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Thread: HAPPY 4th OF JULY!! (FB's 4th Birthday)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arnold View Post
    OHHHHHHH yeah.........I forgot about that, w00t Birthday, Cake....cake..hmmmm and MORE Cake w00t and Presents, presents are awsome and whats an FB birthday without Awsome Presents and BY GEORGE we have some Damned Cool Presents for you and to start things off why not give you the first partridge in a pear tree.

    On the first day of Christmas Arnie gave to me:

    - A Magical Glass Rose that Teaches One pokemon the Move Thorns, and also acts as a nice center piece for any base.

    and Thorns is : Thorns (GRASS)- Embeds the opponent in a Flurry of stinging Thorns, once Embedded Opponent will be under the Condition Thorns and will recive 1/16th of Damage, per Turn until Cured or Fainted.

    THRN - Thorns. HP Will drop by 1/16th health per turn, Status Can be cured by Pokemon Centre, Full Restore, Full Heal or Lum Berry

    And Remember you have to post for Yourself only and you ahve 24Hours to psot for the goodies =D
    Quote Originally Posted by Hells Empress View Post
    Smart Pack
    - Lum Berry
    - Lum Berry
    - Rawst Berry
    - Aguav Berry
    - Rabuta Berry
    - Durin Berry
    - LiteBlue Pokéblock (+20)
    - Green Scarf
    Quote Originally Posted by SM View Post
    SM says Happy Birthday. :O

    From SM comes a Heart Scale and not one, but two candies. :O Have fun and whatnot. Or don't. Doesn't concern me. :P
    Quote Originally Posted by Wolverine View Post
    From me you shall get a Super Pass and a shiny Nugget.

    Super Pass :
    - 2 Monday candies from the Pokémart
    - 2 free Egg/MT Moves for your pokemon this week
    - 2 Daycare levels for your pokemon this week
    - 4 BP's for a one week stay at the Salon

    And don't forget the Super Pass is only valid this week. Happy Birthday FB!
    Quote Originally Posted by Arnold View Post
    *comes in dressed as Jack Skellington

    Happy Christmas everyone! And to celebrate the this cold Christmas Eve, here are your presents!

    *hands out frozen boxes*
    *children reluctantly pick up the boxes and get electricuted*

    Yes, children, TM Blizzard and TM Thunder for everyone!
    Happy 4th of FB Birth-mas!

    Recieving a piece of cake, Magic Glass Rose, Smart Pack, Heart Scale, 2 Candies, Super Pass, Nugget, TM Thunder, and TM Blizzard.

    Teaching Wind Thorns, and Sandstorm, TM Thunder
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