I admit it. I'm a ZADR, RAPR and DADR lover X3 I just wanted to see if others here liked these pairs too.

ZADR (Zim and Dib romance) : It's probably the most common ship for Invader Zim fans because (duh) for one they're the main characters and two everyone knows that opposites attract. XD

RAPR (Red and Purple Romance) : A shipping between the Tallest. How cute! You always see them together so why not ship them?

DADR (Dib and Dwicky romance) : Now this shipping is quite uncommon because you can only see Mr. Dwicky in one episode called 'Vindicated'. The reason for this is because he gets abducted by aliens named Mooshi and Spoopdie. If you don't know, Mr. Dwicky was the skool's (It's spelled 'skool' in the show) counselor. I, as many other, shipped him with Dib because they really got along well together.