I know, I know.
A pretty strange time to put up a fic.
But I have no school now and, heck, when will I ever get this time again?
Anyway, it pokeshipping and advanceshipping, not a one-shot, but an actual fic.
I'm not sure how long to make it.
Sorry for it being short and under May first person pov
I plan to make it third from here on out
But who knows?
It would be greatly appreciated if someone could point out the mistakes in it.
And, eeven though I'm not so much of a good author, I hope you enjoy it.
For however long it may be.
Well, here goes.
Chapter 1

Something about this doesn't seem right.
Something about this seems like a dream.
But who am I to tell you to stop?
"May?" You call to me with an annoyed look in your eyes.
"Um, yes?" I reply, trying hard to hide my blush.
You caught me again.
Looking into your eyes.
"Come on, we have to go, the others are waiting!" You call to me before heading off to my brother and Brock.
And I watch.
Traying ever so hard to hide my blush.
"May, what is wrong with you?!" Max calls, cupping his hands over his mouth.
"Nothing!" I reply, and began to follow you and the others.
Because as much as I want to stop you.
I know I can't.
As much as I wish for this to be a nightmare, some sort of bad dream I'll wake up from any minute now.
I know it's not.
"You're so slow!" Max says when I near him and I try to shrug it off.
"You seem a little distracted," Brock says.
"Of course she is," You say excitedly while putting your hand on to my shoulder. "May's just trying to think of her strategy for the upcoming Pokemon Contests."
The other two look towards me and I manage to come out with a "yes."
But that's not what I'm thinking about.
That's not what's distracting me.
"I can't wait!" Max shouts, changing the subject completely. "I can't wait to get to Cerulean!"
"Well wait no more," Brock says. And points off to the city before us. "Because there it is!"
Max and I gasp at it, because it's beautiful. And I look towards you to see a small smile sprouting on your lips. Because you can't wait to get there as well.
To see her.
"Oh, it looks so beautiful!" Max exclaims, and quickly he takes turns pulling on the tip of Brock's and your shirts. "Oh, can we go now?! Please, can we go now?!"
"I don't see why not," Brock replies with a shrug and you nod in agreement.
"We have to see Misty first!" Max says before tearing down the hill, and Pikachu follows him as well. Equally excited to see her.
"I wonder if she's gotten better," you say, thinking aloud. "I wonder if she'll be able to beat me this time."
"There's only one way to find out," Brock says, and he walks down the hill.
"I don't know," You put your hands up, as if stretching. "Maybe she will beat me this time, I mean, she does have a Garydose after all." You turn to look at me. And instead of asking me what I think, you say. "Are you okay May, you hardly said a thing? I thought you'd be crazy about the huge mall in Cerulean."
There you go, always worrying about others.
"I’m fine," I reply with a small smile. "Just thinking...."
"About what?"
And I'm thinking, seriously thinking, should I tell you? Should I tell you that I'm thinking of you, again?
That I've been thinking of you ever since you've said our next destination. Ever since Drew told me where the next contest would be.
Ever since you said we were going to see her again.
Because it's not that I hate her.
I never could hate anyone.
But it's because you like her.
The way you get excited at the mention of her name.
The sound if her voice.
The smile on her lips.
The curve of her body.
And, really, who am I?
To deny you of your wants?
Of your needs?
Because even you've said
That you haven't been the same since she left.
You need her, and even though it pains me so much to say it,
I can't do anything about it.
So I force a smile, an excited one, to show you I'm fine. "Just thinking about the contest." I answer.
And you grin.
God, why do you have to grin like that?
"Isn't Drew entering that contest?" You asks.
And I nod.
"So, how about some training before?" You suggests. "Pikachu against Combuskin."
And I smile. For real this time.
Real excitement mixed with nervousness surging through my body. "That would be great Ash,” I answer. “Thanks."
End of chapter 1

I have a tendency of making 1st chapter under first person POV.
Ack, I forgot to add a rating!
Rated PG