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    Hello! I'm new here, but I will try to assist in anything I can. Please do not attempt drench me in butter and/or eat me.
    A free prize in every box!

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    All right, you're going straight into my Strange Usernames thread.

    Welcome to SPP, read the rules, and PM me if you want to be friends.

    throw a party, josh

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    Hey I'm robotwind a big Dotaios fan pm me if you want to be friends
    I claimed the song The heaven I'm headed to by Direks bently in the claim a song thread

    I don't care about EVs. If you don't either, copy and paste this into your sig. (Started by Shiny Metagross)

    There are very few on the site who think Donphan will evolve in the 5th genration if your are one like me place this in your sig

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