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Thread: Naruto: The end is here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SazandoraIsAwesome View Post
    Orochimaru Edo Tensei'd the sealed Hokages, which helped save a lot of lives after they finally got to the battlefield. Suigetsu helped reattach Tsunade's split body back together, and Karin let herself be bitten to help Tsunade get back a lot of her chakra. I don't remember what Jūgo did. Even Kabuto, despite being the one to perform the Edo Tensei, helped by reviving Sasuke. Would be nice for Oro to be back in the Leaf and become the lead of their genetics research without all the evil intentions this time around. Most likely pardoned, but kicked out, and is now living in the Sound.

    I've always thought it would Neji and Tenten would get together ever since Part 1, but then he died. I don't see the implications though, or even any hints. Sure, Tenten shows up the very next panel after Lee and his song/lookalike student, but that doesn't mean they got together. If only the kid was also carrying ninja scrolls on his back, then we would have gotten the hint.

    Hopefully he uses whatever Hashirama gave him in the movie. I don't see a huge baddie being able to go up against Naruto or Sasuke if the special mangas lead to Part 3, unless another Ōtsuki comes down from the moon. If Bolt and Sarada get married, that child will be so OP. Even if the Haruno and Namikaze DNA are there to spoil everything, having Uchiha/Senju/Uzumaki/Hyūga DNA is something that's never happened before.

    New Kishimoto interview
    Seems like the special stories will only last for a short while. Says he's going to announce his new manga after next summer. Oh yeah! Here comes Masashi Kishimoto's next big hit, Boruto! (It's most likely not)
    Yeah, let's just forget all the past crimes Orochimaru did. Killing hundreds in his experiments and then killing more during Operation Destroy Konoha, including the current Hokage at the time, Hiruzen Sarutobi. Orochimaru has done more bad then good to the world. Even if Konoha isn't hunting him, he should never be allowed back in Konoha grounds. Forgiving him is one thing. But to let him have any sort of place in Konoha after all he's done? Nobody in Konoha would trust him, so why even bother? His crimes are far worse then Sasukes. He can go back to his Sound Village and rot there.

    Of course the obvious answer would be to never revive him in the first place. That was the single stupidest move the Naruto manga ever did. Now he's back in a world that doesn't need him. A world where he's not even a big player in the game anymore, and we're all just suppose to believe he'll be good now. Really? Orochimaru's revival makes me sick. His ending was near perfect and they brought him back to a world that moved on from him. He has no place in the world now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by uber gon View Post
    Would be neat if Bolt got the Byakugan rather than his sister. Maybe she could get Sage Mode.
    There's more of a chance that both will have Byakugan imo since it's a Kekkei Genkai and all. Sage Mode bores me, so I'd rather not see either of them specialize in that.

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