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LOL, world peace takes time guys. He at least got the five shinobi nations on his side and became allies with them. But of course not everyone is going to want peace. There are probably underground independent organizations forming in the shinobi world right now, trying to take advantage of this time of peace, hence why they still might need shinobi trained. Naruto's MO as Hokage could be trying to solve these problems without getting anyone killed or something.

Stopping wars and making world peace is time consuming and will not be solved in a day. Who said Naruto is still not working for peace as Hokage? Now he's got the title so people are more likely to take him serious. So he hasn't failed anything, he could still be working at it. If getting world peace was so easy to get in a day, then it would have been established already.
I don't think anybody was saying he has failed (I wasn't, at the very least), just talking speculatively about a Part 3 (which VV said would necessitate Naruto having failed).

I have absolutely no doubt that there are more Madaras out there that would resist the notion of world peace. Missing Nin would definitely still be a thing, if absolutely nothing else.