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Thread: Pokemon Stadium VS - Help me win please!

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    Default Pokemon Stadium VS - Help me win please!

    Im new to forums and seeking advice.

    My new boyfriend and I recently decided to play Pokemon Stadium and record it. Im a casual gamer, and Ive played Stadium before. My problem is I can never seem to beat him. I need some help, please! I demanded a rematch after my horrible loss, so this time I want to 1-Up him.

    To find the recap video, search "boyfriend vs girlfriend video game faceoff pokemon stadium" on YouTube. It will be the third one down, posted 3 days ago by obiwan362.

    Please tell me what I did wrong and what I need to do in our upcoming battle to win against him. Be honest, I can take it

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    Pokemon Stadium discussion is in an entirely different forum. Also, you should look online for help like this.

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