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Thread: MTG COTD: Storage Lands

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    Default MTG COTD: Storage Lands

    "Storage Lands"

    Time Spiral uncommon


    T: Add 1 to your mana pool.
    1, T: Put a storage counter on CARDNAME.
    1, T, Remove X storage counters from CARDNAME: Add X mana in any combination of (an allied color pair) to your mana pool.


    Make no mistake about it, these are good lands. HOWEVER...because it costs one mana to put the storage counter on the land, these aren't NEARLY as good as the original storage lands from Mercadian Masques. Besides X-spell decks, reactive decks, such as control decks, will like the storage lands as well. The only decks that shouldn't even consider using these lands are decks that are expected to use all their mana every turn.
    Props to MysticFlames for these!

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    Techinically, it costs 2 to put a counter on the land; one for the actual counter and the one you would have gotten for simply tapping the land for mana. In my opinion, they're solid cards, but they're too slow for many decks in todays meta. Many color-heavy decks would appreciate the mana-fixing, and UR Dragonstorm could use it to get remand mana on turns two and three, but in my opinion these are still way too slow for most decks to benefit. There's many uses for them, and they're all around good, but not quite good enough to make the cut competitively. Maybe 2-3 copies as a pseudo-painland, but I wouldn't expect more than that.


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    I don't feel like using this land, because it costs mana to place down the counter, and you lose a potential two mana gain. Then again, if you don't have anything to do, this is a good thing to spend the mana on to carry over the mana to the next turn and the turn after that. ^_^

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