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    I just won my fifth golden emerald symbol (upgrade please Volteon).

    I was shifting facilities, first arena then dome then tower then platinum factory and then arena again. After losing in the arena twice in almost exactly the same way on the same battle (nr 45). I used slaking metagross and salamence, slaking kills at least one, most of the time survives the hit and thus kills two. After that metagross explodes and finishes it. However, I was using that strategy again and slaking took down one, metagross OHKO'd the other, and then I wanted to explode. But both times the opponent was faster, used double team and explosion missed. Gyarados wasn't able to beat venusaur due to missing and losing the judgment (that's why I replaced him with salamence who gets arial ace), but the second time it was a stupid walrein, who instantly froze my salamence. BTW just meteormashing was no option since this walrein also knows curse. Ironicly my rockslide with less acc hit him while explosion (from what you would think would take out all the double team clones along with the original) didn't.

    Anyway I was pretty ****** and returned to the dome, there this strategy works even better cause I can take something down with slaking, switch out (or take a hit when using hyperbeam), explode/sacrefice and take the last one out with slaking aswell. I beleive choiceband slaking can OHKO every pokemon in the battle frontier, save for hyperbeam missing all the time, it ain't 90%. So using that I came to tucker, I hyperbeamed swampert, and out came metagross, who used PROTECT. I thought I was screwed, I switched to metagross who coudn't get an EQ in from himself, and back to slaking to EQ. But metagross used protect, and then on the traunt turn protect aswell. Unfortunatly it failed, because otherwise I would have been certain to hit it next turn, but it used protect again. After that it used meteormash doing around 35% damage and raising it's attack (why doesn't that ever happen to me except when it's completly useless?) , and he did NOT use protect the next turn, spelling it's doom. EQ OHKO'd and I won.

    Also what I find interesting is that I haven't found a single pokemon with double team in the platinum frontier. Also the battle factory isn't full of hax this time, the times I lost I was overpowered (end-reversal scizor choice-scarf/specs porogon-z with download's special att boost and tri-attack), and not haxed to death, somehow loosing fairly feels better then having a really bad day.

    BTW every pokemon with a focussash or a quick-claw get's an activation every other battle, really annoying. Luckely all the quick-clawed horn-drills missed.

    Focusband- scizor with counter (ugh), milotic, something else annoying and unespected I beleive a fighting type and mudkip (KO'd my salamence with endeavor, and the next one quick-attack) WALREIN!!!!!!!

    Quick-claw- rhydon, forretress, lapras and something else.

    EDIT: could someone give me the stats and movesets for the tower and dojo gold battles please.

    EDIT2: You won't beleive this, I tried the arena again, I came up to the opponent where I lost against that stupid walrein last time. Slaking drawed against a slowking (his second pokemon) and I thought to myself "cue walrein". And it actually appeared, I used explosion and it used double team first, explosion did not miss for a change, BUT focusband activates. At that point I knew it was over for me. I sent out salamence to arial-ace and focusband activates again as expected and he kills me with icebeam, I'm getting really fed up with that walrein now.
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