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Thread: GAOTW (International) Contest!

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    Default GAOTW (International) Contest!

    Welcome, ladies and gentlemen! Genderless Pokemon as well! To the GRAPHIC ARTIST OF THE WEEK CONTEST! Please read all the listed information I will provide to you.

    1.) The contest has NOT YET begun! It will begin soon. Do not submit to me yet. To submit a graphic, post it here in this thread and you will be entered.

    2.) This contest will span multiple Pokemon forums. That means that submissions may come from people not signed up on Serebii, but are Pokemon fans nonetheless. If admins find this unacceptable, I can create a Serebii-exclusive version but PLEASE ask to keep this one going.

    3.) Submissions must be about Pokemon in some way. Anything from the anime to the games, it just has to relate to Pokemon some how.

    4.) I will need a co-host if I am absent. Things in RL come up sometimes. I need someone who is online frequently. I will select different co-hosts for different forums.

    5.) Graphics can be Avatars, Banners, Userbars, Signatures, Pixel-thingies, etc. They do not HAVE to be a specific size, but I will judge if it is simply TOO big. I am lenient on size limits, so this will likely not be an issue.


    Coming Soon, when the contest is further developed!

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    :/ You need moderator approval first before you can make a contest. *Closes*

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