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Thread: I wish I could tell you how much I love you...(contestshipping) PG

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    Talking I wish I could tell you how much I love you...(contestshipping) PG

    I'm changing the name of this fic. I think It will be more suitable.

    Coloured Roses

    -------Chapter 1--------
    In a thick lush forest, a teenage girl was trying to find her way through the thicket. She had brown hair tied up in a red bandana. She wore an outfit matching her bandana. She held a brand new PokéNav. It was her birthday present. She had finally turned 15. She was headed for Johto. Johto was a glorious region with just-opened contest facilities. The girl was mad about contests. She had come close to winning the Hoenn and Kanto Grand Festivals. Her rival, Drew, who was a green-haired guy a year older, beat her.

    As she was thinking about Johto, she tripped over a protruding tree root and fell hard. She had grazed her knee. “Ouch”, she cried as she reached into her fanny pack. “I should be more careful, Ash and Brock aren’t travelling with me anymore.” As she took a plaster out and put it on her knee, she thought of all of the good times she had travelling around Hoenn and Johto. She stood up and brushed herself off. Her PokéNav bleeped. This signalled that it was close to its destination: New Bark Town. The girl picked it up and started running towards the west. Five minutes later, she started running back from where she came. She had held the PokéNav upside down.

    After running for several minutes, she stopped at a big sign. It read: New Bark Town, where new beginnings blow. Below it was some graffiti. It said: Ash waz here. The girl smiled. She started walking towards the town.

    Tall buildings surrounded her as she walked into a busy town. She headed straight for the Pokémon Center. She needed to register into the Johto Contest Association. She handed her contest pass to the receptionist. The receptionist was an elderly woman. As she typed in the girl’s details she finally realised whom the girl was. “Excuse me”, she asked, “ are you THE May? I’m a big fan of yours; you just make sure you win the Grand Festival for me.” She handed the contest pass back to May. Behind her a voice said, “May, I’m surprised to see you here.” May turned around quickly, there stood a tall, green-haired teen. May’s heart melted. “Oh my god” she whispered, “he has become so fit…”
    “Did you say something May?” Drew asked.
    “Oh, I was just wondering if you had improved since the last Grande Festival.” May answered. Then she blushed. She was never good at lying. “I’ve got to go Drew”, May said quickly as she ran out of the Pokémon Center leaving Drew curious about her rushed exit. “Aww…young love” muttered the elderly receptionist under her breath.

    Drew was stunned by the hurried exit. The May he knew would have argued a lot more. He strolled over to the counter where the elderly receptionist was sat behind. He handed his contest pass to her. As she typed in the details into her computer, she said, “You love her don’t you” Drew blushed.
    “No” he replied, but inside he knew he did.
    “You should tell her”, the receptionist advised, “After all anything can happen when you take a chance.” She handed him back his pass. “Good luck with the contest tomorrow.” She added as Drew started walking out of the building. “Thanks”, he replied.

    As he walked through the busy town centre, he thought of all that he had been through with May: Mirage Island, contests, Grand Festivals. He had lost the chance of being in the top 4 after being beaten by her. He had tried not to hold back but the moment she stepped on stage, her beauty entranced him. He held back a bit too much and lost the battle, but seeing her happy after the battle made his disappointment fade away.

    The sun was setting over New Bark Town. May wearily trudged back to the Pokémon Center with a few bags. She had been shopping to take her mind off the afternoon’s events. She was just walking towards the elevators. The elevator shutters open and the green-haired coordinator walked out. May quickly dived behind a potted plant. As Drew walked past, May tried to conceal herself as well as possible. Drew walked out of the Pokémon Center with Roselia following close behind. Nurse Joy, who was doing an evening patrol around the Center noticed May and asked,” May I ask what are you doing behind that plant?”
    “Oh, I was just umm… umm…. checking on the soil content.” May answered nervously, “ You look after your plants well Nurse Joy, umm...I’ll be off to my room now…umm...well see ya!” May ran quickly towards the elevator. She stopped in front of it and pressed a red button sticking out of the wall. The elevator arrived quickly. May stepped in. The elevator doors closed. She pressed the button for floor 12. She watched as the elevator passed several floors. Then, the lights flickered and went out. The elevator shuddered and stopped. She started to panic. She pressed the intercom button frantically but the button did not light up. May was trapped.

    -- ----------- ---------- --------- ------------

    Well I hope you liked it.

    Credits:- Banner sprites by
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