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Thread: Fanfiction Reviewer Thread V.2

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    Default Fanfiction Reviewer Thread V.2

    The Original Thread (link)

    Well it does seem that the unstickified version of the old reviewer thread has slipped to the bottom pages with out-of-date information. So, after recieving permission from Zephyr Flare, I took it upon myself to start the thread all over again!

    Ok, so this thread is here for anybody who is interested in reviewing a a fic or two - be it to boost publicity, or maybe locate a certain type of fic, or even to simply tear fic writers apart with your insane reviewing skills. This thread is for those reviewers to post specifications on a fic they'd like to review, then have writers PM them with requests to review their fics. This is a wonderful idea, it helps those lacking in reviews to gain reviews without having to search through signatures, or risk PMing random people for advice.

    So heres how it works, anyone interested in reviewing makes a post with specifications on what they'd like to review. For example: "Hi, I'm Ollie and I'll be glad to review fics involving romance, comedy and adventure. However, I don't like one-shots or horrors." Then any writers searching for a review will PM the reviewer they want, asking for a review for their own fic, providing a link. The reviewer will then read and review the fic in his/her own time.

    A few things to remember:
    • ALWAYS PM the reviewers if you want your fic to be reviewed. Do not post in the thread unless you're offering to review fics yourself.
    • Make sure you specify the types of fics you'd like to review, and the ones you wouldn't like to review. Make it easy for writers to see if you can provide the right review for them.
    • Express what your reviews are like. So for example, "I am harsh, but intricate. If there is a typo anywhere in your fic, I will spot it." Any type of reviewer is appreciated really.
    • Keep your post updated. If you are swamped with review requests, then make it known in your post or in your sig that you're no longer accepting review requests. Or you could just delete your post.
    • Always provide a link to your fic in your PM to a reviewer.

    Most of those are obvious really. If you can think of something to add, then please tell me.

    Thats about it then, thank you for your time.
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    XD Well, I must say it’s about time that thread was revamped! Lord knows half the people who posted in it are long gone or have changed interests!

    I never posted in the original for no reason in particular, though now that we’re starting fresh, I think it’s about time I put myself up once again for reviews. :P

    Okay, so here are the sorts fics I will review:
    ...Well, pretty much anything. I’m open to reading all kinds of fics, no matter the theme, the rating, or even the characters involved.

    I will read just about anything you throw at me, but here is what I don’t like quite as much:
    -Fics with the main canon characters (from the Animé such as Ash, Dawn, Jessie and James and so on)
    -A lot of Shipping, especially if it’s something nonsensical such as AshxChikorita or PikachuxMew where the ship is just extremely random or stupid
    -Fics where the canon characters used are extremely OOC pr are just acting outrageously (unless for humour purposes)
    -While I will read crossovers, I will not read those where I don’t know what the second fandom is (please tell me what you are crossing with before asking me to read it)
    -When a younger writer includes sex, violence or suicide but they have no idea what they’re doing, they have not experienced something similar, they’re immature, their writing is horrible, etc.
    -Fics that are more than three chapters in, especially if the chapters are each very long as well as if chapters are updated quickly

    My reviews:
    I can be really harsh, and I am known for my harshness and brutal honesty. If you blatantly ignore the Rules or if you're just...bad, I will say so. If your fic sucks, I will tell you- I do not sugarcoat my words so they won’t sound harsh or beat around the bush to sound nicer. If you post your fic here, not to mention ask for a reviewer, it means you are ready to accept anything you are told and you are willing to improve. If you don’t like the review you asked me to give you, it’s your own problem.

    My reviews focus mainly on description- of actions, emotions and especially of describing the scenery and both human and Pokémon characters. I also focus a lot on grammar, so you better run your fic through a spellchecker before posting it and actually proofread it more than once. Those are my main focuses merely because of personal preferences, though.
    I’m big on character work- making sure characters have personality and aren’t just flat pieces of cardboard that don’t develop at all during the story. And Pokémon who are just mindless drones make baby Phanpy cry. Psychic doesn't like seeing baby Phanpy cry.
    However, I don’t usually put a huge emphasis on the plot- only if it’s mildly interesting and original. I can’t stand biased people who rate a fic based solely if they like the plot, so I tend to focus less on it. But believe me; I know when a plot is bland and overdone and cliché. -.-

    Also, for a full detailed description of what my reviews tend to look like please see this post.

    I have been around here for quite some time, so you can trust me to give a full, honest review. If you read it and follow what I said, you can improve greatly. I am not an amateur, and I know what I’m doing, so I won’t tell you to make the main character catch a Scyther, ship Gary and Misty or any stupid crap like that. I respect the fact that it’s your fic, not mine. But I'm still here to help make it better.

    Please note that I am a busy person who doesn’t spend her entire life online, and even online I don't have mounds of time. So if I don’t get to your review right away, I’m sorry I have a life that doesn’t revolve solely around the Fan Fiction forum. (Especially since I Mod other sections as well.)

    Consequently, I do prefer One-Shots to anything else, just because they’re fastest and easiest to review. If you’re impatient for a review then you are best off asking me to review a One-Shot, especially if you don't feel like waiting and want it quickly.

    Current status: currently closed
    Amount of fics I will review atm: none, I'm very busy with other things

    Current Review List:
    Dragonfree (for new chapters)

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    UPDATE: June 22, 2007:
    Even though one new PM was given to be by Umbreon Ruler to read his fic, I am going to have to close reviewing for an unknown period of time. I am going to be in summer school, my relatives are coming from out of state, and have to dealt with a couple of things in my workplace. Yeah, I have a lot to do. >.>;;

    (so you know what I am reviewing at the moment)
    -It Begins (Umbreon Ruler) {Note: It could be a chance I might not be able to give you a review for a long time...will try my best though}

    Okay, time to do this again. ^^

    Fanfictions I will review:
    -Fantasy (Seriously, I really love that genre )
    -Drama (because we all need a little of that )
    -Comedy (you better hope I find it funny and also well written too =D )
    -Mystery/Suspense (keep me interested )

    Basically, I would review other genres too, but those kinds of fics I tend to read more.

    Fanfictions I won't review:
    -Cliche original trainer fics with the same plot- boy gets pokemon, boy has to defeat Team Rocket, boy goes to get badges, boy gets a rival. (The only way I am willing to review those fics is if it is original, like Saber's "Pokemon Cross Revelation").
    -Romance (Seriously, I am not a big fan of romance. Sorry ).
    -Science Fiction (Sorry, I am not a big fan of Science either).
    -Stories that are already on the tenth chapter (Sorry, but I am a busy person. It's best if you guys PM me the story that you just got started).

    Note: My interests will subject to change, so keep checking here for updates.

    How I review:
    Here is a little information on how I review:

    -Grammar and Spelling: To tell you the truth, I don't emphais on that department that much because myself, I am not that bright in grammar. ^^; I will however will try my best to spot any spelling or grammar mistakes. If I can't, the sorry. ^^; The reason I won't criticize on grammar is because I am afraid I will correct the grammar wrongly.
    -Description: This is where I get most critical. I will do it in two ways. The first way is I will quote a scene that needs a little more descritiption, emotional or physical. The second way is I will say what part needs a little more description in a few sentences or less. So yeah, be aware.
    -Character: This one I emphasis on a lot too. Basically, I will say if I like your characters overall. If I think the character needs work, then I will try my best to say how your character needs a little work.
    Overall: Basically, I will then say what I think of your chapter/oneshot overall. It could be from some favorite quotes of mine from your story to just explaining why I like that chapter. Sometimes in that part, I might say what I think will happen next.
    Others: Probably once in a while, I will make my reviews have a lttle humor of some sorts. This just to show that I don't bite and that reviews can be both fun and helpful. ^^

    Note::There could be times in reviews I might leave out something. (For instance, I might not say what I thought of the chapter overall in detail). The reason for that will be sometimes it depends the mood I in and what I thought of the chapter at the top of my head. I will try my best to give out a decent review, though. ^^

    Example of a review I usually do:
    Here's one of the reviews to give you a basic idea of how I review. I will tell you though, my reviews tend to be different depending on the mood I am in.
    Example of my review

    A little bit about myself
    Well, I had been in SPPF for almost a year and I am still learning how to become a better reviewer. I had reviewed a lot of stories, some good and some not so good reviews.

    Now, if I don't get to your review quickly, then sorry. I WILL get to your review, but be aware that I am in college, writing "Nothing,Everything" and other one shots at the moment, and following/reviewing other fics.

    Acceptance/Denied process
    Basically, if you want me to review your fic, then PM me. After you PM me, then I will PM you back if I accept in reviewing your fic or not. I might deny or accept in reviewing your fic for many reasons. Sometimes I might deny the fic if it doesn't met my guidelines or if I am really, really busy at the moment. If I don't accept your fic, then I will say why. ^^

    How often I check my PMs

    I will check my PM often so that I will see which fics I need to review. Hehe, the sooner I saw your PM and replied, the better.

    Fics I am following

    This is a list of some fics I am following at the moment, so that you guys can see I am also busy looking at other fics.

    -Legacy Continues
    -Crystal Harp
    -Pokemon Revelation: Cross of Fates
    -Thorn in the roses
    (All I can remember at the moment. ^^ )

    A little thing about my status:

    There actually could be chances that I might not accept a second review request for the time being due to me being busy and such, liked I said before. I will say this: when I am closed, I AM CLOSED. If you PM me when I am closed, then I won't even accept that review request. This goes to show you should check my status often.

    Current Staus: Closed (forgot to put that too ^^;;
    Amount of fics I will accept at the moment: no more then three.

    ~Good night, and good luck~
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    Right-O Well here's my stuff:

    Will review:
    -Up to PG-13 fics.
    -Pokemon or Non-Pokemon. (Pokemon preferred)
    -Action, comedy, and fantasy(In the order of which I like, starting with action.).
    -Fics with interesting features to them.

    Won't review:
    -R rated fics.
    -Romance, Drama, sci-fi.
    -Shipping. (Though this is basically like romance.).
    -Poorly-written fics.
    -Fics already in the seventh+ chapter. I could make exceptions to this if I feel extremely bored though.
    -Sexist/racist/anything along any of those lines.

    Please do inform me of what fandom the fic originates from though, especially if you post it on another site.

    What to expect from my reviews:
    I'm very easy-going when reviewing, I'll never go too overboard like some people whom shall ramain nameless...Usually I'll review in about as much depth as the review example, that actually is on the much heavier side of how much I write. Here's an example: Of the One-Shot "Sheimi"

    As for what I will usually include in my reviews (Depends on how much time I have on my hands):
    -Spelling/Grammar- I do look for these things, and I will tell you of them in my review only if I see them (I don't spends hours upon hours looking for these mistakes however.). Unless there are a lot of those mistakes, or what I find is a big mistake, I usually don't tell you where exactly they are (I find it that the writer should look into their own mistakes.). I will tell you the general area and what you're looking for though.
    -Description- I will tell you where it's needed more, and where it's needed less. I don't go very critical with this, but I can if I see it fit.
    -Characters- I'll tell you if you need more description on the character's actions, or the character itself. I'll tell you if it appears the character and/or his Pokemon or whatever he's using is too "godly". I may go a bit overboard here.
    -Other- I'll be completely honest with you, and tell you straight-up what you need to work on. I usually will rate the three attributes mentioned above on a 1 to 10 scale, telling you the ones you need to work on, while also giving you an in-depth review. If I like the idea of the fic I may even stick with it and become an all-time reader, but I am busy with many other things.

    And just out of common courtesy, reading and/or reviewing my fic wouldn't hurt, the links to a current fic will always be in the sig, but it's not needed. And so I hope to review your fics and good luck in the meantime!

    At this time, I am accepting requests. Entirely sorry to those of you to whom I did not respond/review, I was busy. Also, I'm currently in the process of writing another fic, so reading mine is obviously out of the question, and along with school, I may not have time to give your fic a review.

    ~fuzzy out~
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    FlamingRuby: Fic Reviewer

    What I will read:

    --Comedy (keep it clean, please)
    --musical adventures/magical girl

    What I won't read:

    --Romance/shipping (doesn't appeal to me that much)
    --Anything beyond a tasteful PG-13
    --Horror (I may make an exception if you do it tastefully)

    What to expect:

    I will give you my impressions based on the first chapter, followed by what you are doing great on and what you need to fix. I pay special attention to description, characters, and plot.

    Once I've given you your evaluation, I'll give you a rating based on the Pikachu family:

    This little guy by himself means you need serious work, but if he's with some Pikachus, he counts as half a point
    Pikachus are points...the more of them you get, the better.
    You have to really impress me to earn a Raichu.

    Also, I would also like it if you reviewed some of my work in return for me reviewing yours, but you don't have to do this.

    FR's status: OPEN
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    alright let's do this.

    Stuff I will review

    - Pokémon centered fics: The main characters are pokémon themselves
    - Any good characterization: I'll be interested if the characters are interesting
    - Drama: Always makes things interesting
    - Comedy: I'll be speicfic, I'll review comedy if it's actually funny not idiotic drivel that passes as funny, if it doesn't amuse me, I won't review. High and low brow are accepted.
    - Parody: an off-shoot of comedy, I'll gladly read these!
    - Action: this is not a huge thing, but it helps
    - Fantasy: be imaginative! be unconventional!
    - Romance: these are often more hilarious then the author intends, especially if they're lemons XD. I like a good laugh now and then
    - Long chapters are good, but I probably won't get into it if It's already 10 chapters into the story... Unless I really like it...
    - I'm not afraid of the raunchy offensive stuff, I'll review those as well. Just don't make it the main point of the fic. Then I'll just make fun of you.
    - Oneshots: I have a short attention span , I like oneshots, especially if they're about pokémon.
    - Horror: I like creepy surreal stuff, but not into jump-out scares... although that effect is impossible to replicate in a fanfic.

    Stuff I won't review

    - Non-Pokémon fics: I come to a pokémon fourm for the pokémon-related stuff. Sorry
    - Anime related: If I wanted to see Ash and friends, I'd turn on the TV or go to Youtube.
    - Legendary Pokémon: these tend to be extremely boring for me.
    - Shipping: I believe shipping is like a bullet to the collective brain of the fourm. I dislike human characters anyway.
    - Romance: This one is a bit iffy. I won't read if it's shipping between humans, I might if it's between pokémon, and I might read if it's humanXpokémon, but I'll make fun of you and give you a scathing review.
    - Gore: Not the politican, but if it's too violent, I will think less of your abilites as a writer, it must be jusified.
    - Crossovers: these are trainwrecks waiting to happen.

    What to expect

    When I review, I might leave some comments and questions here and there about various things, and I'll give you good advice on stuff. If the fic is really bad, I might make fun of you. I might even post something outrageous.

    - Spelling and Grammar: I'm terrible at this, so don't expect any comments about this unless it's truely horrendous.
    - Content: I'll comment more on the actual content then anything, if it's utter crap, I'll point it out. If I like it, I'll point that out.

    I must warn you though, I might not always have the time to review something, as I'm busy most of the day and I have a life outside the internet. (or I want to beleive )
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    meh, might as well do this.

    Fics I will review

    Fantasy- especially ones that always take me to another place
    Mystery- there might be some that I might accept
    Horror- As long as it scares the hell out of me, it'll be good

    Fics I won't review

    Romance- look at my user name guys, does this user really make you guys think I'm into romance
    Comedy- I'm not into novels that are all about the ha-ha-ha stuff.
    Poor written fics- does this need an explanation?
    R rated fics

    What to expect

    I'm not much of a reviewer, so I may not reply to stories as much as everybody else. But if I do review, here's what you expect

    Spelling & Grammar- I'm an excellent speller, so I can help people on that. As for grammar... Well, I'm not einsten on that.
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    Stuff I'll review:

    -MSTs. I don't know if they're allowed here, but I LOVE Pokemon related MSTs. These are what I want to review more than anything else
    -Realisticly done Pokemon POV fic. As in, fics that try to accurately represent what one's life in the wild would be like - hunting, avoiding predators, finding love, and so on. I prefer ones without dialogue, but dialogue that is believeable for a wild creature, and doesn't sound too humanized, is fine. Anything featuring ordinary pokémon living in houses, dressing in clothes, behaving in too humanlike a manner and so on I won't read unless its Mystery Dungeon/Pokemon Pocket Monsters/Pi Pi Pi Adventures canon.
    - Pokemorph stories (anthropomorphic pokemon, not humans who can shapeshift). I will not read anything with raichumorphs, however. If your fic stars a raichumorph, don't even bother asking, because the answer is no.
    -Manga canon fics, mostly for Pokemon Special. I'll also read Getto Da Ze fic and Pi Pi Pi Adventures when I can find it.
    -Fics with original characters as the main focus, though canon supporting characters are fine.
    - Dramatic stories with complicated plots that can suck you in and not let you go Can star either canon characters or OCs.
    - Comedy/Parody. I prefer parody (specifically of certain fic genres/Mary Sues/other fic elements) but comedic stories are also fine.
    -Fantasy - will gladly read, but I like it to have some sort of grounding in reality. Pure flights of fancy, to me, end up nonsense if they're not standing on some sort of solid ground.
    - Chaptered Stories
    -Crossovers. I love crossovers, but I have to be familiar with the other fandom.
    -Mild romance. No shipping, no smut, and absolutely no humanXpokémon pairings.

    Stuff I won't review

    - Non-Pokémon fics. If it doesn't involve Pokémon, I won't read it.
    - Most exclusively anime canon fics. I don't mind fics having elements of anime canon (such as some characters/events), but I won't read excluively anime canon stories since I don't watch the anime. I haven't seen very much of it, frankly. That doesn't mean I won't read anything involving Ash and friends; it just has to be either in a genre I really like (pokemorphs, for example) or exceptionally well written and interesting.
    - Shipping.
    -HumanXpokemon relationships. Since I consiter pokemon to be animals, this reeks of bestality to me. I won't read it on principle. HumanXpokemorph I will read, however, if it's dealt with in a realistic, interesting way, and isn't smutty.
    - Horror. I don't like scary things!
    -Anything vulgar or crude. Anything with a million senseless F-bombs, crass jokes, racism, homophobia, or other bigotry I won't tolerate. At all.
    -Original Trainer Fics. They really have to stand out from the crowd if you want me to look at them.

    What to expect:

    I can be harsh, especially to fics I see following the same old cliches I've read a million times before.

    I will point out spelling and grammar errors.

    When it comes to content, I'll point out cliches and things I think could be done better. If I like what I'm reading, I'll point out what is being done right, and commend you Usually the reviews I leave are mixed, though some are all positive and some are all negative.

    It can take me a bit of time to review (especially longer stories) but I will do my best to stay on top of things
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    Bwahahahaha!!!!! I am once again stepping up to the challenge of becoming a fic reviewer!!!!
    Silverwing: Only cause you think it'll boost your popularity like last time.
    Aw, shut it, you... >>

    Yes, Teh Chibi is a reviewer again! I have unlimited internet so it'll finally work.

    What I'll review:
    Anything!!!! You heard me, anything!!!!!!
    Okay, not really, but pretty darn close. I won't read fics with 329672+ chapters cause I just don't have that much time. I save those fics for personal reading (there are still a few from years ago that I need to catch up on!) Other than that...hmm... I dislike romance, but only if the romance is the SOLE focus of your fic. If you actually have a plotline, then I'm cool with it. And I don't like Ash and co. fics that are just boring, "ZOMG anime episode." If you actually have creativity, then fine. And unlike most people, I don't mind reading other fandoms. Just make it so I can understand it well enough without being familiar with what it's based on.

    What I LIKE to review:
    - Action! Adventure!!! C'mon, who doesn't love this?!?!
    - OTs. OTs get no love, and yet most of the most popular fics of all time started out as cliched OTs. I don't get it.
    - Horror. Horror gets no love either! Lots of people have said no horror, well I like it!
    - "Team" fics. Show me a new side of an evil team that I've never seen before and you'll have one happy reviewer.
    - PokePOV. Me loves.
    - Legendary fics. I don't wanna see any "Chosen ones", but other than that, Legendary fics are some of the most epic.
    - "War" fics. War automatically equals 597863 brownie points for you. As long as it's realistic.

    What to expect from me:

    If you are a new writer, I'll take things in stages. I won't just shove a mile long list of "things you must do OR ELSE" in your face and then leave. But please, for the love of God, at least have paragraphs and have the thing typed on MSword so you can use spellcheck.

    If your fic is *good* but far from a masterpiece, then I'll go all out. Sorry, but at that point you can handle the crit, but you still need it. I'll go into Grammar Nazi mode and will also make comments on character development, plotline, and flow, but ususally once you get to chapter four or five, because those things are hard to gauge in the beginning.

    If you're really good...then you're probably a fic celeb and don't need me. But I'm good if you want an ego boost, cause I'll probably just end up drooling over description and themes too complex for me to comprehend. =P

    If I get too many requests, then yours will be put off. Or ignored entirely. I'm not known for my reliability. You have been warned...

    Pending Reviews (maximum of 5):

    Fulfilled Requests:

    If I review your fic, mind dropping by mine? It's long, so it's not like I expect a review in return or anything, but at least check it out, please.

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    Phweeness. A whole new thread, and a whole new format. Yipsters.

    I will review...
    -Pokemon and Original Fanfictions; not Non-Pokemon, original. I'm not involved with a lot of other fanon, so be aware.
    -Fics of any length; it would be better if it was in the beginning stages, ex. five chapters or less, but if you think a epic could keep my interest, then yeah.
    -Fantasy; I just love this genre, just so flexible.
    -Mystery/Suspense; you can also ask for quite a bit of advice with this; I have some experience with this genre.
    -Romance; I like cute love stories, not those that adults watch when their kids sleep. Though, I just enjoy reading this; you can't expect me to tolerate hard blown romance.
    -Comedy; wit, parody, the smart types of comedy; not the rude, extremely unappropriate type of humor that adults like.
    -Drama/Action/Adventure; I'll tolerate them. Somehow.
    -Violence/Gore; as long its killing/hurting/slashing/slicing is explained, I'll be fine with that. Nothing over PG-13.
    -Anything under PG-13; duh, I'm thirteen. >>

    Specifics on what I don't like...
    -Pokemon Fictions involve the anime. I hate, and will always hate the anime characters, and the cliches it brings.
    -Boring Adventure plots; things like standard going on journeys, adventures, quest, with no apparent reason, no; just no.
    -Shippings! The horror. I don't like shippings; the end. Besides, that's under anime characters.
    -Horror; I get scared easily. I'm prone to those types to things.
    -Anything above PG-13. I'm just thirteen.

    What to expect from a review...
    It's kind of random, what I review about. Mostly I dwell on the characters, dialogue, realness, and those types of things. If and when I see a mistake, I'll point it out. Flow would be something that I focus on as well. Anything else that would be good for your story, I'll add. So basically, I'm unorganized in my review.

    I have no example since I haven't reviewed in a long time.

    Note: I'll review many things, but if you are a proffessional and you know what you're doing, then don't bother. I tend to overexplain things.

    I like reviewing so I usually review your story by the end of the week, or even within the day. Going by the fact that I usually start on a review once I got it, you can request whenever possible. I'm always avaliable.

    Note: When something happens and I don't have any time, it might be delayed for a bit. Or I might forget, so if you don't get your review within three days, PM me again.

    Note: *Feb. 4* I've been quite lazy lately, so I'll get around towards the reviews sooner or later. So...I still remember, don't sure me. >< *cowers*

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    DarkPersian479's Quality Reviews
    , but please be reasonable with your requests.

    "I'm just a college student who reviews hotels- and Pokemon fanfiction on the side"

    Note: I am willing to review fics of ANY length (I can review whether your fic has one chapter or 71, as long as they're at least a page in length.) Wait time will vary based on length and my own real life schedule, though the time it takes for a proper review will be longer for a longer fic, obviously. I try to keep review time under three weeks, but I make no guarantee.

    I will review: POKeMON FICS ONLY!
    *Pokemon journeyfics. (HIGH PRIORITY)
    *Original Trainer Fics. (HIGH PRIORITY)
    *Fics with a light-hearted or heartwarming theme
    *Fanfics involving high level mathematics. If you write one of this type I will be your most loyal reviewer!
    *Action/Adventure/TASTEFUL Comedy One-shots
    *Fics PG-13 or under.

    I would RATHER NOT READ, but will still accept:
    *Fics with an overly dark/depressed/emo theme and/or characters. I am reading several of these already, and I am finding it hard to find a nice, light, fluffy piece to break up the depression.

    I will NOT review:
    *Shipping Fics (with some exceptions, PM me).
    *Any other than Pokemon fics.
    *Anything R or above (with some exceptions, PM me).
    *Chaptered fics with only Pokemon and no trainers. Includes Mystery Dungeon fics.
    *Fics that are three lines of a single run on sentence, lack proper paragraphing, are posted in some blinding text color, or show blatant disregard to the basic rules (either rules of the forum, the fanfiction forum, or rules of grammar.) Sure, I'll look at it- then report your rule-breaking thread to the moderators.
    *Anything else not expressly noted in what I will review.

    *If you post/PM me with a rude reply to one of my reviews, whether it was for your own fic or another author's fic, I will VIRTUALLY GUARANTEE that I will NOT read or review ANY of your works, past, present, or future. I do not feel the need to waste my time with people who are outright rude and disrespectful to me. You are welcome to disagree with/debate points in my reviews, but please do so respectfully, and over PM instead of the fic thread itself. My reviews may contain hints of sarcasm, but I do my best to remain tactful and respectful. Please extend the same courtesy to me.

    I have a blacklist, but to avoid any embarrassment I will not display it on the forums. Those who made rude comments about me know who they are.

    I didn't contact you! Why are you reviewing my fic anyway?
    Note that I often patrol the FanFiction forums looking for stories to read, so you may get a review/mod report from me without specifically asking me for one

    You stopped reading my fic! Why?!
    I also reserve the right to stop reading at any time if your fic loses my interest. In that case, I will review up to where I stopped and note that I am ceasing.

    How it goes: In no particular order I will touch on grammar (I may overlook some mistakes if I get especially engaged in your story, so if I miss an error it means your fic was pretty good ), description, originality, and character development (regarding this, I focus more on the trainers rather than the Pokemon, as my own fic does put more emphasis on the trainers in it.) If you post while blatantly ignoring the basic rules, or if your fic is badly cliched, I WILL be harsh (alternatively, I may elect not to review at all and just send in a mod report.) Otherwise, I'm a fairly nice guy. If your fic is good, I will also point out areas that you did well, parts that were exciting or amusing to me and perhaps speculate on what will happen in the next few chapters.

    SPAM-Free: In general, I will post only ONCE per chapter, making exceptions only if a second reply is warranted and will not count as SPAM. I DO NOT comment on art, banners, future teams, or the like except as an addendum to a proper review. Nor do I make senseless posts simply to keep your thread on the first page. If you want someone to post 15-20 times between chapters, I am NOT the reviewer to contact.

    Examples: Review of good fic
    Review of bad fic

    If I review your fic I would kindly ask that you look at mine and review as you see fit.

    Fics I am currently following: If your fic holds my interest it just may join this list.
    Deeds of Darkness
    Lost Evolution
    Destiny Journeys: Healing of Hearts
    Nothing, Everything
    The Corei Quest
    A Pokemon? Master?
    Never in the Wrong Time or Wrong Place
    Land of Infinity
    Now and Forever | Genesis
    Yearning for Freedom
    Rocket Frontier
    Leech Life
    Search For Family

    Currently Mentoring:
    Articuno's Gift - emeraldstar_x (CANCELED)
    Crystal's Grand Adventure - StarLe19 (not Beta House)
    Dream Fragments - Gaia (arranged through Beta House)

    Review Queue (17 requested reviews completed):
    1. The Ancient One: Belle Douleur
    (I accept no more than 3 in the queue)

    Completed Reviews:
        Spoiler:- List of requested reviews completed:
    Last edited by DarkPersian479; 21st October 2007 at 11:10 PM. Reason: Reopening, New review policy regarding rudeness and SPAM

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    The Town of Beginnings.


    New to this, but....


    + Expectations +

    - Proper Grammar and Spelling Used
    - Proper Paragraphing
    - Sensibility

    ~ Fic Genres and Types ~

    I will most likely review the below genres...

    - Romance/Shipping
    - Action
    - Adventure
    - Original Trainer
    - Fantasy
    - Suspense

    Any other genres can be taken into consideration.


    - Pokemon
    - Original (As in, like, nothing to do with Pokemon and all. *ish planning one* Well, A Cinderella Story one with heavy edits and original characters.)
    - Digimon [Excluding Tamers, I never watched it]
    - Harry Potter
    - Cardcaptor Sakura
    - Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE
    - X
    - Magic Knight Rayearth

    = LIST =

    Midian: City of the Damned
    Progress: All Current Chapters Reviewed

    - Note -

    My reviewing depends on my schedule. And if you want to see how my reviews look like, just wait.
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    Blackemerald's Reveiwing shop is open!

    Fics I will review...

    -Horror. We all need to be a little scared sometimes
    -Fantasy. The way it sweeps you into a whole different place is too tempting
    -Comedy. Paradoy, wit. anything like that. Just make it tasteful.(The next person who writes a terrible script sees a animal shelter blown up in front of them)
    -Original Trainer to an extent
    -Pokemon POV style of fics

    Fics I will not review...

    -Shipping Fics. Just no
    -Anime canon fics
    -Fic that are 11 chapter's in or more. I just don't have the time.

    How I review...

    It will usually go something like this, but in no particular order:

    Characters: How well the character is portrayed, if you made them feel like living, breathing creatures or just lifeless pieces of text. Personalities and emotions. That kind of thing.

    Description: An important tool to any writer. I need to be able to picture the scene in my clearly, so much that I could run off and do a quick painting. If a scene seems too bland, I'll point it out and tell you what you could do to improve.

    Layout: How your fic is presented. If you could space your senteces out so they don't look like out big clump that hurts your eyes, paragraphing, if your senteces run smoothly and if not,changes you could make to them.

    Then we move on to the quotes, higlightiing anything that stood out for me, which leads us nicely onto...

    Spelling and Grammer: This is the place I go all terminator on you. Scanning the chapter/one-shot carefully, coping and pasting mistakes into my own special document. Then it's time for microsoft word to do its magic, spellchecking and looking for grammer mistakes just to make sure.

    Finish with a summary and I'm on my way.

    Depending on when I get a request you'll usually see a review within a day-a week. No more than 4 requests at a time, people.

    Friend Code : 4038 - 7395 - 4082

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    On a Mars bar. :)


    XD I'll try this again... *spiffs up profile* =P

    .:Reviewing Spec:.

    Reviewing Status: Open... Although I can't guarantee that I'll get around to it. XD

    Beware, I don't like getting mass PMed. If you want me to review, you are going to have to message me personally. Otherwise you'll be ignored. =D


    What I will not read

    ¬ Digimon (Sorry, I hate the show).

    ¬ Any shows not listed in the 'will read' collumn. XD

    ¬ No review requests for stories with over two chapters. I have a life, you know. @.@ XD

    ¬ NO R rated storys. I'll read some over PG13, but I will stop if I consider it unappropriate and I'll let you know.

    What I will (And would love to) read

    Practically everything else. All Pokemon, non-pokemon fics, FMA, DNAngel, Naruto and anything original that sounds interesting. Just message me, and I'll take a peek and decide. =D

    A request...

    ...If I read yours, please read mine. XD

    Reviewing style:

    I don't have a particular style, I just read through the fic, and depending whether I have time or not, list typos/errors that I have spotted and correct them. =D

    With description, if I notice a problem, I'll pinpoint it and attempt to help you sort it out. Any character problems, I do the same thing.

    Concerning harshness...

    ...I'm not very harsh, but I'm not afraid to point out mistakes, either. I will point at flaws, explain why it doesn't work, sometimes a little brutally... XD Beware.

    Examples of reviews...

    One I did a while ago. XD I've been out of the business for a while...
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    •| Knightblazer's Reviewing Thread of DŘŘM |•
    [Ingore the Doom; its to keep the n00bs at bay] -.-

    Reviewing Status: CLŘSED...

    + The Mysterious Knight's Expections +

    Good Grammar
    Fine Spelling
    Accepctable English
    Passable Formatting
    And Sensibility, for the sake of sanity. Reciving a ten minute concussion once has been bad enough. >.>

    + Fics teh Twilight Writer shalt review +

    Basically anything, (yes, even long-chaptered fics) as so long its seems accepctable. I may take some time though, so be patient for this author-***-reviewer.
    I also can accept R rated fics. Just give me a call if ya want one.

    + Things thy shalt NOT review +

    Mushy, shipping fics. They make me cringe. >.<
    Cliche fics. No standard get-the-pikachu-or-random-starter-from-professor-(insert tree here)-and-begin-journey-fics. However, I MAY reconsider if your fic has a grand backstory like Saber's.
    Anime canon fics. I just find them incomprehensible.

    More will be added as I go on.

    + Thee Review Style +

    I'm usually a very generalised person, so I don't delve much into anything. I'll bascially give a general opinion on what I think, and some suggestions if needed. I will quote parts which I like or need improvement. I can be harsh if I'm a tad annoyed, but usually I'm a rather free person. XD

    + Knightblazer's Current Review List (Self and Requested) +
    [Max of 3 requests]

    Currently None. Feel free to PM me. =)

    Last edited by Knightblazer; 9th October 2007 at 1:46 AM.

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    Default Reviewer here!

    Fics I will review...

    -Original Trainer to an extent - i love the origanal (gets starter pokemon and begins journey kind of fics!)
    -Pokemon POV style of fics
    -Shipping fics
    - Anime canon fics

    Fics I will not review...

    -Fics that are more than 8 chapters long

    How I review...

    It will usually go something like this, but in no particular order:

    Characters: How well the character is portrayed, if you made them feel like living, breathing creatures or just lifeless pieces of text. Personalities and emotions. That kind of thing.

    Description: An important tool to any writer. I need to be able to picture the scene in my clearly, so much that I could run off and do a quick painting. If a scene seems too bland, I'll point it out and tell you what you could do to improve.

    Layout: How your fic is presented. If you could space your senteces out so they don't look like out big clump that hurts your eyes, paragraphing, if your senteces run smoothly and if not,changes you could make to them.

    Spelling and Grammer: I will kill anyone with bad grammer lol (their there and they're are very important people!)

    Realism: If it is completely random crap that is just boring, of if pokemon now have powers to control the world ect. I will leave an angry comment!

    Ok, so i copied guy above me slightly, lol

    bye, PM me to reveiw you now!

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    Although I might not be one of the best reviewers around here, I still review. I don't mean to sound like a show-off or anything, but I can read things very quickly.

    Current Status: OPEN

    Fics to Review

    What I will Read:

    - Fantasy, because I'm an absolute fan of that.

    - Horror. I love that.

    - Drama

    - Mystery/Suspense

    - Possibly Romance

    - Stories that are on the 6th chapter, and nothing more than that.

    What I will not Read

    - Science Fiction is at the top of my list.

    - Boy got Pokemon. He battles gym leader. He wins. He becomes the king of the world.


    - Shipping fics, or anything related to that.

    - Stories that are in the 7th chapter, or more than that.


    - I can review fics with long chapters, don't worry.

    - If you requested, but I just decided I couldn't take any more requests, I'll save your PM in a folder and I'll be sure to place it in my list when I'm open for requests again. If I forget it, please PM me. I'm not perfect, you know. D:

    How I Review:

    Like I said above there, I'm not one of the best reviewers. Although I can point out grammar/spelling mistakes, and of course, I know when I don't like a character in the story or anything else like that. I don't mind if your English isn't very well (but not to the point where everything sounds so wrong >>) I've had the same problem before, but with some advice, I improved and err...started talking the way I am now? XD

    Basically, it's usually like this:

    1 - What I like about the fic.

    2 - Pointing out a few mistakes here, how to fix them, and sometimes how to avoid them in the future.

    3 - Any other thing is here.

    Example 1

    Example 2

    About Me:

    I'm Timid Kyogre, but you can call me TK or Timid for short. I'm only twelve years old, and believe it or not, my first language isn't's German XD I absolutely do not like it when people use "My first language isn't English." as an excuse. I'll admit two things:

    - English was difficult for me to learn.

    - When I did learn it, I made a lot of super dumb mistakes but later on I improved greatly.

    Oh and another thing, if I didn't like a chapter/anything, I won't be afraid to say so.

    When You PM Me:

    I'll try to reply ASAP. I might say yes, I might say no, or I might save your PM for later (I will reply to every PM, though, no matter what I do to it xP)

    ~Timid Kyogre
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    Hi I review mostly because I'm a newbiebie fic writer and I need to look at what a good fic looks like. I also need tips and ideas for my own.

    How to contact me
    Please, please please send me a PM not an e-mail because I barely ever check mine, and my computer is slow in this department. Also, I'm Open! Yay!

    Fics I review
    Trainer fics

    Fics I won't review
    very long ones
    fics of a show I don't know about
    anything over PG-13
    Contest/Advance/Pearlshipping fics
    (can't stand them)

    Things I expect in a good fic
    To be a good story, it has to have a good crop of well-described characters, unless you want to go along describing them along the way. There must be a well-defined and described setting, and a firm plot with a beggining, middle and end. There must be an external or internal conflict, depending on the genre. Another thing, many people complain about the length. I can bear short chapters just as long as they don't take forever to continue. As for One-shots, they should be longer. Grammar wise, if English isn't your first language, take extra note. Beleive it or not, my native language is Spanish even though I'm better at English. Anyone should type their fic first on a Word or other system first, then copy it on the reply.

    How I review
    I look at characters, plot and setting, grammar, and if the basic fic rules are followed. I will go easy on newbs, HOWEVER if it goes like this:
    joe woke up late. he got out of bed and ran to profesur oaks house. quic i needs a pokemon so i can be a master he said. okay heres a pikachu oak said.
    I don't want to see Quick Reply crap like that, whether from a newb or Hyper Coordinator. When I review, I like to point out the good and bad and be frank. If the fic really stinks, I'll say so, and if it's great, I'll compliment it!

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    Jul 2006


    I'll review.

    Contacting me can only be done through PMs.

    I'll review about anything except for R rated or above.

    I'll reply with gramatical errors and sentence structure errors corrected + my opinion. BTW some types of fics I enjoy more than others. If you really want my attention, I really enjoy Fantasy. I expect that the places and people will be well described.I might be harsh if I really don't like it so don't fel bad if I do. I will give almost all bad points ad atleast one good point.

    I have made my own fics. Some more liked than others so I can't complain if the story is REALLY REALLY REALLY (you get the point) BAD! But if it does suck. I will give something.

    Nicknamed: Bacon

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    I've broken down. Yes, the Dilascan Reviewery is open for business.

    What I'll read:
    Let's stick to Pokemon here. Keep it simple, eh?
    Beyond that, I'll read anything in the genre. I don't care the length, and I encourage people who share the shame of having long stories with few reviewers to seek me out, as I will prioritize with those.
    Original Trainer works, especially those within other regions tend to be a favorite of mine, especially with pokemon of your invention. Keep in mind that I will be critical on your creations though, and very judgemental... usually for betterment of the story though.
    The anime and all that stuff aren't my cup of tea though. Don't bother with it.

    Anyway, what will I look for? The answer is fivr-fold. I will touch upon:

    1) What other reviewers haven't yet. Let's face it: you hate it, and I hate it too! Repetition is the pits of unneeded redundancy you've heard before, and hearing it for the tenth time that day won't help it at all. I'll do my damnedest to find unquie points at all costs.

    2) What you wouldn't expect. Thinking you can pretty or spiff up your fic to sway my review towards your favor will not work.

    3) What would probably be of minimal importance and concern, but will be touched upon anyway. A few certainties I will notice are cliches, recurring themes and styles that may be overused whether by the public or by you the author. Take note, I will be aprehensive.

    4) Wherever I feel like it. Yes, I'm different than everyone else. You see, while every other reader, or just about, wants to rush to the end that currently exists, I may stop at any chapter to post a review, rant, or whatever on the story, proving that I will immerse myself within my work, or hoping to prove that anyway.

    5) New cliche meter! On a scale from one to ten, I will rate how much of a cliche your story may or may not be. You probably want to aim low here, because the higher your number, the more cliche'd your story is. Of course, the cliche meter doesn't determine skill, or how good your story is, only how unique its concept is. ASK TODAY, and if you only want me to run you a cliche meter on your story, it will be a quick process.

    Anything else? Well yes. I may tend to ask for a read in return, and may feel upset if you simply ignore this asking. Be aware. Otherwise there isn't anything else really left to say other than PM me and hope for the best.

    To be reviewed list:
    1) Guilds of Legend - Makorandy
    2) Corei Quest - Air Dragon

    Get your request in first. First come first served, no matter the size though if its a two chapter story vs a fifty chapter story, I will read a few of those fifty, review, then move to the two chapter story. From there, I'll go back to the fifty chapter stoy and CONTINUE to read, that means MORE reviews and more for your story. Don't delay, I review honestly.
    Last edited by Dilasc; 25th December 2006 at 10:55 PM.

    Currently on Hiatus

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    The Generic Story You All Probably Know… and Hate

    It's 97% pure Parody, the other 3% is mockery!

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    in the grandeur of things


    I'll repost my info. XD

    What I WILL Review:

    - Suspense fictions with a lot of depth and that can really keep me reading.
    - Basically anything with suspense in it not Romance.
    - OT Fics if there's something different about them. I don't like the 'get first Pokemon, meet people' storyline. I'd like to see it in a different form.
    - Drama. Because I wrtie Drama myself, as well as suspense.
    - Comdey, because I'm always up for a laugh.
    - Horror if it's really good, but not too gory.
    - I will read fics generally aimed at older audiences because I can accept and understand the terms and situations used in them.

    What I Will NOT Review:

    - Romance. I just can't get into romance stories.
    - Anything to gory.
    - Anything that has bad grammar. Spelling mistakes are fine, but I may not be in the mood to point them out.
    - Fics that are based in or around explicit sexual encounters. I can handle it, I just can't really be bothered reading them. Don't find it very interesting.
    - Fics that have an unoriginal storyline or that remind me of other sotries too much.
    - Fics that are very long and require me to read like 10 pages before I can catch up with you. I may read them on occasion, but I prefer newer fics. New fics with long chapters are fine.

    HOW I Review:

    - I will review with my thoughts on the plot; charcters and settings, mostly on the plot and charcter's involvement. If I feel that something has gone wrong be warned; I will mention it. I am not one to hold my thoughts back. If I feel that your fic has become sloppy work in anyway then I will tend to be very harsh on that. I will also notice the smaller more unoticable grammar mistakes most of the time.

    Some things to note:

    - If I do not post in your fic, do not worry - there's a 98% chance that I HAVE READ IT. I sometimes find myself very busy in other parts of the forum and never get round to posting. Sometimes I also like to watch the fic grow and follow the storyline before posting.
    - I WILL read stories with Romance, just so long as the sotry is not based around Romance.
    - In return for reviewing your fic, I ask that review mine. You do not have to, but it would still be nice.

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    Sep 2005
    Queensland, Australia


    Contacting me should be done through PMs.

    This is what I will review:
    - Anything interesting. In particular, I'm open to OT ficcies. I'm also open to Mewshipping and Digimonshipping stories.

    What I won't review:
    - Anything rated R.
    - Anything I can't understand.

    My reviews focus on description - of actions, emotions, describing the surroundings and both human and Pokemon characters. Being a bit of a perfectionist, I tend to look for spelling and grammer mistakes, so you had better run your ficcie through Spellcheck. Also, make sure your characters have their own personalities.

    I've been a member of Serebii for 13 months and I will give honest reviews. By taking my advice, you'll improve significantly.

    Please be aware I'm fairly busy at times and I certainly don't spend my whole life online. (The longest I've ever been online is seven hours and forty-five minutes, but that's beside the point).

    Current status: Closed.
    Number of ficcies I will review at the moment: 6.

    Review List:
    "Dust to Deceit" by Dilasc. (Important - Must Read).
    "Fire, Rain and Leaf" by The Doctor.
    "Pokemon Revelation: Cross of Fates" by Saber.
    "Lurking in the Shadows: Lisa's Ultimate Challenge" by DarkPersian479.
    "Serebeth Noob Trials" by Chesire Cat.
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    up a miniskirt.


    I'm in. For sure.

    A simple introduction to how I review...

    Hello. I'm Sammi. I think you'd know that from my username. Enough of that though- This is the fanfiction reviewing thread, if I'm not mistaken.

    So, this is an introduction to how I shall review, as of current. Yes, that means I no longer half flame, but try to keep calm and collected. It's my new training. Now, let's see... I can be quite harsh, at times. It's not the fact that I have gone through a horrible day- It's your writing. I'll be happy to go and waltz in and make sarcastic comments that are harsh. You are warned. If you say I'm too harsh by the time I post, you obviously haven't read this post... So the better your fiction, the better my mood.

    There are times when I just might explode of happiness. It's like SPAM. I'll try to refrain from that. A cause of this is too much sugar, I confess. Now, I may be like... A crazed Muumajii. You're warned for that. However, I'm only like that if I really love your fiction. You have to be as good as me, or better. I'll cut you some slack if you have something else that stands out in your fiction, though.

    When I review, I look at these things... Does you story make sense? The description? The emotions of the character? Is it unique? Typos, grammar... Stuff like that. Sometimes, if you're really making me happy, you might remind me of one of my favorite songs. An example of that would be a fiction by Kiyohime, AEON. I will judge all those by letter, and give you a final mark with a briefer version of my review, as in what to do to be better, and some training tips from me. In reviews, I often point out things from your fiction that I like a lot.

    Shall I, or shall I not?

    This is a list on what I'll review, and what I won't.

    I shall!

    - Comedy. I like random comedy, cheese, pineapples, tomatoes...
    - Horror! Love it! Blood, screams... Nightmares...
    - From a Pokemon's perspective. It's nice to know how they think.
    - Journey/Action, main characters as Pokemon themselves. I'm fond of what the Pokemon fumble across, how they get out...
    - Anything else original. I'm not into OT fictions.

    I shall not!

    - SHIPPING. One exeption... Pokemon x Pokemon ships. I don't care which one it is! Pokemon x Pokemon ships are so cute!
    - Other shippings that mess up Contestshipping. Yes, I'm crazed and obsessed.
    - Unoriginal fictions. C'mon! Enough OT fictions! Over it...
    - Non-Pokemon fictions. Nonono!
    - Human revolved. I'm more fond of Pokemon. Exeption: Contestshipping, unique...
    - Stuff over PG 13. I'm not fond of rape. If it is over due to swearing or violence, I'm fine. No sexual, that's all. The most I'll go is R.

    I'll add more stuff to the list as I remember...

    I'm following, I'm reading and reviewing!

    Gimme a break. I have some fictions to follow, fictions to review... I'll start with my huge list of follows.

    Following 'till the end, I'm a stalker!!

    - Nothing
    - Nothing
    - Nothing

    What I've been asked to do.

    - Free!
    - Free!
    - Free!

    Other things I wanna tell you.

    I'm not gonna let you waste your time looking for an I'm open sign. Nonono! You PM me. I like rising from my bed lazily, and waking up to see some PMs... Oh yes, and at one time I will only take 3 fictions at a time, and up to 3 chapters.
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    Guess it's that time again...

    Review Data

    Will review:
    -Any genre not listed in the "Will not review" section.
    -Any rating.
    -Primarily any subject/fandom - however, Pokemon not recommended.

    Will not review:
    -Something with vast amounts of highly graphic sex.
    -Poorly-written or unoriginal fics.

    Subject to change.

    Review stylings:
    -I'm b.tchy about English. This is the language we're speakin' here, so try to speak it somewhat right.
    -Originality is also important - this is not to say that you should strictly use original characters or universes, but, please, try to come up with an original storyline. In fact, in some fic subjects, unique characters alone would screw things up, e.g. Rozen Maiden.
    -Length is important, but excessive length without purpose is annoying and will cause your reviews to slump.
    -I do not always spot typos, but, if they are many in numbers, your reviews will suck - I'm giving you fair warning.

    Signing up for reviews:
    If you wish me to review your fic, PM me the link to the fic, the title (in its exact capitalization, punctuation, etc.), the rating, the fic category, its subject, and any content warnings placed on it.

    I reserve the right to, at any time, stop reviewing your fic for any reason.

    Reviewed Fics

    I reserve the right to, at any time, stop reviewing your fic for any reason. I give you fair warning. Don't come crying to me if I stop. This is part of the agreement.
    1. (AVAILABLE)
    2. (AVAILABLE)
    3. (AVAILABLE)

    ???Tempus Fugit
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    PM me if you want my Discord.
    It's way easier than getting in touch with me on here.

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    Wow, is nice to see my first ideas have flourished into something so great. I claim ownership on this idea!
    It returns...
    Are you looking forward to it?

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