bouncing off her head before running off.
    -Pocchama's depressed after being ko'ed that easily by a random Dustbunny's ear, but after a sentence from Hikari and a couple of daijoubus, Pocchama's ready to go again!
    -Back on the bike(it's going to go bye-bye any day now, yessiree...), Hikari blabbers about Contests and catching lots of Pokemon as Pocchama sits in the bike basket looking cute. At the end Pocchama's all like "^_^" and *, wing...up in the air*, and it looks even more cute. But suddenly...
    -Wild Minomucchi appeared!
    -Pocchama's in "I gun kick its arse" mode, Hikari's in "yay Pokemon GETTO >O!" mode, and Minomucchi's in "hey I'm hanging from a tree" mode.
    -Pocchama leaps into action, firing off a Bubble before Hikari can even begin to say anything about it. Said Bubble...makes Minomucchi nekkid!
    -Hikari praises Pocchama for its Bubble, but Pocchama's all like "CATCH THE MINOMUCCHI NOW NUB" and Minomucchi's all like "ahh nekkid must put leaves back on".
    -Hikari gets ready to catch it, but...she was too slow. Hah. Hah.
    -Hikari gets all depressed about being to slow to catch the bagworm, but Pocchama's all like "cheer up kid *puts, wing...on Hikari's arm*" and Hikari's ready to go again! And Pocchama's all like "...we're doomed." And we get the Daijobu thing again.
    -Dar be a wild Pokemon in dem dar bushes!
    -It's a Pikachu! A...very beat up...Pikachu.
    -Pikachu gets dexed for the first time in history.
    -Hikari knows damn well that Water types like Pocchama aren't that good against Electric Pokemon, but Pocchama's ready to rumble anyway. (the sooner Hikari catches something, the sooner it can catch a break from battling everything she sees, after all)
    -Pocchama uses Bubble, but Pikachu lets off a T-bolt, which surprises Hikari due to its power. Okay, she she just so happened to find a strong yet beat up Pikachu...
    -Peck time!
    -Oh dear, Pikachu Thunderbolted Pocchama and...THE BIKE!
    -Pocchama's down, and so is the bike. Alas Pink Bike, we knew it not very well.
    -Pikachu's all like "...oops. *embarassed*"
    -Hikari then decides to throw a Pokeball, but...
    -IT DUN WORK! At all!
    -Pikachu decides to run away from the crazy girl and her crazy penguin, BUT...
    -Oh my, a Seviper and a Dustox just so happened to appear surrounding the Pikachu.
    -And hey, there's a completely random Cacnea.
    -Hikari just has to dex the talking Meowth(hey, she's not quite sure what's going on so why not?)...har, it added info of its own once the dex was done. XD
    -Check it out! A completely random Wobbuffet, along with a random Manene being cared by a random guy with lavender hair and a white suit with an "R" on the chest, accompanied by a random girl with large red-purple gravity defying hair and also with a more feminine version of the guy's suit!
    -These completely random people notice Hikari's Pokeball and cotton on to the fact that she was trying to catch the completely random Pikachu...and they fill her in on the fact that it already has a trainer...them?! Oh, sorry. That question mark was completely accidental.
    -The random Pikachu doesn't like its random "owners" very much, as evidenced by them being on the recieving end of a generic electric attack in short order. The random people start using their random Pokemon to attack the random Pikachu.
    -Hikari's just plain confused about it all. JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE, RIGHT?
    -Pocchama knows that SOMTIN'S NOT RIGHT HERE!
    -Hikari fends off the random Pokemon, and asks the random people just who there are anyway.
    -OH. MY. GOD. It's TEAM ROCKET. I never would have...been able to live through any more of that "oh my god these people just came from NOWHERE along with this Pokemon" act.
    -Hikari has no clue who they are. And thus the Rockets facefault.
    -Words are exchanged, and it all ends in Seviper going in to beat the crap out of this upstart Pocchama.
    -Alas for the snake, all it takes is a brief Bubble from Pocchama for the penguin to break free.
    -A short Bubble/Electric Move of Genericy later, and TR's blasted off.
    -After bringing the Pika to the Pokemon Center, Hikari decides to call her mom. Ugly Hair Woman notes that Pocchama's cute(damn right!), and Pocchama puts on a boastful pose to make sure we remember just how cute it is! After some words from UHW when she comments on the fact that Hikari hasn't caught anything else yet, Pocchama does the boastful pose again, but Hikari makes a snide comment about it...which irritates Pocchama...which ends in the two getting into an (absolutely adorable!) fight.
    -Once they've made up for their insults, the two call Nanakamodo...who's changed his facial expression! Hikari tells him about the Pikachu they found, about the pair who was trying to catch it despite being trainer owned, and a short while later the subject has changed to contests.
    -Elsewhere, Ash is using Aipom to help him look for Pikachu, but to no avail.
    -While they're sitting on a hill and wondering what to do, a Jenny notices them and asks what the matter is. She then gives them a ride to Nanakamodo's lab as she hears Ash's story and tells him what he can do about it.
    -At the lab, Nana(getting far too lazy to type his name out in full) gives Ash Aipom's Pokeball, courtesy of Oak. Nana then tells Ash about a new trainer who came across a Pikachu being attacked by Team Rocket, surprising our favorite black-haired trainer.
    -But it turns out that Hikari already left the center. I think. Hey, I'M not the one who's claiming to know what they're saying!
    -Elsewhere, TR's walking about dejectedly when...James notices a house. A house with a crudely drawn picture of a him, a green thing biting his head, and a brown haired guy hanging from the gate. TR heads in and start to enjoy themselves right away, of course. It should be noted that Wobbuffet does not sit on the couch, it STANDS.
    -James enters what I could only hope is a playroom for small children, and notices a box which makes him quite happy. With stars in his eyes and the others crowding around him wondering what's in the box(undoubtedly thinking either money or some other valuable), he opens the box to reveal...bottlecaps and a Pokeball!
    -It's a...Maskippa! Also known as a green thing that bites James' head, as we soon find out.
    -James makes a call to a friend of his(with Maskippa still latched onto him), and some time later...they've got food!
    -The butler he got talks about stuff from James' past, including...his fiancee. Which scares the crap out of James, needless to say.
    -Later, Meowth and Wobbuffet are playing a video game featuring Kangaskhan and Hitmonchan trying to punch each other's lights out, as James tells the others that they're leaving now. They get disspointed over it and pumped up to chase after the twerp again within the span of thirty seconds.
    -But before they go, they put in a call to the boss. They blabber on about what they're planning to do, the boss send them off with a "you go do that and don't mess it up", and TR's happy, but...the boss doesn't remember who they are(mentioning this only after halting the call, of course).
    -Meanwhile, Nana tells Hikari to tell her that Pikachu's trainer(Ash) has been found! Hikari heads off to meet said trainer(Ash), as the trainer(Ash) runs off to meet her, but in his case...there's a truck on the road! ...DEAR SWEET GOD, BROCK. WHY BROCK? WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY? WAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIII? ...holy hell, he managed to hitch a ride with a FEMALE? Brock's thoroughly convinced that he's finally found a girl he can find mutual love with, but the lady gets a call, and...she refers to the caller as "darling". Poor Brock. I almost feel sorry for him. She drives off, leaving Brock more heartbroken than usual. After loudly delcaring that HE IS A POKEMON BREEDER and SOME OTHER CRAP(Brock's actually...FUNNY...for once o_o), he finally notices that Pikachu's not with Ash.
    -The writers are nice enough to have it implied that Ash explained it all, and as he and Brock walk on Route TWO-OH-TWO, Ash mentions Joy, causing a brief WTF moment with Brock. But this calm can't last, as Aipom crashes into a Mukkuru, which starts to get into a fight with Aipom. Ash starts to yell at Aipom for fighting, but...he realizes that bird=wings=can fly=is very useful in searching for stuff.
    -A short battle and a hit on the head with a Pokeball later, Mukkuru's caught!
    -Ash sends out Mukkuru to be an aerial search bird, and it all too calmly complies. Amnesia from being hit on the head with a Pokeball, I tells ya.
    -As the ep comes to a close, we get a nifty split screen which features Ash-tachi, Hikari-tachi, and...some new kid with an Elekid? He says some stuff, and then it's on to Oak's lecture!
    -For what must be the first time ever, Oak says something OTHER than Pi-pikachu as he pulls the lever. That being "Po-pocchama". Horrah!
    -This time Oak lectures about the Pokedex, which ends with him being given a concussion by one that's thrown at hi...ah, forget it.

    In conclusion, I'm having serious doubts that anything in this region can top Pocchama, with the possible exception of Naetle.

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    The bike is actually red, not pink, haha. (Oh fine, it has portions of orange, gray, and black).

    Only the basket is pink. >_> Unlike the overall frame of the bike, the basket should ideally be detachable (then again so is the flashlight, the wheel, the screws, the seat, etc)

    And yes I just realised today that the odd running format actually, when she initially runs off the bike down the hill, it's like she's skipping frames.

    Though I don't remember if animation uses frames the same way games do. However, if you notice carefully, frameskipping or not, she marginally teleports (or simply runs too fast).

    High run speed for the win! Though, the physicality is better since that follows a battle format better. Hikari had yet to run from anything.

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    baboru kousen = Bubblebeam

    Hikari's called-for Water attack was always Bubblebeam, not Bubble.

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    Another awesome D/P epi imo. I'm in love with this saga already

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    Dude, your review is the only one interesting enough for me to read. :-D (Juputoru)

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    Wasn't this season only aired in Japan so far?

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    credit goes to milotic111 for the awesome tc
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pokemonger49777 View Post
    Wasn't this season only aired in Japan so far?
    Naw, you think? Of course these episodes only aired in Japan, as the D/P games are far from being released in other countries and we only know a few of the D/P Pokemon English names. Plus, if you look at the main site - the series is only up to DP007 (or episode 475 since the site considers all three series being one anime), dubbing is not that fast.

    According to Dogasu, DP001-005 is part of the Battle Frontier season, so technically this season wasn't only aired in Japan, just these select episodes.
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    What was the name of the woman in the truck? Did we ever find out?
    Quote Originally Posted by ?????? View Post
    i is afraid of bad grammarz in t3h title

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    Quote Originally Posted by Serebii View Post
    Find Pikachu! Route 202!

    After her obtaining of her Starter Pokémon, Pochama, Hikari heads off towards Kotobuki Town. However when travelling through Route 202, she finds an injured Pikachu that has been seperated from its trainer. Will Hikari be able to find Pikachu's trainer and help nurse it back to health?
    i think that she finds the trainer but the trainer doesn't want pickachu and that pickachu gets hurts in its hart and wants her 2 be his new trainer

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    Quote Originally Posted by greenspirit View Post
    i think that she finds the trainer but the trainer doesn't want pickachu and that pickachu gets hurts in its hart and wants her 2 be his new trainer
    Y'know, usually I'd make a spiteful, sarcastic comment when I spy something like this. But this post is just too damn depressing.

    ...but then I read Jup's post, and all is well~

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    I kinda like the Carnivine James captured in this episode. I can't wait to see the flytrap dude in the dub!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Torkoal Stu View Post
    But is it me or do they seem to have some weird thing with only giving James Pokemon he's wanted or seen as a kid in one of his houses? Chimecho, this new D/P Pokemon and Manene...I hope his next capture is a real battle capture. Same for Jessie too.
    speaking of Pokemon he's wanted as a kid, don't forget that his obsession with Utsudon/Utsubot apparently stems from his childhood, as evidenced in "Manene and the Relaxation Mansion".

    Yup, classes again. I'm gonna be at this for a while.

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    For the win: a Pokemon video game in a show based on the Pokemon video games.

    And poor Brock. (With that girl and all.) XD
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    Is it just me or is this episode and the following one merged?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Almighty Zard View Post
    Is it just me or is this episode and the following one merged?
    They did that on purpose. The episodes will be seperate later.

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    Carnivine's voice and Paul's voice are both a definitely win. That was so cruel how Paul treated those Starly but Ash doesn't want Starly, he's just using it to find Pikachu. :mad:

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    This episode was great. As stated in the previous episode, Dawn’s voice is something I got used to after 5 minutes. There was a lotta cool new pokemon in this episode, too. It was kinda funny when Dawn had no idea who TR was. Either way, it was cool to see her blast them off. It was pretty cool to see Giovanni again. Awesome to see Brock again as well as his first rejection of Sinnoh which was hilarious. Also cool to see Ash catch his first Sinnoh pokemon, Starly.
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    Paul's voice is nice for being a you know what.

    Credit goes to Eroiduelist for the bannar

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    well we finnaly hear Giovanii's new voice and im quite impressed.
    very nice
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    o.O I finally got to hear the new voice for Giovanni, it was alright. I just love Pochama's voice in the dub. =D

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