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Thread: Doodles from MS Paint

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    Default Doodles from MS Paint

    As suggested, DOODLES DONE IN MS PAINT. So don't expect flasshy backgrounds or color schemes. And crap like that.

    All I have so far. There'll be two color schemes, normal, and well mine.

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    Yay a Breloom looking thing! XD I like it very much, but in normal colored one, the yellowish colors shading doesnt show well... (hope you understand what I mean XD)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mew-100 View Post
    I hope you Don't Mind But I Coloured In The Salamandra Thing And Made A Shiny Too, I Will Give Credit, Promise.

    Edit: The Shiny Is The Dark Blue One!
    -_- in my post anywhere did I say that these could be taken by people, without asking and colored in? No. Did you ask for permission like some people have before with some things? No. Did you do anything? >.> No. You just took without permission, colored in my 'Yamimanders' with horrible blinding default MS paint colors, and credit or not I consider that stealing, in one of the worst ways D:

    And I reported you to a mod :/ even if you give credit, you did NOT ask permission, you did NOT look to see if this could be taken without permission, with or without credit.

    Then you slaughtered with default paint colors ._.

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