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Thread: The Wings of Seraphim ~ Legendary Tournament (Recorded History)

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    Default The Wings of Seraphim ~ Legendary Tournament (Recorded History)

    The Wings of Seraphim

    Eons ago, when the world was newly formed, no life existed on our plane bar three higher beings of the air, Aetos, Zephyr and Seraphim. Each was unsure about what the world should be inhabited by. Aetos, in her wisdom, created plant-life to sustain the world that existed. Zephyr, his headstrong ways ruling his decision, created humans. Seraphim, the compassionate one of the three, created Pokemon to live along humans, as one harmonious world.

    They departed to the heavens, leaving the lives they had created behind them to co-exist peacefully. Eons passed, the higher powers in almost a slumber, leaving the world to exist.

    150 years ago, Seraphim awoke, alone, and his mind strayed to the world below. Curious to see how the world existed, he took the form of a Taillow, and traveled to the world below.

    Once upon the world, Seraphim was shocked to find that humans hated and feared the many species of Pokemon that he had created. He traveled the world, finding nothing but the same thing in most parts of the world.

    After traveling for a month, Seraphim stumbled upon a small sanctuary known as Denia by its residents. It was run by an elderly couple, and it was, as it appeared, to be the only place in the world were Pokemon and humans co-existed peacefully.

    The elderly couple took in Seraphim, and cared for him. Seraphim, unbeknownst to the elderly couple, began to create a psychic link between the elderly couple, and the Pokemon of the sanctuary.

    A few weeks after Seraphim had arrived, a group of hunters arrived, determined to kill all the Pokemon of the sanctuary. The elderly couple refused to allow them entry, and the hunters barged past them, shooting the elderly woman close to her heart, and bringing her close to death.

    Seraphim, although a benevolent being, was angered by the hunter’s actions, and revealed himself in his glory. He transformed them into Pokemon, and rushed to the aid of the elderly couple.

    Using his powers, he restored their life source, and reimbursed them, making them young again. With this act, the psychic link he had been creating, was activated, and, through some stroke of luck, became part of every human on the planet, sharing with them Seraphim’s compassion for the Pokemon. Seraphim left our plane, and where he left, a silver circlet was left. The couple named it the Wings of Seraphim, and began to wonder what to do with it.

    Therefore, they created a tournament for humans to participate in. Only humans who had befriended flying Pokemon were able to enter, and the winner would be adorned with the Wings of Seraphim.

    This tournament has been continued by the couple’s descendants. Held every 25 years, the Wings of Seraphim are passed down to the tournament’s winner, and each year, the winner is presented with a Taillow, in memory of the form Seraphim took when he walked on our world, all those years ago.

    Welcome Pokemon trainers, to the Pokemon sanctuary Denia! I'm your host, Joshua Benson, and I am the co-ordinator of the 6th ever tournament, known as the Wings of Seraphim!

    This prestigious tournament is held only once every 25 years, and is only open to trainers who have a Pokemon who can call the sky their domain. By this, I mean Pokemon who can either fly, float or hover under their own powers. Pokemon such as Flygon, Glalie and ghosts are able to enter, whereas flightless fliers such as Doduo or Gyarados are unable to compete.

    Now, onto sign-ups. What I need from potential players is:
    Name: Your FB trainer name.
    Pokemon: The Pokemon you're using. And I want complete stats.
    Why you want to join: Explain to me why I should choose you out of everyone else who wants to join.
    Why you chose the Pokemon you're using: Why did you choose the Pokemon you are entering?

    Registration will be open for 72 hours, and I will be choosing the 16 trainers who will compete in the Wings of Seraphim. So, I now declare registration open!


    PASBL Stats:
    Level 5 Trainer, 30 Pokemon
    34-22-12, 100 KOs, 253.5TP, 1.25 SP
    Badges: Maelstrom (Flying), Abnormality (Normal)
    2x/4x Reffing System

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    Name: Tom Roberts, but often referred to as 'Sai'.

    Pokemon: Tropi | Lv. 26
    Species: Tropius
    Species description: Tropical Dinosaur
    Obtained: Trade with SulcataIxlude.
    Gender: Female
    Moveset: Leer (-), Gust (-), Growth (-), RazorLeaf (-), Stomp (-), SweetScent (-), Whirlwind (27), MagicLeaf (31), BodySlam (37), SolarBeam (41), Synthesis (47)
    MTs: None
    Egg Moves: None
    TMs/HMs: Fly, Cut, Flash
    Beauty Points: 0
    Bio: Tropius is one cheerful dinosaur, and is always willing to help out, whether it be by ferrying the team around, battling enemies or providing Tom with fruity delicasies. Tropius has won multiple contests on making fruit and has been crowned 'The World's Most fruit-bearing Tropius' on multiple occasions.

    Why you want to join: I want to join to prove to people that I'm proficient in more then just Water Pokémon, but also to have fun with Tropi in battles and other opportunities. It'll also be fun for the both of us, and hopefully for everyone else too.

    Why you chose the Pokemon you're using: I've been neglecting Tropius lately, and it would be a great chance to utilise it's Flying attacks more. It also deserves to take part since she hasn't really taken part in a big adventure before, whereas most of my Pokémon have. Tropius has been trained to be graceful, speedy and many other attributes, and deserves to be worthy of the Wings of Seraphim.
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    Um, I'd like to register please.

    Name: Justin

    Pokemon: Jeremy | Lv. 13
    Species: Swablu
    Species description: Cotton Bird
    Obtained: Starter
    Gender: Male
    Moveset: Peck (-), Growl (-), Astonish (-), Sing (-), Fury Attack (18), Safeguard (21), Mist (28), Take Down (31), Mirror Move (38), Refresh (41), Perish Song (48)
    MTs: None
    Egg Moves: Agility
    TMs/HMs: Fly, Tri Attack, Dragon Claw
    Beauty Points: 0
    Bio: Swablu was a gift given to Justin on his 13th birthday. Ever since, the two have shared an unbreakable bond.

    Why you want to join: I want to join the Wings of Seraphim because this is the first grand tournament I've ever had the opportunity to take part in. Even greater is that I get to use my first pokemon. I would love to show everyone in FB what Swablu and I are capable of together.

    Why you chose the Pokemon you're using: I'm going to use Swablu because Swablu and I have an incredibly good relationship. Even before I came to Fizzy Bubbles, he was the best friend I ever had. Now, I would like to prove to him that he can achieve something great in a new location.
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    Name: James Moon.

    Pokemon: Skarmory
    Name: Amudon
    Type: Steel/Flying
    Level: lv.25
    Gender: ♂
    Location: Active Team
    Hold Item: ---
    Attacks: Peck, Leer, Sand Attack, Swift, Agility
    MT/EM/TM moves: Drill Peck, Pursuit, Counter, Shock Wave, Fury Cutter, Hidden Power (Rock), Sky Attacl, Whirlwind, Fly

    Why you want to join: In my year of Fizzy Bubbleness, I have never been in a large campaign. And this one really peaks my interest. Although I am not the best RPer, updator, etc., this tournament is just the thing to let me excel in the area I'm the best at: Battling. To prove to everyone that I am a powerful battler who is in harmony with my pokemon (although they'd never admit it) would be an experience for both myself and Amudon to great to pass up.

    Why you chose the Pokemon you're using: Amudon, although stuck up and arrogant, embodies everything a flying pokemon should have: Elegance, speed, power and determination. His obsession with his appearance is justified, as you can see when his steel wings take flight, as there is nothing more graceful.
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    Name: Felix Magath
    Duskull Lv. 12 (M)
    Nickname Painkiller
    Type: Ghost
    Italics: attacks known
    Lv. Up moves : Disable, Night Shade, Leer, Foresight, Astonish (16), Confuse Ray (23), Pursuit (27), Curse (34), Will-o-Wisp (38), Mean Look (45), Future Sight (49)
    Egg Moves: Imprison, Destiny Bond, Pain Split, Grudge, Memento, Faint Attack
    Move Tutor Moves: Body Slam, Double Edge, Mimic, Dream Eater, Substitute
    TM/HM's: Water Pulse, Rest
    Current Location: Active Party
    Why do you want to join?: I want to join to see how I am doing as Painkiller's trainer and also to have fun with my pokemon and test Painkiller in battles against other trainers.
    Why did you chose the pokemon you're using?: Because is the only pokemon that I have who can float or fly I'm kinda knew in FB I haven't had the opportunity to catch another. And as he is my starter pokemon and he loves the competitions he will be happy to enter.
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    Name: Sherlock
    Needle lv.12 (f) (obtained in a trade with thed3 on 26/05/05)
    Personallity: gives everyone the cold shoulder, except for her trainer and Poli. She acts like Ash's Grovyle from the anime.
    Needle is one of Shuckie's main battlers, and she wants the other pokemon to constantly hear about it, other than that Needle is usually very Quiet and calm, Needle was obtained in a trade as a young weedle, who was a coward, but weeks of training from Shuckie made Weedle a kakuna, and soon a Beedrill, and no longer a coward. Beedrill is always Shuckie's first choice for a battle, but since Poli first appeared Needle has been getting jealous...
    Type: Bug/ poison
    Current Location: Active team
    attacks (bold means learnt):
    -Poison sting
    -string shot
    Lv.10 Fury Attack

    lv.15-focus energy
    lv.20- twineedle
    lv.25- rage
    lv.30- Pursuit
    lv.35- pin missile
    lv.40- Agility
    Lv.45- Endeavour
    TM moves: *giving Needle two TMs *Shock wave, Tri Attack
    move tutor moves: learning double edge until 10.11.05
    current location: active party

    Why do you want you join? seeing as this is the first tournament like thing I have had a chance to enter, I don't want to miss the oppurtunity, plus I might like a Taillow, and pokemon that can fly rule!
    Plus I am not respected that much among FB, seeing as I have made lots of stupid mistake, I am an active member and I want to try and win the respect I deserve, and I want to make up for the mistakes I have made...

    why did you choose the pokemon you're using?
    Because Needle is my most powerful pokemon that can be entered, plus I have had more experiance with beedrill, then with Duskull and Murkrow, and ever since Needle lost a battle againts a swablu in FT She has been neglected

    is it Ok if I taught Beedrill a TM here?
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    Name: FF, Feera, effeff, you name it =P
    Pokemon: Free, Flygon
    Free is Feeras starter pokemon, and has accompanied him through all of his journeys. A true friend and a good battler, Free is also a greast flyer. He is often quiet, shy at first, but often eager to make friends. One of his most effective attacks is sneaking up behind his foes with Faint Attack, and then slam into the with a Fly attack combined with Dragonbreath.
    Obtained: Starter pokemon. . . . Gender: Male
    Location: Party . . . . . . . . . . . Level: 45
    (HM)Fly, (MT)Rock-Slide, (MT)Double Edge, (-) Bite, (-) Sand-Attack, (-) Faint Attack, (-) Sand Tomb, (-) Crunch, (-)Dragonbreath, (-)Dig, (49) Sandstorm, (57) Hyper Beam

    Why you want to join: When FF, shiny maniac and world famous throughout all of the FB Community, enters a competition without a shiny, that should be enough to let him enter. Yet, there is more. The guy hasn't used his poor Flygon yet, and it has been evolved a while week. Besides that, he wasn't used that much earlier either, only in a couple of places, but seeing as FF only has shinies on his mind, he tends to care fer them alot. But he wants to prove that he cares, can live alongside, and can battle very well with any other pokemon aswell.
    Why you chose the Pokemon you're using: Above, the reason is.
    Free hasn't been used much in his current form, and he is absolutely the most willing member of FF's team to prove his willingness, and his flying qualities. He is a very skilled battler, and tends to take it quite easy. He is hard to make angry, and doens't often get the chance to prove himself, but he wishes to, and will whenever possible.

    Enjoy this I will!
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    Its finally up, yay ^^ But you shouldn't show me these things because it gets me waiting for so long, lol.

    Name: Stuart (Or Stu, Tork, Torky (only if you want to die quickly), Torkie, Torkoal, Disco Stu, you get the idea now but nah I didn't want to put my second name, thats ok isn't it?)

    | Stacey | Female | Level 25 |
    Type: Psychic/Flying
    Hold Item: None (However she is wearing a pink scarf from a Beauty Contest in the HM, however it does nothing to her stats)
    Beauty Points: 0
    Evolutions Line: --Lv.25-->
    Level Up Moves: Peck, Leer, Night Shade, Teleport
    Egg Moves: N/A
    Move Tutor Moves: Thunder Wave, Mimic
    TMs: N/A
    HMs: Fly

    Why you want to join: Why wouldn't I want to join? It looks like a cool contest and its a chance to use my Xatu, also I want a shot at that Talliow. Also it would be an amazing expirence. And as an FB member I don't get much chances to battle with my pokemon, and this is the perfect chance to use my loverly Xatu Stacey. Finally yeah this could also improve my RP skills some, and i'm always one for improvement. So yeah Joshua pick me and you wont regret it.

    Why you chose the Pokemon you're using: Well for one Stacey is very special to me, not by the way I got her though. Just because she's named after a great friend of mine (try to guess which one ), also I would like to use her in this contest is because when I entered her in a beauty contest is mostly focused on her Psychic abilties, and this would be a great way to test out her flying skills instead. And erm i'm helpful, nice, considerte (sometimes) also i'm active so I wont leave you hanging in the middle of the contest. Finally I would like to use Stacey since when I first got her she was neglected for a while, I used her in the HM but then she was a Natu, so if I use her here she wont be neglected as an Xatu.
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    Name: Kaya

    Pokemon: Kara, Level 12 (F) *She will be Level 18 tommorow..*

    Species: Murkrow
    Classification: Darkness Pokemon
    Type: Dark/Flying
    Nature: Sassy
    Obtained: Trade with Arnold on 22.04.05

    Italics = learned

    Attacks: -- Peck, (9) Astonish,(14) Pursuit,(22) Haze,(27) Nightshade,(35) Faint Attack,(40) Taunt,(48) Mean Look,

    Egg Moves: Drill Peck, Confuse Ray, Featherdance, Mirror Move, Perish Song, Sky Attack, Whirlwind, Wing Attack.

    Move Tutor Moves: Double-Edge, Mimic, Substitute, Thunder Wave, Dream Eater

    HM/TM Moves: Fly

    Why do you want to join?: Firstly, because I've never had a chance to show my potential in Fizzy Bubbles, I've always seemed to miss out on special events. I want to show that I'm a good battler, not neccesarily when I'm using my speciality, which are my Poison Pokemon. Showing I can also command the skies with Kara is important. I'd like to think I'm a good RPer (when I want to be) and this is reflected through updating at the BMG Water Zone. So yeh.. pick me :\

    Why you chose the Pokemon you're using: Kara was my second ever pokemon,I obtained her way back in April and I love her to bits. I haven't used her much, and she wants to prove her potential to me and every one else in Fizzy Bubbles. Although underlevelled, Kara has a sassy attitude and loves to be sarcastic. As my only flying pokemon, she can taunt the rest of my party, especially Gaidoku, who often tries to eat her. To put it simply, Kara needs her oppurtunity to shine, as you dont need to be a great big Nidoking or a powerful Arbok to be strong and stand out..

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    Signing up my loyal starter, Koffing.

    Name; Koffing
    Gender; Male
    Level; 10
    Poison Gas (envelopes the foe in a cloud of toxic fumes that induces poisoning)
    Tackle (charges into the foe to induce damage)
    Rock Tomb (causes rocks to jut out of the ground and surround the opponent, causing damege and hindering its speed)
    Shock Wave (shoots the foe with a bolt of electricity which zips forth with such speed that it cannot be avoided)
    Smog (belches out a thick cloud of poisonous fumes that damage the foe and may cause poisoning)
    Level obtained at; 5
    Obtained; As starter Pokemon
    Attacks taught through MT; None
    Attacks started out with; Poison Gas, Tackle
    Attacks learnt through leveling up; Smog
    Attacks learnt via TMs; Rock Tomb, Shock Wave

    Why you want to join: I want to join because this'll be the first major FB event I was ever in.

    Why you chose the Pokemon you're using: I chose Koffing becasue he's the stronger of my 2 eligible Pokemon (Zubat being the other)
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    Meh, screw it, I'll sign up!

    Name: Joe

    Pokemon: Shuppet (F) Lv. 10 (Will be Lv. 13 tomorrow)
    Currently in: Pokeball
    Type: Ghost
    Hold Item: None
    Attacks: Knock Off, Screech, Night Shade(13)
    Egg Moves: --
    Move Tutor: --
    TMs/HMs: TM Shock Wave

    Why you want to join: I want to join, because it would be the first campaign I've even been in time to register for. Also, I would like to join because I'm a very active member of FB, I help out by updating, and, if I do say so myself, I'm a quite good RPer. >_>

    Why you chose the Pokemon you're using: I chose to use Shuppet in this competition because she's the only member of my team who can float, but also, because I think she could fare well against other opponents. She can be aggressive when she wants to be, and always tries to carry out her orders, exactly as I say them.
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    Name: Gary Pinegrove
    Pokemon: Name: Shuri (female), Level: 20
    Obtained: Adopted
    Nature: Bold
    Evolution: Lv.20 -->&(Room + Pokeball)
    Attacks: [B]-- Scratch, -- Harden, -- Leech Life, Lv.9 Sand Attack, Lv.14 Fury Swipes, Lv.19 Mind Reader, Lv.20 Double Team, Lv.20 Fury Cutter, Lv.20 Screech, Lv.45 Dig
    TM/HM: Water Pulse, Dig, (Flash on Monday)
    Move Tutor(MT): Substitute
    Egg Moves(EM): Endure, Faint Attack, Gust, Silver Wind
    Beauty Points: 2
    Why you want to join: I am very eager to battle, as I love pokemon battles. I even borrowed 5 candies that I have to pay off, just so I could evolve her for this tournament! =)
    Why you chose the Pokemon you're using: Well, my only two pokemon that are permitted for this tournament from my team is either my Ninjask, or Shedinja. I simply thought that Ninjask would last longer, and can take a hit. Plus, I can use Ninjask's speed as an advantage.

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    Name:Benjamin Maerker,But goes by Ed.
    Pokemon:Ciro:Lv.50 Male Masquerain
    Level Up Moves:Bubble,Quick Attack,Sweet Scent,Watersport,Gust,Scary Face,Stun Spore,Silver Wind
    Other Moves:Flash,Psybeam,Water Pulse
    Why you want to join:Well why do you think I want to join?Because this tourny looks pretty Badass and it's just plain creative, plus I want the tailow at the end ^_^ And, if you dont pick me I'll have to disembowl you with a spork!
    Why you chose the Pokemon you're using:Well, For one he was my starter pokemon and is therefore the strongest on my team, and for two he's just damn smexay!

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    Name: Jeff Foduan
    Batteries (Magnemite). Lv. 6
    Metal Sound
    Shock Wave
    Supersonic Lv. 11
    Sonicboom Lv. 16
    Thunder Wave Lv. 21
    Spark Lv. 26
    Lock-On Lv. 32
    Swift Lv. 38
    Screech Lv. 44
    Zap Cannon Lv. 50

    Info on Batteries: Batteries seems to be just another magnemite. The thing has a pretty good mind and it uses it to a full. However, it doesn't know much of the world being secluded from most life other than other magnemites and because of that he is not very understanding of people and various other creatures.

    Why you want to join: I want to enjoy some extra playing/roleplaying with my pokemon. Also, Batteries needs some fun.

    Why you chose the pokemon you're using: It is my only pokemon that can stay in the air for long periods of time.
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    Name: Saturn
    Pokemon: Ledian
    Nickname: Jupiter
    Gender: Male
    Level: 25
    Level Up Moves: Tackle, Supersonic, Comet Punch, Light Screen, Reflect, Safeguard, Baton Pass (29), Swift (36), Agility (43), Double-edge (50)
    Egg Moves: Psybeam, Bide, Silver Wind
    Move Tutor Moves: None
    Emerald Moves: None
    TM/HMs: Dig, Flash, Rock Tomb, Water Pulse, Shock Wave

    Why you want to join: I want to join because I want to have fun, be a better roleplayer (I want to see how good or bad I am) and I want to participate in a campaign. This is the perfect opportunity to use my Ledian who never fought before.
    Why you chose the Pokemon you're using: Jupiter is my strongest pokemon and he is a flying type. I obtained him in a Cable Club trade and I never used him before. The only thing that I know about his personality is his love for the sky, specially its elements like the thunders. That ´s why I decided to call him Jupiter like the god ruler of the heavens in roman mythology. I know that he is going to do his best in this event.
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    Name: Catherine
    Ledian (Ledy) Male level 28
    Moves: Tackle, Supersonic, Comet Punch, Light Screen, Reflect, Safeguard
    EG: Psybeam, Silver Wind
    HM: Flash, Dig
    TM: HP Ground
    Why you want to join: Well because I enjoy doing fun stuff like capinges. Its a great oppertunity to have fun and gain some more skills. It sounds interesting and seems to be unique. So since I have a flying pokemon and I know it is going to be good I shall want to join.
    Why you chose the Pokemon you're using: I chose Ledy becasue he is my loayl little buggy who dose not get a lot of attion. He was one of my orignal six and is also got a bit negletic after he was used to get my PC. I have had him for a long time since I adopted him from the adoption center around 11 months ago. He was my second pokemon and I never regate adopting him. So I know we have bond even though he is not the best treated pokemon on my team. So I have decided to start treating him better by starting off with giving him a nice adventure in this capinge. Hopefully we can come better friends because of that.

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    Name: Johnny
    Pokemon - Swablu
    ---Info about swablu:
    Nickname - Cloud
    Gender - Male
    Current Level - lv5
    Obtained - UPN Adoption Center, without ownership rights

    BIO: This lil' Swablu was also adopted by Johnny. He's very happy when the sky is blue and when there are some white, puffy clouds in the sky. Sometimes, Cloud goes inside the clouds and stays there for a long time. Then, when it's dinner time, he gets out of them, promessing that he'll return...

    ATTACKS (blue=learned)
    - peck
    - growl

    lv8 astonish
    lv11 sing
    lv18 fury-attack
    lv21 safeguard
    lv28 mist
    lv31 take down
    lv38 mirror move
    lv41 refresh
    lv48 perish sing

    TMs/HMs learned - none
    Move Tutors learned - none
    Why you want to join: I want to join because i want to feel the true joy of being in Fizzy Bubbles. To be in a tournament would great, because it'll be a way to make friends and to battle some FB members. Plus, it could be a way to know the other members' pokemon. I know that my Cloud is very weak, but the important isn't "win or lose", but have fun!!!
    Why you chose the Pokemon you're using: Well, it's my only flying pokemon and i know that he would fun and a challenge, at the same time, to make swablu battle some powerful foes. Plus, it's a good battling start, since my swablu hasn't battled anyone...YET!

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    Name: ZoraJolteon, aka Zora, ZJ

    I'm pretty sure everything that matters is on there.
    Why you want to join: Tropius hasn't seen proper action for years, he's mostly been relegated to the position of carrying monkey. The last time he was the main focus of something important was erm, never, if I remember correctly. All combat he's been involved in is either alongside all my others in campaigns, or boring 1 on 1s. He deserves a time to shine and unleash his true strength. Plus this is a contest, and contests mean prizes. I like prizes *nod nod*
    Why you chose the Pokemon you're using: Erm, because I hate my Swablu and it's been reduced to trade fodder? Everything else can't compete.

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    Sorry changed my mind. I wont be able to keep Hyperion in my party for quite some time. I hope this all goes well Joshua ^^
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    Cipher Admin Skarmory Guest


    Name: Brian.
    Level 7, Male, Name Platinum, attacks learned: Peck, Leer, Drill Peck, Sky attack and Shockwave
    Why you want to join: Because I want to test my imagination and I don't want to be 39 years old to start another tournament.
    Why you chose the Pokemon you're using: Because it's my only flying pokemon.
    PS: You know that your story is like The Legend of Zelda.
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    Name: Eon
    Pokemon: Misdreavus, Lv. 11, Female (w/ Spell Tag)
    Level Up Moves: Growl, Psywave, Spite, Astonish
    Egg Moves: None
    Move Tutor Moves: Double-Edge
    Training Center Moves: Flash
    TM's: None
    Why you want to join: This tournament looks really awesome as well as the story behind it. Plus I've been wanting to try and be more active in FB and this would be an excellent way to do that. Finally, I haven't ever participated in a tournament, but I would like to, and, well, this is one ^^
    Why you chose the Pokemon you're using: I haven't really used Misdreavus since I got her and I want her to get some experience. I also don't have any other flying Pokemon except Mantine, and they don't fly very well without a body of water to take off from.

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    Alright, I've received about 4 PMs about this, so I'm going to make it clear right now.

    Pokemon being used in the Wings of Seraphim can be used in shops.

    Thank you all for entering so far. All these entries will make choosing the contestants really hard.

    PASBL Stats:
    Level 5 Trainer, 30 Pokemon
    34-22-12, 100 KOs, 253.5TP, 1.25 SP
    Badges: Maelstrom (Flying), Abnormality (Normal)
    2x/4x Reffing System

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    _Kangaskhan_ Guest


    Name: Danno
    Current Level:8
    Gender: Male
    Item Holding: None
    Type: Normal/Flying
    - Wing Attack
    -Faint Attack
    - Growl
    - Tackle
    LV. 6- Foresight

    Why you want to join: I'm relatively new to the whole Fizzy Bubbles experience and would like to become active in many new thing like this. It is a great story (good job writing it) and I think that I can do well. Plus this looks like a ton of fun.

    Why use this pokemon: I just adopted Danno and would like to use him in a some battles. He looks like a strong competitor and Hoothoots have always been my favorite flying type, so I think we could really do well together.
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    Join Date
    Feb 2004


    Name: Thed

    Pokemon: Magneto | Magnemite | Genderless | Level 21 |
    Next Evolutions: (Level:30)
    Level Up Moves:MetalSound, Tackle, Thundershock, Supersonic, Sonicboom, ThunderWave
    Egg Moves:N/A
    Move Tutor Moves:N/A
    Currently:At the Move Tutor learning Rollout

    Bio:Magneto became a part of Thed's team when it was traded over to Thed from Ytnim. Magneto has a 'magnetic' personality and is well liked by all the pokemon on Thed's team. It is very energetic and loves floating around all over the place. There is no telling what Magneto will do next, but one things for sure... no one is gonna be able to bring this little Magnemite's attitude down.

    Why you want to join: In the world of Fizzy Bubbles I do not stick out very much. I would like to try and join this tournament because I feel that I have a good chance of getting to the top in this tournament. Although there may be a lot of stronger trainers that have applied in this tournament; I feel that I have good battle strategies that are out of the ordinary which I would be able to showcase if chosen to participate. I feel that I have a talent in battling and this tournament may be able to make me something more than just another FBer.

    Why you chose the Pokemon you're using: Well I only had two choices in flying pokemon and that was either Magneto or Shredder, my Shedinja. Although Shredder definitely had the upper hand in Levels and possibly strength Magneto has shown me in a couple of recent battles that he's got 'the stuff' to become a champion pokemon. Also Magneto really wanted to be a part of this tournament to show that he, and his species, deserve the ability Levitate.
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    Lv. 10(M), Starter

    Poison Sting(learned)
    Metal Claw(Egg Move, learned at Move Tutor(paid for with Rare Candy))
    Strength(learned at Training Centre)
    Sand-Attack(learned at Lv. 6)
    Swords Dance(learned at Move Tutor(paid for with Double Move Tutor Pass)
    Rock Slide(learned at Move Tutor(paid for with Double Move Tutor Pass)
    Harden(Lv. 13)
    Quick Attack(Lv. 20)
    Faint Attack(Lv. 28)
    Slash(Lv. 36)
    Screech(Lv. 44)
    Guillotine(Lv. 52)

    Why you want to join:

    Gligar, though it is my loyal Starter, is rather underleveled, and could do with some good long battles. Not to mention, I'm a sucker for Special Events.

    Why you chose the Pokemon you're using:

    Gligar is my first Pokémon, and a strong fighter. I trust it completely. It was a choice between it and my Chimecho, and out of the two, Gligar has better Type coverage and a better moveset. Though a few levels lower, I believe it would do better.

    The 8th Champion

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